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Sex & Nudity

  • R-disturbing sexual content, nudity, language, drug use and a scene of violence (my rating and reason)
  • Some instances of graphic discussion of sex, and two occasions of male and female nudity. A man is seen fully nude in a locker room; at first from behind, then he turns to walk to a bench. Full frontal is visible briefly from a distance. In another scene scene a woman is seen with unclothed breasts and a backside view of her naked.
  • Moore's character actively seeks out a random encounter with a stranger and is seen in lingerie. In one scene, her hand is shown on a partner's pants fly as she prepares to manually stimulate him (the actual act isn't shown on screen). There's rough (albeit consensual) sex; same-sex encounters between consenting adults; a couple scenes of sexual activity and orgasmall of these are depicted without nudity except male upper body. An experimental sexual act between two underage boys is implied, and a three-person sexual encounter is inferred when Moore's character apparently begins an implied sexual relationship with her own son (no private parts visible).
  • Julianne straddles her son and raises her skirt. One infers that he has penetrated her. After some time she gets off and it is implied that she strokes his penis to help him masturbate. Her arm movement is visible and the implication is unmistakable. In this scene, clothing, furniture and camera angles disguise anything otherwise explicit. This scene is very disturbing due to the fact that she is doing this act with her son.(incest)
  • A man is sitting on a bed. Julianne goes to him and buries his face between her [clothed] breasts. She kisses him all over however he is reluctant and hence she rubs his crotch furiously. That angers the man and he forces her to bend down against the bed. Then he takes some of his spit in his hand and it is implied that he has anal sex with her. This scene contains no nudity.

Violence & Gore

  • Guns are fired; viewers see the aftermath of a suicide attempt, including bloody wounds; a character is fatally stabbed. None of these are extended or gruesome.


  • Language includes several instances "f--k" and "f--king," "tits," "ass," (in both English and French), "c--ks," "s--t," "whore," "c--t," "come," and more; however, there is not constant trash talk.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • Lots of period-accurate cigarette smoking, plus cigar smoking, marijuana use, constant drinking and discussion of hangovers, etc. A supporting character smuggles hashish; another character abuses sleeping aids as part of a suicide attempt.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Absolutely disturbing, uncomfortable scenes involving incest, mother/son graphic (though clothed) sex.

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