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Quite disappointing
BFShew30 June 2005
Please give me a break. The idea was quite original but somewhere the whole thing went south. I truly feel bad for Nicole Kidman and Will Farrell. There were so many ways this movie could have went instead of disappointing the true die hard Bewitched fans.

Weak plot, undefined characters, I truly felt as if someone said, "OK, we're bored with this, let's piece it together and call it a day." It would been nice if Isabel could have been seen as someone who was smarter and not so vulnerable and innocent.

I would put this in the same category of any 12 year old "I wanna be a pricess" movie. You wait three decades to find out what happened to Darrin and Samantha and you get a remake that's not really a remake. Some of the characters are from the original, some are transformed to the movie, some are just unknown. What happened? I'm insulted that Nora Ephron thought any true fan would be pleased with this movie.

Didn't someone think about running this by the true fans before rushing it out to a theater? There were times I was embarrassed to be in the audience. A total waste of $16.

A few funny moments but not worth the pain of sitting through the entire movie -- and I'm an easy laugh.
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Even a laugh track wouldn't find this funny
Buddy-5113 July 2005
"Bewitched" is a painfully embarrassing remake of the classic TV sitcom that ran on ABC from 1964-1972. The series, about a "mixed" marriage between a high-flying sorceress and an earthbound mortal, boasts some of the most familiar and iconic images in television history.

Writer Nora Ephron has over-thought the concept to such an extent that she has managed to strip away most of the elements that made the series work in the first place. The movie isn't technically a "remake" of "Bewitched," since the witch played by Nicole Kidman isn't the Samantha Stevens of the series but rather a single woman named Isabel Bigelow who gets to PLAY Samantha Stephens on TV. It's all very chic and complicated, you see, but the story goes something like this: tired of the life of instant gratification that witchcraft so easily affords her, Isabel has decided to strike out on her own as a totally self-reliant mortal, moving into a tract home in the San Fernando Valley and vowing to get through the remainder of her days without the benefit of witchcraft. One afternoon while at a bookstore, she is spotted by one Jack Wyatt, a pompous, self-centered movie actor whose career and personal life have both been in the tank of late and who is hoping to at least jumpstart the former by taking on the role of Darrin Stevens in a new version of the old series. One glimpse of Isabel's nose-twitching ability convinces him that this non-actress would be perfect for the part, so we wind up, in true Pirandellian fashion, with a fictional TV witch being played by an honest-to-God real life witch.

The overriding problem with this film is that it completely undercuts the very elements that made Samantha such a likable and compelling figure for millions of spellbound American viewers. Even though the character played by Elizabeth Montgomery was basically just a "typical American housewife," content with staying at home and submitting to her husband, she was also intelligent, shrewd, occasionally subversive and always wise to the ways of human nature. Isabel is none of these things. In fact, she has been conceived as little more than a dingbat airhead, dippy, goofy and hopelessly backward in her dealings with other people, making us wonder what it was she'd been doing for all the millennia prior to the time of this story. I doubt Ephron intended for the story to be ironic in this way, but the old Samantha Stevens from 40 years ago came across as a more modern woman then than Isabel does today. This is clearly Kidman's worst, most annoying performance ever, which only goes to show that even an Academy Award winning actress can't make a silk purse out of every sow's ear that comes her way. The same goes for Will Ferrell in the role of the pseudo-Darrin whose over-the-top turn here is the movie equivalent of fingernails being dragged across a chalkboard for a grueling one hour and forty minutes (the combined running time of almost four episodes in the original series). Michael Caine as Isabel's warlock father and Shirley MacLaine as a real life witch who happens to be playing Endora are both old pros enough to turn in decent performances, but even they will undoubtedly want to expunge this turkey from their otherwise illustrious resumes as soon as possible.

In the TV "Bewitched," there was a certain subtle tension built into the premise that carried through from episode to episode. The Stevenses had to find ways to keep the outside world from finding the truth out about Samantha's real identity, not always an easy task what with Endora or Aunt Clara or Uncle Arthur popping in unannounced at all hours of the day or night casting a spell on some poor, unsuspecting mortal or wreaking havoc on the young couple's marital harmony and domestic bliss. This tension is completely lost in the film, as is the conflict between Darrin and Endora that always threatened to end with Darrin being turned into a chimpanzee or a bullfrog and Samantha running back to the effortless ease and comfort of her former existence. There really is no logical or coherent conflict to speak of in this film, just a lot of people running around acting silly to no discernible point or purpose. In fact, the only quality scene in the movie is one in which Isabel and Jack are cavorting around an empty set while Frank Sinatra's version of the title song plays in the background. It turns out to be the one - pardon the pun - "magical" moment in the film.

For, astonishingly, even the magic in this film is humdrum compared with the stuff that was done on the TV show. Someone should inform the makers of this film that special effects have actually advanced some in the last half century. One would certainly never know it by watching this film.

The one positive thing to be said about this movie is that it doesn't come saddled with one of those insipid, mind-numbing laugh tracks that are regularly slapped onto TV sitcoms - but then again even a laugh track wouldn't find much to chortle over here.
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It had so much potential...
rootsgapgirl24 June 2005
It had so much potential... but they really blew it. They had so many great actors but a bad script. I had wanted to see this movie for so long because I had loved the TV show. And while I was sitting there I was waiting for moment where I thought it would get better but it never came. It seemed to go downhill with every passing moment. The movie dragged and dragged on. Shirley McLaine and Michael Caine's story was never resolved and the appearance of Uncle Arthur was forced and ridiculous. Aunt Clara was also another character that just wasn't written well at all. The special effects were done well but there wasn't enough of them...and considering this was about a witch, I expected more. If you loved the TV show, then you will be disappointed. If you never watched the TV show, you will be clueless and completely bored. The only good thing... Nicole Kidman was cute. And her clothes were nice. But cute and nice weren't enough.
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Nora Ephron Sucks and so did Bewitched
LordAndrew1 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
To it's credit Bewitched is something of a paradigm shift away from the typical little to big screen transition. Those lovable little twits that brought us "You've Got Mail" have delivered a film not about a witch named Samantha and her idiotic husband Darren, but something much more interesting, a film about a remake of a TV show about a witch named Samantha.

Now the really hilarious thing about this is that the actress playing Samantha is really a witch who wiggles her nose and has an extended family that's almost identical to the family on the original TV show, Huzza!!!! You may wonder how this strange coincidence could be handled gracefully. My answer is, I don't know, and by the way that's the Ephron Sisters answer too.

Another strange thing is that the witch seems to be free to rewind time whenever she messes things up. I've always wondered when I've seen this in movies, what happens to the other 6 billion people, wouldn't there be some sort of butterfly effect? Makes you think she's sort of a selfish bitch. I wish I had that power so I could get back the 90 minutes I wasted on this garbage.
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Stick With The Reruns...
hokeybutt1 July 2005
BEWITCHED (1 outta 5 stars) What a terrible, misbegotten abortion of a movie this turned out to be! Why couldn't they just be content to make a straight-forward adaptation of the old TV series? Samantha's a witch, Darren's a mortal... they fall in love and then conflicts ensue. Why did they have to devise this complicated and nonsensical storyline about a lousy movie actor (Will Ferrell) who plans on saving his floundering career by starring in a TV remake of "Bewitched"? And he just happens to cast a real witch (Nicole Kidman) in the female lead? And this real witch just happens to have some real relatives who are the same characters from the original TV series? The story gets pretty desperate at times... with "dream" sequences, the appearance of characters who may or may not be mere figments of someone's imagination and the ability of "Samantha" to turn back time indefinitely to erase any of her spells that may have gone awry. (Too bad they couldn't just rewind this whole movie and start over again.) Kidman has an appealing screen presence and probably could have done a good job in an actual "Bewitched" story. Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine are wasted on a goofy subplot that never really comes to any kind of satisfying conclusion. Will Farrell has a few funny moments but basically he plays an unlikable twit and there is no reason in the world for Kidman's character to fall in love with him. Awful, awful stuff... maybe if we all wriggle our noses we can make this movie disappear...?
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Thank God For Nicole
gabrieletaibo3 October 2005
Nicole Kidman makes the whole wretched thing almost palatable. The, supposedly, inventiveness of this farce within a farce is hammered on with such lack of subtlety that, sometimes, you want to shout at the screen "Hey you! We're not brain dead! We got it! Move on! Will Ferrell is still a great TV comedian. How is it possible that nobody has told him that on the big screen less is more. Strangely, Nicole Kidman, the witch, is totally rooted in reality, we believe her. Will Ferrell, the mortal, is a loud caricature from beginning to end and we just can't get the attraction. There are some little perks however, Carole Shelley as Aunt Clara took me, thankfully, out of the movie and I spent at least 15 minutes asking myself where I've seen this actress before - The Odd Couple, one of the Pigeon sisters! Goodness! I was uncomfortable with Shirley MacLaine's cameo because I love her and I could only focus on the strange tightness in her face. I am a Kidmanite through and through that's why I go to see everything she does because I know that, even if she's involved in something quite beneath her, she manages to sparkle, to shine to surprise. Thank God for you Nicole.
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What the heck happened to the story? Terrible Editing Abounds!
denash28-111 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I don't know what happened, and judging by this movie, the people that made it don't know what they're doing. It was going along fine, then suddenly, the characters are referring to an incident that was possibly edited out of the movie, random Uncle Arthur pops in without explanation, drops out as suddenly and we have no idea why he's there or if he was a product of a spell or something.

They also dropped a lot of character development - SPOILER ALERT - faux Samantha has a real Aunt Clara. OK, will that be worked into the TV show or is it just supposed to be a nice gimmick for the movie to touch on showing us why she should be the new TV Samantha. Why is Endora (S. Maclaine) an actual witch but we don't know what that has to do with anything and if she and faux Samantha's dad will be together or if he finds out she's a real witch. This movie made no sense and was put together very badly.

They tried to work in every element of the old show, but it's in a way that makes no sense and would have been better if they just dropped it.

I can't even recommend this for rental or loan from the library and I loved the old show. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!
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aggiedude27 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I cannot see how anyone would love or even like this movie it was completely horrible. First of all, the only funny scenes were those shown in the previews. Nicole Kidman was way too ditsy in this movie, made her seem completely clueless, it was horrible. They kept doing the same damn tricks over and over, talk about shitty special effects, that whole rewind thing they kept doing was stupid. I was a big fan of the t.v. show and this movie is an insult. I am a big fan of both will Ferrell and Nicole kidman, but they just did not fit well together in this movie. Nicole definitely looked the part, but they could've gotten a better Darren. Also, the whole movie about a taping of a t.v. show concept was far from clever, I was expecting something more similar to the actual t.v. show.
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mcanna-125 June 2005
Sitting through this flick was like watching a car crash in slow motion. Though there are funny bits, the supporting cast is unused despite the star power and potential. Jason Schwartzman, Kristin Chenowith, Steve Carrell, etc. all are wasted, by the second half of the movie, all seem to have faded into the background. Nicole Kidman and Will Farrell have zero chemistry and what is there seems forced. The writing gets progressively worse and there seems to be a lot of repetition. Save your money and wait for this one in the DVD bargain bin. The idea behind this re-imagination of the Bewitched series is something different, however this one doesn't make it off the ground.
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Everything I Expected (And Less)
Clownbird15 July 2005
Just a piece of trash from beginning to end. No wonder Jim Carrey ran screaming from the script after he read it. Kidman should have done the same and maybe it wouldn't have been made at all.

Most puzzling, however, was the numerous layers of, I dunno, various realities in this movie. Aunt Clara doesn't appear in the show-within-the-movie (as much as we see), but other characters remember her from the old series - and are amazed that Isabel is playing Samantha and actually has an Aunt Clara! There's no mention that she looks and acts like Marion Lorne, makes the same entrance, and collects door knobs as does the character on the TV show. What the hell?

And then, again, we don't see any Uncle Arthur in the show-within-the-movie, but we see some sort of fictional character Uncle Arthur who doesn't really exist and is supposed to be Uncle Arthur from the original series. What?!

And then, finally, no mention of the Kravitzes - characters on the show - in the new show- within-a-movie...but then, in the last scene, we see the two characters playing the Stevens move across the street from a guy named Abner and his nosy wife Gladys.

The Ephron sisters need to retire from the movie business after this big steaming pile.
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Nicole Kidman More Than Holds Her Own With Will Ferrell.
BigHardcoreRed30 June 2005
Although it was not quite what I expected, Bewitched was not as bad as I have been led to believe, either. I am guessing that Will Ferrell is spreading himself a little too thin, as this movie was not as funny as his movies usually are. I did enjoy a couple of genuine, hearty laughs from this film, but again, not as many as expected. With those expectations in mind, this movie might seem to fall a little flat, but looking at the movie as a whole, it was still a delightful, little comedy that I enjoyed. Sure, it was not Bewitched, the sitcom, but it simply used the television series as somewhat of a guide line to go by. The story is a bit confusing when trying to compare to the show but is fine otherwise.

Jack Wyatt (Ferrell) is a down and out, nearly washed-up actor that has many bombs to his credit. He hatches a plan to remake the TV series "Bewitched", with himself in the starring role as Darren. The main difference between the remade TV show and the original is that Darren would be the focus and not Samantha, so for this reason, Jack decides he wants an unknown actress for the role, one he can virtually walk all over without knowing any better.

Isabel Bigelow (Nicole Kidman, who is perfect for the role) is a naive witch who has just decided that she no longer wants to live her life getting everything she wants at the snap of her fingers and chooses to live more "normal", against the wishes of her father, Nigel Bigelow (Michael Caine).

Eventually, after many auditions, Jack runs into Isabel and is convinced she is perfect for the role. She is hesitant at first but decides to do the show. Everything is going fine until Isabel overhears Jack talking with the producers about how well the plan was going and this is where the fun begins. The scorned witch unleashes hell on poor Jack in many embarrassing situations.

We are even treated to cameos by Aunt Clara (Carole Shelley) and Uncle Arthur (Steve Carell). I am not sure how Uncle Arthur fit into the story other than to get Carell to do some hilarious stuff but Aunt Clara is actually Isabel's Aunt Clara, meant to be a coincidence. The resemblance between Carole Shelley and the original Aunt Clara, Marion Lorne, was absolutely uncanny. I was convinced she was the original, right down to her voice.

Overall, if you do not shoot your expectations too high, this is a nice little comedy featuring Ferrell, with Nicole Kidman more than holding her own with him. Isabel was a lovable and cute character. Bewitched did have a few surprises and was worthy of watching. 7/10
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Carycomic25 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I almost can't believe what a disappointment this movie was! *Beware of spoilers* Will Farrell plays Jack Wyatt, a movie star who's become washed up at the box office. *Art imitating life?* So, his rather aggressive agent talks him into agreeing to do an updated version of the original "Bewitched," with Wyatt as Darrin. The number one condition? A relative nobody has to play Samantha. Enter Nicole Kidman as Isobel Bigelow. An authentic-yet-naive witch, whose idea of normality sounds like it came from an addiction to "Friends!" I won't bore you with the rest of the predictable details. Like I said in a previous review: when's the last time a romantic comedy had an UN-happy ending? Unfortunately, the trip en route is a rather boring one. Besides myself, there were only about FOURTEEN other people who bought tickets to the same showing I did. And, like me, the jokes they laughed hardest at were ALL FROM CLIPS OF THE ORIGINAL SHOW (which Isobel uses as research material)! And, adding insult to injury? There's no resolution to any of the subplots!! Was "Uncle Arthur" really Michael Caine (a.k.a. Isobel's father, Nigel), in disguise? Does he finally spend the night with Shirley Maclaine (a.k.a. Irma/Endora)? And, what about Isobel's nosy, mini-skirted neighbor? Does she fall for Wyatt's agent, or Nina the Script Girl? Then, again: even if you do waste six to eight bucks, seeing this movie (and I hope you DON'T), you WON'T want Hollywood wasting money to answer those questions, by making "Bewitched 2." In fact, let's all PRAY that they don't!!!
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It made me cry, it was so bad...
Trappedd25 December 2005
This is what happens when the writing is execrable and when the directing is at the same level of a very bad sitcom. No need to comment on the acting, because, yes, hammy is the word!

Deciding to warm up an old show that had its own charm, to today's standards, demands a good reason. I am still trying to figure out why someone, in this case Nora Ephron, should choose to massacre a potentially good idea.

When one does not have anything to say in a script, it is perhaps better to just sit at a Coffee Bean, stay there and do nothing, preferably in the company of your sister, and forever.

Without bad pun, the boredom of sitting through this horror was painfully painful!
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What a shame
dachshund_downs3 July 2005
I loved Bewitched. The original not this remake hatchet job. I went to this movie not expecting a great movie but at least a clever wink and nod to the original. NEVER HAPPENED! Instead I got a show with no true plot line lots of bad jokes that fell flat and dead air. Will Ferrel should get out of the business if this is the best he can come up with. Nicole Kidman was fine and could have been better. Shirley MacKlaine was waisted. Why did they even try that stupid movie star remaking a classic angle. For me, they could have left all of that garbage out and just stuck with what worked in the first place. Two very different people falling in love and learning to live with the in-laws. Sorry to say this movie should have gone direct to video Siberia.
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Words cannot describe
IrishCJH@aol.com4 July 2005
Words cannot describe how awful this movie is. Even the children and the old ladies sitting behind me couldn't find anything funny or appealing in this movie. I stayed through the whole thing, from beginning to end, indicating that hope springs eternal, but, to my dismay, the cause was hopeless.

Given an enchanting premise and stood-the-test-of-time storyline, this movie could have soared to movie heaven. As written, it bounces along the rocky bottom of poor puns, woeful writing and disastrous directing, ending in a hole of horrible film history. As directed, the dialogue is boring, both the hero and heroine lack intelligence and insight, the sight gags aren't funny, and the supporting characters aren't interesting. Michael Caine is the only bright spot in this sordid affair and even he can only bring a faint glow to this disaster. Will Ferrell was, well, Will Ferrell, and that is probably not a good thing. It is sad to think that poor writing and directing could so badly warp a Shirley MacLaine performance. Alas, her performance was also truly dreadful.

If Nicole Kidman's constant twitching of her nose is any indication, she, too, must know that this film stinks.
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Cute, but not amazing
malakaiii20 June 2005
I had a chance to see this movie at an advanced screening.

I'm sorry to say that there were people who walked out. Admittedly, the first half is kind of dull. The cute and funny parts are few and far between.

The plot is dragged down horribly by some really bad secondary characters. Uncle Arthur, Iris/Endora and Isabelle's father are all reaaaally dull and contrived. The movie comes to a grinding halt when they appear.

The script writing is quite clever, and Nicole Kidman (happy birthday today!) is great, as always. Will Ferrell just plain cracks me up. I would have liked to see the plot give him more goofy parts, because that's when he really shines.

All in all, not really a surprising movie. Wait and rent it!
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Deader Than a George Romero Movie
Danusha_Goska1 July 2005
I'd read the bad reviews for this movie, but I've been seeing the boy's adventure, big budget movies, from "Kingdom of Heaven" to "War of the Worlds," and thought it would be nice to take in a romantic comedy.

Mistake. Even if you are a hardcore romantic comedy fan, stay away from "Bewitched." It's deader than a George Romero movie. It just sits there, lifelessly, on screen, reeking of rotten egg.

There are so many talented people here -- Will Ferrel, Nora Ephron, Shirley Maclaine -- how could this movie be so bad? Someone could write a dissertation answering just that question.

It's not romantic. It's not funny. It's not even coherent.

Nicole Kidman lacks warmth. She tries to convey warmth here by imitating Marilyn Monroe so blatantly you want to reach onto the screen and tell her to stop.

Will Ferrel has made me laugh many times. Here? I was feeling sorry for him.

Maclaine, Caine, Steve Colbert ... all wasted.

See, movies need, oh, say, characters, dialog, and plot. "Bewitched"'s scenes include shots of Nicole Kidman watching Elizabeth Montgomery in the old TV series. Character, dialog, and narrative are not served by such scenes. All these scenes did was remind the audience of how good Elizabeth Montgomery was at playing the role that Kidman was failing at, and how much better the old TV show was than this movie.
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liz-1411 July 2005
This was the WORST movie I have seen since in a long time. It left me speechless. Where do I start? I tell you, at the start. Why would she need to rent a house from an agent if she found one she liked? Who lived there, did she zap them away? What was with the ridiculous signs?

That set the pace for this unfunny movie. What a waste talent all over the place and what was with Kidman's handi-pandi voice? Did the director ask for that? I guess Kidman needs to make some money after making films like Dogville and Birth. Both excellent films, but I hear the pays not so good.

Of course the true culprit is Will Ferrell. When will we learn this guy is not an Actor? We are supposed to believe he is a Hollywood Action Actor that had a few bad films? Give me a break! But is his defense, I don't think any actor could of fixed this script. P-U!

If you enjoyed this film, may I suggest "Cut-throat Island"!
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NOT as bad as I'd been led to believes
andydufresne24 June 2005
When you go to see a SITCOM made into a full length motion picture you go in expecting to see certain things. Almost all of the people involved int the television show are dead now, but I think all of them would have approved of this.

What is the plot? Simple. Nicole Kidman plays Isabella a real witch who wants to leave that behind to be like a mortal. She is cast in the roll of Samantha in a remake of the TV show. It is goofy and silly and nonsensical in places but SO WAS THE TV SHOW! Shirley MC is great as the actress who was a grand actress in past, but placed into a sitcom that doesn't really showcase her talent. DO NOT expect anything complicated from this.

I enjoyed it for what it is. It's light fun. MY main criteria for liking a movie is do I think I got my money's worth and was I anxious for it to end. YES and NO.

MANY of the performances are great. At times Nicole looks JUST LIKE Liz Montgomery and there are plenty of still of Liz and video of her to compare during this film. Michael Caine was excellent and Steve Carell is SPOT ON as Uncle Arthur. I mean SPOT ON! I grew up watching this and was anxious to see if they harmed it's memory. They did not. DO NOT expect a message. GO to laugh a lot and be charmed and you'll have fun.
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It was so bad, I was tempted to leave, 3 or 4 times.
dzeglin25 June 2005
This is the worst movie that I have seen, so far, this year. I go to the movies, frequently, and I often attend the matinée performances, because I love the movies, and am retired, and can do so now. I think Nicole Kidman is a fine actor, and I have enjoyed her work, in her chosen profession, many times, in the past, but this film was really a terrible movie. I think that Michael Caine, and Shirley MacLaine, both did an excellent job, with their small roles, and the few genuine laughs that I heard other members of the audience make, were in reaction to them, and their lines, and the skill with which they delivered them. Will Ferrell is obnoxious,and offends my senses with his loud, and unintelligent remarks, and comments, and I sincerely hope that I can avoid having to watch this man, make a fool of himself, in the future. I have heard other movies fans, make the comment that they can't stand him, as an actor,or a comedian. I would not spend my money to see this film again, or recommend it to anyone.
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An open letter to God
RDT-326 June 2005
Dear God,

Given the spiritual climate of our nation at this time I implore you to smite the Ephron sisters. I beg you, never allow them to write or direct another picture. What those two harpies did to an American classic is unforgivable. What happened to straight forward story telling? The cast of BEWITCHED is spot on perfect, but what they had to work with and the direction they received was embarrassing.

God, please use your powers of good taste to stop the mediocrity of the Ephron sisters and Hollywood in general once and for all.

Thank you and amen.
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Brilliant under-rated movie
mhgwitch24 August 2006
This is a movie that many people hated, but if you are prepared to go with the multi-layered fantasy, you might just love it. It's like a love-letter to the original Bewitched TV series, which is why Aunt Clara and Uncle Arthur are there, and why there are some in-jokes that you won't get if you haven't watched much of the series. If you have, however, you'll get it. The film feels at times as fluffy as a musical comedy - indeed it has visual references to several - and at other times like screwball or sitcom. Generically confusing, therefore, but that's part of the fun. Why have a boring linear narrative in a single genre when you can do anything you want to? Lots of analogies between the 'magic' of film and movie-making, and witchcraft itself. Also, no patriarchal nonsense about women having to give up their powers, as with so many witch films. This is a bubbly, not-entirely-consistent roller-coaster ride - give it a try. You might like it.
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One of the Worst This Year--Or Any!
AShurt66628 June 2005
Nora and Delia Ephron, put away your pencils and your megaphone. You stink! This movie may just sink Nicole's career if she doesn't watch out. Fortunately, she is the only thing worth watching in this unfunny mess. Will Ferrell is the Chevy Chase of his generation, only he doesn't have anything like the Family Vacation movies to save him. Every line, every idea in this movie falls flat on its face. It's as if the actors were told to just say and do whatever they want, on the spot. This is the last movie I will pay good money to see for a very long time. And I thought "The Stepford Wives" was tiresome. About midway through this bore I started watching the bottom of my shoes, just for some relief. Spend your money on "Cinderella Man," and avoid any comedies out this year. They're cranking them out in Hollywood, and sitcoms look much better by comparison. In fact, if this hadn't starred Ms. Kidman, it would have gone straight to video. Nicole, fire your agent!
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Nicole Kidman has bewitched me!
GirishGowda8 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Nicole Kidman has bewitched me :) Oh shut up, I know it is lame, but I had to say that. I love Nicole Kidman, she is such a talented actress and so extraordinarily beautiful. I have never seen her in a comedy before, but she does amazing drama movies. Before I completely lost my mind for Kristen Stewart, I was in love with Nicole Kidman (well Kristen was very young when I began to like her - only a year difference - and when you are a teenage kid, you tend to have a crush with older girls). The character she played here could have easily gone into a complete air head or a ditz and could have been annoying, but she carries it off with so much grace. Most of the time, Will Ferrell can carry off 15 minute skits, but not an entire movie all by himself. Thankfully he does carry it off hilariously here, and the credit must go to the director, Nora Ephron who has directed Julie and Julia, Sleepless In Seattle and the writer of When Harry Met Sally. This was a really entertaining movie which made me sad for Nicole Kidman's character. I normally don't have tears in my eyes while watching a chick flick, but this film made me that sad for Nicole's character.

Isabel Bigalow/Samantha (Nicole Kidman) is a witch who has recently promised herself not to do magic anymore and wants to live a normal life, make a pathetic guy fall in love with her and just enjoy the little things in life. She is quite funny and joyful and lives life as she wants/ But she finds out that living without magic isn't as easy and now and again bends her promise. Jack Wyatt/Darrin (Will Ferrell) is a famous movie star whose recent films have tanked at the box-office and he is now trying to regain his popularity by remaking an old hit TV show "Bewitched", with an unknown actress who has the magical nose. He spots Isabel at a cafe and begs her to join his TV show and she in turn falls for him. He is conceited, prideful and ignorant, and wants his character to outshine Isabel's in every episode of the show. Nigel Bigalow (Michael Caine), her father doesn't approve of her style of living and wants her to revert to her old self. He is kind of a playboy, but when he meets Endora (Shirley MacLaine), an old lady who is a famous star of yesteryears, he falls for her. Will Isabel have the life she always wanted or will she be left heartbroken?

Steve Carell as Uncle Arthur does an amazing cameo in the climax which is downright hilarious. As I have already told, Nicole Kidman is one funny girl in this movie, I was pulled in by her very endearing performance. The thing she does with her nose is so cute and I loved it. Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine were also good, I liked how she kept a secret till the end. The time reversal scene was very enjoyable. The screenplay is also entertaining and I liked how it made fun of itself and the Hollywood actors who think they are above others because they are so popular. Because of Nicole Kidman and Will Ferrell's acting, Nora Ephron's sweet direction, this movie will endear you very much. Go on, give it a try.

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Disaster 101
wadeboi29 June 2005
If this were written as a term paper for a college course called Disaster 101 it would get an A+. What a mess! Nichole Kidman's Samantha is a stereotypical dumb blonde and although the character wises up a bit toward the end of the film, she's still a tired stereotype of pretty, brainless babes. Elizabeth Montgomery's Samantha was sharp and sassy. The rest of the characters are even worse -- played like those the stiff, dialogue-heavy caricatures in limited animation cartoons. For a movie where magic is the central theme, there isn't much on screen. There were more visual effects in a typical 20-minute episode of the original series than in this 2-hour epic. Even the musical score is a mess! There is no consistent style. The film is laced with a weird variety of pop tunes that they probably paid a ridiculous amount of money to license, while failing to enhance the film. Michael Caine, who is generally an outstanding actor is just a Disney animatronic here. Shirley MacLaine fares better as Endora but the script gives her little to work with. I never liked the Aunt Clara character in the original series and her pointless sequence could have been left out. Impressionist Michael Airington does a vastly better Paul Lynde and bares a closer resemblance than Steve Carell. I recently saw Airington in his stand-up show "An Evening With Paul Lynde." "Bewitched" has the look and feel of a film written by a corporate committee -- or perhaps several -- who never sat in the same room together. Farcical comedy is difficult to pull off, but it can be done, as in Colin Higgin's films "Foul Play" (1978) and "Silver Streak" (1976).
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