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Season 3

12 Jun. 2005
Anything for the Baby: Part 1
Part one of two. The team hunts for a heavily pregnant woman who has been snatched from the streets. After talking to the victim's doctor, they begin to suspect another patient may be involved.
26 Jun. 2005
Unnatural Disaster
A boy is found after a hurricane only to go missing when he is taken to a hospital.
10 Jul. 2005
Off the Grid
A mother and her young children witness a middle-aged woman being kidnapped in a parking lot. Jess has a vision while trying to corner a suspect that nearly lets him get away. The agents discover that the woman was trying to be as anonymous and invisible as possible and they learn a horrifying secret that hits too close to home for Nicole, who reveals a deadly secret about her childhood. Meanwhile, Antonio encourages Nicole to share what's bothering her and Jess is asked out by Colin, the undercover agent she worked with previously.
17 Jul. 2005
And the Walls Come Tumbling Down
Jess has a vision that leads her and Nicole to discover a 10-year-old skeleton. When the body is identified, Pollack orders them off the case. Jess and Nicole continue to work on the case while trying to keep their work away from Pollack and trying to figure out why he's so insistent that they can't work on it. Meanwhile, Pollack's wife Janice kicks him out.
24 Jul. 2005
Looking for Mr. Wright
The agents search for a wealthy businessman who disappeared from his hotel. They try to get the truth out of his girlfriend Melody, who discovered him missing in the middle of the night. When Pollack's team is ordered off the case by his boss, he risks his job to continue working on it. Meanwhile, Pollack tries to reconcile with his wife.
7 Aug. 2005
Last Night
The team hunt for a boy after he disappears while in his grandmother's care.
14 Aug. 2005
Dylan Anders, a convict about to go on trial for murder, kills two police officers and escapes. He then steals a Dr. Laurel Bennett's car and kidnaps her. Jess, Nicole, Antonio and Janey are assigned to the case and Jess and Nicole eventually rescue Dr. Bennett from a burning building. Meanwhile, Nicole urges Jess to get to know Janey better and the three women urge Antonio to keep his job instead of taking a new job in airline security. Back on the case, the mystery only begins and it is eventually learned that Dr. Tanner is helping Anders instead putting the FBI off...
21 Aug. 2005
The loss of a team member results in the team facing a psychiatric evaluation. The team looks for a legal secretary.
11 Sep. 2005
Try Again
Federal prosecutor, Beth Duncan, who worked on a hate crime is abducted while attending her daughters 'green belt' ceremony. Issue of race come up in this case as the team sifts through a long list of criminals with motives. Eventually, Jess and Nicole rescue the prosecutor, but wind up killing her abductor in the process. But, for Beth, the kidnapper is ultimately proved innocent in the original crime for which she had him convicted for.
18 Sep. 2005
Patient X
When the teenage perpetrator of a high school hostage crisis disappears, the agents solicit some unusual help from their suspended boss, John Pollock, to investigate the school psychiatrist's records. Then, when another student goes missing, suspicion falls on the mysterious Patient X.
25 Sep. 2005
Nicole's nephew goes missing. Antonio, Jess, and Colin use their vacation to assist her in the search.
2 Oct. 2005
A Death in the Family
A family is attacked. The father is killed, the mother is beaten, and their twin daughters disappear.
11 Dec. 2005
Have You Seen This Man?
Nicole is in a car accident, with Jess having power of attorney. While a wealthy man's son goes missing.
8 Jan. 2006
Spring Break
During spring break a young woman goes missing.
15 Jan. 2006
The team travel to Budapest in search of a man who goes missing after having plastic surgery.
29 Jan. 2006
Double Take
A wealthy business man goes missing and there are two ransom demands.
29 Jan. 2006
A press reports compromises a DoJ agent who is then abducted from the street.
5 Feb. 2006
So Shall Ye Reap
Serial killer gets abducted, Jess gets vision of Antonio.

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