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Ryan Miller25 October 2004
The one thing I noticed while attempting to breathe during this movie was that people were walking out in between bursts of hysterical laughter.

Unfortunately, this movie is not for everyone. I wish it didn't offend some but it does. So, if you want to know whether you will enjoy this film or not, you must answer "yes" to the following:

1. I am not offended by the "F" word. Being repeated 300 times.

2. I am not offended by intense marionette sex.

3. I am not offended by racial satire.

4. I am not offended by ridiculous political satire.

5. I am not a member of the Film Actor's Guild.

If you're like me and have answered "yes" to the above five questions, go see this film. You will laugh so hard it will hurt and you will giggle about it for the next week thereafter.

I have to say that I am very desensitized when it comes these kinds of films, and I'd say that Team America has raised the bar in derogatory humor. But that only made it more hilarious. I give it 5 stars, two thumbs up, 10 out of 10; it was flawless. But...

On the other hand, if you're not like me, you might find yourself walking out by the third time you hear the song, "America, F*** Yeah!"
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Wonderfully poignant satire at a much needed time
shootfromthehip10 October 2004
No Spoilers.

First off, I'd like to say that this film is everything a South Park/Trey Parker devotee could hope for. It's sly, it's vulgar, it's full of gore/profanity/violence/nudity, and it is made entirely with marionettes.

The sheer amount of wit and subversive humor packed into this film is mind boggling, but yet it doesn't bog you down with vague references and really confusing in-jokes. And goddamn, puppets swearing/having sex/killing people/dancing never gets old. NEVER.

The film is actually almost 2 hours long, but as expected, is one which time takes on less relevance. Of course, some people are going to see just how limited Trey Parkers voice talents are, but having 4 different minor character sound exactly the same is always a surefire treat. Take note that a grand total of zero big name actors lend their voice to this film, though Little B**ch(Dian Bachar) does give a little appearance here and there.

The whole film is real. You heard me. Absolutely nothing in this movie (with the exception of the title credits and I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E.) was done with computers. While this may sound impressive on paper, on film it's actually a masterful achievement. While Parker sometimes plays into the film's self-conscious aura and indulges the audience a bit, most scenes are played out to their full puppet potential. I'm sure this film will be a benchmark in the world of puppeteering for years to come, despite it's content.

All in all, it was exactly what I expected (and I have high standards for Parker) and I could not have been happier with the result. A second viewing will be needed, just to take in all the detail of the film, as the sets are lush, elaborate and breathtaking scale models of cities all over the world.

For those who want to bother comparing it to Parkers earlier forays, yes, it is better than Cannibal! and Orgazmo, but does not quite stand up to SP:BLU, but only because BLU had the background and the familiarity factor. After a second viewing, this opinion could very likely change.

In other words, if you like this sort of stuff, you'll love it. If you are iffy on Parker/South Park/libertarian humor, then you will most likely hate it. But what else is new.
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the_insainiak12 December 2004
As much as I hate to admit it, Trey Parker and Matt Stone are actually quite talented in a sick twisted, strange, little way. After laughing my butt off during South Park Bigger, Longer & Uncut, I couldn't wait to see this movie. I was not disappointed.

This could be by far the funniest film this year. The plot is easy to follow, as it borrows from most action flicks you see these days, but the way in which it is made is incredible. The fact that these are puppets is enough to make you laugh throughout the entire film. The jokes are funny and don't fall flat. As I was watching the opening, I thought it might run out of steam as it went on. My ticket said it went for almost 2 hours, and I wondered how it would sustain the entire time. It flew. The film is a guilty pleasure.

And parents, before you take your kids to see this, then complain it was disgusting, please read the R Rating! Sit back, relax and watch, but not with coke in your mouth. It will get spit everywhere.
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Well Worthwhile, But Not For The Squeamish
CTS-12 January 2005
Fans of Parker and Stone's prior efforts will both love this, and know what to expect from this. Politically, no group is left unsatirized: from the idiotic faux-country patriotic music, to know-it-all leftie actors being portrayed as goon puppets (the more self-important members of the Tim Robbins and Sean Penn fan clubs may want to skip this), no group escapes without being ridiculed.

Of course, what one would expect besides savage social commentary is gross-out humor, and that is present in droves. This has the best puppet vomiting scene since "Meet The Feebles." In addition, there is: puppet "marital relations," puppets being blown up, puppets being fed to cats, puppets being fed to sharks... All the puppets are done in the style of "Thunderbirds" (the old TV show, not the dismal failure of a live-action movie). And the songs are hilarious too! "'Pearl Harbor' sucks and I miss you" is one of the funniest songs you will ever hear.
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Puppet Politics
dee.reid16 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers
"Team America: World Police" is a great sendoff to one of the most turbulent times in American history, and "South Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, both equal opportunity offenders, pull no strings (no pun intended) with this hilarious and blazingly satiric model of the United States and its supposed role in world affairs.

But again, what better way is there to remember the tumultuous reign of the U.S. and its War on Terror than to make a movie that satirizes the living hell out of both? Like their previous effort "South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut," they take chances that no other filmmaker in America is ever willing to take, and that is to be as crude and vulgar as humanly possible for 90 minutes straight.

Anyone expecting an anti-Bush treatise like "Fahrenheit 9/11" or a pro-Kerry ad campaign will be sorely mistaken. It's really best that liberals and conservatives both stay as far away from this movie as possible, as they both get their fair share of bashing. Parker and Stone have even said that anyone who thinks it should be used to sway votes is a "f**king idiot." America itself seems to be at the top of their hit list, or at least American bravado is.

As a casual fan of "South Park," I understand that Trey Parker and Matt Stone go to the extreme in making fun of American culture and lampooning people they don't like. Already they've gotten "fan" mail from Sean Penn, who is understandably upset over his portrayal in the film, as well as several other liberal celebrities who are portrayed as being backstabbing morons.

But I'm not really here to argue political bias in this film (George W. Bush has got to go come November 2nd, in case anyone wants to know), and the perfect satire has come to fuel the fire of the most important election in United States history.

"Team America: World Police" is hugely inspired by the "Thunderbirds" marionette cartoons that aired during the 1960s, and it shows us a TEAM of Americans that POLICE the WORLD. North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il has weapons of mass destruction and has implemented plans to use them. So Team America goes to work to foil his evil plans. In doing so, they lay waste to several world landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Sphinx, and the Egyptian pyramids.

"America" parades through virtually every action movie cliché imaginable, most notably from the films of producer Jerry Bruckheimer, whose "Pearl Harbor" (2001) gets lampooned the worst; they even hit "Top Gun" (1986).

There is no question that "Team America: World Police" is inspired and imaginative film-making, made by two creative geniuses who LOVE to push the envelope anywhere they can. Liberal Hollywood celebrities get some of the worst bashing here, with political gadfly Michael Moore playing the part of a hot dog-munching suicide bomber and Alec Baldwin as the leader of the Film Actors Guild (F.A.G., get it?). But conservatives aren't off the hook either, as their politics of U.S. intervention in every world affair is taken to ridiculous heights, hence the title "World Police."

"Team America: World Police" is a brilliant satire of our times, of course that doesn't make it safe from the detractors who claim that Parker and Stone are irresponsible morons. Indeed, there are smarter ways to approach such sensitive material, but Parker and Stone aren't intellectuals who are out to change the world, they're just two guys who like to fool around and make people laugh.

"Team America: World Police" - 10/10
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The very funny highs make up for any of the lows...
starbase_742 December 2004
I went into Team America expecting to see something along the lines of South Park humor, and I wasn't disappointed.

If you can't stand South Park's humor, you won't enjoy this at all. The use of marionettes was an unusual choice, but thanks to the great puppetry and designs, they work very well.

The story is just really there to serve the increasingly twisted humor of Trey and Matt's vision. And it works perfectly. There are at least three scenes which made the audience (and me) in the theater laugh out very loud - that is something that very few comedies in recent times have been able to accomplish.

I was surprised how much I enjoyed Team America; but then I really enjoy South Park. A very entertaining (adult) cinematic excursion for the South Park creators, and an impressive display of puppetry skills (for which the sex scenes will be remembered! :)
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Oh you guys are bad
ablobofbrowngoo31 December 2004
I'm sure plenty of parochial critics will berate this film for anti-American values during the current "war on terror"....BUT...the great thing about this film is that no one is spared being mocked. This bears the standard of a great film by expressing the ironies innate in every argument in this quasi-political tale; from socialist Michael Moore, fashionably charitable celebrities to the terrorists and the, ahem "world police." This couldn't be more accurately summed up than in one of the funniest ever analogies that is employed in this film; the "Dic*s, P*ssies, and a*s*holes, argument." This film also wonderfully parodies the standard conventions and cliché's of the action film genre to create an entertaining, and gleefully controversial film.
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Irreverently Hysterical. 'No One' is safe!
FilmFan7779 October 2004
Just came back from a pre-screening and I 'Loved It' No, it's not for kids in the least, total adult humor. Helps a bit if your politically savvy and know a bit about the Hollywood political types, yet either way, if you like South Park type of humor, your in for a load full of laughs.

They creatively took most every corny film shot you could think of, plenty of down right nasty language, marionettes getting shot and blown up in some pretty disgusting ways, parody songs that would make anyone blush, pop shots at world leaders, actors (big time), and anyone else you could think of and hit a home run with this as far as I'm concerned.

I wont say anymore except that these guys did a great job with this idea and I think it's going to make a mint! If you take it all in humorous perspective and not personally, (have some fun with it), this movie can take the laugh breath right out of you. As it did the whole audience just within the first 15 minutes without even a chance for a second breath.

Crude, rude, shrewd, corny, sexual, homophobic, nasty and irreverent will only begin to describe..."Team America World Police" I hope you enjoy it.
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A Nutshell Review: Team America World Police
DICK STEEL24 February 2005
This movie is crude, rude, politically incorrect, but hell yeah, a whole lot of fun! Well, what do you expect from the makers of South Park?

The setting of the movie is Today - in the wake of 9/11 and of transnational terrorism. Team America's the world police, equipped with "Thunderbirds"-like firepower and fancy transportation, whose mission is to strike at terrorists around the world. And what more, the main baddie's North Korea's Kim Jong Il and his band of middle eastern terrorist posse with WMD... hmm... a little too close to reality for comfort?

This film is so full of itself/America that it gets most of its laughs from there. From location settings that takes reference point from America, to the current inane insensitivity of American forces on foreign soil, to pointing fingers at bad Intelligence, it is all insane fun from the beginning when pandemonium strikes, that you start to wonder who actually does more damage - Team America, or the terrorists themselves.

Another highlight of this movie is the songs! When you first hear the Team America Theme, with it's "America! F* YEAH!", you know you'd had better pay attention to the lyrics of songs to come, some of which pokes fun at Pearl Harbour, pokes fun at film-making (the use of montages), and you even have Kim Jong Il doing a solo number! As with most slapstick comedies, sometimes you just gotta spoof some classics, which includes Star Wars, Matrix and Top Gun. Also, if you enjoy MTV's Celebrity Deathmatch, then you'll also enjoy the numerous fight sequences in Team America, which is just as creative in its decapitations, and as bloody.

Another infamous scene that got a lot of attention, was the sex scene between 2 lead puppets. It's no holds barred, puppetry porn. Whatever positions you can think of, it's mimicked on screen. Moreover, the conversational dialogue that led them to making love, is totally inane.

Look out for appearances by familiar Hollywood faces, and political figures like Hans Blix, Tony Blair, etc, used without their kind permission more like, as they're put in really bad, but hilarious, light.

America, F* YEAH!
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Brilliant puppet movie
froboz27 November 2004
I love South Park and the straight-faced satire of Matt Parker and Trey Stone. They always have a humanist and old-fashioned naturalist approach to show the weaknesses in the limited and fashionable ideas in modern USA. They do their satire not by exposure, but by explosion: the ideas blow up in your face. Like when Matt Stone himself, interviewed in "Making Of South Park", says: "you know, we expect a lot of our people, but when they show up at the office, we're already there, and when they leave, we're still there, you know what I mean, and they can see how hard we work, and that, I think that inspires them, to work all the harder, for us". He delivers this line with such a straight face that you are lured into a semiautomatic approval of Calvinist work ethics, even if you know he's just joking. You might at times even feel insecure about where the satire ends: is it a joke about a joke? What does Matt and Trey *actually* think? *Do* they come first to the office every morning? You can't even save yourself by rolling the eyes and saying "of course not, you fool".

"Team America: World Police" is a puppet animation which is almost self-evident by it's title. The world police is a small team of vigilante puppets that fight world terrorism. In the opening of the movie you soon see them cheerfully destroy the Eifell tower in a fight against semitic-looking terrorists in Paris... and you get the joke. But when they are critized by Hollywood actors for this act of destruction, the critics are exposed as hypocrites that actually work for the evil terrorism of the world. In fact, we will see the workings of a 'republican conspiracy theory' turn real. Typical Matt and Trey!

The movie is a lot of laughs, and makes fun of an endless row of Hollywood clichés and has tons of movie references. The satire is never done plumply. You will listen to patriotic country music almost thinking you hear the real thing.
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Kim Jong Il on a string
caspian197821 October 2004
It's not Gone With the Wind, but it is a great movie! Parker & Stone push the envelope again and again in this off the wall comedy that would make Jim Henson stand up and cheer. Any comedy that portrays Kim Jong Il as a lonely, confused and mad dictator deserves an audience. The creators of South Park pock fun at politics, celebrities, terrorism, James Bond, and puppets, while also creating a funny and well done musical soundtrack that is better than the South Park Musical / Comedy. Off the wall for most of the movie, the puppets having sex only is worth accepting this movie into the cinematic hall of fame. The vomit scene, the death of Kim Jong Il, the musical score, the montage parody and the production value are all worth it. A movie for all South Park fans, this blows (literally) Base-ket Ball out of the theater.
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Great moments do not make a great movie
Stuart McMillen22 April 2005
After the terrorism events of the early 2000s comes 'Team America: World Police' by Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the team behind South Park. I'm a pretty big fan of South Park and 'That's My Bush!', but have found the other movies that they've been involved with in the past (Orgasmo and BASEketball) to be pretty sub-par.

Firstly, I'll just say that the puppets and the puppeteering work in this movie is very impressive; it certainly would have taken a long time to build all the sets and choreograph the numerous puppets that are on screen at each time.

As to the MOVIE itself, there were some fantastic moments in this film (eg: 'montage', the early marriage proposal, 'there are three kinds of people'), but however these weren't enough to hold up the whole film, as many of the scenes were pretty boring, with no jokes (or worse, repetition of jokes that have already been used). Also, unlike similar shows/movies like South Park, you just didn't CARE about what happened to the Team America members; they were just there to facilitate the story line.

As I said earlier, even though there are some great jokes here, that is not enough to make the MOVIE as a whole great. Team America is good for a watch, but don't expect a classic comedy movie. 5/10
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TEAM America....F**K YEA!!
sarahalub15 April 2006
Satarical, crude, and vulgar...this film is NOT to be missed.

Who would've thought that puppets swearing, having sex and killing people for two hours could be so hilarious. More to the point, who would've thought it would end up being as sharp, intelligent and socially relevant as it is...absolute genius.

Everyone gets ripped to shreds in this little gem of a film, no-one is spared...not even Matt Damon.

So if you're expecting a anti-Bush, anti-republican type of film,(a la Fahrenheit 9/11) then you're sadly mistaken. This film is a scathing attack of absolutely every aspect of the 'War on Terror', even the conscientious celebrities, and the ranting hot-dog munching Michael Moore.

not only do these guys manage to insult everyone, they even manage to throw in some parodies of other films- the action sequence in France at the start is the FUNNIEST thing I've seen this year, and the 'American' attack on Terror, in the style of so many Hollywood big budget Action films, actually had me crying with laugher.

Anyone who watches this film will totally GET the jokes-(apart from Bush maybe?)and if you're a south park fan already you will NOT be disappointed. The bit with 'lease' the musical...i rewound that bit about 5 times. So wrong, and yet so funny.

Bet the makers of 'Thunderbirds' are really p*ssed off.
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Shows Trey Parker and Matt Stone can do more work outside of South Park,they should do more,
FilmBuff199414 June 2012
Team America World Police is a hilarious movie from the same genius minds that brought us South Park,Trey Parker and Matt Stone.Since this film,the two haven't done anything outside of South Park because of the box office results of this film,but that shouldn't matter to them because Team America was well received,and if they made a second one it would probably be successful.They should do more outside of the South Park series,another South Park movie,another Team America or a completely different new series or movie,because they are hilarious and as much as I love the show South Psrk,I think they should do some more outside of the show.

A team that protects the United States from terrorists gets a new member,Gary,who is a terrific actor so they get him to disguise as a terrorist and find out what there up to.It turns out Kim Jong-Il has a big plan involving American celebrities.The end of this movie delivers a good message.
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Team America takes no prisoners (and shoots itself in the foot)
roland-10419 November 2005
This satirical puppet show - made by the creators of the animated "South Park" series on Comedy Central - takes no prisoners in ridiculing almost everyone and everything in the worlds of geopolitics and entertainment.

"Team America" is a small, elite U.S. paramilitary airborne strike force that goes after rogues and terrorists world wide. Their headquarters are hidden within the presidential heads at Mount Rushmore, and they are led by a square jawed older guy who is supposed to be played by Charlton Heston. Their methods can be heavy handed, resulting in such minor nuisances as the destruction of the Eiffel Tower and the Sphinx, but, hey, what matters is making the world a safer place, right?

Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld/Wolfowitz Neocon world imperialism is the major target here, but their opponents, especially among liberal entertainers - folks like George Clooney and Alec Baldwin - also come in for some pretty stiff lampooning. (Baldwin, by the way, was one of those people who promised to leave the U.S. if Bush was reelected but he hasn't followed as of this writing– no, that's not in the movie, it's real.)

But the featured antihero here is Kim Jong-il, the North Korean dictator and fanatic movie buff, who flatters Baldwin into headlining a show for an international conference at which he plans to demonstrate his destruction of the world. Kim is made out to be a simple, lonely soul at heart, somebody who just needs somebody.

Team America itself is full of internal dysfunction: bereavement, jealousies, resentments and infatuations dominate the preoccupations of this little coed killer squad, perhaps one reason why they screw up their missions with some regularity. There is one imaginative lovemaking sequence between two team members that should inspire kids everywhere to reach for their video cameras and their Barbie and Ken dolls.

The problem here is one of excess. This film is chock full of good ideas but has spun out of control trying to squeeze in too many of them. Jonathan Swift said, "Satire is a sort of glass, wherein beholders do generally discover everybody's face but their own." Filmmakers Trey Parker and Matt Stone even ridicule their own artistic process here. They rejected software that would have made the lip movements of the puppets perfectly synchronized with the dubbed voices, because it would have made the puppet talk too perfect. Likewise, they go out of their way to have the puppets move clumsily: their walking and dancing is especially and purposely sloppy.

In violating Swift's definition, Parker and Stone go too far, and end with a work of across-the-board nihilistic negation that leaves the viewer with only little boy silliness – a giggle toward everything and everyone - for sustenance. Besides, who gives a hang about Alec Baldwin? My rating: 6/10 (B-). (Seen on 11/12/05). If you'd like to read more of my reviews, send me a message for directions to my websites.
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Hilarious Satire to the Contemporary World
Claudio Carvalho11 April 2007
The North American anti-terrorist force Team America attacks a group of terrorist in Paris. Later, the leader of the organization, Spottswoode, invites the famous Broadway actor Gary Johnston to join his world police and work undercover in Cairo in a terrorist organization and disclose their plan of destroying the world. The Team America destroys the cell of terrorists, but then the Panama Canal is attacked by the criminals as a payback. Gary feels responsible for the death of many innocents and leaves the counter-terrorism organization. When the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong II, joins a group of pacifist actors and actresses with the intention of using weapons of massive destruction, the Team America tries to avoid the destruction of the world.

"Team America: World Police" is a hilarious satire to the contemporary world, most specifically the position and attitudes of the USA as the "world police" and of some Hollywood actors and actresses outside the cinema. The very first sequence with Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum and Arc of Triumph being completely destroyed and the Team America celebrating their victory is impressive and extremely funny, holding the attention of the viewer for the rest of the movie. The dialogs, songs and situations are incredible and the DVD is simply fantastic, having one of the best "making of" ever, disclosing in details how this film was made. The teams of professionals involved in this production are really composed of creative artists of first-rate. It is amazing to see the details of the scenarios, puppets and puppeteers and how the components have been manufactured. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Team América - Detonando o Mundo" ("Team America - Blowing the World")
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an instant cult comedy hit (emphasis on 'cult', won't be for everyone)
MisterWhiplash13 October 2004
Trey Parker and Matt Stone, at least for what they know as comedians and filmmakers, do their jobs well for their intended audience. The people who will want to see this are likely already fans via South Park, or perhaps by way of Cannibal: the Musical! or BASEketball. And like their past projects, they incorporate everything they can work with (i.e. the most extreme exaggerations imaginable by way of influences of Monty Python, Broadway musicals, Troma, and the presence of celebrities in the media) and take it a step further. By looking at just the idea of having a film where every single speaking or non-speaking role are made by puppets on strings (first parody being Thunderbirds, which luckily doesn't wear off as a novelty but stays fresh through numerous visual gags) brings to question if they're trying to make a big social point about the state of the world, or if they just want to try something new, challenging, and wacky. The latter might be the more rightful argument.

I could go into the plot, however there is nothing crucial to divulge. Chiefly, the film takes on the story conventions ingrained in the kinds of summer blockbusters Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer produce (there's even a reference somewhere about Pearl Harbor), involving a team of elite fighters who stop terrorists with WMD's all around the world. But with the emergence of Kim Jong Il the brutal, Elvis-hair dictator, and the Film Actor's Guild (or F.A.G.), they plan to stop the team. While America's now current President and his opponent are left out of the fun, most of what has been up for grabs satirically is in this film. What ensues from start to finish are a string (no pun intended) of gags involving anything and everything to get a laugh out of the obvious, the subtle, the obscene, and the stupid.

Parker, Stone, and co-writer Pam Brady, are ambitious with this film, and aside from the sometimes ludicrous nature of the punch lines, the point of the film (while appropriately convoluted by way of the blockbuster genre) isn't lost on me. Is America bad, good, or neutral in its actions as world police officers? The point might be lost on some, though, and some of the gags don't work as well as the best ones. But when the film delivers, it's on par with the boys' best work. The sheer audacity of the production is one that's so original and outrageous that you sometimes might laugh at yourself for laughing. By the time the climax of the film hits in the heart of North Korea, all bets are off. Team America: World Police doesn't try for the kind of dead-pan satire of say Dr. Strangelove. It's more akin to Airplane! That is if it were made by a couple of unhinged, often smart-ass couple of guys as if let loose in the film studio to run rampant. Some jokes may just fly over your head, which is perhaps all the better- it's the kind of film I'll want to see again with a bunch of friends.

So, "terrorists, TERRORIZE THIS!"
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Team America, just say F*** yeah!
Alexander Pezzano22 February 2015
When this movie came out, I absolutely hated it! I thought it was just a cheap money grab and it was terrible, well, that's when I had a wife and a kid. But I decided to watch it myself and see how it is (because I was ready to throw it away) and guess what. I absolutely loved it! Just that first song made me sing along and all the jokes in it were hilarious! The story it pretty simple and a G I joe clone but just better.

Most people take this movie for granted saying its over rated and used and all that crap (mostly because they were just church scientists ;) ) but don't listen to them.

That being said, this is Not a family film and I have no plans for my son watching this until he's 18, but watch it with your mates and your cousins and you'll be fine

Really great movie, 10/10. A masterpiece

See you next time, Alex
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Hilarious most of the time, but annoying at others
FairlyAnonymous23 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
Team America: World Police is a hilarious movie in both premise and in action. The fact that the entire movie is made with marionette dolls is not only funny but clever. The other great thing about this movie is that it is a good satire of America and just about everyone. That is the nice thing about this movie: It should offend everyone equally.

The movie follows the premise of Team America having to stop Kim Jong-il before he destroys most of world with weapons of mass destruction. The movie is careful enough to make this premise work by adding many hilarious and weird moments so that the movie never becomes truly offensive (particularly when is shows Islamic stereotypes). One of the greatest things about this movie is that it takes advantage of the marionette dolls and essentially "breaks the fourth-wall" without the characters ever being aware. This is done by a lot of gags that involve how stupid the dolls move and just how absurd everything is. Sometimes the dolls don't walk properly, sometimes props seem to mess up, heck; a giant statue of Kim Jong-Il is literally a guy wearing bronze makeup and standing still. This is where a lot of the movie's best jokes come from: The design jokes and the satire jokes.

But then, there is the weaker side to this movie: The crude jokes. While some of them work, a lot of them don't. Now I know people will say "You either like South Park humour or you don't" (This is made by Trey and Matt, after all) but that isn't it. The problem is that the crude jokes don't add anything to the movie... and they aren't even funny. For one scene, the main character has give oral-sex to another man to be accepted as a member of Team America. This scene is referenced multiple times in the movie, but it was never funny to begin with. Just because something is crude, doesn't mean it is funny. It is only funny if it is executed properly. Just saying crude dialogue isn't funny in itself.

Unfortunately, the last third of the movie focuses mostly on crude humour for most of its jokes which makes the movie feel like a real drag. Instead of having witty satire and funny parodies in the first half, it tries to outdo itself in the final act. For some reason the movie thinks that the only way to outdo clever humour is with non- clever humour.

Fortunately, the first two thirds of the movie are pretty funny and unique. I wouldn't say the third act of the movie didn't have funny jokes--because it was still funny--but it seemed to get caught up at times and is essentially the weakest point of the film. The intro to this film is also probably one of the funniest moments.

The main reason why I like this film is for its originality and how many weird and obscure hidden "marionette" jokes are in it.
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America!!! F*** Yeah! Team America is funny all the way!
ironhorse_iv5 July 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is so amazing hilarious. The world needs more Marionette movies like this. I haven't saw many like this, before and many like this, after. The script for this film was actually Plan B from Trey Parker and Matt Stone of South Park, television fame in making a marionette movie. Their first idea was filming a 2004's The Day After Tomorrow or 1998's Armageddon, environment type movie with the puppets. Since, they couldn't secure the rights to the 'Day After Tomorrow' script. They fought for the remake of 1960's Thunderbirds puppet television show, script, only to get turn down when they found out that the studio that got it, wanted it to film it in live action. While the script did go on, to become a live action film, release in 2004 with Bill Paxton in the main role and a different director. It was deeply disappointing. Matt Stone & Trey Parker would use their notes for their Thunderbirds film, and rewrite it as Team America: World Police. Indeed, they really wanted to make a marionette movie. I really dig the puppet work, because a lot of hard work, went into it. The film had a troubled time in production, with various problems regarding the marionettes, as well as the scheduling extremes of having the film come out in time. I give the movie props to how detail the sets, were, and the puppets being used. It felt like we did come into their world. Household objects were used as props in order. It's fun looking for these items as Easter eggs throughout the film. Honestly, the movie wouldn't had work, if it wasn't done by puppets. The puppets really gives the film, its unique comedic look, and style. It's funny, watching the puppet move slightly odd. It is fun to watch them get killed off in outrageous deaths or trying to perform actions scenes. It's shocking to even, see puppets having a sex scene. The version of this scene in the uncut unrated DVD version is much more graphic and much longer. While, it's play for laughs, it's pretty pornographic. What made the movie, even better is the sociopolitical comedy film about United States political position about trying to police the world, post 9/11. No historic landmark is spared in their quest to take out potential threats to the United States. You can really see the tongue in cheek nature of being over-patriotism, while also see the over the top pacifists society of America. The film is an also a satire of big-budget action films, using clichés and stereotypes to get through the humorous emphasis on the global implications of the politics of the United States at the time. Team America focuses on a fictional team of political paramilitary policemen known as "Team America: World Police," who hired an Broadway actor, Gary Johnston (Voiced by Trey Parker) get inside information on the next terrorist attack, that is being plot by Kim Jong-il (Also voiced By Trey Parker). The supporting voice work by Kristen Miller, Matt Stone, Daran Norris and others were all great in their roles. The film also boasts the occasional musical number, from a 'Rent' musical spoof of 'Everybody got AIDS' to 'I'm so roney' sung by Kim Jong Il about how lonely it is to be an evil dictator. The main theme song is pretty damn, catchy. 2001's Pearl Harbor film by Michael Bay also gets it pretty hard as there's a whole song pretty much detailing why it sucks Yes, the film is very controversy. The film has racist stereotypes, sexual derogatory words, some gross potty humor, and constant profanity. The filmmakers had to fight with the Motion Picture Association of America for Rated R, after getting NC-17 rating, a number of times. The film was recut by a few seconds and rated R. It's really hard to think that this film is NC-17. I saw worst animation type movies than this, get PG like 1986's, Howard the Duck. This movie was at less, watchable. This R-Rating movie isn't for children, so don't get confused by the animations and decide to let small children, watch the film. Still, the film had a really good message toward adults. There is an amazing speech in the end that all comedy and satire, but really, that speech still is valid to what's going on with the world. Like South Park, there are plenty of celebrity caricatures here, that can make you, laugh your head off. My favorite had to be the Matt Damon puppet. Parker and Stone had a particular beef with Michael Moore and took it out on his character due to 1999's Bowling for Columbine documentary in which it seems like Moore made them in favor of his position when they weren't. The only celebrity that took really offend on his portrayal in the film had to be Sean Penn, who took the film as an insult to helping out war torn countries. While, I'm a huge fan of his work, I did think Sean Penn took the movie, too serious. Other celebrities just ignored it, or laugh it off, but Sean Penn really made headlines with this feud against the movie. It only help gather free promoting to go, see the film to the normal audience member. Americans need to be able to laugh at themselves and I found it to be, a very smart comedy. Overall: Team America: World Police delivers the laughs and it's worth the watch.
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Mastery of a another medium
Phil Carmody (FatPhil)26 March 2006
Parker and Stone have yet again shown that they can take a deliberately limited medium, and, working with its restrictions rather than fighting against them, produce a poignant yet comical delight.

Like SP:BL&U, both the script and the songs are packed with "did they really just say that" moments. Many of the vignettes will be easily-recognisable borrowings from many sources. Of course the action movie clichés are there by the bucket-load, but you'll also see Monty Python too. Mind your step.

A must see for anyone hyperemetically sick of action movies or out-of-control presidents.
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Those puppets creep me out, man...
Derek23730 October 2005
Hopefully I'm not the only person to see this movie and feel a little uneasy at first. It took me a while to decompress to the puppet environment. But after I could emerge myself in the movie I felt better though in the back of my mind I was always just a bit freaked out by those puppets. But, this is irrelevant.

Matt Stone and Trey Parker usually have some interesting, skewed comment to make on our society with their hit show South Park, and with Team America, I was expecting a huge satire on America's war-crazy antics. While it does have some of that, I think it really ends up more of a satire of Jerry Bruckhiemer-type films and the blatant American jingoism underlying in them. There's nothing really wrong with that except it ends up being more just a bunch of crazy stuff happening instead of having that kind of comment that the South Park episodes may have.

I really laughed my ass off during this movie. The songs like, "America: F**k yeah," the puppet sex scene, the big speech at the end, and the hilarious "MATT DAMOOONNN" line are just some things that make this a hilarious, wacky...puppet movie. As far as raunchy comedies go, I don't think you can get much raunchier than this. Team America: World Police wasn't as clever as I hoped it would be, but it was funnier than I could ever expect.

Last but certainly not least, I would also like to comment on the performance by one of my heroes, Maurice LeMarche, who played the voice of Alec Baldwin. LeMarche is probably best known for his voice work as "The Brain" from "Pinky and the Brain," and it was great to see his incredible talent added to this movie. It was the highlight of the entire thing for me.

My rating: 7/10
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"We have no INTELLIGENCE!"
Having seen a lot of action movies in my life, I love the way this picture from the creators of SOUTH PARK makes fun of the various clichés. THe puppet work is excellent, but I wonder what Gerry Anderson would think if he saw this picture.

There is one rather gross bit at one point which I thought was totally gratuitous but the movie overall is very funny as it gets at the Gung Ho jingoism of some action films. Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Maurice La Marche and the rest of the voice cast are very good in their performances and nobody it seems is safe from the parody as people like MIchael Moore, Matt Damon, Sean Penn etc. are given a thorough roasting. Some people may see this picture as tasteless but I love it. It's an excellent parody.
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Fightin against the world stupidity
Carlos Fresnedo8 April 2005
Yesterday I watched this amusing movie, and besides laughing, it made me think. As European, I wanted to argue in favor of TA that I don't consider that this made in particular against any country, if not against the stupidity that we are tolerating in our lives: manipulation informative, false rumors tried as news and ill wills among people and countries that are a total fallacy. And the fight of Parker and Stone, and the rest of the film team is positive: to remove our asses of the armchair while we laugh and also realize us that this it is the same and dear world for all of us. I believe that it deserves to view it with a wide open mind.
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Freedom costs a buck o' Five (minor spoilers)
littlemes10 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Terrorists are out there, hating you and your freedom! That's why we have Team America: World Police watching your back. There's nothing they won't destroy in the name of freedom! Freedom ain't free, you know! F**k yeah!

Gary Johnston is recruited fresh from his Broadway appearance in Lease: The Musical to assist Team America, the elite force standing between us and the countries that hate us. After a successful and over-destructive mission in Cairo, a Central American dam is destroyed, killing thousands. Will Gary confront his demons and lend the US a hand after the rest of the team is captured? He'd better figure out who to pledge his allegiance to soon, 'cause North Korea's Kim Jong Il and his followers are stocking up on WMDs and they know how to use 'em.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone (South Park, Orgazmo) take their blend of 'tude and social commentary back to the big screen and crank it up to 11, making it into the most overamped action/comedy/musicals ever made-starring puppets. Yes, those glassy-eyed actors on screen aren't stoned, over-surgeried A-listers..Trey and Matt emulate the style of Gerry Anderson's THUNDERBIRDS series of the 60's, using wooden and plastic marionettes to take down evil.

Let the 'controversy' bell ring: Trey and Matt manage to send up everyone-nobody is spared: Foreign policy, our military industrial complex, blind patriotism, left-wingers, right-wingers, cause-driven celebrities, and every 'bigger is better' action flick of the past 20 years.

I did mention this is all played for laughs, right? Stop making your protest sign.

From the deadpan delivery of every eye-rolling line you've heard in action films, the hilariously profane 'moralizing' speeches, the action and mayhem (at least one national landmark is blown to bits in every mission to another country), the fight scenes (often merely jamming and tangling the puppets together), to the complete destruction of most of Hollywood's left-leaning activists, you will either fall out of your chair laughing or be reaching for your coat five minutes in. If you've seen South Park you know what you're in for. The love scene alone will make you either pre-order the DVD or write an angry letter to your congressman.

Trey manages to sneak in some more clever songs as well; while not as music-dependent as South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut was, he still manages to sneak in some toe-tappers such as the energizing 'Team America: F**k yeah!' to 'I'm Ronery,' where Kim Jong Il laments life at the top of the villain food chain. A later tune 'Pearl Harbor (the movie) Sucked' surely tugs at the heartstrings.. They even manage to recycle the 'Montage!' song from South Park for, well, the token training montage. So prove your patriotism and check it out, citizen! You're either with us or against us.
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