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  • The Lovely Bones (2002) is a novel by American writer Alice Sebold. The novel was adapted for the movie by New Zealand film-maker Peter Jackson, his wife and co-producer Fran Walsh, and screenwriter Philippa Boyens. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • No. The only plot point the trailer "spoils" are the fact the George Harvey (Stanley Tucci) is the killer and Susie Salmon (Saoirse Ronan) is murdered. However, these things are revealed at the very beginning and set up the rest of the story. The Lovely Bones is not a murder mystery. It is a contemplative look at death and how it affects loved ones. While there are some moments of suspense, there are no true "plot twists" or "big reveals" as pertains to the murder. However, there are several unexpected turns in the story that relate to Susie's death and that made the book treasured by so many readers. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • The stars known that auditioned for Susie include Dakota Fanning and Hailey Anne Nelson but the role went to Saoirse Ronan when Jackson was immediately impressed with her audition tape. She was then offered the role without a meeting. Edit (Coming Soon)

  • Harvey packs up and leaves Norrisotown. On his way out of town, he stops at a diner and tries to pick up a young girl. She refuses to go with him. Suddenly, an icicle breaks off a tree, hits Harvey, and sends him tumbling down a cliff to his death. In the final scene, Susie's mother changes the sheets on her bed, and Susie wishes everyone a long and happy life. Edit (Coming Soon)


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