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Lots of fun
rocksmars30 January 2005
I saw this at a free test screening a while back and it was very funny. The crowd laughed a lot and actually stood to leave and stopped to watch the jokes during the credits. It has an older feel to it like one of John Cusack's earlier "teen" movies. Worth seeing, especially as a 1st date film. The only knock I could have against it is that they play up Chris Elliott and Mo Rocca in the trailer and they really aren't in it that much(wish they were). Patrick Warburton, from Seinfeld, etc. is in it a lot though and is excellent. Fred Willard as the owner of the radio station is also very funny but he always has been from Mary Hartman through every Chris Guest film. David Alan Basche and Cece Pleasants are the stars though and they carry the movie well, playing off each other for both fun and romance. Worth the price of admission easily.
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Very funny movie!
helenbrandis3 May 2005
My 12 year old son and I attended this movie months ago at a test screening in New York. I'm always afraid to go to the movies with him, because more often than not the movies that are sold as "family entertainment" are actually really raunchy. But I must say, this was a treat. My son and I absolutely adored this movie together!!! It was funny and surprising and has a really clever twist ending that caught me completely by surprise. My son was excited by the ideas the movie raised, and has even gone on the Internet to research them further.

I was most surprised by how good the actor who played Puddy was from "Seinfeld." I have never seen him in anything other than "Seinfeld," but he was wonderful! And he's handsome enough to be a movie star. I don't know why he isn't.

The teacher in the movie is very good as well. She's a smart woman. She's not Pars Hilton. She could be a role model for young girls, which is a nice change. And the chubby police officer is very cute and very funny! My son still quotes lines from him.

I suppose since this is a review, I should say what I didn't like, too. There are some police men in the movie that I didn't care for. And I didn't understand what the woman who ate dead birds was doing (don't ask!). But these scenes are really short and the rest of the movie was top notch!

I hope it comes out soon, because my son would love to see it again, but I have not seen a single ad or poster. So who knows? But it is very good! See it if you can!
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I'll Believe You
mikewalnut10 November 2007
I went and saw this movie last night. It was well written and acted. It takes some twists and turns that are unexpected. I just loved the ending and I won't tell the secret. It had some great comedic actor and actresses in it. The three main characters are complimented be an array of cameo appearances by some well know people. I would recommend going to see this movie. It is rated PG and would be great for the kids. Holey Moley!!!!! It was filmed in my hometown of Melbourne, FL. I was able to see some of the local landmarks in the movie. That is another thing that made it great. David Alan Basche, Patrick Gallo and Cece Pleasents was outstanding in their roles of the late night disc jockey, Lovable local Policeman and science teacher. Their parts was played with conviction and realism.
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The next cult hit!
paulmog7315 February 2004
Clever comedy with great appearances from some heavyweight comic actors such as Chris Elliot and Fred Willard. Terrific starring role performances by newcomers Patrick Gallo, CeCe Pleasants and David Alan Basche. Hopefully this independently produced film will make it's way into theaters around the country.
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Smart, Funny, Inventive - Believe In It
napierslogs4 September 2009
Our hero is Dale, who hosts a radio show for people to call in with all of their UFO stories and other "out-there" ideas - and he wants to believe them. I know a lot of people exactly like this character, and I think its about time that he's the star of a movie.

The movie moves forward with a search for the truth about a mysterious caller. Dale calls on his friends, sceptics and eccentrics alike - some are clichéd characters and some are original. Including some great comedic actors (like Ed Helms and Fred Willard), the laughs are endless.

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie, as I'm sure that everyone involved in the making of the movie did as well. This is a well made independent movie that deserves to be seen.

I highly recommend it to everyone who enjoys a smart, original, very funny movie about possible UFOs and aliens!
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Terrific Movie
riptide811 October 2007
I saw this film and I knew NOTHING about it when I did. It was really cool. A funny movie that kept surprising me and then had a very cool ending that I didn't see coming.

How often does that happen?

This film is coming out in November and I recommend seeing it. Patrick Warburton, the guy who was Puddy, is really good. So is the star David Alen Basche.

Ed Helms of the Office and The Daily Show has a funny cameo that you will not recognize him.

I hope it becomes a hit a la Blair With Project
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Saw this movie
karterhol-114 September 2007
I saw this movie with my girlfriend at a test screening. I didn't think I was going to like it. But I ended up thinking it was good. Really good surprise ending. I'd never seen the main guy before, now I see him every 10 seconds at the gym in that Martin Scorsese ad for AMEX. The best things in it are the fat cop and Puddy. They're really funny. The fat cop was in that really funny Holiday Inn Express add with Alex Tribecc. Ed Helms is really funny, too (Hey, Big Tuna!). And so is that bald guy from Something About Mary. I'll probably see it again when it comes out. I thought it was worth a ticket. Way better than a lot of crap I saw this summer. Not Superbad good. But not trying to be. Two thumbs up here from me and my girl!
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A symptom of an ever expanding sickness in the movie business
MBunge8 July 2011
Warning: Spoilers
There is a looming crisis in cinema. It's caused by the two revolutions in filmmaking since 1990. One revolution was the technological advances that have made it possible for just about anybody to make a movie. The equipment needed for a film is now so cheap and easy to use that anyone with a lot of ambition, a little money, less talent and virtually no skill can produce something that resembles a professional motion picture. By itself, that's been a relatively positive advance that's allowed more people to pursue their dreams of being a filmmaker no matter how foolish those dreams may be. But then a second revolution has come about in movie distribution. First with DVDs and now with Blu-Rays and online downloads and streaming, just about every piece of crap that's ever been committed to film or video is being regurgitated into the marketplace. Things that should have never been seen by anyone except the filmmakers immediate friends and family are now out there waiting to be rented by some unsuspecting sucker.

The result is an ever growing ocean of excrement, films that are just terrible from filmmakers who haven't got a clue, that the audience has to swim through to find anything worth watching. I've tried to seek out low budget movies I've never heard of and for every decent one I've found, there are at least 10 that are so awful they made me want to jump in front of a moving bus.

Don't get me wrong. There's always been terrible films, but the ease of production is allowing more and more to be created by people who have less and less business making movies and the voracious drive to gouge every possible cent out of the public, along with the desperate hope of personal glory, is throwing all that worthless junk onto video store shelves and computer screens around the world. The result is a home entertainment minefield where viewers' appetite and aptitude for entertainment is being blown away.

I'll Believe You is almost a perfect example of this problem. It has a halfway interesting idea for a story and an inexplicably large number of recognizable performers in it, but it stinks on ice. The plot is a drooling mess, the dialog never rises above the inane, the three main characters are portrayed by "actors" who had to have gotten the roles by being friends with the producers because no one in their right mind would cast these people as anything other than back ground extras in a fast food commercial, and the direction is barely more than a half-step better than what you'll see on your local public access television channel. This story of a late night radio host who gets a call from a gibberish-spouting alleged alien is dumb, unfunny and poorly executed. Particular derision has to go to the supposed star of the film, David Alan Basche, who has all the sincerity and emotional range of a 1976 TV game show announcer.

The only credit I can give I'll Believe You is that it lets you know right away it's going to suck. The opening credits list a special appearance by Chris Elliott, of all people, and the first scenes are dominated by a bunch of expository narration, the crutch of every inexperienced and graceless filmmaker who doesn't know what the hell he's doing.

And just to be clear, this thing doesn't have the energy or imagination to be "so bad it's good". It's only plain, old fashioned, bore-you-out-of-your-skull bad. Instead of watching it, a better use of your time would be clipping your toenails and the toenails of 10 random homeless people. Don't even bother with I'll Believe You.
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I see why it was straight to video.
Sirus_the_Virus18 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I rented the film I'll believe you for one reason. It's great,great,great cast. But when I watched it, I couldn't help but answer why it was straight to video. I'll believe you is incredibly bad and unentertaining. The movie is painfully unfunny and the acting(besides a few people) is awful.

Really what was I expecting. Well, I expected the bigger celebrities to have a bigger role. Chris Elliot is barely in it, Ed Helms is barely in it, Fred Willard is barely in it, not many people have big roles. Perhaps I am being a bit too harsh. But I hated this film.

The film is about a guy who has a radio show called I'll believe you where he tries to prove things like Bigfoot and Nessie. One day he gets a call from somebody that he thinks is an alien because he talks very funny. Like backwards or something. So he tries desperately to save his show and find the aliens.

I'll believe you is a bad,bad, bad movie. The characters(the main one I don't know his name) is to me irritating. The ending to this movie is pretty retarded. I don't want to say that I was disappointed with this movie, but it wasn't what I expected. I shouldn't have expected much if not anything.

I'll believe you:*/****
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