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2 Aug. 2003
Everyday girl Jess Mastriani gets hit by lightening and somehow gains psychic powers. She uses her "gift" to find missing people.
9 Aug. 2003
They Come as They Go
Brooke and Jess investigate a missing FBI cadet.
Aug. 2003
Jess experiences troubling nightmares as she tries to locate a missing woman who has been threatened by a killer.
23 Aug. 2003
I Thought I Knew You
Jess investigates when a teenage girl's parents vanish from a gas station, leaving their car and everything behind.
6 Sep. 2003
Thin Air
A woman on an airplane disappears while the plane is in flight. Jess and Brooke investigate.
13 Sep. 2003
Never Go Against the Family
When a Mob boss is killed, his wife goes missing from the scene. The FBI and Jess look for the woman and $3 million in Treasury securities allegedly stolen by the dead man.
20 Sep. 2003
This Is Your Life
Jess and Brooke search for the brother of one of Alan's ex-partners. The partner is dying and needs a bone marrow transplant from her brother who has disappeared.
27 Sep. 2003
Ties That Bind
At the wedding of Eric's best friend, the groom is attacked and the bride goes missing. Tension increases between Brooke and Eric as Brooke investigates and Eric tries to protect his friend.
11 Oct. 2003
When a woman comes in reporting that she saw her brother who died 17 years ago, Brooke and Jess end up going up against the Army Criminal Investigation Division to find a former Special Forces soldier.
18 Oct. 2003
72 Hours to Kill
Brooke attempts to stop the execution of what she believes to be an innocent man.
1 Nov. 2003
Deliverance from Evil
Jess and Brooke investigate the disappearance of a wealthy couple in the wilds of northern Michigan.
8 Nov. 2003
A diabetic in need of her insulin goes missing, while Jess has to deal with a family crisis.
22 Nov. 2003
White Whale
The baffling disappearance of a close acquaintance makes Brooke realise that a fiendishly clever serial killer, whom she was never able to prove guilty, has emerged from obscurity to resume his reign of terror.
6 Dec. 2003
Basic Training
Against Brooke's wishes, Jess goes under cover at a military academy.
13 Dec. 2003
Father Figure
A molecular biologist goes missing, reuniting Brooke with her father. Jess meets Jack Burgess.
Aug. 2003
In the Midnight Hour
A woman is found murdered in Central Park, but the body disappears before the killer can be found - while Jess's dreams revolve around the victim in an electric chair.

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