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Girl Whose Face Swelled Up from a Giant Cyst
When a girl is born with a cyst on her face, doctors question if they should undergo surgery or not. The young girl yearns to play outside like a normal kid but instead is stuck inside because it is too dangerous.
Cancer Child's Secret Message
Athena Orchard died after being diagnosed with cancer in her bones. She bravely fought the disease for months, undergoing a series of treatments. Following her death, her parents uncovered a secret note written on the back of a mirror in her room. The message reveals her feelings on life, love and her tragic situation.
Kidnapping/Boat Story
A Montana mother has been reunited with her three children in Broward County more than seven months after they disappeared with their father. The abduction of the three siblings last summer in South Florida was the start of a months-long search for their alleged kidnappers: their father, James Ray Bryant, and his wife, Angela Bryant.
The Woman Who Lived in an Iron Lung for 61 Years
A young girls younger brother dies of Polio then she discovers she had it as well! The little girl becomes paralysed from the neck down but she lives to be 64 throwing dinner parties and writing books all the while living in an iron lung.

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