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Beyond Good and Evil
Sean Garrett9 December 2004
Indeed, Video Days appears to be a low quality film, but I dare say look upon the high quality product. Directed by Spike Jonze as one of his first outfits, it portrays Jason Lee, the renowned actor, skate boarding with such greats of the industry as Guy Mariano, Mark Gonzales, and Rudy Johnson.

To conclude, there is only one message; this is one of the greatest skate boarding videos ever created, and nearly anyone who knows a thing about it salivates to hear that you have a copy (I know this to be truth). Also, Mothers against Drunk Driving sponsored it when, in fact, they all die at the end because of drunk driving (hate to spoil the ending).
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A template for modern skateboarding.
bobsledr19 August 2004
Video Days was not just a plain skateboarding film. It was a landmark in the progression of street skating.

Back then, the pants were 12 sizes too big, the wheels were about the size of the bearings and the boards were just about as flat as the ground. Those handicaps did not stop the blind team from cranking their skateboarding far past the proverbial 11 to somewhere around a 26 or 27.

Mark Gonzales' part could have been the entire video and it would receive as much praise. The man has just as much influence on skateboarding as Natas Kaupas. And lets not forget Natas was the first to board slide a handrail.

Jason Lee. Wow. His 360 flips in 1991 were better than most people's are today. Its funny how a 4-minute section can bring every skateboarder on the planet to their knees. His part proves that he can skate anything and everything in his path while maintaining perfect style.

Its hard to stress the importance of this video. How 30 minutes of skateboarding can influence a legion of millions. Everybody who rides a skateboard should be required to watch this film. Without it, its hard to see where we came from. Its a shining example of what makes skateboarding great.
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If you havent seen or heard of VIDEO DAYS. . .you suck.
WoodyRockhardo11 October 2003
This is the greatest thing to ever come out of the skateboading world(well.. besides the skateboard) Way back when people were still learning how to do a simple powerslide. . the BLIND crew was tearing stuff up while filming for this video. Brought to you by SPIKE JONZE. . this video features the skating of Guy Mariano, Jordan Richter, Mark Gonzales, Rudy Johnson, and of course..Jason Lee. The skating in this little diddy was so ahead of its time(and certain aspects of it still are). If you used to or are skating right now. .. it is a crime for you to keep this video from getting into your cerebrum cortex.
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steelsniper11 January 2004
The skateboarding is sick in this piece of work. it slows down a bit for the half-pipe bits, but the rest makes up for it.

I hope that everyone notices that the camera is being held by another skater, who is going the same speed, and sometimes going backwards. that takes some guts - as if skaters in general dont have enough.

i'm personally not a skater, but if you are like me, and just love to see these guys beat the s*** out of their boards and get mad air, get this. (available on the net or Kazaa)

a bonus is that one of my fave actors, jason lee, is in it and has a few pieces where he just talks.
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Mark Gonzales....
bobgnarly9 March 2006
This is the best skate video ever made. Not because its clip after clip of kids jumping down handrails, not because its the gnarliest video ever made, but because of the music, the lines, and Mark Gonzales, and the fact that after you watch it, you will want to go out and cruise the streets, having fun like you should be. Because it is what skateboarding should be, a friends having fun as they forget about the world.

Besides that, Mark Gonzales- Best video part ever. Guy Mariano- Timeless style. Jason Lee- Art in Motion. Rudy Jonson and Jordan Richter- Excellent.

Watch this now.
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NocturnalCampfire15 December 2003
Alright Video Days is definitely the most influential skate video of all time and Gonz is neck and neck with Rodney as the most influential street skater of all time. Basically, a must see for anyone who skates or is interested in skating, while not my personal favorite, (Welcome to Hell kills everything) Video Days is sick as hell for sure. Check it out.
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there is a war outside.....
marco grandia29 November 2003
...of your window. Classic lines by Jason Lee. Our skating buddy that made it to hollywood. This is one of the first skateboard video's that did not have 'only' punk music in it. Jackson 5, dinosaur jr, made it to the soundtrack. I don't have it anymore, classic from the early 90's. I give it a ten, just because it deserves a ten for the sake of skateboarding.
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Really boring
Warning: Spoilers
Maybe you have to be a skater yourself to appreciate this 25-minute video written and directed by Spike Jonze almost 25 years ago when he was in his early 20s. Today, in 2015, Jonze is more than twice the age he was back then and an Academy Award winner for writing. It looks like in his early years, he was fascinated with skating as this is almost all there is in this short film. Very brief extracts of politics (Saddam Hussein) and movie references are the rest of it. But 99% is skating and it was very boring. I guess if you do not feel the passion for this activity, you will be as disappointed by this one as I am. The rating here is really a joke. I quite like Jonze, but not for this one. Very much not recommended. Oh yeah, quick note: the successful actor Jason Lee is in here as well, also way before his screen career.
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You need to watch this.
sunsetheightstx21 May 2008
Most skate videos made today can be boring to watch. Don't get me wrong, today's videos have plenty of awesome runs and tricks at high speeds. It just seems that everything is done for the camera. This video has some kids having a knarly time and making a classic video. The skating in this video is good and artistic. Anybody who wants to start skating must watch this video along with a list too long to go on with. I'd be doing a disservice it I didn't recommend Shakle Me Not, Ban This, Questionable, Streets of Fire, and bunch of others. Check them out on youtube.

Watch the documentary on Video Days that is on youtube.
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What is wrong with you people????
rochellep26 August 2003
Where are all the votes for this movie? This APPARENTLY is the most awesome skate video of all time. Go out there buy it rent it...whatever you have to do but do it now!
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"We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of the dreams"
edwithoutahead8 October 2005
This is one of skateboarding's greatest videos ever! Directed by none other than Spike Jonze and starring some of skateboarding best it helped define street skating in the early 1990's. Everyone is this video helped push skateboarding to the next level, and all with amazing style. The video starts off with a young Guy Mariano skating to a great Jackson 5 track. Next up is Jordan Richter, I wonder what ever happened to this guy. I really liked some of his tricks on vert. The third part is one of the greatest ever, Mark Gonzales. Amazing lines, great style, huge tricks, and all to Coletrane! Rudy Johnson has a solid part with a Dinosaur Jr. cover of The Cures "just like heaven". The ender is Jason Lee. I am more of a fan of him in the Stereo video "A Visual Sound" but he still rips in this video, and has some awesome sideburns. If you skate and you have not seen this video you should really try to find it somewhere (it is an easter egg on the new blind DVD "what if") "I'll give you six-hundred tries, I'll be back next week"
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