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aliveandblessed7 October 2003
Warning: Spoilers
The Ellen Degeneres Show is the funniest talk show ever. She tickles the funny bone and doesn't crack a smile while you are dying from laughing.

Ellen has had some ups and downs in her personal life but she has always been sincere and honest with the public and it comes across that way with her guests and with her rapport with the audience.

I have never known my husband to become hysterical while watching any comic but he almost passes out from sheer laughter while watching Ellen.

I wish Ellen the greatest success ever and know I will always be an avid viewer. You couldn't go wrong watching this show.

Remember Ellen is bringing laughter back to daytime television. :)
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Romper Room
wahoo888813 May 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I haven't seen this show for years because I work during the day. What has happened to it? Who is the target audience: 40 to 50 year old women with the mentality of a 12 year old? When will Americans get tired of watching millionaire celebrities getting paid millions of dollars to slobber all over their millionaire friends on TV who get rich from the millions of saps just like those that make up the audience who pay to see the crap they churn out in record numbers. It's no wonder Nigerians are phoning Americans scamming for money. We are a nation of idiots. And she still does those ridiculous dances at the beginning of the show. Why would anyone watch a show where you are constantly talked down to, demeaned and treated like an idiot? On the bright side, you'll probably get a reward just for watching.
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The Best Daytime Talk Show
ForReal8420 February 2004
The Ellen DeGeneres show is so funny; she is great at what she does. I believe that she is one of the funniest comics alive, she doesn't use dirty humor she uses everyday experiences to get a few laughs. The way she interacts with people is probably the funniest aspect of the show. All in all she is doing an amazing job, I hope that this show is around for a long time, Ellen deserves to have a hit. If you've never seen it WATCH it, it's amazing; it's one of the best hours of television. A+ This talk show gets four stars!
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Bob Newhart/Seinfeld/Larry David rolled into one person!
frankeeholly15 January 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I find Ellen to be a combo of Bob Newhart and Jerry Seinfeld/Larry David. She has Newhart's dry, deliberately paced wit and the Seinfeld/Larry David (to me, these two are one unit) style of questioning society's everyday idiosynchrasies and playing devils advocate in a "curmudgeon" style of questioning many things that society deems proper and obligatory, like making small talk with people you can't wait to get away from...

She has no problem admitting that on most nights she is asleep by 10:00 p.m. and leads a fairly "normal" lifestyle (as much as a true celebrity can, that is). She is so NOT pretentious...

She's even "invented" her own little dorky 30 second dance that she struts in front of the audience with the help of her in-house musician, not caring whether it's "hip" or not...

i don't think she's capable of using profanity, so her show is about as clean cut, family fare as you'll find on a non-cable station (but NOT syrupy sweet) --- YET, she's as funny as the best of the x-rated comedians, just like Bill Cosby can be...

She's also likable because she is humble and often self-deprecating; she underplays her achievements and accomplishments...

And, she's extremely respectful to her guests, letting them completely finish talking before asking her next question. So many talk show hosts (Larry King being the worst offender) simply butt in mid-sentence to a guests reply and want to steal the limelight. Even Oprah would constantly butt into Dr. Phil's conversations when he originally started as a regular on her show.

Go Ellen!!
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Best talk show ever!!!!!!!
cabasaexpert35125 February 2005
This is by far the best talk show that has ever been on television. Ellen is hilarious without being rude. Whenever I have a bad day watching her show will instantly make me laugh. She is one of the best comedians ever and one of the nicest most down to earth people ever. Her talk show is very unique and she has a variety of guests on her show both celebrities and everyday ordinary people who she has found a reason to recognize them. I also really love celebrity pets where people send in pictures of their pets saying they look like a certain celebrity. Tony, the JD on the show also is very funny and down to earth. This is definitely one of my favorite shows on television.
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best talk show yet
lindahaycock22 January 2005
Normally I am not a big fan of talk shows, not so with Ellen! I love Ellen, her dry humor about everyday situations is hilarious. I love how she opens each show by dancing, and watching the show just puts me in a great mood. I notice most of her guests can't help but laugh at some of her comments! All in all, I have never watched the show without laughing, and I need that every day!!! Nothing is too heavy or depressing, or controversial. I watch this show at every opportunity I have. She is easily one of my favorite comedians, and I am happy to see she has succeeded where many have failed in the talk show business. Keep up the great work Ellen!
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Best Talk Show On TV!
shrek200417 December 2003
Ellen DeGeneres is finally back! See, for those of you who don't

know, Ellen DeGeneres is a comedienne who had her own sitcom

"Ellen" that ran on ABC from 1998-1994. But the ratings started to

decline after she came out of the closet in the last season (I think it

was the last one). And it wasn't because people were homophobic--it's just that that's all she started talking about! Anyways after another failed sitcom and a public breakup Ellen

stayed out of the limelight for awhile. Then she appeared as "Dory"

in the hugely successful "Finding Nemo", and now she has her

own talk show! Unlike other talk shows (Oprah or Rosie), Ellen doesn't really suck

up to the guests. She makes jokes with them and acts like they're

her friends, instead of huge special people. And unlike Oprah or

Rosie, Ellen is not always shrieking or screaming, "Oh My

Gaaaaaaaaaad! We're going to have Sting! Oh my Gaaaaad! You

just have to buy his book....girl!" And the studio audience isn't

annoying either.....they actually let the guests and host TALK! I only get to see this show when I stay home sick from work. I wish

they'd show it in prime-time too!
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One of the worst shows on the air
sunbreak7-14 July 2017
I despise this show. I can't stand the focus on dancing people or Ellen dancing in the aisles. It's not funny - just stupid - the kind of stuff that's made for 10 year olds. It's the same routine - bring in some band that you can get up and dance to or bring in some so-called amazing kid to interview and/or do their thing. Not interesting at all.
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Stop Being Serious and Start Having Fun!
Syl10 September 2007
Ellen DeGeneres is one of the best known lesbian talk show hostesses around. That's because she does not use her show to preach or force people to accept her lifestyle. Her show has fans that range from conservative Christians to left wing liberals like myself who do appreciate that Ellen uses her show for good rather than protesting. I think that's why she went away. She allowed her sexual orientation to define her rather than having her own identity. I think she's better than that because she does admit to it upfront. Audiences do want honesty and truthfulness. They don't care about it but they don't want to be deceived or lied too. It's better to be clean and upfront about her personal life especially if you are doing a television show like this. While I think she's secured a niche in daytime television, she uses her comedic humor to poke fun as life in general. I think she's best when she's non-political because we already have enough politics for the next year with this 2008 election. I don't understand why she's winning Emmys because even though she's great most of the time. The show's momentum has passed. It can be silly, serious, and straightforward at times. She dances in the beginning because we don't get enough of it. Ellen might be a great role model for lots of confused teens out there but she is seen as a great role model for all of us because we don't have to grow up and stop having fun. I think that's what the message of her show is about, stop being serious and having fun.
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Surprisingly great
Patrick (boston2143)15 October 2003
I really liked Ellen's sitcom and her HBO special ("The Beginning"), but in recent years it seemed like Ellen might be losing her comedic touch. NOT SO, I'm glad to say. Ellen fits perfectly into her new environment, because interacting with people of all kinds is exactly what she does best. Ellen is quick-witted, amiable, and often laugh-out-loud funny. She has a very distinctive style that I feared may get old after all these years, but it still feels fresh because it's authentic. Ellen deserved another chance to conquer television, and I believe she just may pull it off this time. Wayne Brady should enjoy those Emmy's while they last -- there's some fierce competition in town, and it's not Sharon Osbourne.
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I simply love The Ellen Degeneres show
shandiagardiner1 July 2007
i love Ellen she is fantastic, i try to watch the show every day at four o'clock back in the Bahamas. when I'm at work its sort of hard to view the show but i sure make up for that on off days.

i think Ellen is doing an awesome job by making others smile. she is so funny and I'd love to meet her one day soon.

if your sad and depressed all one has to do is turn to the Ellen show and your sure to pick up a smile or two. she is so nice and has a great personality, she is truly a blessing to the industry. i would love to attend one of her live shows. How awesome that would be. she is so great with kids. animals everything and one. she has hilarious written all over her bright face.
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Best Talk Show!!!
Naomi T16 February 2015
Ellen is the most talented actress and comedian in Hollywood. I never miss her show because she always makes me smile. I appreciate her humor and the emphasis she places on giving back to others. She is genuine and has not forgotten where she came from. I like that she is humble and that her humor is not at the expense of others. Keep up the great work because you are making lives better through your kindness and compassion.I have been going through a tough time and I know that for at least 5 hours a week that I will have a smile on my face and forget about the tough times. She paved the way for the GLBTQ community and would not take back her decision to come out for the world. Good for her! Great example of living openly and honestly.
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Funny AND Positive Show!!!
lizzie112512 November 2004
...and yes, you do learn something.

Ellen, of course, is hilarious but _never_ in a demeaning or crude way. Always positive and complimentary in a honest (I feel) not fake way!

She changes things up a little and I am liking that. She also has some fun people on. I have so far saved only two episodes to tape: James Spader speaking so eloquently after his Emmy win and Jamie Foxx doing some wonderful music! I'll be looking for Jamie Foxx's upcoming CD.

Just a lot of fun and sincerity on this show -- oh, yes, and dancing.
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A childish mishmash, with a very annoying presenter
Dave20 April 2017
Ellen DeGeneres thinks she's funny, but instead is very annoying and arrogant when presenting this.

This show is a silly hodge-podge of different things - and much of it is childish messing around.

The only reason that I watched several episodes of this was to see the interviewees. However, her interviewing style doesn't allow them to talk freely.
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I love Ellen!
crazee4brownees19 January 2006
My mom and I watched Ellen last summer while we were at work. I loved it. I left for college this past year, and I still watch Ellen almost everyday. My roommate hated my love for the show at first, but after a while she really got into it. Now we both watch it. This semester I have an 1130 class and will have to miss Ellen, I don't know what I'm going to do! I love Ellen. She is so funny, I laugh out loud whenever I watch her show. She is so funny and I love how she interacts with her guests. I also love the dancing. I would go see Ellen live in a heartbeat, she brightens my day! Her guests are so wide. She had Kanye on the other day, and then before that she had stars from Lost! Anyone can have fun on Ellen, and I think that most of the stars do! My roommate said that this coming semester we are going to try and get an Ellen watching party everyday, even when I have to go to class. We want everyone to enjoy Ellen just as much as we do!
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beads1102 May 2006
This show is hilarious. My favorite episode was May 1st, it was a dog show. Paris Hilton came and brought her four chihuahuas, and they played a game called "Pardon Me, Is this your dog?". Also Kellie Pickler (My favorite contestant from American Idol) came. She also sang "Walking After Midnight". And, the tallest dog in the world came! He was 6 feet! He was a great Dane and Ellen let him play with Paris Hilton's chihuahuas! Each of Paris' dogs got an award! Ellen brought her small doggy! He was SO cute!! Kellie danced around! It was funny and cool! Ellen was funny! She danced funny! There was a tape that was called People who Look like their Dogs" It was so cool!!
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Kate-16225 September 2003
This new show is so funny! I love Ellen. I'm so glad she's back, and she's better than ever. This show shouldn't be missed. If you're going to miss it, tape it! Her guests are great, her comedic timing is impeccable. She's perfect for daytime and should not be missed... watch out everyone, Ellen's back, and she's kickin' @$$!!!
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Repetitive entertainment
qball_824 March 2005
Ellen provides somewhat enjoyable viewing in the morning. My major complaint is how repetitive the show is. A lot of the segments become repetitive very, very fast as do a lot of her peculiar little personal quirks, and I wish she would shake it up more by putting in more variety.

The humor is bland and safe (sometimes downright not funny) and while she's never demeaning or crude she can be pretty sarcastic and blase toward her audience members, she doesn't have the most charismatic personality. If the show has one good thing going for it it's that Ellen can usually bag the A-listers - which everyone loves to see.
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Ellen, Ellen, Ellen
Karen Barrett16 March 2006
Before it was "popular" to do so, I appreciated Ellen's style, humor and attitude. She's got "it" ... and I'm supremely grateful to have the chance to see her in action daily. Even the reruns. Her reruns are better than most "first runs." Ellen has style, wit, charm and grace. Someone said she flaunted her coming out, I don't remember it that way and I don't think I missed too many episodes of her situation comedy. Once she did it, I don't think Ellen was quite sure how to handle it, since in the mid-90's, sit coms were just seeming to be that flexible. Ellen certainly doesn't do that on her talk show. In addition to her other attributes, her work for charities is wonderful. She seems to be using her talents and fame to really make a difference - hurricane relief, efforts for our troops and many other fine projects. I would like to know "whatever happened to Houston Rose." She got him the audition. He is listed in the stunt players and in one other movie. I must have missed where he left her show. Would like to know what he's doing now. Right now I'm watching a rerun from September 2005 and Houston is there.
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"Got Ellen"...
johnmeechum10 October 2003
if not you should join the funny band wagon. Love the show. I want more. I hope they don't cancel it. She's as funnier than Rosie or Wayne. Keep up the funny funny guest and stunts.
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Ellen is unfair
annabelle-6813414 October 2016
I use to watch Ellen until I see shes been having the obummers & killary as her guests quite often lately. we know who you're voting for Ellen & we know why. You don't need a better job, or lower taxes, or cheaper food prices, or better healthcare. You have all of that. So you don't need someone like Trump who will bring all of this back so the rest of us who aren't wealthy can live a better life. Ellen had killary on her show again today & all she talked about was the comment Trump made 11 years ago. What about all the comments killary made about the American people? Where Trumps invite to your show so he can speak his mind?
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Quality, but could be better
ScoHo19821 November 2003
Ellen DeGeneres is a great performer. Her rare form of comedy is appealing to many audiences, gay or straight, black or white, young or old. She has that rare ability to reach all of these audiences. Which makes it even more surprising that she is able to be as open as she is about her life and not turn people off.

She's had her a shakey Hollywood resume in the past few years, after the cancelation of the show that made her famous, "Ellen." She's a stand up comedian at heart, but also an incredible physical comedian with a large range of emotions.

A daytime talk show is something that I didn't think she could pull off. She can reach a crowd in a stand up setting, or even on a weekly sitcom, but a daily talk show? There are moments on the show that are slow and dragged out. And her interview skills are less than stellar. However, there is hope of improvement.

The show has had it's moments. The most recent was a guest appearance from Ted Dansen, discussing what he should get his wife for their anniversary. Apparently because they were married on a river, every anniversary has a river theme. Ellen got him copies of "The River Wild" and "A River Runs Through It", the cd "Cry Me a River" by Justin Timberlake, pictures of Joan and Melissa Rivers, and a picture of Gene Hackman, just cause. There have been other hilarious moments on the show, but this is just one that stands out.

I have faith that the show will grow with time, and so will she. This show will be picked up for at least another season. For someone as name recognizable as Ellen DeGeneres, she will be around for a long time, no matter what she does.

And personally, just like millions of other young queer youth, we will always remember where were the night she stated, not just for her but for all of us, "I'm Gay".
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Ellen Degeneres finally found her pace with her new show.
TxMike6 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I admit that I have not been a big fan of Ellen Degeneres. There has always been something about her, she isn't what anyone would consider 'pretty', she dresses and walks much like a man might, and I just didn't like to watch that goofy looking face of hers. She doesn't have the female qualities that most of us guys want to observe.

Add to that, I didn't particularly like her stand up comic routines. It wasn't something that I can define clearly, I just didn't like watching her and hearing what she had to say.

That has all pretty much changed now, either I have become more mellow, or she has become more entertaining. Her variety show now comes on weekdays at local time 10AM, and it is always interesting. She has good guests, and she has developed a natural interview style. Her humor is normally very subtle, and self-deprecating. She does this silly dance that the audience always loves. In short, she has developed one of the more interesting daytime talk shows.

I also have to mention that I loved the character of Dory that she created for 'Finding Nemo', the animated hit movie of 2003. I believe that role and her voice acting is what really made be a fan of Ellen's. She was growing up in the New Orleans area when I lived there, too bad our paths never crossed.
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The Host really makes the show.
S.R. Dipaling4 February 2009
I watched this show faithfully for the first two or three years of its run,burning out when I came to a realization and assessment. Namely,that for all the charms that Ms.De Generes and her writers can bring to the show(also should give props to the DJs who've manned the turntables on the show over the years),I still found myself getting peeved at the near-shameless fawning on A-list celebs that would go on the show. Now,while I realize that chat shows tend to be basically little more than stumps to push movies,books,music,etc.,Ellen seemed to believe that not only should she show love to the guests but I mean really,really,REALLY show LOVE to them. Some examples: giving Gwyneth Paltrow expensive prams and baby material for her newborns(like she couldn't afford that!),trying to fix up Tara Reid when she let out that she wasn't with anyone when she appeared on her show(Really,Ellen? Tara Reid needs a yenta?)and devoting a WHOLE HOUR to then still-married publicity suckers Britney Spears and Kevin Federline. Also,the need to lavish audience members,"everyday heroes"(i.e. kids who rescued various people or creatures,prodigies,wives of military serving in Iraq,etc.)with expensive gifts(CAribbean cruises,cars come to mind) seem to suggest a need to try to conflate the show in a very "Oprah-esque" way that,while well-intentioned and in all likelihood sincere,seem to be overkill and maudlin.

Having said that,while my loyal viewer-ship of this show has suffered(I think I can probably count how many shows I've sat and watched since 2006),I will still tune in every now and then and my reasoning is pretty much the same as when I WAS a loyal watcher:Ellen DeGeneres herself. Always a bright,warm,effusive,funny woman who is just as comfortable in wise-cracking,more cutting edge(read: late night type talk show material)as she is in tender moments. Able to be nice without being saccharine(I'm thinking of you,Rosie O'Donnell),she can make an hour fly by and is able to disarm guests and audience members alike.

I haven't reviewed talk shows before,but I felt like doing so here because this show has been of interest for me over the years(I will say that,to be sure,my lessening of interest in the show might also be attributed in part to something it really has no control over:local affiliate scheduling,which changed some about three years ago here where I live)and while I cannot sign off on the whole gist of the show's manqué,it's still arguably one of the better shows you'll catch on daytime TV. I've been a fan of Ms.DeGeneres for quite a few years,going back to when she was a well-received but obscure comic that made the rounds of late night talk and HBO specials in the late,late 1980s,and regardless of my hang-ups with her show,it's quite pleasing to me that she's found such a comfortable niche on TV again.
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