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Great Film
MisterAmyPond19 February 2005
"Guy in Row Five" starring Bobby Field and Clare Kramer.

This movie follows an actor Thess (Bobby Field), who is currently an extra on the TV show "Rodeo Nights" (which is hysterical) and he is hoping to become a recurring character.

He is documenting his last day as an extra, with help from his girlfriend Rose (Clare Kramer). The movie takes place within one day, and has an unexpected, and might I add funny, but kind of predictable ending.

Clare looked excellent through out the movie (resembling Rose McGowan in SCREAM) and delivered and awesome performance. Bobby, not as well known, gave a really good performance, a lot better than I was expecting.

If you like this movie (which I would consider a mockumentary) then you should also check out "Bandwagon" starring Emma Caulfield.
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Three cheers for Guy
filmfanukbrit15 February 2005
This film has got a lot of laughs and a lot of heart - it's perhaps the latter that has me most excited. Thess, the film's lead, is a Hollywood nobody who lives every moment to its fullest. Whether the result is good or bad (and as we might expect is often bad), he leads us through the perils of everyday living with great fervor. This is really an everyman's story, representing the obstacles we all face in life. Brilliantly written and acted, I laughed so hard I thought I might split my trousers. But again, as soon as the laughs trail off, the filmmakers triumphantly hand over their message: live your dreams. Way to go Guy!
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Awesome flick
dregs2u15 February 2005
I have to say, I see a lot of indie films each year, and this one is an exception. "Guy In Row Five" is the story of an extra (one of those people in the background of a movie or TV show that you see, but who never have any lines) who thinks he has booked a part as a lead on a big TV show. (Incidentally, the show is a big spoof called "Rodeo Nights" and the few scenes from it that are in the movie are HILARIOUS.) He spends the day documenting his final moments as an extra, taking us through his daily routine (which of course gets zanier as the film progresses.) The film is a great comment on Hollywood and pursuing what inspires you, and is full of laughs from beginning to end. It's a comedy with a true heart, which is a rare thing these days.
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tricia_golden8615 February 2005
A friend told me about this movie as I am a big fan of Clare Kramer's and it is awesome! She plays Rose who is Thess's (the main character) girlfriend, and is funny, charming and all around really great. The movie is kind of a comedy, kind of a love story, about what it's really like in the acting world. The movie takes place mostly in Hollywood and shows a lot of behind the scenes stuff that you don't normally get to see. I got really lucky to see this film before it is released and I can't wait to watch it again! I thought the whole thing was really great and didn't think Thess was annoying at all, except maybe in a funny way.
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Hollywood Hopefull Documents his last day of anonymity
Hwood969615 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Moving to Hollywood to pursue his dream of becoming an actor, Thess Pyong (Bobby Field), finds work as an extra on the set of a popular 90210-ish soap, "Rodeo Nights". After landing an audition for a speaking role he's so faithful of his chances for success he spends the day waiting for the call that will announce it and decides to record his last day of anonymity for documentary purposes. Dealing with a dim-bulb girlfriend with a shady past (Clare Kramer) and numerous other Hollywood personality types, Guy In Row 5 finds honest humor and truthfulness in its performances. Solid direction helps those performances and manages to quicken the pacing. Special kudos to the behind the scenes, on-set stuff going on at "Rodeo Nights" with Jennifer Aspen and Colin Ferguson. Those moments were hilarious and both Aspen and Ferguson shine brightly. As Thess, Bobby Field does a great job of treading the line between hopeful innocence and obnoxious optimism. There are points along the way where the cynic in you will want to slap him because he's so cheerful, but then, when the crack in his armor is finally exposed, you get to see the real man beneath it using desperate positivity as a protective cloak. The film appears to be a first time indie project for writer/producer Field and it's not a bad effort at all. Pacing is quick and the jokes are solid. The cast, as a whole, are outstanding. It's a good laugh along the way. I look forward to seeing more from this team.
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Funny but annoying
Terraway13 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
"Guy in Row Five" attempts to be funny, but some of its antics get extremely annoying after a while. It's the story of Thess Pyong, a TV star wannabe documenting his "last day of anonymity." He claims to have secured a position as a regular on a popular TV show, but from the beginning, his irritating, over-the-top personality makes the very notion of him doing well at an audition unbelievable from the start. The real surprise would have been him succeeding. Some of Thess's actions are somewhat funny at first, but after the first ten minutes, his constant arrogance and obsequious nature become boring. Most of the supporting characters hate him for these very traits, and perhaps the most unbelievable part of the film is that he actually has friends.
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