Batman Begins (2005) Poster


Gary Oldman: Jim Gordon



  • Batman : [taps the Bat-signal]  Nice.

    Jim Gordon : I couldn't find any mob bosses.

    Batman : Well, Sergeant?

    Jim Gordon : Oh, it's Lieutenant now. You really started something. Bent cops running scared, hope on the streets.

    Batman : But?

    Jim Gordon : We still haven't picked up Crane or half the inmates of Arkham that he freed.

    Batman : We will. We *can* bring Gotham back.

    Jim Gordon : What about escalation?

    Batman : Escalation?

    Jim Gordon : We start carrying semi-automatics, they buy automatics. We start wearing Kevlar, they buy armor piercing rounds.

    Batman : And?

    Jim Gordon : And, you're wearing a mask. Jumping off rooftops. Now, take this guy.

    [pulling out a file] 

    Jim Gordon : Armed robbery, double homicide, has a taste for the theatrical, like you. Leaves a calling card.

    [shows Batman a plastic evidence bag containing a Joker card] 

    Batman : I'll look into it.

    [turns away and walks to the edge of the roof] 

    Jim Gordon : I never said thank you.

    Batman : [looks back at Gordon]  And you'll never have to.

  • [last lines] 

    Jim Gordon : I never said thank you.

    Batman : And you'll never have to.

  • Batman : [meeting Gordon carrying an unconscious Rachel out of Arkham]  How is she?

    Jim Gordon : [handing Rachel over]  She's fading. We gotta go. I'll get my car.

    Batman : I brought mine.

    Jim Gordon : Yours?

    [Batmobile blasts out and races by] 

    Jim Gordon : I've gotta get me one of those.

  • Bruce Wayne : Don't turn around. You're a good cop, one of the few.

    Jim Gordon : What do you want?

    Bruce Wayne : Carmine Falcone brings in shipments of drugs every week, no one brings him down, why?

    Jim Gordon : He's paid up with the right people.

    Bruce Wayne : What will it take to bring him down?

    Jim Gordon : Leverage on Judge Faden, and a DA brave enough to prosecute.

    Bruce Wayne : Rachel Dawes.

    Jim Gordon : Who are you?

    Bruce Wayne : Watch for my sign.

    Jim Gordon : You're just one man?

    Bruce Wayne : Now we're two.

    Jim Gordon : We?

  • Ra's al Ghul : You are just an ordinary man in a cape! That's why you couldn't fight injustice and that's why you can't stop this train!

    Batman : Who said anything about stopping it?

    [Ra's al Ghul looks up, confused, and sees his own sword jammed into the brake panel] 

    Jim Gordon : [blows up the train supports]  Yes!

    Batman : [reverses his grip and pins Ra's al Ghul to the floor]  You never learned to mind your surroundings!

  • Jim Gordon : [hearing bat sounds]  What is that?

    Batman : Back-up.

    Flass : What the...?

    [bats swarm around Arkham] 

  • Batman : [perched on the railing of a stairway behind Gordon's home]  Storm's coming.

    Jim Gordon : [closing the door to his kitchen where his wife and son are]  The scum is getting jumpy because you stood up to Falcone.

    Batman : It's a start. Your partner was at the docks with Falcone.

    Jim Gordon : Well, he moonlights as a low-level enforcer.

    Batman : They were splitting the shipment in two. Only half went to the dealers.

    Jim Gordon : Why? What about the other half?

    Batman : Flass knows.

    Jim Gordon : He won't talk.

    Batman : He'll talk to me.

    Jim Gordon : Commissioner Loeb set up a massive task force to catch you. He thinks you're dangerous.

    Batman : What do you think?

    Jim Gordon : I think you're trying to help...

    [Gordon looks away momentarily; upon turning back, he finds that Batman has disappeared] 

    Jim Gordon : But I've been wrong before.

  • Lt. James Gordon : The Narrows is tearing itself to pieces.

    Batman : This is just the beginning. If they hit the whole city with toxin, there's nothing to stop Gotham tearing itself apart through mass panic.

    Lt. James Gordon : How are they gonna do that?

    Batman : They'll be using the train.

    [as Batman describes what will happen, we cut to a camera view following the monorail beam] 

    Batman : The monorail follows the water mains to the central hub beneath Wayne Tower. If they get their machine into Wayne station, it'll cause a chain reaction that'll vaporize the entire city's water supply.

    Lt. James Gordon : Covering Gotham in this poison!

    Batman : I'm gonna stop them from loading that train, but I may need your help.

    Lt. James Gordon : What do you need?

    Batman : [holds up the remote to the Tumbler]  Can you drive stick?

  • Loeb : [talking to Gordon on walkie-talkie]  Gordon... there's nobody left to send in.

    [the Tumbler jumps across the river] 

    Lt. James Gordon : So I'm on my own?

  • Jim Gordon : [sideswipes several cars with the Tumbler; grimaces]  Sorry!

  • Flass : [taking a bribe]  Don't suppose you want a taste? I just keep offering, thinking maybe some day you'll get wise.

    Jim Gordon : There's nothing wise in what you do, Flass.

    Flass : Well, Jimbo, you don't take the taste... makes us guys nervous.

    Jim Gordon : I'm no rat! In a town this bent, who's there to rat to anyway?

  • Jim Gordon : We need reinforcements! TAC teams, SWATs, riot cops!

    Loeb : Gordon! Gordon! All the city's riot police are on the island with you.

    Jim Gordon : Well, they're completely incapacitated!

  • Jim Gordon : This guy did deliver us one of the city's biggest crime lords.

    Loeb : No one takes the law into their own hands in my city. Understand?

  • Batman : Well, Sergeant...

    Jim Gordon : It's Lieutenant now.

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