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  • Yes, but Vince is the one to blame for. Both women were under the influence of drugs and Alice is not violent or abusive towards Karen during the act. It is insinuated that Alice was instructed by Vince to have sex with Karen and the latter is still drugged to the point that she no longer understands what is happening to her and what is being done to her body, so her decision is not made under her proper state of mind, therefore she was raped.

  • The Unrated Version runs approx. 50 seconds longer than the R-Rated Version and features more explicit sex scenes than the Rated cut.


The FAQ items below may give away important plot points.

  • The butler did it. Well, actually, Reuben, Lanny's assistant.

    Lanny and Maureen have sex. Vince wants to join them, mainly: He wants to fuck Lanny. Lanny won't have it. In order to protect the act, Lanny tries to bribe Maureen to keep quiet, but she wants more money than he is willing to give.

    Rueben was in the room all this time. He suffocates Maureen with a pillow. Her body was shipped to New Jersey in the crate with the lobsters and ice. She wasn't found in the bathtub.

    Karen tells Maureen's mother her daughter was in fact murdered, but doesn't tell her who did it or his motive.

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