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pitch-black horror comedy from Jeff Lieberman
Cru331 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Writer-director Jeff Lieberman made a trio of low budget horror films more than twenty years ago that have gone on to become cult favorites. He returns to the genre, quite successfully with SATAN'S LITTLE HELPER, an ode to the occasion of Halloween and the kinds of films that flooded cinemas after HALLOWEEN debuted in 1978. What makes this film different is Lieberman has approached the material with a ghoulishly funny sense of humor. Think of this as the "B" side to BAD SANTA - another seasonal black comedy that was as shocking as it was funny for totally abandoning any & all notions of being politically correct. Lieberman does the same here: he's an equal opportunity offender who casts his satirical gaze over a pretty wide range of subjects.

Like BAD SANTA the film pivots around a little boy who is a long way from being the sharpest tool in the shed; for certain he has trouble separating fact from fantasy. Dad's got him hooked on a computer game called "Satan's Little Helper", and for Halloween he wants to be just that. He hopes if he's good enough Satan will actually show up. While strolling the neighborhood in his little devil costume he spies a hulking black-clad man with a goat-horned Satan mask arranging corpses on the front lawns of houses in broad daylight. Convinced he's Satan he happily introduces himself to the silent marauder and offers to be his helper, provided he tags along home to kill his sister's new boyfriend. The boy is having a great time as this Satan terrorizes and kills assorted townspeople, convinced it's all phony. The boy's family is equally confused, believing this to be the sister's boyfriend playing an elaborate charade. By time they know the truth all proverbial hell has broken loose in the small town.

SATAN'S LITTLE HELPER is the kind of movie destined to be a cult favorite, as Lieberman knows how to construct scenes that are both unnerving and horrific, and within a few breaths is pushing buttons that elicit the kind of laughs where you say "I can't believe he just did that!". This is a low budget film, and certain aspects of the script seem either careless or not fully realized. The character of the boy is one of the most annoying child characters I've seen in a film - you can't help but want to reach out and smack him. The suggestion is at a certain age a child's rich fantasy life makes the fact / fiction separation a precarious task, yet the kid (like in BAD SANTA) just seems so dense he becomes a distraction. What manages to save that from becoming a detriment is just how successful Lieberman realizes his Satan Man character, a killer worthy of joining the likes of Jason, Michael, Freddy, & Leatherface in the horror hall of fame. Performance wise the strongest work comes from Katheryn Winnick as the sister, Joshua Annex as the Satan Man (without ever speaking his entire performance is a gleefully dark pantomime, and he really puts himself into the part), and Amanda Plummer's goofy variation on the Mother role.

There are many more pluses than minuses here. I'm happy to see Jeff Lieberman back, and with such a twisted little film. It's bound to make you look more closely at those gruesome Halloween front-lawn displays in your neighborhood.
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Absolutely Cult
claudio_carvalho5 August 2007
In Halloween, the student of theater Jenna Whooly (Katheryn Winnick) returns to Bell Island to spend the holiday with her family and her boyfriend Alex Martin (Stephen Graham), who studies in the same class and was also raised in the island. Her young brother Douglas "Dougie" Whooly (Alexander Brickel), who is very attached to Jenna and is fascinated in the video game Satan's Little Helper, becomes jealous with the presence of Alex. He leaves home wearing his costume of Satan's little helper seeking Satan on the streets to kill Alex. Dougie meets a serial-killer that coincidently is wearing a costume of Satan and proposes him to attack Alex. He brings the insane murderer home, and Jenna and her mother Merrill Whooly (Amanda Plummer) believes that the masked killer is Alex acting like Satan to please Dougie. Later the boy walks with the criminal along the streets helping him to kill the locals.

I bought the DVD "Satan's Little Helper" with very low expectations and I found an absolutely cult-movie. The morbid story blends slasher-movie with very dark comedy, and works since it is hilarious mostly because the funny performances of the masked Satan. His piece-of-art with the bodies of his victims could be more explored in the story. The naive little moron that helps him is annoying and imbecile and Katheryn Winnick is extremely gorgeous and seductive wearing her mother's costume. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "O Ajudante de Satã" ("The Satan's Helper")
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Entertaining Straight-To-Video Entry...
EVOL66618 January 2006
Satan'S LITTLE HELPER surprised me. I was expecting ABSOLUTELY NOTHING from this one, and typically avoid these low-budge, straight-to-video American films altogether...but this one was different. There were definitely a few "flaws" as most of these types of films have, but even so, SLH was a fun way to blow 100 minutes...

The story is about a kid obsessed with a video-game entitled (appropriately enough...) Satan'S LITTLE HELPER. The boy's sister comes back home from college on Halloween to go trick-or-treating with the little brat, but he gets jealous when the sister brings the new boyfriend along. The brat runs off to "go find Satan" and stumbles across some wackadoo in a weird mask who is making Halloween decorations out of his recent murder victims. The brat, having an overactive imagination, believes the masked weirdo to be the Lord Of Darkness, and asks if he can tag along and be his "helper". "Satan" agrees and the boy helps assists new-found master on a twisted and hilarious killing spree...

Two main gripes with this one. SLH would definitely have benefited from a lot more gore. There was only one or two scenes that have any gore in them, and some of the inventive kill scenes could have benefited from some more of the red stuff. But my REAL complaint is that the "sister" is so smokin' hot that it is an absolute TRAVESTY that she never gets nekkid in the film. Everyone involved in SLH should suffer a torturous Satanic death for this HUGE injustice. But those two problems aside - SLH is quite enjoyable. Some truly hilarious scenes, and the performance by "Satan" is very noteworthy. Though he never speaks a word, his body language and charisma show through even though he's in full costume. If I ever meet Satan, I hope he's exactly like this guy...

Under the surface, this film also poses some interesting questions about children's ability (or lack thereof...) to differentiate fantasy from reality, and many children's growing obsession with video-games and other modern media. Not that SLH is any sort of "morality tale" - on the contrary, it definitely has the "heart" of a dark-humored horror film - but it does pose a few interesting questions if viewed in a certain light. Overall, I would recommend this one as a fun "knock-back-a-few-drinks-and-check-it-out"-style film. Worth a look - 8/10
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Jeff Lieberman is still THE MAN!
Coventry21 March 2005
Jeff Lieberman's long-awaited comeback has become a pitch-black and sadistic horror comedy in which chuckles definitely get the upper hand. I've always been a great fan of Lieberman's work and I consider him an essential director for the cult-genre, even though he only made two really notable films ("Squirm", the only creature feature revolving on killer worms and "Blue Sunshine", a splendid psychedelic drug-movie). Hopefully, this "Satan's Little Helper" will become his third cult classic within a few years! This is an outrageous satire, hilarious in case you have a morbid sense of humor but practically unendurable in case you exclusively swear by intelligently plotted films. During his rather long absence (he only made a couple of unnoticed TV-movies during the nineties), Lieberman apparently did a lot of observing, as his new screenplay is a spoof on many modern society issues such as video games, the spoiled youth, religion etc… The story centers on a spoiled little brat who wastes most of his time by playing an immoral and violent video game called Satan's Little Helper. When he encounters a man dressed like Satan on Halloween's day, he thinks it's an act and he nearly begs this guy to assist him on his murder spree. Without realizing the seriousness of his crimes, young Douglas laughs at many violent massacres and he even introduces this personification of evil to his family. The plot sounds like a bunch of absurd nonsense – and actually, it is – but it's FUNNY nonsense! The comical effect is reached by the stupidity of the characters and – especially – by the portrayal of Satan! He doesn't speak but the mask he's wearing is great and his spontaneous reactions are hilarious. The "gags" in this film are pretty unethical (a cat is smashed against a wall, pregnant women & blind men are ran over by carts, intestines are being knotted…) and I'm sure many people won't even grant this film the littlest smile. Too bad for them, because "Satan's Little Helper" is unique in its own peculiar way and certainly worth checking out for people with no morals. There's some nice acting to admire, too! Amanda Plummer (her face alone scares me) is good as the eccentric mother and the gorgeous Katheryn Winnick shines as the sexy sister. I hope to see a lot more work from this young and obviously talented actress! The only disadvantage of this film is that it's slightly too long and the end sequences could easily have been cut from the final product. Nonetheless, a very cool film!
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Cool mask, cool idea, average results.
ElijahCSkuggs19 June 2008
What we have here with Satan's Little Helper is a pretty predictable, occasionally silly, and overall average written and acted film. But it's also a pretty fresh and unique flick that should be a welcome viewing for any horror fan.

The story revolves around a little Jewish looking kid, who because of his new favorite video game, Satan's Little Helper, has now combined the game's ideas with everyday life. His sister is home from college and all he wants is to trick or treat with her. Well, young lovely sister has brought home college boyfriend and this is ruining lil brother's dreams of a great Halloween. With this new found love for Satan, because of the video game, he runs out and looks for Satan to go trick or treating...I think. Well, luck be told he finds a creepy lookin guy dressed up like Satan. Even though this guy may or not may be Satan, he sure doesn't lack in the evil department. Unbeknownst to lil boy, he's befriended a serial killer on the loose during Halloween, and he's truly become, Satan's Little Helper.

The flick overall, isn't really anything that special. Even at just over 90 minutes, the film felt a tad too long. I was constantly checking the time during the last 30 or so minutes. Plus the kid who plays the lead, is one annoying little kid with one-dimensional acting skills. Watch the little girl in The Fall to really watch good child acting. Anyways, the film does succeed in it's unique idea. Having a silent murderer leading a little kid around to help kill people is pretty sweet. For a low-budget horror flick, it's definitely a nice treat for any horror fan. But all the ridiculous high praise is just a lot of hot air. It's good, but it ain't that good.
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Creepy, Sick, Disgusting, Yet Slightly Comical
muscleman199123 August 2005
This film is exactly what a horror should aim to be. The film itself is sick, twisted and has a creepy sense of humour that is always lurking underneath the atmosphere. This film is by far no means perfect and you can very easily tell that the budget was not very high. But the director works well with what he has and gives the viewer something that up mostly scares them and makes them feel for the characters. This film is a great horror/slasher movie and whoever enjoys films like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre or House of 1000 corpses should definitely pick this up as it is well worth watching.

A scary 7/10
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Stellar premise, uneven results...
krugstilo-18 March 2009
Jeff Lieberman is a legend. His films SQUIRM, BLUE SUNSHINE, JUST BEFORE DAWN, and REMOTE CONTROL are undeniable cult classics. (REMOTE CONTROL, in particular, is a wonderful oddity, and a kind of sci-fi/camp reaction to the video boom of the 1980s; for VHS lovers such as myself, REMOTE CONTROL is now like a nostalgic dirge for all of those fantastic local video-stores that transmogrified or became extinct after DVDs usurped the role of VHS.) Lieberman's SATAN'S LITTLE HELPER, a return to directing from Lieberman after a 20-some-year hiatus, while not of the caliber of his earlier work, is a sardonic little horror piece that plays much, much better if you listen to the director's commentary before viewing the actual movie. More thought went into SATAN'S LITTLE HELPER than you may think. But Lieberman has always been a director with brilliant premises. SATAN'S LITTLE HELPER is perhaps his very best premise. And personally, I loved the gaudy, bright, ghoulish Halloween imagery - the dollar-store-take on Halloween. (Satan's mask is iconic, I daresay.) I, for one, am glad that Lieberman made another movie, and hope he makes several more. He is one of America's most interesting directors. My only problem with SATAN'S LITTLE HELPER is I don't feel it went far enough. The premise is sick and disturbing; it could've been some sort of morbid masterpiece. As is, it's worth a rental, and I'm just happy Lieberman's still doing something different.
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Pitch black humour and laughs throughout
The_Void12 July 2006
I had really low expectations going into this film as I haven't liked either of the Jess Lieberman films I'd seen previously (Squirm, Just Before Dawn); but what I found with this film was an inventive and moderately amusing little film that benefits from a talented cast and a clever screenplay. Satan's Little Helper is a pitch black horror comedy that finds time to poke fun at the American institution of Halloween, as well as ideas such as 'video games create killers'. The central idea is more than a little bit silly, but it also shows great imagination; as the idea of having a young boy unwittingly help a serial killer isn't immediately obvious, and the director does a good job of manipulating his characters into the situation he wants them in. Satan's Little Helper revolves around Douglas Whooly; a young boy obsessed with the video game, coincidentally called 'Satan's Little Helper', which was bought for him by his father. After witnessing the local serial killer arranging his victims outside his house, the kid mistakes it for an act and offers his help to the killer; which is duly accepted.

The fact that the lead character is a young boy gives the film a sort of childish horror feel; and Jeff Lieberman brilliantly offsets this with a number of amazingly gruesome scenes, which see things such as a cat being used to write 'boo' on the wall in blood, as well as intestines being used to tie a knot and a particularly grisly stabbing sequence towards the end. The director has also managed to pull in some good B-movie talent to act out his movie. Amanda Plummer is the biggest name on the cast list, and she bodes well with her role as slightly odd mother. The beautiful Katheryn Winnick was the highlight for me, and no doubt most other male audience members, as she looks great and her acting isn't bad either. Child actor Alexander Brickel, and Stephen Graham round off the central cast and overall, this movie doesn't have many problems where the acting is concerned. Jeff Lieberman's sense of humour may not be to everyone's taste; but I found it delightful, and the way the screenplay constantly harks back to earlier events is good. Overall, this may not be a brilliant film; but it's entertaining and fun and therefore gets a big thumbs up.
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Oh the Agony!
Horrorible_Horror_Films27 December 2006
Oh man, I know what your thinking: "With a title like that, I can't go wrong!" Uh yes you can. I too, loved the title, but man I hated the stupid kid that played "Satan's little helper" I hated the mom too, and the sister/daughter, and her boyfriend - I hated all those people! Man, it was agony watching this sometimes! The ONLY reason this doesn't get 1/10 is becuz condsidering the low budget, they did OK. But oh man did I hate those actors, so stupid! I knew it was going to be bad, I guess they saved a lot of money on just using halloween masks for the killer, and the Jesus costume at the end was really stupid too. Oh the agony, do not watch!
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Worst film I've ever seen
OceanInTheSky9 July 2010
Words cannot describe how utterly dreadful this film is, but I'll give it a quick go.

I'm not sure what the intention was at the outset of making this atrocity, whether it was intended to be funny or not, or if it is just so painfully bad that it was actually supposed to be serious, but whatever the intention - it failed miserably.

The plot revolves around a young boy - who fancies his sister - going around with a serial killer, who he believes to be Satan, while the killer murders people. The boy is either stupid beyond belief, or mentally ill, as he for some reason believes that this is all fun and part of a game. (He's old enough to understand that it isn't, but seems incapable of achieving even this basic level of understanding).

The story is terrible, the characters are terrible, the whole thing is just mind-blowingly crap that it will leave you wanting to gauge your eyes out so that you don't have to watch any more.

If ever there was a contender for Worst Film Ever Made, this would be right up there.
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A fine return to fabulously freaky fright film form by the always worthwhile Jeff Lieberman
Woodyanders19 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Longtime favorite quirky horror cult movie director Jeff Lieberman, the swell fellow who blessed us with such enjoyably idiosyncratic terror treats as "Squirm," "Blue Sunshine," "Just Before Dawn," and "Remote Control," makes a triumphant belated return to fabulously freaky form with this wickedly funny and entertaining horror black comedy hoot. Bratty ten-year-old Douglas Whooly (excellently played to obnoxious perfection by Alexander Brickel) unwittingly befriends a diabolically clever murderous maniac (an exceptionally expressive mute pantomime portrayal by Joshua Annex) who's dressed up as the Devil. Video game addict Douglas thinks the dangerous lunatic is just like Lucifer from his favorite game, so he decides to become Satan's Little Helper and assist the madman as he terrorizes a suburban community on Halloween.

Lieberman has a wonderfully warped ball with the deliciously dark and depraved premise, using the nifty plot to take stinging satiric potshots at such relevant topics as religion, exceedingly violent video games, and how said video games can cause kids who avidly play them to become indifferent to the severity of real-life violence and brutality. The acting is uniformly up to par, with especially praiseworthy work by Amanda Plummer as Douglas' wacky mom and the ravishingly gorgeous blonde hottie supreme Katheryn Winnick as Douglas' sassy'n'sexy older sister. Better still, Lieberman further enhances the picture with his patented funky oddball (and weirdly amusing) touches: There's a strikingly abundant amount of incestuous lesbian innuendo to be found in the relationship between Plummer and Winnick (Plummer at one point gleefully smacks Winnick on the butt!), the Satan man kills a cat and writes "Boo" on a wall with the slain kitty's blood, Douglas and the Satan man merrily mow down people in a grocery store parking lot with a shopping cart (said hapless individuals include a pregnant lady and an old blind dude), the Satan man later on in the movie disguises himself as Jesus (which enables Winnick to say the following fantastic line: "Jesus is Satan"), and one guy at a costume party is dressed up as the wormface character from "Squirm." Dejan Georgevich's slick cinematography and David Horowitz's spare, yet effectively spooky score are both solid and impressive. Joyfully sick, twisted and of course quite amoral, this baby overall delivers a handy helping of delectably deranged tongue-in-cheek fun for aficionados of deviant fright film cinema.
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Wonderful black comedy/slasher movie.
misbegotten26 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is a low budget film that was getting positive buzz on various American horror movie websites prior to it's release. Having finally gotten around to seeing it, I was throughly impressed. It's a wonderful mixture of slasher movie, satire, and black comedy.

The plot revolves around a typical nine year old kid called Dougie, who's become obsessed with a computer game called 'Satan's Little Helper', in which you gain points by helping the Devil do awful things to people. Now it's Halloween, and when Dougie - in a homemade Satan's Little Helper costume - stumbles across a hulking psychopath dressed as a demon, he's delighted when the non-talking killer lets him assist in his murder spree, since he doesn't realise that the deaths aren't 'pretend'.

The film has 'future cult favourite' written all over it, and is the first film since the original Halloween (1978) to really take advantage of it's All Hallow's Eve setting: it's the one night of the year when men lurking about in costumes and masks don't cause alarm or even suspicion. This is best shown when Dougie first encounters the killer, who is happily dumping the dead bodies of houseowners on their front lawns in broad daylight, as people walk past in the misbelief that the corpses are just Halloween props.

Although it reminded me of several other movies, Satan's Little Helper is - in it's own quiet way - a true original. Amongst the film's many highlights are; Dougie's mother (playing by quirky character actress Amanda Plummer, always welcome) suffering attempted murder by clingfilm; the hero's heroine (the seriously gorgeous Katheryn Winnick, a Christina Applegate lookalike) spending almost the entire movie in a medieval serving wench's costume; a sequence in which two characters race to the rescue while dressed as a furry green troll and a giant canary; and a moment where a girl's habit of biting her nails almost has dire consequences for someone else. Then there's an astounding subplot (very brave, considering the current religious/political climate in America) where the killer ditches his devil disguise and appears as a different religious icon. I'll say no more...

Of course, no film is perfect, and some of the directing and editing is extremely clumsy in some scenes. The killer's behaviour mostly ranges from genuinely un-nerving to gruesomely funny, but sometimes he becomes a little overly clownish. Also, Dougie is just too naive, considering his age: when I was nine years old, I could tell the difference between what was real and pretend, and I certainly knew that you didn't marry your own sister (!). Most of the plot-twists are wholly predictable, and having reached an entirely satisfying conclusion, the movie promptly continues for a further fifteen minutes. But these are minor quibbles. Provided the same level of quality and originality was maintained, Satan's Little Helper is one of the few recent horror films that I'd love to see a sequel to.
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A cult classic
hellornola24 July 2012
If you love corny slash films, you're going to love this! I spotted this beauty at Blockbusters long ago and decided to give the poor thing a benefit of the doubt. How terrible could it be, right? Yes, indeed, it is terrible. It's a low-budget, corny horror movie, far worse than Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but not as bad as Silent Night Deadly Night 2. Despite all of this, it's a great movie, full of originality, creativity, and lots of laughs. The characters are oddly likable and the classic suburban setting brings back wonderful memories to those who traipsed through the neighborhoods on Halloween night, pillow case full of candy in hand.

This is definitely a must-see film for those who love to curl up on the couch on All Hallows Eve, laughing at all of the low-budget blood splatters and screams that make movies like these wonderful.
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Great creepy movie with no plot holes
1bad180sx17 March 2005
I read reviews before watching this movie, so I expected it to be good. Upon watching the movie, it turns out the reviews I read were right.

The little boy was great. His lack of intelligence was painful to me... every time he made a bad choice, I wanted to yell at the screen.

The humor with which this movie approaches the violence is disturbing and somewhat comical at the same time. It really made me cringe and stop laughing a few times... only to laugh about that scene later on.

I'm a fan of movies that are not afraid to go way out... but many of them leave you with something to be desired. This movie has a very tidy way of bringing everything together. They do it in an ironic fashion that reminds of Guy Ritchie's gangster movies. (but a whole lot darker and nothing to do with gangsters)

Good job on this one. It's an instant classic!
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Not horror, but horrible
chcc0010111 May 2014
This is simply terrible.

If it's a parody, it fails to be funny. If it was intended as(semi-)serious horror, the terrible script and horrible acting ruined any remnant of credibility. So,what is it?

I have tried to see any humor in the movie, but the over-obvious 'look- at-me-Ma-being-funny' kind of attitude destroys it. I tried to find any redeeming value in this movie by thinking of it as an over the top horror movie, but even then it simply is boring and spoiled by all the aforementioned reason. It's just a sick story based on what seems like a dysfunctional family with a devil worshiping idiot boy.

I'm sorry I wasted my time watching this garbage which is neither one nor the other. I usually try to see some merit in a given movie, but I simply fail to detect anything of value.
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Plagued with frustration Warning: Spoilers
I don't know if anything below will count as a spoiler, but just to be safe, SPOILER ALERT???. I didn't expect much from this film but I've been curious about it for a while. I felt that the actions, even of the little boys, were so preposterously stupid in every way that I was distracted by how frustrated I was (there is NO WAY that kid, that age, would not be able to tell that people directly in front of him were begin killed in real life). Maybe I'm biased but I also felt that the overall mood of the movie was cheapened by the repetitive references to sin/religion, regardless of the title. It definitely reeked of skewed, awkward political commentary. I was also rubbed in the wrong direction, further, by the weird incestuous stuff that kept popping up as well as the scene with the sister fraternizing with the murderer right in front of the boy. No way in hell would an older sibling do that in front of their kid brother if we are assuming we're talking about a sane, healthy relationship. Furthermore, the repetitive theme of the main character's skewed perception of reality was way, way too twacked out, even for a kid that young in a way that was completely unbelievable unless they had written him to have some type of mental issue. I absolutely love cheese, stupidity, preposterousness, but this one fell so short I couldn't enjoy it at all and felt mad about wasting my time when it was over.
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Dressed up for a killer time.
lost-in-limbo12 November 2009
Jeff Lieberman's is a profound low-budget cult director who has made some unusual, but highly enthralling horror / sci-fi enterprises like; 'Blue Sunshine (1976)', 'Squirm (1976)', 'Just Before Dawn (1981)' and 'Control (1989)'. It's been a long time between drinks, but has he ever put a foot wrong. Lieberman returns with the wickedly macabre, but fun Halloween based psycho horror with a considerably dark funny bone; the straight-to-DVD 'Satan's Little Helper'. He does a great job blending together the sinister aspects (oh there are plenty moments that try to offend like trolley ramming in a car park) with the self-aware offbeat humour. No surprises for Lieberman fans. The plot (with a serial killer dressed up a costume going around a small island community randomly killing off people and then presenting the aftermath as some sort Halloween house decoration. Also nine-year-old Douglas gets tricked in to helping out this psychotic, when searching for his master Satan to cause mayhem; as he's dressed up as his favourite video game character - Satan's little helper) might be ludicrously shapeless and then somewhat calculatedly plotted in the dying stages, but throughout it's snappily paced (though it does get a bit bogged in the final third with things you see coming) and excessively violent with its ghoulish streak. Its an oddly cool concept, with a metaphorical touch of naïve and childhood innocence getting a twisted taste of manipulative evil where reality is being confused with fiction (video games causing a numbness to violence) and religion isn't discarded either. The performances are all played in a wry manner with a terrific chemistry among the cast; a wholesome Katheryn Winnick is delectable in her role, Amanda Plummer is spiritedly good and a truly bratty performance by Alexander Brickel. Joshua Annex dressed up in the devil suit (quite a vivid costume) gives an excellent performance, which was constructed around body language due to his character not speaking. Lieberman shows flair, but a surefooted tidiness with his minor budget, despite some very fluid moving photography. Refreshingly senseless and humorously gusty b-grade horror fodder right for the picking.
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Words don't describe how poor this flick was.
kategreat8117 February 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I'm going to say first off that I have given this film a 3 out of 10 after some thought. I was going to give it a straight out 1 but it got a couple extra points for the body count. But that would be about it. Let me explain. I paid literally £1 for this DVD in a supermarket because I tend to have a lot of faith in bargain horror flicks, B-movies especially. But if this film was aiming for B status as I suspect it was for a number of reasons (which I'll touch on in a sec) then it failed magnificently. Not only did it shoot for B and miss, it landed somewhere around F. This film had so many opportunities to be good and it pretty much failed on all accounts. I say above that it's likely this film was aiming for B status and it seems to try and achieve this by trying to blend humour with horror, which can either be very good or very bad. For example, later Freddy films (Dream Warriors onwards) are all about Freddy's style and nose-thumbing, which works out great! But this film completely bombed in that respect because the times where they tried to inject humour were mostly just stupid. I will admit though that towards the beginning of the film the humour was good. In fact, for about half an hour I liked this film and was prepared to congratulate myself on another good find. BUT what really killed this film for me was the inappropriate kills. For instance, when 'Satan' smashes the cat against the board and writes 'boo' with it's blood using its body as a brush. Or when 'Satan' slams the door into the helpless disabled elderly woman. Now I'm not usually too against senseless kills in films-hey, thats the point, right? But in those two cases I just found it grossly offensive and unnecessary to anything in the film-plot especially. For me, the film went downwards from then on. One major bad point about this film is that I hated every character in it. The kid, Dougie was just ridiculously annoying!!! I'm at a loss to explain how he could possibly write off all those bodies and people being killed in front of his eyes as a trick! I mean, come on!!! I completely understand that to be in a horror film a character does have to be somewhat stupid, like running upstairs when you should blatantly be running out of the house screaming for help, but this kid took the biscuit! I wanted to kill him myself by the end of it! It was completely unbelievable and if I had to hear him say 'duh!' one more time I was going to bang my head against a wall-because thats what watching this film felt like. Why didn't i just turn the film off? Mainly because I honestly believe an ending can sometimes redeem a film. But I was wrong in this case. The ending did NOT redeem this film, it further irritated the hell out of me and was inadequate to the plot line. I get it already! The killer is always going to come back dressed as someone else, be welcomed into the house by the stupid kid and go on a killing spree again because no one suspects him in that costume! I GET IT! This film made me physically angry because it was so stupid! And if by some foul mistake you do end up watching this film, watch out for the intestines. Frankly, if that guy actually did have intestines that looked like that, I'd be surprised he wasn't already dead, let alone until someones rips them out and ties them to a chair.

In fact, I'll even go so far as to say that the only character I liked at all in this film was actually the killer. Purely because when his 'comedy routine' worked, it did work. All in all, the plot line of this film dragged anything that might have been good down. Why was the killer killing? I don't know. I can live without knowing who he actually was, thats fairly typical, but without some kind of motive - hell i don't know, i'd settle for him having a bad Halloween as a kid! -it just seems more than senseless, just stupid. Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid. In fact, i hated this film so much that i specifically registered with IMDb just so i could comment on it. Save your money, save your sanity. Stay away from it!
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I loved this movie!! Clean Horror Fun!!LOL
Capt_Horror7 October 2005
Going into this movie I wasn't expecting much, After about 5 mins I knew this movie was gonna be awesome and bunch of laughs. I really enjoy horror movies that take place on Halloween, this one was brilliant!!. The kid was so dumb it was hilarious, and "SATAN" was hilarious with his body language. I saw this movie while I was drunk with some buddies and man it really had us pissing ourselves with laughter as the kid and Satan went around knocking over helpless people outside the supermarket, Haha priceless. I say, give it a chance! - Don't expect a dead on serious horror movie, this is a Horror/Comedy and it delivers just THAT!! THANKS!
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Best horror film I have seen in a long time
bootlegcity25 March 2006
This film is excellent. Really surprised that it was so enjoyable and was directed by Jeff Lieberman who did another of my favourites - 'Just Before Dawn'. It's got the Halloween atmosphere and the main Satan character is played brilliantly. Definitely recommend this to anyone after a decent film to watch at Halloween or comedy/horror fans. This film kicks butt! The best scene in this film is the one with the cat but the shots of Satan putting his victims in the garden also stand out. With a film this good it surprises me that Jeff Lieberman has made very few films. Hopefully he will make more now! It's certainly better than the majority of horrors released these days and didn't have any CGI monsters in it!
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Very Original Horror
chow9133 April 2012
Very Original Horror The very original concept of 'Satan's Little Helper' is almost enough to overlook the poor editing, acting, and total lack of a musical score. Yep, almost.

I only saw this film to drool over blonde bombshell Katheryn Winnick after seeing her in 'Hellraiser VIII.' Well I wasn't disappointed by the fact that she spends the entire film dressed for Halloween as a renaissance bar wench showing off her "assets" and by the fact that her younger brother has a crush on her.

Anyway the original concept of 'Satan's Little Helper' revolves around an unknown serial killer dressed in the frightening rubber mask seen on the cover box. Halloween is actually a good day to go on a mindless bloody rampage. He can get away with dragging around dead bodies, or body parts, and wielding weapons without the police batting an eye. Screams for help and 911 calls are also dismissed. Attacking people in their homes is easy. Everyone is prepared to answer the door at night for a masked stranger with candy in hand, rather than a gun. (For the record I do still keep a gun by my door even on Halloween.) Maybe the ease of being a serial killer on Halloween is why Michael Myers always chooses this day. How does he spend his time the other 364 day of the year? A young boy Dougie witnesses the murders but assumes they're all part of Halloween fun and offers to become Satan's little helper. Hence the mute serial killer uses Dougie as an accomplice in his murder spree.

In a very funny scene, after realizing the killings are real Dougie prays to God. (Much more effective than calling the police or grabbing a weapon.) The serial killer now being hunted by Dougie's family changes Halloween costumes and appears a Jesus. Dougie lets him in the house believing his prayers were answered.

Where the film fails isn't in its poor production quality but in its horror movie clichés. Once the family realizes the masked serial killer is real do they, RUN LIKE HELL? Hide? Hold up and wait for help? Grab a weapon? Or simply fight back? (After all the serial killer doesn't have any super powers, he's just one man.) NO! They follow the usual horror movie clichés of splitting up wandering around dark areas and investigating strange noises in the basement.

But I do give the film credit for having a GREAT ending. Always key and very difficult in horror films. A bad ending can ruin an entire horror movie.

Worth a viewing for an original idea. Only worth a second viewing to drool over Katheryn Winnick a second time. And brace yourself for the poor production quality.
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Oh hell yeah!
BA_Harrison23 May 2008
In this delightfully twisted black comedy/horror, cult movie director Jeff Lieberman takes a messed up little kid, Dougie, who has trouble distinguishing between reality and make-believe, exposes him to a violent computer game called Satan's Little Helper (in which the player assists the devil in killing people), and then introduces him to a serial killer dressed as 'Old Nick' (in a wicked grinning demon mask, rubber claws, and a black coat). The result is a deliciously dark piece of bloody mayhem which sees the Satan-obsessed boy assisting the masked psycho on his murderous rampage, believing that the death and destruction which he is witnessing is all part of a game. It's a wonderfully subversive premise that should definitely appeal to anyone with a distinctly warped sense of humour.

The first clue we are given that young Dougie might have trouble understanding the way the world really works is when he announces to his mother that he wants to marry his older sister (admittedly, she is super smokin' hot, but even in their small island community, incest is still a no-no). But this is nothing compared to the child's lack of understanding when he teams up with 'Satan' on Halloween and gets to see his hero in action. As the horned menace stabs, hangs, and mutilates his victims, Dougie cheers encouragingly, not quite grasping that these people are dying for real.

However, when 'Satan' eventually turns his attention to Dougie's family, the boy suddenly realises that helping the 'bad guy' might not be such a great idea after all! Lieberman handles his rather perverse material perfectly, managing to whip up a wonderfully creepy vibe, whilst also delivering some moments of pure comic genius (and even a few subtle swipes at religion and modern society's ability to twist young minds). He also gets some fine performances from his cast: Alexander Brickel does very well as the confused killer's apprentice; Joshua Annex is brilliant as 'Satan', and is both extremely chilling and funny without uttering a single word; and Amanda Plummer does a wonderful job as Dougie's slightly wacky mother. But best of all is Katheryn Winnick as Dougie's sister Jenna: she is absolutely stunning, and spends most of the film dressed as a 'Renaissance slut', meaning that she displays plenty of cleavage and acres of perfectly toned midriff. Wowzer!

With it's oodles of morbid humour, and noticeable lack of explicit gore (just one genuinely 'yucky' scene in the whole film), Satan's Little Helper will probably be maligned by many who fail to understand its wicked genius. Those fortunate enough to 'get it', however, will hopefully spread the word and get this film the attention it really deserves.
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Lots of fun!
theTRUTH-hurts28 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I got this movie blindly from Blockbuster, not knowing anything about the cast or writer/director, but I ended up thoroughly enjoying it. It's a horror comedy, set on Halloween, about a young boy who is obsessed with a video game called Satan's Little Helper and ends up running into a real-life murderous "Satan." The boy, a little dumbed down from his violent video game, unknowingly assists the killer as he prowls around the neighborhood on a murder spree. "Satan" here might be the real deal or might just be a serial killer dressed in a costume and you don't know just what he is until the very end. Satan's Little Helper is good low-budget fun with plenty of laughs, plenty of blood and good acting from all concerned (the young actor playing the kid, the beautiful actress who plays his sister and Amanda Plummer as the mother are especially good).
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A Fantastic Black Comedy Slasher
Duzniak382 August 2006
Satan's Little Helper is a very enjoyable black-humoured comedy horror. The plot revolves around a young, naive little boy named Dougie, who after playing too many Satan Video Games becomes the pawn of a serial killer in a devils mask on Halloween. Dougie and Satan then wander about, terrorising the neighbourhood and scaring Dougie's family. The pair go about hurting people and Satan beating and murdering people, whilst Dougie thinks it is all an act and isn't real. Satan's Little Helper is overloaded with plenty of black humour, which makes it so enjoyable, there is a lot of funny sight and spoken gags, and the movie doesn't take itself seriously which is excellent. There is small amounts of violence and gore in the movie, but nothing overly horrible so it's nothing that the weaker hearted won't be able to manage. Satan's Little Helper has some of the most memorable scenes, such as Dougie answering the door and finding Jesus on his doorstep, Satan writing "BOO" with a dead cat's blood and Satan and Dougie running people down in a shopping trolley. Plenty of fun, horror, great script and a unique storyline. However watch out; the young actor who plays Dougie is a little irritating. A delightful comic-horror must see!
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"Satan's Little Helper? That's so gay."
Backlash0076 November 2005
Satan's Little Helper arrived just in time for the Halloween holiday and was perfectly fitting. It certainly has the Lieberman stamp of dark humor all over it. This is Jeff Lieberman's first genre offering in a long time (since 1987's underrated Remote Control) and it's a nice welcome back. Lieberman has loaded this thing with satire. It seems he has a lot to say about video games and parental unawareness. It could come off as heavy handed if he weren't having a blast poking fun at it. Here's the plot: Dougie's favorite game is Satan's Little Helper and he's dressed as such for Halloween. In the game, you follow Satan around and help him murder and plunder and such. Dougie happens across a serial killer dressed like a devil and, staying true to his favorite game, follows him around and lends a helping hand. It's very funny in the "should I be laughing at this?" sense. There are many moments and one-liners that would have made me spew milk from my nose if I were drinking milk at the time. This movie is definitely not for everyone, but it will surely get more laughs than scares. I would classify Satan's Little Helper as a Halloween guilty pleasure.
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