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22 Mar. 2005
Dr. Peter Tezla uncovers the mysterious technology of the ancient ACCELERONS. He discovers that the Wheel of Power is the gateway to amazing new racing environments: the RACING REALMS, over a hundred different tracks, each more breathtaking than the original world of Highway 35. But the Racing Realms become a high-speed battleground as two teams of human racers compete with deadly robotic racers and secret undercover drivers to see if they have the skill and courage to win the ultimate race -- and the ultimate power that goes with it. DRIVE TO SURVIVE!
May 2005
Speed of Silence
The drivers enter the Water Realm where former surfer Vert, racing in his own element, is determined to prove that he's still a champion. But after a devastating attack by the Racing Drones, he ends up being the first driver to fail. In the Metro Realm, the drivers have to find their way through an eerie deserted city choked with traffic. The racers are also introduced to a new weapon developed by the Racing Drones: a huge car-eating "Sweeper." We also get a glimpse of the mysterious fourth team, the Silencerz.
Breaking Point
The drivers enter the Neon Pipeline Realm where they have to master not only drafting, but also driving on the inside and outside of an elaborate network of pipes. The drivers discover the presence of the mysterious Silencerz team. In the Junk Realm, Kurt's brother, Wylde, gets captured by Gelorum and the evil Racing Drones.
The Ultimate Race
In a bid to rescue fellow racer Markie Wylde from the evil Racing Drones, the AcceleRacers enter a portal that leads right into Drones headquarters. However, the Drones are using the very same portal to infiltrate the Acceledrome! During the ensuing battle, Dr. Peter Tezla and all the coveted AcceleChargers are captured by the Silencerz.

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