Where the Truth Lies (2005) Poster

Kevin Bacon: Lanny



  • Lanny Morris : Having to be a nice guy is the toughest job in the world when you're not.

  • Lanny Morris : [to Vince]  Get the fuck off me! We don't fuck, Vince! We're buddies, we're pals, we're partners, we're a duo. We love each other, but we don't fuck! We're fucking stars. We can - we can travel together. We can hang out together. We can live together, but we can't be queers!

  • Lanny Morris : I don't eat lobster.

  • Lanny Morris : I left you a note.

    Karen : Where?

  • [last lines] 

    Lanny Morris : You're a very special girl. Forgive me.

  • Maureen : The question is: Who's gonna pay me?

    Lanny Morris : [narrating]  That surprised me. The girl was not a hooker.

    [walks into his bedroom] 

    Lanny Morris : My wallet was on top of my robe. I took out some money, I don't remember how much.

    [walks slowly back to the living room, where she is lying on the couch, offering her blanket, which she accepts, pulling it slowly up over her naked body, then offering her the pay-off] 

    Maureen : [softly]  I don't think so.

    Lanny Morris : That's more than you would make in a month of tips.

    Maureen : I'm not looking for a tip.

    Lanny Morris : What the hell are you saying?

    Maureen : Honey, I'm in my last year of college. This is my summer job... Er... I wanna write. I wanna be a journalist... If I could either use this information, or I could use a lot of money. I promise you this will only cost you once.

    [he nods, and she sleepily settles back on the couch] 

    Maureen : I'm so tired, I don't even think I'm going home. I think it's the two-in-alls.

    [as she is about to drift off:] 

    Maureen : Hey, Lanny, don't take it personally. You were a great lover. You have got the cutest little butt.

    [sighs, smiles] 

    Maureen : I guess Vince thought so too. Bye, Lanny.

    Lanny Morris : [narrating, as she falls asleep]  I would never see her alive again.

    [walks to door] 

    Lanny Morris : I put a do-not-disturb sign on my door, fastened the chain lock in case the maid didn't read, I left a wake-up call for eight, and went to sleep knowing that a telethon was the least of the ordeals I was going to have to face in the morning.

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