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One of the Best Bollywood Family Films
Liakot Ali11 June 2006
There have been many Family Movies in Bollywood. Family values work in Hindi Movies more then it does in Hollywood. There have been 1000s of Hindi Movies about family life with Jeetendra, Mithun and Rajesh Khanna being the regulars. Dariya Dil is one of the Best Family Drama's around. Its a simple story of a father who has a special bond for giving charity to the poor gets miss treated two of his sons. Govinda plays the Good son who respects his father. The other 2 sons are lazy and ill mannered. They treat their parents in a bizarre way and eventually kick them out of the house. Govinda does a good job in the role. Kimi Katkar is one of Bollywood's most annoying actresses, you'll know why if you see her films. It is Kader Khan who delivers a powerhouse performance as the struggling father. We can see a similar role in the Hit Amitabh movie Baghban. Baghban had a better finish where the father doesn't forgive the sons. Dariya Dil is a good family movie.
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One of the Best movie of my favorite actor
pt-909887 April 2016
excellent movie and enjoyed a lot the song superman & spider man. Govinda is the only actor whose movies can be seen with whole family. Funny, action, drama, emotions everything can be found in his movies.the film is well handled and keeps you involved throughout with good jokes and less loud scenes The film does have some slapstick scenes which are too much but yet they make you laugh mostly Govinda gives his last best work, His handling of comedy is tremendous here Music is good. I give this movie a straight ten on ten because it makes you laugh non stop.Good movie, hit music, and laughable gags. As usual, not for the highbrow, but for someone who simply wants laughs. Govinda is good Kader Khan does well too
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for future generation
SAFIE_CHAN_420 April 2005
People who are worried about their future you should watch this movie. this movie will give the young people a lot of courage. I t has gave me a lot of courage. It simply about Kadar khan who tries his level best to give his boys (ajay, vijay) a lot of advices to pass exams. But they messed up their future..... govinn=da goes well... hey you people should watch this movie. and I will tell you something never ever trust your best friend. you will see in this movie, watch this movie and you will find out what happens to people who don't value their expensive time. time turns on their back, problems occurs from four corners, they finally regret they should of used the time for learning. So future generation watch this movie this is today's reallity. It is excellent thats why I gave it a 10.
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Typical stuff
silvan-desouza15 December 2009
In 80's social dramas were seen a lot Govinda- Vimal Kumar gave several ones like JAISI KARNI WAISI BHARNI

DARIYA DIL was one of Govinda's earlier releases in 1988 when Govinda's films weren't working before HATYA(1988)

The film is a typical family drama where Kader Khan's legitimate sons want to become rich and their wives too hatch plots.etc And their adopted son Govinda comes to their rescue

The film also has Kader Khan escaping death and returning with a new name which happens only in Hindi films Just a moustache and beard and you can't identify the person The film also has a song which has Govinda and the heroine dress as superman and women which has got lot of youtube likes recently till March 2013 which is really stupid.

The film also shows the turn of events wherein the sons become poor and how they learn a lesson and finally kill the villains

This film has a good message but the handling is too melodramatic which is what Hindi cinema was known for so no complains but the film is nothing great Music is okay Direction is adequate

Amongst actors Govinda looks young and does a decent job in his role which he kept doing again n again in SWARG, KARZ CHUKANA HAI, BHABHI.etc Kimi Katkar is okay, Roshni as Dolly is below average Shoma Anand is as usual, Raj Kiran is decent Asrani is good in the comedy Gulshan and Shakti are the villains, Kader Khan does his usual act
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