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Season 10

12 Sep. 2012
Episode #10.1
Frank is having a terrible nightmare - he has been sentenced to life imprisonment and subject to the taunts of a sarcastic warder. But the reality,from Frank's viewpoint,is just as horrendous. The Department of Work and Pensions has finally caught up with him and considered him fit for work. His attempts to get Patty to injure him go wrong and he ends up working for World of Burgers. Shane and Jackson set up their own still,selling hooch to the pub and Mimi bribes them to employ Billy,who turns out to be more professional than imagined until he gets the mix wrong. ...
13 Sep. 2012
Episode #10.2
Frank does well at World of Burgers,becoming employee of the week and hits it off with colleagues and customers but not the sweaty manager Wesley,who makes him dress as a giant chicken to promote the place. Frank retaliates with a go-slow so Wesley promotes him to manager but,following an armed robbery by one of his acquaintances,Frank is demoted again. Karen is alarmed when her son Connor starts to draw penises on walls so Mimi,with the aid of a stolen library book,starts to give her lessons in motherhood. However,after a traumatic incident with her daughter Cilla,...
19 Sep. 2012
Episode #10.3
Whilst working as a handyman Marty meets Brazilian Aparecita,whom he believes is a domestic slave and spends three grand belonging to Lilian to 'free' her. As a solution Lilian employs her at the brothel,where she is very happy,but Marty's misguided attempts to liberate her further only end in her arrest. Gloria is appalled when Dominic brings home Hazel,the birth mother who gave her up for adoption whilst keeping her brother. Dominic is still his mother's darling and Hazel wants them to leave together but Dominic resists though at least the two women have a brief ...
25 Sep. 2012
Episode #10.4
Short of cash Gloria gets a loan with a huge interest rate and gets drunk,waking up at Mimi's. Next day Billy finds a positive pregnancy test kit and,assuming Mimi is pregnant,gets advice from Jamie - who concludes that Gloria is actually pregnant after their fling. He offers her money for an abortion but,finding that the result was a false alarm, she rejects it. However Dominic gets Jamie to pay her to keep the secret from Karen. Chesney and Aidan are shocked when Jamie sends them to collect the meat for the pub raffle and end up with a live cow,which they call Alan....
3 Oct. 2012
Episode #10.5
Calling himself Danny McKenzie Shane continues to befriend Ruthie,agreeing to help her choose a headstone for her dead husband Eddie. However not only does he face opposition from Ruthie's teen-aged son Sean,who masturbates in public,but is haunted by Eddie's abusive ghost. Finally,rather than admit the truth to Ruthie,he takes Kelly's advice and roughly breaks things off with her. Kelly herself and Lilian face opposition when the super-efficient Louise opens a rival brothel at knock-down prices,stealing away some of Lilian's regulars,including Frank. When Louise ...
10 Oct. 2012
Episode #10.6
After seeing a fatal road accident Marty decides that life is fleeting and eventually proposes to Kelly,who accepts. However when he receives a letter from his supposedly dead children in Spain,he is anxious to fly out to see what has happened. He does assure Kelly that he still wants to marry her so the engagement party goes ahead without him. Karen suspects Jamie of infidelity,initially with Ruby,but,convinced she is wrong,tries to set a honey trap with Gloria. Jamie tries to cover himself by claiming that Gloria came on to him but she sees it as prudent to end the ...
17 Oct. 2012
Episode #10.7
Jackson and Shane are flourishing as wheeler dealers with stolen solar panels and food past its sell-by date. However when Shane,to Jackson's annoyance,starts to give away some left-overs to the homeless he has a queue of unemployed in the yard seeking hand-outs and agrees to donate food to the local Catholic priest. But the priest goes behind his back to steal his business,leaving Shane to resort to blackmail to get his livelihood back. Patty organizes coffee mornings for other elderly folk but is exposed as having played on their absent-mindedness to win money and ...
24 Oct. 2012
Episode #10.8
Following the suicide of his old flame Alice, Dominic loses both his faith and the will to live and asks Frank to help him to kill himself. Frank,however,does his best to sabotage every attempt until eventually Dominic has an epiphany whilst sitting on the roof of a high building and decides to return to the land of the living,seeing it as his business to stop Avril's attempt to help her daughter Letitia lose her cherry. Meanwhile Lillian gets her own back on magistrate Malcolm,a client who has passed her off as his life coach to justify his expenses.
31 Oct. 2012
Episode #10.9
Jamie is receiving death threats by letter and text and,after his lock-up is torched and Karen's blouse nailed to the door,suspects that one of the pub regulars is in league with his tormenters. After Karen is attacked he agrees to meet the gang responsible and give them two hundred thousand pounds to back off but is shocked when he discovers who is behind the threats. Whilst Frank,now sacked,claims he has had sex by proxy with all the estate through 'Sex Degrees of Separation' Avril wrongly diagnoses Patty with terminal leukaemia,which gives Patty the opportunity to ...
1 Nov. 2012
Episode #10.10
Frank is delegated to tell Patty she is terminally ill but she already knows and asks that he help her see Ireland before she dies. With no funds for the ferry trip he takes her to the beach at Waterloo,where she swears she can see the old country. At her request he leaves her alone and,on return,finds she has taken matters into her own hands. As Mimi prepares for her wedding anniversary her constant criticisms of Ruby's father lead Ruby to taking her hostage at knife-point with tragic consequences. Dominic takes brotherly love to a whole new level with Gloria but ...

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