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Sex & Nudity

  • Strong sexual talk throughout
  • -----Story 1 - Alibi----
  • A hardcore scene is shown at the start of the movie. A woman rubs a man's erect penis under the bed covers. She rolls over and her vagina can be seen. The man removes the bed covers exposing his erect penis and attempts to penetrate the woman but she moves away. The man gets out of bed and returns with an electric toothbrush which he uses to masturbate the woman's vagina phic]
  • In a hardcore fantasy scene, a topless woman is shown in a doctor's office. She pulls down her panties and lays on a table. The doctor is shown penetrating her vagina phic] with two fingers as the woman moans
  • A man is shown masturbating a woman with his hand. After a while the man and woman have sex. The woman's anus and vagina can be seen as she rides him. Loud moaning can be heard
  • A man is shown watching a naked woman sleeping
  • A topless man wrapped in a bath towel and a woman who is naked from the waist down, are shown having dinner. The man gets up and walks over to the woman who grabs his erect penis and holds it for a while. Later the man stands behind the woman's chair and fondles her breasts. The woman stands up and the man sits in her chair, the woman sits on the man's lap and grinds into him before switching positions as they have sex.
  • A woman is shown pulling down her panties, her butt can be seen. She sits down and spreads her legs, exposing her vagina. A man walks over and briefly performs cunnilingus on the woman as she continues masturbating herself. A waiter walks in on the two. The man and waiter swap positions, the waiter is shown performing cunnilingus on the woman. The woman gets on her knees, as the man's erect penis can be seen. The waiter is also shown putting a condom on his erect penis. It is implied that the waiter anally penetrates the woman as the man holds her head next to his penis implying fellatio.
  • ----Story 2 - Montaggio Alternato-----
  • A woman's buttocks can be seen under her skirt as she plays tennis. Later she is shown bending over and her panties can be seen in her buttocks as a man watches. The woman spreads her legs exposing her crotch, the man is seen smiling
  • In an office, a woman removes her panties from under her skirt and places them on a sofa. A man walks over and takes them, he approaches the woman and attempts to grab her crotch, but she stops him. Afterwards the man moves her towards him and begins masturbating her under her skirt.
  • A woman is shown masturbating herself with the handle of a tennis racket. She stops and stands up as a man grabs her buttocks
  • In an office a woman is shown stripping for a man who is sat on a sofa. She removes her skirt and her butt and pubic hair can be seen. She is then shown on her knees in front of the man as she takes out his penis from his pants and begins to massage it. From behind her vagina and anus can be seen. The woman then performs non-simulated fellatio on the man
  • A woman is shown masturbating a man in the shower. It is implied she briefly puts her finger in his anus. The woman then performs fellatio on the man. It is implied that she washes away his ejaculate afterwards, as the man washes his flaccid penis. Later they are shown on the shower floor as the man performs cunnilingus on the woman. The couple's butts can be seen throughout the scene along with the woman's breasts
  • A topless woman is shown cooking in the kitchen, her breasts can be seen. A man comes from behind her and briefly grabs her breasts.
  • A man is shown on a bed and a woman in her bra and panties is seen at the dresser. The woman takes off her lingerie, her breasts, butt and pubic hair can be seen. She puts on a nightie and gets on the bed with the man. The woman takes out the man's penis and begins to massage it. It is implied that she performs fellatio on the man
  • ----Story 3 - 2 Cuori & 1 Capanna-----
  • A young maid is shown bent over the windowsill, a man is shown staring at her buttocks. An older woman enters the room and sits down, the maid takes off the older woman's shoes, as the woman spreads her legs, her vagina can be seen. The man continues staring at the maid's butt.
  • A young maid and chef are shown outside. The chef is implied to be fingering her, he takes away his hand and smells it. The maid gets on her knees (her vagina can be seen) and is shown holding the chef's penis, she continues to perform non-simulated fellatio
  • A man's nude butt is shown as an older woman - dressed as a dominatrix - is seen whipping him. The young maid enters and goes to draw a bath. The older woman is seen entering the bathroom, nude. Her breasts, pubic hair and butt can be seen as she sits in the tub. The young maid begins washing the woman's breasts. The maid's own breasts can be seen as they come loose of her uniform. The older woman uses her foot to massage them, the maid sucks the woman's toes. The older woman then rubs her foot on the maid's crotch. The maid masturbates the woman underwater. Afterwards the man from before enters the bathroom, pulls up the maid's skirt and spanks her nude butt using a paddle. Both women can be heard moaning
  • A young maid is shown laying on the grass with her legs spread, it is implied that a chef was performing cunnilingus on her. The chef grabs the maid's legs and it's implied that he penetrates her as he is shown thrusting. The maid is heard moaning as her pubic hair and nipples can briefly be seen
  • A young maid is shown naked on a bed (her breasts can be seen). As an older woman performs cunnilingus on her (the older woman's breasts and butt can be seen). A man is shown watching them in the corner as he strokes his erect penis. The maid and woman swap places as the maid performs cunnilingus on the woman. The man gets up from his seat and is shown penetrating the young maid from behind. He is shown thrusting violently.
  • A horse's penis is briefly shown as it walks around
  • A young maid is shown riding a chef on the grass. Her breasts and butt can be seen
  • -----Story 4 - Botte D'Allegria-----
  • At the start a woman's buttocks can be seen as she is sunbathing. A man next to her, slaps her butt. The woman turns over and her nude breasts can be seen. She proceeds to rub sunscreen on her breasts. The outline of the man's erect penis under his trunks can be seen
  • phic scene] A man is shown rubbing a woman's vagina outside behind a tree. It is implied that the man performs cunnilingus on the woman. Afterwards the man takes out his erect penis, the woman grabs it and it is implied she performs fellatio on the man
  • *incomplete*

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