Malice in Wonderland (2009) Poster

Maggie Grace: Alice


  • Bag Lady : What has no conditions but one condition?

    Alice : Love.

  • Whitey : What do I get a man who can rob anything?

    Alice : What about a cake?

    Whitey : Nice one Britney.

    Alice : That's not my name.

    Whitey : You don't know who you are, so you don't know who you're not.

  • Alice : He sounds... fascinating.

    Whitey : I've heard Harry called a lot of F-words. Fascinating's a new one.

  • Caterpillar : What you lookin' for?

    Alice : Uh, a pick-me-up...?

    Caterpillar : Fine, 3, 5 and 2, 6 and 1. Lucky eyes here now. Before delivery is done.

    Alice : What? Mister...?

    Caterpillar : Drop the Mister. See this eye? I'm no pillar, I'm a cat. Postman chiller is where I'm at.


    Alice : [distant siren approaching]  I think it's the police.

    [Alice gets pulled into the car] 

    Alice : What are you doing?

    Caterpillar : Saving your arse from the SPG. Them mothers will lock you down and throw away the key.

    Alice : But I... I haven't done anything.

    Caterpillar : Tell it to the judge. The sentence is life and they don't budge. My hooker, she's a looker. Hit me scratch and I even let you.

    Alice : [to the young woman]  Pleased to meet you.

    Hooker : Policemen here is not to be trusted. Step out of line and, pow!

    Caterpillar : You is busted.


    Hooker : Where to, babe?

    Alice : London, a cabby said he'd take me, but then he disappeared. He didn't seem honest... and he isn't... as I feared.

    Caterpillar : Infected with the rhyme, check it out now down town.

    [skids car sideways] 

    Hooker : Next stop, Lloyd Street number 31, two first-class for a John named John.

    Alice : It seems a little late to deliver the post.

    Caterpillar : Au contraire, now is when folks need it most.

    Hooker : Baby, you got e-mail.

    Alice : Oh.

    [takes phone] 

    Alice : You sell drugs?

    Hooker : Ain't a lie.

    Caterpillar : Ain't a pill on the planet I don't know and you can't buy.

    Alice : Uh, well... these don't seem to be working and I need to get my memory back from where it is lurking.

    Caterpillar : 'For your head'? Bitch! That's a heavy pop!

    Hooker : You better see a doc before you open up the top.

  • Alice : But I've already taken one. Or have I taken two? I can't remember old stuff, and now I can't remember new.

    Caterpillar : [opens windows to stop cops with smoke] 


    Hooker : Think yourself smart. I wish it was me. Take for your head and be who you wanna be.

    Alice : But how can I be who I wanna be when I am who I am?

    Caterpillar : When memories come back, some you keep and some you trash in the can.

    Hooker : You've been dealt the cards, just rearrange the deal.

    Caterpillar : We pick you up one, we drop you down two.

    Alice : If I get to the party, my driver's inside...

    Caterpillar : No access to the party without an invitation.

    Alice : Where can I get one?

    Caterpillar : I know *just* the location.


    Caterpillar : [Car pulls up to a house] 

    Alice : Wow! Cool!

    [Alice gets out of the car] 

    Alice : [Caterpillar rolls down the window]  Thanks for the ride.

    Hooker : Bump the Duchess when you meet her inside.

    Caterpillar : Ciao from the hydroponic Bonnie and Clyde.


    Caterpillar : [Peels away] 

  • Whitey : [as she steps from his taxi]  Here's a twenty. Should get you to London.

    Alice : [smiles]  Thanks.

    Whitey : Hmm.

    Alice : When's the next bus?

    Whitey : I'll be honest with you, darling, I ain't got a clue.

    Alice : [as he leers at her]  What?

    Whitey : Just having one last butcher's in case I have to bang one out later. Now, I'm being a gentleman, not taking advantage, okay?

    [she's offended, turns away] 

    Whitey : I'll bet I'm gonna regret this.

    [pulls away] 

  • Gonzo : [towards carousel]  Step into my office.

    Alice : I'm not sure if I should.

    Gonzo : Then you're not sure if you shouldn't.

  • Whitey : [bought her a meal]  The Imperial. Stuffed with chicken, shish, doner, some other dead thing - only 9,000 points on Weight Watchers.

    Alice : Mm. Never tasted anything like it.

    Whitey : Half a goat in there, easy. Now. Order of the day. What do I get a man... who can rob everything?

    Alice : Well... what's he into?

    Whitey : Banks, security vehicles, blokes...

    Alice : Does he like... art?

    Whitey : Round here art is getting the spelling right on your tattoo.

    Alice : What about a cake?

    Whitey : Who buys a mob boss a cake?

    Alice : Someone who cares.

    Whitey : Yeah, that's what I thought. Nice one, Britney.

    Alice : That's not my name.

    Whitey : You don't know who you are. So you don't know who you're not.

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