Where the Truth Lies (2005) Poster

Colin Firth: Vince



  • Vince : [beating up a bigot backstage]  Say what you like about any jew in the world... BUT NOBODY CALLS MY PARTNER A *KIKE*

  • Vince : Look at you, you're a disgrace!

  • Vince : [as she comes to, he is drinking tea]  Morning.

    Karen : That was not a Quaalude you gave me. I've had Quaaludes.

    Vince : Hmmm. I said it was like a Quaalude.

    Karen : And you didn't take one yourself, you palmed the pill.

    Vince : [smirking]  Somebody had to drive.

    [puts down his tea-cup] 

    Vince : Don't worry, you won't get pregnant. Not from Alice, and certainly not from me. I didn't take off my pants, as you may or may not remember.

    Karen : There are laws against drugging people.

    Vince : Oh, please! You took it voluntarily, nobody slipped it into your drink. And you chased it with one of the most expensive wines in the world. I think you're just in a dither because you discovered you can swing both ways.

    [she looks at him in dismay] 

    Vince : You see, I needed to get something on you. Of course, your behavior with Lanny might have been even better than this, but... well, I'd already set the wheels in motion, and, as I was dying to see you and Alice get it on, I... well, these are just a sample.

    [holds up revealing Polaroids, smiles, she is even more dismayed] 

    Karen : Why would she agree to do this? Doesn't she want a career?

    Vince : Well, it's your career I'm worried about. You're a journalist playing loose with the rules. She's just a vulnerable young singer you seduced. A promising

    [looking at a snapshot:] 

    Vince : oh, good heavens...! A promising artist that I happen to manage. You met her through me, and had your way with her.

    [peeks at her past a Polaroid] 

    Karen : [scoffing softly in distaste]  What do you want from me?

    Vince : You're gonna continue writing the book. I'm gonna continue telling you juicy stories, funny stories, heart-tugging stories, and you're not gonna ask me a single question about what happened to the girl in New Jersey. You're gonna go to your publisher and say you tried every angle, but you could find nothing odd or suspicious in what I told you.

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