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A Once Nice Character Forever Corrupted
lansimmons11210 February 2016
When it comes to making video games, which is more important? To silence hecklers or to make large revenue? Rare turned the once nice Conker into an insane freak just to silence those who said Twelve Tales: Conker 64 was too kiddish. Well that move was something Rare would regret for a long time. That explains why Nintendo broke ties with Rare. The new corrupted Conker may have won some praise but the character's games were lousy sellers.

So Rare dislikes cutesy Nintendo characters. What's wrong with cutesy characters? Don't they understand that cutesy characters are very marketable? I don't know what unreasonable things they have in mind. But unless they want their characters to stay obscure forever, they should change things back.
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Gamers Will Never Adore This Mangled Character
rarecorruptedconky22 December 2015
Conker used to be a very decent character, and was featured in games for all ages. But for some irrational reasons, his creators corrupted and turned him into a demented freak. Perhaps turning that rodent to how he is in Conker's Bad Fur Day was a mistake. Perhaps the sales would have been far different had the programmers stuck to the more family-friendly Twelve Tales: Conker 64.

A few years later, the programmers created a remake of the dirty game and titled it Conker: Live and Reloaded. Here they try to clean things up by censoring the ugliness from the early game. I'm not sure if any of that helped as the remake did not achieve best-seller status (selling 1,000,000+ units). The remake didn't even achieved Platinum Hit status (selling 400,000+ units within its first 3 quarters of release.

I guess all these show that the idea of turning a nice decent critter into a dirty psychotic is nothing more than a disgusting travesty.
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You've gotta love that Conker.
imarockyfanman20 July 2007
Conker live and reloaded is excellent, its smart, funny and absolutely beautiful.

The game is pretty much a direct port for the single player mode but it has a completely new yet not really improved multi-player mode, its different but its a little incomplete i mean they could of should of put some variety in the multi-player mode like in the 64 conker, all that aside its still the greatest game you'll ever play if you haven't played the original or predecessor if you will. for fans of the original it feels a bit rushed in variety.

The pros, best graphics on Xbox, online multi-player, new multi-player.

The cons lack of variety, nothing much new, censored language, no cheat screen,

I give it a 9.4 for a stand alone game but a 8.9 considering the original.
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it has it all (contains a lot of spoilers)
Josh-Prows30 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
this is conker live and reloaded and probably the best game i saw in 2005. this is a remake of conker's bad fur day. it has some new things put in the game and that is a great improvement. the graphics have been upgraded 10 times better than the old Nintendo 64 game from 2001. so conker is a squirrel that drinks beer as you all should know. in the first level of the game it is a control learning type thing when conker is drunk he needs to get better and he drinks this stuff that clears away his huge hangover. conker is a great game to play and there is 3rd person view action when conker goes to war. you get a machine gun with unlimited ammunition. at the start of the game you will have a baseball bat in every chapter except for the last two called it's war and the heist. the heist is a fun and very very short chapter with all the matrix moves copied from what neo and trinity do in the first movie at the end in the bank. neo is conker and trinity is Berri(conker's girlfriend) sadly she gets killed by that evil weasel that is working for the panther king. this game is a very fun and very funny. it has some adult humor in almost every chapter...even the last boss is crazy looking by the fact it is an alien
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A good game,but the N64 version seems better
sinisterdrecc8812 March 2009
I remember that I heard about this game online,so I wanted it. I bought it,and I thought it was brilliant. The graphics are great,and are as good as the graphics in Halo. But one thing I don't like is---that THERE'S NO CHEAT SCREEN!!!!!! I cannot enter cheats because the cheat screen didn't make a return,which is upsetting to me.But luckily LAR contains many hilarious cut-scenes and boss battles(such as fighting The Great Mighty Poo)and lovable characters,and the game overall is fun. But one more thing that is kind of bad,LAR's multi-player. In LAR's multi-player,I didn't really even get what I was supposed to do,other than shoot the Tediz(or if you're playing as the Tediz,the squirrels).Therefore,this is a great game,but I do hope that Bad fur Day makes a return to Virtual Console or something.

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Completely stepping-on original game.
davidspisovatel17 May 2017
Okay, i'm not one of those spammer bots, don't worry ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Do you remember those times when small studios started to making 3D animated entertainment on shoe-string budget, and even though the graphics looked cheap, it still managed to amaze you when it turned into a fun well-crafted artistic piece ? And then, some years later a random producer decided to make a sequel on ten-times budget and it turned to be boring 'nd dull ? *cough*Hoodwinked*cough* Well Conker: Live & Reloaded is one of these cases. Even though the game is newer, the animation looks hideously artificial & inorganic. The timing and posing is awful (do you remember than rotation can be done in all 3 dimension and not just two ? Why is everyone facing so straight ?). The staging and pacing is not much better. The characters turned from interesting, dynamic and witty to boring, stereotypical and obnoxious (like your typical person on 9GAG). Oh, and to be precise it's not a sequel on it's own, it's just remake of the original with some more multiplayer (ignoring that original already had multiplayer in some cases). Plus for some reasons, developers were too lazy to add some cheats, although they were included in original.
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