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13 Apr. 2005
Episode #1.4
Milo accepts the case of young Thomas Van Damme and his Colombian wife Celina, who can't even pay his reduced rate, against insurance company Althea, which refuses to pay for Thomas's step-son Andreas's expensive hip operations in Houston, claiming they hid his condition when signing the policy; reluctantly, Koen accepts to assist him, even though his young family really needs paying cases. Eva accepts the case of a father who wants to stop his 19-year old daughter stripping, for her safety and his chances at promotion in the police corps. Eva bets with Milo she'll ...
27 Apr. 2005
Episode #1.6
Milo tells his client Herbert Stevens, who considers divorce, that it has no winners and requires hard proof, probably from a detective, then learns the unfaithful wife is his former colleague Lucille Willems, who is his lover, but Stevens produces photos of her kissing Milo's partner, Koen Vermaet. Eva gets to defend blind rape-suspect Rob Van As, who claims his chat date consented. Koen Vermaet gets stuck by the vegetarian secretary's doing with the case of a man who financially adopted the turkey Isabelle at the Smulders farm and doesn't want it contractually ...
4 May 2005
Episode #1.7
After his divorce client Herbert found out about his affair with the man's adulterous wife Lucille, his former employee, Milo is facing a board procedure. Koen, whose own adultery with their promiscuous ex-colleague may thus get known to his wife and meanwhile mother of their children, insists Milo must accept to be defended by his other intimate colleague, Eva. Koen, who is moving but has left that practically to his unamused wife, defends Herman Ram, who claims some illusionist tricks which were promised to him by his brother and former Magic Twins-partner Victor, ...
11 May 2005
Episode #1.8
After his wife Kato learned about his affair, Koen is thrown out of his new family home, so he takes his cue, suggesting to Milo they spend the small fortune of $1,000 each in one wild night, from client Tom Michielsen, who wants to bail out of a similar deal with former colleagues Bert Verstraelen and Marianne De Smet, who each in turn put up their entire $100,000 severance pay for a wild weekend after their investment banking division was closed down. Eva dates drawing artist Guido Ruelle, and accepts his defense when his ex Daphne charges him with stalking, while ...
18 May 2005
Episode #1.9
Milo defends school janitor Michel Clement, accused of downloading child porno in school; Clement's high-pregnant wife, teacher Gabriella, testifies, but schoolgirl Rosanna Maes seems to be the only one who knows the full truth, which is as sordid as surprising. Koen takes on his father's law firm, which sacked his client, secretary Annelies Bogaerts, for wearing in its posh offices the same sexy type of outfit -a mini skirt- as during her solicitation interview, considered unwisely provocative and diverting male colleagues' attention from the job. Eva takes a ...
25 May 2005
Episode #1.10
Meijer-Vermaet's receptionist Kato Vermeulen, a mere law student, passes herself for solicitor and takes the case of a man who sues a burger chain for false advertising; that firm is represented by a well-established lawyer, professor Vanlaer. When Milo's firm risks serious consequences, Koen insists she must go and Kato quits, but the board still pursues the case, as Kato did it several times before... Milo fails to convince his lover Daphne to refuse the defense of Monica, the divorce-prone wife of Milo's client Peter, whose paternity of their 8 year-old boy Mark ...
1 Jun. 2005
Episode #1.11
Just after Guido's promise to her that his ex Daphne Dupry would finally have understood his heart now belongs to Eva, the police arrests him for her murder, a 12 floors fall from the window, a crime for the Assises court. Milo and Eva take his defense, claiming it was impossible to defenestrate her without getting scratched or allowing her to scream. During the trial, Eva loses her faith in Guido's version and returns to Milo's bed, but he wants to continue the defense... Although Koen feels the woman is actually wrong, he accepts for lack of another client to defend...
8 Jun. 2005
Episode #1.12
Eva refuses to keep secret she's doing it with Milo. Milo and Koen are not looking forward to their murder case, the pseudo-pregnant defendant Anette Denders has a psychiatric record and doesn't even tell them what she knows. The victim Lina Vermegen, her employer as cleaning lady, says she took her baby Mathieu after attacking her with a knife. Koen thinks she's mad, the only defense being insanity, Milo is convinced there's a secret story, studies her psychological condition and uses it to trick her into telling her version involving Lina's husband Patrick... Eva ...
15 Jun. 2005
Episode #1.13
Now they have broken up over Lucille's pregnancy, Eva leaves the firm and reproaches Milo his negative attitude towards marriage is why he doesn't believe in her client Philip Verstralen, who wants to marry Eline Goossens, his lover since six years, while she's comatose without real hope after a crash in his car, wearing no seat-belt; Lucille defends her reluctant family. Koen drove to hospital his wife Karin, who is high-pregnant of twins, but wants to name them after their parents, while he refuses to consider his philandering father's name Adriaan. There Koen takes...

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