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3 Jan. 2006
Episode #3.1
After Liam denounces religion in school, Debbie has to act quick when the teachers want a home-visit.
10 Jan. 2006
Episode #3.2
Lip and Ian make new friends. Elsewhere, Kev's sister starts lodging at Sheila and Frank's, whilst Marty starts work as a handyman.
17 Jan. 2006
Episode #3.3
A heavily pregnant Mandy is knocked aside during a purse robbery at Kash's shop and gives birth to Lip's baby, but her family forbid contact. Elsewhere, Kev is given a racing tip not to be shared with anyone else.
24 Jan. 2006
Episode #3.4
When Carol discovers that Lillian slept with her husband years ago, she takes revenge by reporting her as a benefit cheat. Meanwhile, a lustful Carl attempts to take advantage of a complicated love triangle involving Lip.
31 Jan. 2006
Episode #3.5
As Kev grieves for his mother on his birthday, his wife returns after being released from prison.
7 Feb. 2006
Episode #3.6
The Gallagher clan are pleased when Carl starts bringing money into the household, but his mini-enterprise is at the wrath of the Maguires, just as Lip tries to maintain his relationship with Mandy.
14 Feb. 2006
Episode #3.7
Debbie becomes friends with a popular girl her own age, but realizes what she's been missing out on and goes on strike. Meanwhile, Frank becomes a medical guinea pig.
21 Feb. 2006
Episode #3.8
The day of Frank's wedding to Sheila draws near, but he begins to get cold feet when he learns the fate of her first husband, Sheldon.

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