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C'mon folks it's The Dukes of Hazzard NOT Citizen Kane
dpalmer-131 August 2005
I'm a huge fan of the Dukes of Hazzard TV show. And I really enjoyed this flick. I enjoyed myself here a lot more than I did with other summer blockbusters.

It's funny hearing people rail against this movie with excuses like "lame plot" and "it's much cruder than the show." Does ANYONE remember the crudeness of the humor in the pilot episode? Daisy makes incest jokes and Bo says that Luke had probably fathered half the kids in the orphanage. The only reason it was cleaned up is because it changed to and earlier time slot.

And as far as the plot goes. It was the perfect Dukes plot. In fact as a remake it probably stays truer to the source material than any TV show that has migrated to the big screen.

While Sean William Scott and Johnny Knoxville aren't EXACTLY like their small screen versions, they do a great job and work very well together. I wasn't too keen on Burt's Boss Hogg though. And I would have like a little bit more incompetence from Sheriff Roscoe. In the movie Roscoe is a little... scary.

And who didn't have a smile on their face as the General Lee is racing through the streets of Atlanta and the back roads of Hazzard?

Folks, allow yourself to enjoy a movie that is just an excuse for nostalgia, bikinis and car chases, you won't be sorry. It's just a great dumb movie!
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Not Brilliant, But A Whole Lot Of Fun
Stoli_Raz_N_78 August 2005
Okay, so a lot of people are going to tear this film apart. And they are right to do so; after all, it certainly isn't a very intelligent film. In fact, it is a relatively idiotic film. But it's also a fun film.

When Jay Chandrasekhar stepped up to make a film about this old TV show, obviously he looked at the series and said, "Well, it's not very intelligent, is it? But I can see the appeal. After all, it is a whole lot of fun."

And that's how he made the film. He took a fun show from the early 80's and made it into a fun show for the new millennium. Don't go see this movie if you're (God forbid) expecting to see sultry Jessica Simpson displaying an IQ bigger than her cup size. Or if you're hoping that Johnny Knoxville will be playing an environmentally-minded action hero. After all, the guy's big break was a show called Jackass...that should tell you something.

Folks, we're going back to Hazzard County. Moonshine, dirt track auto-racing, and lots and lots of inbreeding. Is any of this sinking in yet?

This is just a show about a family of bootleggers who have a really fast car and fight some of the dumbest criminal minds East of the Mason Dixon line. If you want something brilliant, this isn't it. But if you want to sit back, laugh, and have a good time, head on down to Hazzard County, where the girls wear short shorts, the moonshine flows like honey, and you can do your hot cousin if you want to.

Also, expect some cameos from the boys of Broken Lizard, and a throwback to Chandrasekhar's other big hit "Super Troopers". After all, the comedy is in the same style.
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Fun Movie, Much Better Than Expected
imdb-647228 August 2005
Having read some of the other comments here I was expecting something truly awful but was pleasantly surprised. REALITY CHECK: The original series wasn't that good. I think some people remember it with more affection than it deserved but apart from the car chases and Daisy Duke's legs the scripts were weak and poorly acted. The Duke boys were too intelligent and posh for backwood hicks, the shrunken Boss Hog was too cretinous to be evil and Rosco was just hyper throughout every screen moment. It's amazing the series actually lasted as long as it did because it ran out of story lines during the first series.

Back to the movie. If you watch this film in it's own right, not as a direct comparison to however you remember the TV series, then it's not bad at all. The real star is of course the General Lee. The car chases and stunts are excellent and that's really what D.O.H. is all about. Johnny Knoxville is his usual eccentric self and along with Seann William Scott as Cousin Bo the pair make this film really funny in a hilarious Dumb-And-Dumber sort of way the TV series never achieved. The lovely Jessica Simpson is a natch as Miss Daisy, Burt Reynolds makes a much improved Boss Hog and M.C. Gainey makes a believably nasty Rosco P. Coltrane, the way he always should have been.

If you don't like slapstick humour and crazy car stunts then you wouldn't be watching this film anyway because you should know what to expect. Otherwise if you want an entertaining car-action movie with a few good laughs that's not too taxing on the brain then go see this enjoyable romp with an open mind.
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A giggle
annie-18621 September 2005
I had low expectations when going to see this film, so I wasn't disappointed: it was a lot better than I expected.

A lot of the jokes are corny and the plot is weak, but I have to say that the audience I saw it with thought it was hilarious. There was a lot of laughing throughout the film, some of it at Willie Nelson's terrible jokes (and he has a stack of them), some at the various situations and some at the antics of the Duke cousins. I was in need of cheering up and had a good cackle at this. A lot of the driving sequences were highly enjoyable.

Not Oscar winning material, but a good laugh. Don't take it seriously and you may enjoy it!
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If you were a fan of the TV show...
Bschorr1 January 2006
...then you'd better not watch this movie. They've completely ruined the premise of the show. In the movie the Duke boys are idiots, Daisy is trampy, Roscoe is sinister, Boss Hogg is capable, Uncle Jessie is a criminal...only Cooter and Flash are true to the original characters. At least Enos is kinda close.

At one point they open the doors to get into the General Lee -- nuff said.

The original show may not have been great TV, but it was entertaining and the characters made sense. This movie is like Dumb & Dumber meets the Simple Life.
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Hollywood gives Duke Fans a Big Middle Finger
bigdave8488 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Film makeovers of old TV shows seems to be the norm in Hollywood these days, but this disrespectful, toilet humor, do-you-kiss-your-mother-with-that-mouth foul language, rip-off is a blatant middle finger to all Dukes of Hazzard fans both north and south of the Mason-Dixon Line. From the opening sequence of Bo and Luke Duke making a moonshine run for Uncle Jesse (no shine running in the show because it would put the boys back in jail as a parole violation) to the closing sequence of Uncle Jesse smoking weed with the Governor of Georgia (Uncle Jesse was the moral compass despite his previous moonshining ways) this disappointing waste of film is an open faced insult. I can't tell you how many parents I saw get up and remove their children from the theater within the first 15 minutes of the movie when they realized that they had been horribly deceived. The Original Dukes of Hazzard was a family show with basic moral values. The Original Dukes of Hazzard was a kid safe, Hemi powered, show of fun that parents didn't have to worry about teaching their kids George Carlin's seven words. I have read reviews stating that the show and the movie are nothing but racist. Those commits might be correct about the movie. Those commits are ABSOLUTELY incorrect about the show. The show, if anything, was about how to get along and be friends with ANYONE. Hollywood has finally come out in the open about their disdain for those of us, Yankee, Rebel, or otherwise, who still believe in honor, loyalty, trust, family, and doing the right thing even if it is not the popular thing. Hollywood has finally brought to light its belief that those of us in the heartland are stupid, uneducated, beer swilling, foul mouthed, trash that will buy any piece of garbage they are willing to sell. Prove the Hollywood Elitist that they are wrong. DO NOT GO SEE THIS MOVIE. Boycott the sponsors. Fill Warner Bros. email and snail mail boxes with complaints that we don't appreciate them destroying one of the greatest T.V. shows of all time. Save your money and buy the DVD's of the original show, but whatever you do… DO NOT GO SEE THIS MOVIE
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What a Joke
coderedjr27 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Let me start by saying that my husband gave me "The Dukes of Hazzard" movie for a gift. We were open minded about it and hoped that the critics were wrong. However within the first 10 minutes we could see why it was panned. This movie barely kept our attention with the lame jokes and comments. What got to me most was the sexual comments made constantly during the movie. In my experience watching the original series, not once did I ever hear Daisy say that she "would have to shake her butt in front of someone to get Bo and Luke out of trouble". It was known in the original series that Bo was a kind of ladies man, but not once did it show frontal nudity or even show him doing anything disgusting. This movie, in my opinion was nothing more than a peep show for guys that have nothing else better to do. The sexual comments and obvious reason why Jessica Simpson was cast disgusted both my husband and myself. It was obvious that Miss Simpson was cast for sexual pleasure not acting talent. The two actors who played Bo and Luke were terrible; no chemistry period. They portrayed Bo and Luke as idiots and if I were part of the original cast, I would be livid at the portrayal of the lovable characters. Now, on to the General Lee-now in the first shots of the car, it looked great. However, when they shot the interior it was obvious that certain pieces of the interior were not stock to the original Charger. The least the creators could've done was to keep the General Lee all original seeing that they couldn't be bothered to keep the characters even close to the original guidelines. Now, I've heard that it's a new movie and not to compare it to the series. How can you not compare it to the series? We grew up watching the original series and this movie is a complete joke and disgrace. The writers should be ashamed of the butchering they did to the "Dukes". In closing, I couldn't wait until the movie ended. My husband apologized to me for buying it and said "I didn't think it would be that bad".
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Stop ruining my childhood memories!
dskay135 August 2005
Why take a show that millions of us watched and loved as children and make a complete joke of it? They ask why Hollywood isn't making the money it used to. Because they put out garbage and pay actors huge amounts of money to be garbage men and ask us to pay $10 to see their garbage. The TV show was what it was, good people in bad situations where the good IL' boys come out on top. It wasn't Gone with the Wind but it was fun. This movie is garbage! Hollywood can't come up with anything original so they take something that was good and ruin it for some $$$$. I only hope that this movie makes 10x's less than it cost to make. The only one's to have any fun with this crap are the guys who got to drive the General Lee. The audience is the victim.

Don't see it, watch the reruns of the TV show instead. They still hold up 20 years later.
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Hollywood should be ashamed of themselves.
HorrorLuv_R14 August 2005
When I heard that the Dukes of Hazzard was going to be remade with current actors and a solid script, I was like, "alright, I'll give it a chance, it's not going to be better than the first, but we'll see what happens." Well, I saw what happened. I saw a great late 70's/80's show that was a classic, basically humiliated by Hollywood. It's so sad to see that Hollywood scriptwriters cannot come up with something original these days. They are seeming to take a great show that had a great target audience, and try to "REMAKE" the classic show. HEADS UP Hollywood... IT AIN'T WORKIN!!!! Anyway, more about the show. I think they could have casted a better actor than Sean William Scott (Stiffler from American Pie) to play Bo. I'm sure that John Schneider is definitely disappointed with how his character was portrayed and taken advantage of. Also, Get for real, Johnny Knoxville, as Luke Duke. How low can you go?? A crappy jackass actor to play lovable Luke. This sickens me. Also, I'll give Jessica Simpson is a beautiful woman, but her acting sucks. Catherine Bach who played the original Daisy, was smart, sexy, strong, opinionated and a good IL' southern girl. She was every little girls role model growing up! (I owned the doll and the Jeep - thank you very much!!!) Anyway, Jessica Simpson played a smart ass, 2-bit slut as Daisy Duke. Daisy never was blonde. Why did they have to cast her. Jessica Alba would have played a great Daisy Duke. She can speak with a great southern accent, and she is gorgeous, and would have done a wonderful job. Anyway, I'd like to say that this movie blew something fierce. I feel like I got ripped off by paying $8.50 for tickets, and they should refund my money. If you like the Dukes of Hazzard (the original series) don't see this movie. It'll just upset you. CMT (country music television) plays the reruns of the Dukes all the time later at night. So set your TIVO's and go with the real thing, not the imitation on the big screen in Hollywood.
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A hell of a ride
anne-dries15 September 2005
Warning: Spoilers
what is wrong with you people, if you weren't blown away by the action car sequences and jessica Simpsons hot body then you are majorly screwed in the head. Of course the film isn't a masterpiece, i don't think it was aiming to be. It was fun and funny, i never watched the show when i was younger, i only recently saw one episode, and when i watched the movie, i felt it had the same kind of atmosphere. The movie seats were practically shaking, and the car sequences were good because it didn't bore me and drag out like some of the scenes in 2fast 2furious. and jessica Simpson is plain hot, i just wish they had used her more in the action sequences. All in all, i had a hell of a time watching this and i would go and see it again soon and i will buy it on DVD. People, enjoy it for what it is.
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My Childhood has been ruined
mysticstranger374 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
When I was six years old, I remember watching the Dukes of Hazzard on TV and being mesmerized. Daisy Duke was the woman that showed me that it was OK to like girls, and owning the General Lee would be awesome. Upon watching the movie I felt my heart sink in my chest. Jessica Simpson is one of the hottest women in Hollywood, but do you think they could have at least found a brunette who could act. That would have been nice. And that wasn't Bo and Luke Duke, that was Stifler and Jacka**. It was a great opportunity to make a great movie that fans would appreciate and it was filled with useless drivel just to sell the movie. The Duke boys can sell themselves without Jessica Simpson in a bikini. And did you notice that there were no cameo's of any of the original cast members. I wonder why.
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The Dukes of Hazzard Movie took something that was great and made it worth no more then a big pile of dog crap!!!!!!!!!!!
A-Teamfan0110 August 2005
I am a huge fan of the original Dukes of Hazzard TV show, so I was really happy when I found out that it was going to made into a movie. Well all of my excitement disappeared quickly during the first five minutes of the movie. In that short time I realized that the director and writer of this movie really screwed up the whole point of the original TV show. For anybody who has seen at least one episode of the Dukes of Hazzard, they know that Uncle Jessie is a very respected man who was a very strong father figure to Bo, Luke, and Daisy. He would give the world if it would save his family from getting in trouble. Heck he gave up running Moonshine so Bo and Luke would not spend the rest of their lives in prison. Well in the movie all Uncle Jessie is a old man who rather smoke weed, run moonshine, or cuss all day then do anything else. Willie Nelson's version of Uncle Jessie was definitely not the strong Christian father figure who kept the Duke family together by teaching them great morals and being that positive role model in their lives--like Denver Pyle was. I can safely say that the late Mr. Pyle would be greatly upset if he was still with us today, to see how bad Hollywood has turned the DOH into a sleazily trashy film. I officially am boycotting this horrible mockery of what was and is still today a great family orientated piece of American History, the Dukes of Hazzard TV show. THANKS FOR ROYALLY SCREWING UP THE DUKES OF HAZZARD. It is very clear to see that you have not seen the show, and never understood it and what made it so great in so many people's eyes over the years. You should be ashamed of yourselves for making such a horrible movie with so much trash and crap in it that it is not even funny. You had a great opportunity to make a great clean family film that still would make a lot of money in the theaters. This movie did not need all of the cussing, sexual references, and drug related stuff to sell it. The original Dukes of Hazzard concept would of been more then enough to sell this movie. Evidently the director and writers of this film do not understand how much of a following the original show still has today twenty something years after it's debut. If they did they would understand that they are only hurting themselves by destroying what made the original show so great. I can guarantee that all of the die hard Dukes of Hazzard fans will not buy this movie when it comes out on DVD/VHS because you really screwed it up so bad.
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No Plot, No Jokes, No Point!
Mary Morphine5 August 2005
I knew this was going to be horrible. Not the fact that of course the script was going to be bad, but just at the fact that there are NO real actors in the movie.

Did the producers seriously think Stifler, the guy from Jackass, and a mediocre pop singer could carry the legacy of the Dukes of Hazzard? Basically, Sean William Scott plays his typical 'Stifler' character and Johnny Knoxville plays...well....Johnny Knoxville.

And Jessica Simpson is a horrible actress. If a southern woman can't pull off a southern accent, she is indeed a bad actress. She sounds like Carol Burnett doing her Scarlet O'Hara impersonation. Fortunately, her role isn't as big as promotion is making it seem.

1 out of 10. Please don't waste your money on this movie and go buy the Dukes of Hazzard Season 1 DVD.
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Total Crap !
chris_butler6917 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This movie sucked ! They took something from my childhood ,and raped it in an outhouse! This movie was so bad I wanted to go home and hold my "Dukes" dvds and cry in a corner. The cast was terrible ! It wasn't "The Dukes", it was Stiffler and Jackass driving a car. When was Boss Hogg evil? When was Rosco a tough guy? They never were ! Boss Hogg was greedy and Rosco was an idiot. When did Jesse smoke pot? He never did ! Now don't get me wrong,I'm very liberal and there's nothing wrong with a little chiba, but it had no place in this movie! The only thing good about this movie was the trailers before the movie and the end credits. It was a waste of money time and air. Avoid at all costs!!!!!!!!
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The Worst Movie I've Ever Seen
supr_man20005 August 2005
This movie is a shame and a disgrace to the Duke family name. I was a huge fan of the show. HUGE. But this was the worst movie I've ever seen in my life. John Schneider must be spitting nails to see Stifler in his driver's seat. Calling this film the Dukes of Hazzard was a poor smokescreen for selling a bad film. No matter how hard they tried, none of those jokers are, or will ever be, Dukes. Daisy Duke (played by Catherine Bach) was hot, smart, and sassy. Now don't get me wrong, Jessica Simpson is one of the hottest women alive, but she is no Daisy Duke. Her Daisy was a bimbo who just walked around in a bikini all of the time. Also, I love Willie Nelson, but he wasn't Uncle Jesse, he was Willie Nelson. All in all, this film turned my stomach and did a great dis-service to the name of the Dukes of Hazzard. Nice car and jumps though.
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Hated it !
rlaws119 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
First let me say that I am not a Dukes fan, but after this movie the series looked like Law and Order. The worst thing was the casting of Roscoe and Boss Hogg. Burt Reynolds is not Boss Hogg, and even worse was M.C. Gainey as Roscoe, If they ever watched the show Roscoe was not a hard ass cop. He was more a Barney Fife than the role he played in this movie.

The movie is loaded with the usual errors, cars getting torn up, and continues like nothing happened. The worst example of this is when the the General gets together with Billy Prickett, and the General is ran into a dirt hill obviously slowing to a near stop, but goes on to win the race.
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The bikini couldn't save it!
SmileysWorld4 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
For this review,a list of good points and bad points.I'll start with the bad.

Bad points:The casting choices(especially Burt Reynolds as Boss Hogg),the acting of said badly chosen cast,the storyline,the idea of setting the film in the modern day,the direction,the editing,the soundtrack,and above all,the whole idea of making a feature film out of a television series that wasn't that great to start with,despite it's popularity.

Good points:Jessica Simpson in a red bikini............that's it!

One might make an analogy here.In the scene where Jessica Simpson as Daisy Duke struts her way up to Michael Weston as Enos,and asks the question,"Enos,where's Boss Hogg and Roscoe?",in his clouded judgment, tells her where they are.She might just as well have asked,"Enos,is this a good movie?",the red bikini would have clouded his judgment into saying yes,even though in his right mind he would have said,"No, not really."As good as she looked in the bikini,she could have been stark naked,and even that would not have saved this horrible piece of film-making.Stay out of Hazzard!
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The effort is weak and the results aren't very good.
christian12327 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
In Hazzard County, Georgia, cousins Bo and Luke Duke (Scott, Knoxville) and their cousin Daisy Duke (Jessica Simpson) run moonshine made by their Uncle Jesse (Willie Nelson) while avoiding the local authority, Boss Hog (Burt Reynolds). Their problems with the Boss are only beginning as they learn he's been plotting to strip mine the town for valuable ores found below it.

I have never seen the TV show and after watching the movie, I'm not going to start any time soon. I like stupid comedies but this one didn't offer many laughs. It was a pretty dull picture with the first hour being really hard to sit through. The second part was a little better but this film was still a missed opportunity. The film focused on Bo and Luke way too much. The characters in general weren't very interesting and the actors portraying them didn't do a very good job.

The acting wasn't very good. I wasn't expecting it to be good in the first place but none of the leads were very funny. Seann William Scott and Johnny Knoxville both give below average performances. The latter was pretty good as Stifler but he tries way too hard here. The latter just seems to be looking for a paycheck and nothing else. Jessica Simpson isn't known for her acting nor is she really known for her singing. She's famous for having her own reality show and for saying really dumb things. She is pretty but she's a weak actor. It doesn't matter though because she doesn't really appear in the movie and the character she plays isn't complex or anything. Willie Nelson also has a minor role and he doesn't do anything special.

The screenplay was written by John O'Brien and he made two films prior to the Dukes of Hazzard. The first one was Cradle to the Grave, which was okay. The second one was Starsky and Hutch which was pretty funny. He doesn't do a good job here though as the story is a mess. He also forgot to add jokes and a few other things that would have made this film work better. The movie is also pretty long for a comedy. Okay, 106 minutes isn't exactly long but it feels so much longer because there's very little humor in the first hour. I think comedies should be kept short or else they have to find a lot of material to cover the entire running time. The Dukes of Hazzard barely has enough funny gags to keep it going for thirty minutes let alone 106 minutes. The car sequences were average and they don't save an already troubled film. In the end, Dukes of Hazzard may appeal to a few people but most people will probably find it dull and it's better if you just skip it. Rating 4/10
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Don't See this piece of garbage
chaleon5 August 2005
Never in my life have I seen a bigger piece of garbage... And here is a few reasons why...

1) If you are going to see this film because of Jessica's rear, Stop! It's not her ass, it is a padded pair of shorts, and it is pretty gosh darn obvious when she is moving.

2) Wow! What incredibly Poor acting, I would rather watch Tony Danza try to play Hamlet than a single one of these "actors" attempting to play a one dimensional early 80's sitcom character.

3) The Story line is completely awful... an eight year old could have and probably did come up with this one.

4) Any good press or posting about this movie are by people that have some form of investment in this massacre, or the completely brain washed. A la Ashleeturf, a term invented describe the fake press that Joe Simpson created for his other no talent, lip synching, little waste, moron, daughter, Ashlee.

Save yourself some money and quit a few brain cells, go see Wedding Crashers. I guarantee you will laugh your ass off!

By the way... if the movie tanks this weekend Johnny Knoxville and Jessica Simpson are expected to admit to having an affair. Yeah! No more Nick "no talent" Lachey(actually pronounced "Lack E")
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ATTN: Hollywood -- Stop Making Our TV Shows Into Movies NOW. Please!!
Warning: Spoilers
Hollywood now has officially gone too far and I really hope that this travesty of a motion picture creates a genuine backlash against their crap machines, in spite of the good box office returns. If you are an industry person reading our comments looking for hints on what to do next, STOP. Stop making our TV shows into these repellent, stupid, money grubbing waste of time movies that suck. By doing so you are proving one thing: Hollywood is out of ideas, and going to see the movies they churn out only perpetuates the cycle of disgust. What's next -- You guys gonna go & ruin The Bionic Man??

The film is just plain wrong, and manages to get the most stupid, simple fact of the show totally incorrect by forgetting (or ignoring) that Tom Wopat & John Schneider's Bo & Luke Duke were *REFORMED* moonshiners. They had been busted, learned their lesson, gone straight, and were there to help people and be good neighbors who just happened to shoot dynamite tipped arrows from hunting bows & drive like Steve McQueen. Denver Pyle's Uncle Jessie was also the moral center of the family, always insisting that the Boys do good, even at their own expense or embarrassment while he made sandwiches and coffee for when the chores were done. They always did the right thing and had a sort of earnest naiveté about them that was quite appealing. We wanted to be more like them than we were, sorta. My favorite gimmick from the show was how they always buckled their seat belts before roaring off, which was apparently too moral for this film.

By transforming the Duke family into a pack of leering, wisecracking, criminally minded, redneck baiting, misogynistic losers the movie has no moral standpoint, where the show was all about how honest or incorruptible the Dukes were -- Are the Duke boys in this movie supposed to come off as good guys? I wanted to punch them both in the nose. They seem to have a lot of free time on their hands that could be spent doing chores back at the farm and end up pursuing less than noble ends, if not acting like a pair of 14 year old boys who haven't grown up. There should be no marijuana use, no gawking at buxom, nubile coeds & their breasts, no shenanigans involving the Brothers in da Hood. All of it looks like the work of a marketing consultant who took a poll at the mall of what 14 year old boys like to see in movies. The problem being that 14 year old boys cannot possibly remember the show, IMHO shouldn't be seeing this movie either, and the parents who might feel nostalgia for the show will be disgusted by what the writers, director & producers did to our collective memories just to part us from our money, which is exactly how I feel. What were they thinking???

And boy did they *EVER* get Daisy wrong. Jessica Simpson all dolled up like a Pamela Anderson mall slut may be the only reason for anyone to see this disgrace, but you can service your needs just fine downloading some promotional stills of her, printing them up & pinning them to the wall in a restroom. She is hardly in the film at all (which is the movie's only saving grace), and the ten minutes or so they used her was STILL excessive. Catherine Bach's Daisy may have had the same kind of shorts, and long legs that make people feel funny just looking at her, but the Daisy she played was a *PERSON*. The pratfalls she elicited by simply being who she was had an almost natural ring to it. She remains one of the most outrageously sexy pop culture icons ever created but there was somebody at home. And most importantly she was a sweet, caring person who couldn't help it if the guys went Ga Ga over her.

By contrast, Jessica Simpson appears phony, contrived, made up, costumed, posed, aloof, bored, out of place, and I don't think she even looks that great in the outfit. She doesn't look like a person but a plot device, conjured up during a deal with someone representing her agent. Ms. Simpson would be well advised to fire that person immediately and pretend like the whole thing never even happened. Whatever the joke was, she isn't in on it and is disgracefully exploited for T&A. If that's all she wants from her career, executive produce the sequel if only to ensure yourself enough screen time at least, because this effort was just pathetic.

The bottom line is SKIP IT. For the cost of two tickets and a Slurpee to go you can pick up one of Warner Bros. excellent box set collections of the original shows on DVD and the entire family can watch them together. That was why it worked. The only real purpose I can see in the film might be it's future use as an interrogation tool at Guantanamo Bay. Twenty minutes of this & they'll be singing a choir.

1/10, and I mean it. And STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM THE BIONIC MAN, you schnooks.
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The worst film that ever reached theaters.
m_jordan_jones5 August 2005
This film is absolutely terrible. I'm sure it has a high budget and everything but it still doesn't cut it. The acting is really bad especially from Jessica Simpson. The stunts are well done but still is boring and predictable. It seemed like the creators thought that they were creating an action packed masterpiece or something. What were they thinking. This is really the worst film ever to reach theaters. Heck I've seen b movies that had better acting and special effects than this hunk of junk. The old dukes of hazard was OK. I never really watched it much at all. But this wannabe original film is really hard to watch. Jessica Simpson just is the worst actor and she acts like shes the hottest thing in the world or something. So unless your absolutely obsessed with the old dukes of hazard then I can recommend this film. But to everybody else avoid this movie like the plague.
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This Is Easily One Of the Worst Movies Of All Time
Mike Herrmann5 August 2005
I was not really excited to see this movie after seeing the initial previews it looked like another one of those remakes that was going to ruin the show (Starsky & Hutch, Bewitched,I Spy). I went into the theater not expecting much and thats what i got. The movies drags on and on for an hour and a half with crude cokes and cleavage. Johnny Knoxville was a good choice it seemed for the role but did not quite pull it off, he didn't have the same feel or look as Tom Wopat(the original Luke).Seann William Scott was not a good choice to play Bo and it showed his acting was terrible and he didn't seem to feel comfortable in the role. Jessica Simpson was the only actor that made this movie worthwhile (it gave you something to look at). But, probably the role that didn't make much sense was Burt Reynolds playing boss hog. In the show boss hog was not a tough as nails kind of guy that Burt Reynolds comes off to be. So as i said a movie with high expectations that will probably flop.
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The differences in opinion are understood, but not to the degree to rate this movie higher than a 5.
Keith Jones10 August 2005
I honestly thought that this movie was awful. The only thing that may have swayed my opinion in the least was Daisy. I Think that is why the ratings of people in the younger age group rated it higher than the older groups.

This in my opinion was not a movie that I would want my kids to see. I would not be hurt if they did see it, but it is not by any means a "family" movie. Their was no reason for this movie to be made other than to stuff the budget and the pocketbooks of the film industry. It appears to be a low budget movie, with actors that are known to have lame parts, or have not been in better movies.

For the people who enjoyed the stupidity of the jacka@@ movie might enjoy the mentality of this movie. I have to say that you could tell that Johnny Knoxville appeared to do his own stunts though.

Anyone wanting to see this movie because they loved or even liked the television series will hate this movie. It is not at all like the series. This movie portrays Bo and Luke as a couple of idiots that have no clue what is really going on in life. Bo is a "womanizer" and Luke is infatuated with his car. I enjoyed seeing Willie Nelson as Uncle Jessie, but as you know Willie is not renowned for his acting.

I wanted my money back after seeing this movie, and would even have been upset to have spent the money to rent it. I think anyone would only be pleased about getting it when they can find it as a bargain rental for 1 dollar.
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Front runner for 2005 Golden Razzie award
ds67195 August 2005
This movie was God awful. Almost every part was miscast. The worst was MC. Gainy the crazy con air pilot as Roscoe P. Coltrain. He played Roscoe as himself. Not even one cud, yud, yud. Not one I cuff and scuff dem duke boys. He stunk up the joint. Burt Reynolds was totally miscast as Boss Hog. Danny Devito would have been a much better choice.

As for Jessica Simpson, her video is the only reason anyone is going to go see this movie. The brass figured as long as they have her as eye candy they don't need to spend money on things like a decent director or a script. She can't act worth a lick, but at least she looks like she is having fun.

This movie will be front runner for the 2005 Golden Razzie award
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I couldn't'believe this movie was serious!
imdbfangirl4 September 2005
First off I would like to say I am in no way trying to make enemies, I am just expressing my own opinion. When I heard about this movie before they even did casting, I knew they were going to pick some pop singer with not the best acting skills to play Daisy. I WAS RIGHT :)! The thing that upsets me the most, surprisingly wasn't the plot, or the characters at all, it was simply the horrible accents. Jessica Simpson is from Texas, so why can't she make a decent southern accent? It sounded too made-up and that alone sets the tone for the way you look at the rest of her skills in this movie. the only cast member that had a good southern accent was Willie Nelson, AND THATS CAUSE ITS REAL! It's important when you re-make a classic, that you keep the simplest things the same, this film didn't. My advice to anyone who wants to see this is, don't waste nearly $10.00 on seeing this movie in theaters, at least wait until it's on video so you can save some money by renting it.
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