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True Blood Recap: Connective Issues

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True Blood Recap: Connective Issues
A skeleton without cartilage isn't even a skeleton, it's merely a scattered pile of State's evidence. Serialized television needs a strong, fully functional skeleton from which to hang its tricks and surprises and revelations, or else it'll devolve into a ridiculous blob of jelly bones (hi, Hemlock Grove). But that can mean episodes like "Karma" — ones that merely move pawns into place without offering much in the way of watershed moments — will seem tame by comparison to True Blood's more pyrotechnic-infused installments. Which doesn't make them bad per se, merely necessary. "Karma" was admittedly more of a piece of cartilage in season seven's skeleton than a full-blown femur, but it still managed to be a solid piece of entertainment anyway. You know? Skeleton stuff.When we last saw Eric, he'd just gotten the upper hand on a Yakuza boss, or at least he'd gotten the lower jaw of one.
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Episode Recap: Navy NCIS - 7.20: "Moonlighting"

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A Navy Petty officer hears shots fired and ends up getting shot too. McGee (Sean Murray) has killed a thousand people in a day, news courtesy of Tony. According to Tony (Michael Weatherly) Palmer (Brian Dietzen) the, 'autopsy gremlin' is in the office, it's apparent what happens when sunlight hits his skin. Commitment issues are part of this week's episode. Ziva (Cote de Pablo) says it's not a record killing a 1,000 people. Palmer has a henna tattoo. Gibbs (Mark Harmon) comments they shouldn't get him wet, cos as Gremlins do, he'll multiply, ha. Two duds tell what they heard and saw. Gibbs tells them to use words, "helpful ones" and ask if they're sure there were 2 of them and not an echo. They drove off. McGee matches the fingerprints of one of the Db's. Ducky (David McCallum) asks if McGee's magical new machine can tell him how they died. Tony
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Goldberg in 'Santa's' sack

Goldberg in 'Santa's' sack
TORONTO -- TV wrestling star Bill Goldberg, Robert Culp and Dave Thomas on Monday jumped on board MDP Worldwide Entertainment Inc.'s Santa's Slay, now shooting in Alberta. Goldberg is taking up the role of a devilish Santa Claus in a horror comedy written and directed by David Steiman and co-produced by Brett Ratner (Rush Hour) and Media 8 Entertainment, Montreal-based MDP Worldwide's production arm. Also starring is Douglas Smith (State's Evidence), Emilie de Ravin (Roswell) and Saul Rubinek (Unforgiven). In Santa's Slay, the son of Satan, disguised as Santa Claus, begins to wreak mayhem on Christmas Eve and is opposed by townfolk.

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