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An Enjoyable Light Comedy
christian1239 August 2005
Percy Jones (Bernie Mac) is trying to protect his daughter Theresa (Zoe Saldana) from ending up with the wrong guy, and though he does a thorough background check on her new boyfriend Simon (Ashton Kutcher), there's only one thing his research didn't tell him. He's white and he wants to marry his daughter.

The "meeting the parents" premise has been done to death recently with Monster-in Law and Meet the Fockers being the most recent films. However, what the film lacks in originality, it makes it up with laughs. There were a lot of funny moments and the movie hardly ever got boring. However, most of the funny bits were used in the trailer and this makes the jokes a little less effective since they are already expected. Also, the repeat value of the movie is very low. It's worth watching once but that's pretty much it. I don't think that's a bad thing since most light comedies are like that.

I think the film works well because of the two leads. Both Bernie Mac and Ashton Kutcher give funny performances and they have nice chemistry together. Their scenes were the best and they never felt forced. Zoe Saldana also gives a good performance and she has come a long way from appearing in Crossroads. Most of the supporting actors are also funny including Judith Scott, who plays Bernie Mac's wife. Mike Epps also makes a cameo though it wasn't that good.

Kevin Rodney Sullivan directs and he only does an okay job. The first half of the film is pretty funny and the racial issues are handled lightly. During the second half, the film becomes all serious and it's kind of awkward. The director ditches the laughs for awhile and he approaches the issue in a mature manner. It kind of works but some of the serious scenes felt fake. It seemed like the actors were about to burst out laughing at any second and the film also got kind of dull. The ending was surprisingly strong though. The changes of tone in the film worked out okay but they weren't as effective as they could have been. In the end, Guess Who is worth a rental, nothing more though. Rating 7/10
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Bernie Mac still makes this movie a pleasant one.
Boba_Fett113830 May 2008
Of course this movie is mostly being blasted because it was released so shortly after the success of "Meet the Parents" and "Meet the Fockers", which uses the exact some concept. Only difference with this movie is that it's about an interracial couple. But also when you look beyond this and ignore the fact that this movie is basically the interracial version of "Meet the Parents", it just isn't a great movie because for a comedy its surely lacking. Basically Bernie Mac was the only reason that I still found this movie to be an enjoyable one to watch.

Perhaps biggest problem is that the movie is too predictable. No not just with its story, I mean basically everyone already knows in advance how this movie is going to end but also comical wise the movie is too predictable. They surely didn't came up with a whole lot of original moments and because everything happens in such a predictable manner, the comedy also just doesn't always work out.

The movie could had been a better one, had it handled its subject of an interracial relationship better. That way the movie could perhaps had send out a message but it doesn't really does so now. The movie doesn't take away any stereotypes, instead it only sort of confirms them and it happily does so, in order to provide the movie with racial-typed humor. Somehow I have the feeling that it perhaps could had worked out better had the guy been black and the girl white and so her parents, who they are visiting, as was the case in the original movie this movie got based on; "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner", staring Spencer Tracy, Sidney Poitier and Katharine Hepburn, which was also a drama rather than a comedy. Even though I haven't seen that movie yet I still am sure of it that that movie its theme worked out better, perhaps also because it was a '60's movie when interracial relationships obviously were still a bigger issue. Seriously, when I take a black girl or Asian or whatever home one of these my parents surely won't make a big issue out of it at all. So isn't this a movie a bit too outdated already with its theme and only relevant had it been made about 40 years ago? That is if the film-makers intentions were to take away the stereotypes and reluctances and intolerability of people towards interracial relationship but I have the idea that the film-makers simply dropped this idea and intentions and went for a simple full-blood comedy instead.

I haven't seen Bernie Mac in an awful lot of movies, also since he started out pretty late white his acting career but so far I have always liked him in his comical roles. He plays it serious and sarcastic rather than over-the-top funny which makes him such a great and hilarious actor in my opinion. It's also mostly his movie in my opinion and Asthon Kutcher gets pushed more to the background by him, even though Ashton Kutcher surely ain't a bad actor either, no matter what other people always say about him.

A comedy you can surely do without but when you decide to watch it you'll still be most likely lightly entertained by it.

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an "edgy" comedy without the edge
Buddy-5126 June 2006
When it was released in 1967, "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" was acclaimed as a "breakthrough" film for its lighthearted, yet serious, depiction of an interracial romance. In the years since, society has moved so far in the direction of acceptance of so-called "mixed marriages" that any remake is bound to feel, at least to some extent, superfluous and anachronistic. And that is exactly the case with "Guess Who," a 2005 update whose abbreviated title is only the first of the many changes the filmmakers have rung on the Stanley Kramer original.

The screenwriters' first alteration involves switching the race roles, so that it is now a black family having to accept a white male as a prospective in-law rather than the other way around. Bernie Mac assumes the Spencer Tracy role as the father whose world is turned upside down when his beloved daughter brings a Caucasian boyfriend (Ashton Kutcher as a white Sidney Poitier) home to meet the family. On the distaff side, we have Judith Scott taking over for Katherine Hepburn as the understanding mother and Zoe Saldana replacing Katherine Houghton as the freethinking daughter.

Since interracial marriage is no longer the hot-button issue it once was, the filmmakers have been forced to inject a number of other non-race-related plot complications into the mix to develop and maintain the conflict and drama. Thus, we have Kutcher trying to hide the fact from both his fiancé and her family that he has recently quit his high-paying job at a prestigious firm and that he may, in fact, be the target of a securities-and-exchange commission probe. Indeed, with Kutcher spending most of his time trying to win over his critical and overbearing future father-in-law, "Guess Who" feels more like a remake of "Meet the Parents" than of "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner." The real problem with "Guess Who" is that it rarely has the courage of its convictions. Having decided to tackle a relatively dicey topic, the film too often drops the issue in favor of scenes that wouldn't pass muster even on a third-rate sitcom. For every scene that is incisive and daring - i.e. Kutcher telling a series of black jokes at the family dinner table - there is another that is pure Hollywood hokum (Mac and Kutcher sleeping in the same bed together, Mac and Kutcher having a go-cart race to determine who has the higher testosterone level and the greater machismo, etc.).

All of the performers are fine, especially Mac and Kutcher in the lead roles. However, they just haven't been given very sophisticated material to work with here. "Guess Who" might have been a better film had it aimed more for genuine, hard-edged satire and less for lowbrow slapstick and predictable romantic comedy sentimentality.

Still, it's been 38 years since "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" first shocked the nation with its in-your-face defiance of miscegenation laws, and the world has since moved on to other issues of social injustice and marital definition. Which is why, in the year 2005, "Brokeback Mountain" was a breakthrough film and "Guess Who" was not.
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What Can Sony Pictures Think of You?
filmxfer6 April 2005
To take a work of pure genius (Guess Who's Coming To Dinner / Stanley Kramer 1967) and turn it into a Bernie mac, Ashton Kutcher roll reversal. I have nothing against the actors in this film... BUT! The original still stands strong as a cinematic masterpiece. Reviewing the troubled historic times past. Any comedic treatment of this classic work is nothing more than panhandling.

You can rent or buy the original for under $10. Sydney Portier was and is his generation. Don't be fooled, This series of remakes being spit out by the studios are simply because they already have the rights to the films and they will be the only ones making money. But the best question is what will they remake in 20 years from now.

Don't buy any of it!
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Entertaining with an apt social comment
starsniper1321 December 2006
'Guess Who' is a good reflection of the changes in society since the Sydney Portier version was made many decades ago. Ashton Kutcher is an underrated comedic actor, who despite his good looks, can still be quite goofy and amusing. The movie raises good points about reverse racism, people's continuing prejudices and the pressures society puts on 'mixed-race' couples. I think the director and writers found a happy medium that allowed issues to be raised while at the same time keeping the movie light-hearted, funny and entertaining. If you are looking for something meaningful and entertaining at the same time, with a touch of romance and some eye candy, this is the movie for you!
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Tony the Tiger says, "It'sssss...not that great"
AJ-Critico5 April 2005
It wasn't horrible, don't get me wrong. However, if you are going out to see a good romantic-comedy type movie I would suggest something else. Hitch for example. 'Hitch' is everything this movie is not. It is funny, fast paced, with great chemistry between actors, and a good leading male in Will Smith. 'Guess Who' however was incredibly predictable and slow moving at times. While there were a lot of "funny" parts in the movie, there was nothing in it that I laughed out loud at. The jokes were forced out for the most part, and the actors looked like they were going through the motions. There didn't seem to be much chemistry between the the leading male and female in this. At no point did I feel I was looking at real characters. I just felt I was seeing Bernie Mac playing the role of the father, and Ashton playing the 'boyfriend'. Ashton was silly while trying to be funny, which is his style and personality. But he was unconvincing and awkward while trying to be serious. Ashton is just in over his head with this kind of acting. He was in his element with the show 'Punked', and 'Dude Where's my Car?'.

In short, this is one I would suggest waiting to see on video. If you were thinking of a good evening out, I would suggest Hitch or go with a totally different genre of movie.
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Guess Who, should be renamed Guess What, This Is A Really Lame Movie.
DarkVulcan295 April 2005
Or Guess What Could Be Career Sucide For Ashton Kuthcer. It is clear that he cannot act, he is just a personality, he is not famous for his acting, It is his presence in the film. But his performance in this film was about has annoying as his performance in Cheaper By The Dozen. And the women seem to get immense pleasure making a fool out of the Bernie Mac character, even Judith Scott,the woman playing his wife in the film. And now I wished Queen Latifah would have come out, and kicked all there butts. I feel bad for Bernie Mac, he really is the only who is funny, but his effort comes up short, as the story just get really lame has it goes on. I can't really comment on Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, cause I didn't see it. But I'm sure it was a better film, then this remake/spoof. This movie was about as annoying as Paris Hilton. I'd probably go crazy if had to sit through this movie again.
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Fun Feel--Good Story
mottmom18 July 2006
Even though the movie is corny, it still sends a message that love will prevail. Family means everything and without their support, love and consideration, life will be harder. Just knowing that your family loves you and what you love, makes facing the world that much easier.

I compare this to My Big Fat Greek Wedding in cultural attributes. There is a world out there of give and take and for the most part, I feel people have forgotten that. These two movies show that consideration and the almighty give and take are important to long-lasting relationships in any culture, religion and family.

I recommend watching this movie with an open mind, hoping to laugh, love, cry and remember how to have a healthy relationship and I hope this inspires you to have consideration for others in your world.
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miro-626 March 2005
Even copying other two great successful movies (Guess Who's Coming to Dinner and Meet the parents)this one is really pathetic. All gags are old. Every situation is predictable. Characters are banal. An easy way to try to create a nice (which nice is totally not in this case) humor about the natural racial preventions which every race still fill in front of other races (unfortunately). This movie sometimes makes you laugh, most of the time is stupid and pathetic. Technically this movie is very cheap (many directors of comedy genre does not take care of a good cinematography etc). Watch the DVD in your living room with your most ignorant friends and save some dollar. To go to the theater and watch this garbage is time wasted. 3/10.
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Absolute drivel.
jbull-420 February 2006
Not funny, pretty damn silly, totally unbelievable, absolutely predictable, pathetic stereotyping and a real waste of 106 minutes. There is not really much else to add. I sat through the whole film with my arms crossed and feeling very uncomfortable. I found it agonizing to watch Bernie Mac's character, there was nothing endearing to him at all. Ashton Kutcher was the same although a bit more ganglier. All I wanted to do was jump into the television set and give them both a kick in the pants. The script was bland, the acting was bordering on vaudeville and the storyline was handled with no tact at all. There is absolutely and totally NO comparison to "Guess who's coming to dinner". Don't bother with this film.
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want my money back
euroman197029 March 2005
Never intended to see this film but didn't want to disappoint my friends. Went in with extremely low expectations and was absolutely right. The movie is very predictable with the formula we have seen thousands of times before. A nice black girl brings home a white guy to meet her parents. Ashton Kutcher plays the part of the boyfriend Simon Green. Don't get me wrong but does anyone else think that Ashton Kutcher cannot act? Every time I see him in a film, he seems to portray very similar characters. I never felt any chemistry between him and his girlfriend. Bernie Mac who plays an overprotective father goes out of his ways not to like Simon from the start. The jokes are not very funny and at times offensive. Supposedly, this was a remake of a 1967 movie "Guess who is coming to dinner". I cannot comment on the original movie since I have not seen it but I sure hope it was a much better film. 3/10 for me.
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Pleasant surprise
jsaus6330430 May 2007
First of all, I am not a fan of Bernie Mack and certainly not of Ashton Kutcher, but I liked this movie.

While the movie is certainly predictable, it has its humorous moments. Although Bernie Mack plays a little overly protective father, he does not over play it to the point that it is just a ridiculous caricature. Ashton Kuetcher has a good haircut and looks like a nice clean cut male, not the long haired goof-ball we usually see.

My favorite scene was the one at the dinner table. Not to give anything away, there were racist comments and racist jokes, but in good taste and fun. That scene shows that both sides can be racist in their own rights but still enjoy a good joke when it is truly funny.

While not the masterpiece that "Look Who's Coming to Dinner" was, it was a whole lot more fun to watch.

This is you typical formula romantic comedy, but it is heavier on comedy than romance.
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Guess Who's not funny?
Darth_Zombie2 August 2005
The answer to that question would be Ashton Kutcher, or basically anyone having to do with this movie. It has a couple of funny lines, but overall it's very, very generic. Even Bernie Mac wasn't funny in this movie, which I didn't think was even possible. It's pretty much like this - you know how on his show he's basically doing a watered down version of what he he does in his standup? Well, this was like the third filtration from the standup and basically a watered down version of what he does on the show. I don't even know why this movie was PG-13. It was a solid PG as far as I could tell. You could edit out the word "sh*t" maybe a couple of times and show it uncut on network television.

I hate it when comedies forget to be funny. Another lame, unimaginative, completely generic and formulaic "comedy" from Hollywood. Skip this one and find a good comedy to watch.
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Hollywood is getting lazy.
chrismaine193 August 2005
As I watched this movie I felt like I was watching a dozen similar films which were haphazardly put together for the sake of a few bucks. The film was not only a sorry remake of the classic film Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, but was entirely too similar to other films including Meet the Parents and dozens of other pop movies which cheaply recycle the old and tired formulas and plots featuring the introduction of a significant other to uneasy parents by an all too eager boy/girlfriend or fiancé. Guess Who was a sorry attempt by some Hollywood exec to fill seats in theaters and to sell copies of DVDs. Nothing more. I am tired of movie producers putting out the same tired and unoriginal films such as Guess Who. Where is the creativity and originality?
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A less funny "Meet The Parents"
stargunner27 March 2005
This movie had a lot of potential, but even if it was good it would have been a straight up rip-off of the hit comedy Meet The Parents, except with the black/white thing added.

Oh, and I forgot to mention it's not near as funny. There are a few chuckles here and there, but otherwise it fails to even make you smile. Kutcher is off his game, and Bernie Mac's bulging eyes are more frightening than they are funny. And the race thing was turned into a huge deal in this movie, and it actually became the focus of the film for a good matter of time. I was surprised. The movie will go from comedy to portraying racial issues in society. It's an awkward movie and at times you simply won't feel comfortable in your seat. It was really unnecessary.

It wasn't the worst movie of all time, but it was between that and average. I wouldn't recommend this movie for anyone. 3/10
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Hollywood originality
drunken_critic3 April 2005
I never saw a movie like this. How original! This movie will create a brand new genre of movie. We will now call it "interracial buddy" movie. Imagine the concept we will put a white guy and a black guy together. Yes, that's right! Two different races will be put together in one movie. Guess what? The movie will start with each other hating each other, mostly hating each other based on skin color. By the end of the movie they will become buddies. They will learn that no matter what the skin color, the other is human, just like them. Oh what a celebration of diversity this is. I could never imagine Hollywood making a movie like this. All I have to say is WOW! Now let me stop kidding around, because I guarantee people will respond "Is he serious?" I hate this tired formula. I want to see a movie where two men of different races are put together, and they hate each other in the beginning all the way to the end. I think that is why "Do the Right Thing" was so successful. The climax of that movie was intolerability toward ethnic diversity. The movie climaxed into an explosion of differences. I like the idea of a movie pointing out that diversity leads to trouble. Why do we have to accept diversity in America? I don't want to. I am very ethnocentric. I know it's wrong, (according to American society), but I feel like I should have the right to have opinions and thoughts, even if they contradict what is perceived as correct.

I know this is only a damn movie, and I am taking it way too serious. I think what triggered this rant is the lame formula and thoughts of double standards. If a white boy is brought home to meet a girlfriend's black parents, it's a comedy, (yuck up the differences). If a black boy is brought home to meet a girlfriend's white parents, it's a drama (condemning bigotry and prejudice). More than anything, I think I am just sick of formulaic Hollywood movies dealing with white and black people.
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Why oh why?
leinssa30 March 2005
You're right euroman1970: Ashton can't act his way out of a paper bag. He should have never been able to pursue a career after "That 70's Show". Bernie tries to carry the weight of the movie on his shoulders, but it is too much. The movie has its funny moments, but I didn't feel any chemistry between Bernie and Ashton; almost as if they were walking through their lines. In the taxi scene Ashton looks right into the camera! What a sloppy actor! The plot is also in need of some serious repair. I wish I could have paused the movie in the theater so I could announce what was going to happen next.

Overall, I give it a 3/10.
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Guess Who
moviemaker2416 April 2005
This movie could of been better than it actually was. It was in a way like meet the parents, so if you didn't like meet the parents, then don't see this. The movie was predictable and boring. I think there was one line I laughed at and that was when Aston Kutcher was telling black jokes. Bernie Mac played the same old angry man at the world guy while his wife constantly calmed him down. From beginning to end I could tell you the whole movie before anything happened, too predictable. Oh yeah, its a mix relationship in the movie, the mix type comments in the whole movie gets extremely overrun. 1 out of ten for, crude sense of humor, predictability, and having the same script as meet the parents. DO NOT SEE THIS MOVIE!
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Insults the original
george_cherucheril13 September 2005
The most insulting thing about this movie is that it purports to be a re-make of the 1967 classic "Guess Whose Coming to Dinner." That movie, starring the late Spencer Tracy in his last role, the late Katherine Hepburn and Sidney Poiter dealt with the issue of race as real people would do. The original was made during a time of racial tensions in this country. Tracy's moving speech at the end of the original 1967 movie brought it all together for me.

Bernie Mac and Ashton Kutcher do not deal with race seriously. This movie is not about social justice like the original. The jokes are not funny. Mac seems too grouchy and Kutcher is not funny. Kutcher's girlfriend and Mac's wife do not seem like real people. This movie has no soul and for a rental it was money poorly spent.
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Sidney Poitier Just Grabbed A Shovel To Dig His Own Grave!
HarVSatan5 September 2005
Yet another Hollywood re-make,of a film that DOESN'T need remaking! Oh mean the black folks is now white folks and vice-versa? original.You know there's a real problem when the director says the original film worried too much about "race issues". Did he miss the point of the original film ENTIRELY? The director said the film should be more about the uneasiness and humour of meeting new in-laws. ( Guess he's missed about a hundred other films including "Meet The Parents"). If this film isn't about "race issues",then why not just have an all black cast? ( Because then what would the writers do with all those "white" jokes they wrote for the film? ). Sidney Poitier should walk up to everyone on this film and punch them upside the head. (Repeatedly)
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Let's do the tango
jotix10029 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Not having a clue about what this film was about, and for lack of better films on cable, we decided to check "Guess Who". Then, it dawned on us this was a remake of Stanley Kramer's 1967 film "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner". Both films use the William Rose original premise about a prospective son-in-law that is being brought by a daughter so her parents can meet the young man. Everything has been reversed for this occasion. While Sidney Poitier was the black fiancé, in this new version, it's Ashton Kutcher, a white man, who is the odd man out.

Most of the comments in this forum are downright negative. We don't think the creators of the film wanted to capitalize on the original model, or even to imitate another recent movie of the same theme, "Meet the Parents", this was just a vehicle in which to showcase the talents of Mr. Kutcher and that funny man, Bernie Mac. The film was directed by Kevin Rodney Sullivan.

That said, the film, although predictable has some good moments. Both Mr. Mac and Mr. Kutcher show an affinity for the roles they are playing and both are good together. Best moment in the film has to be the home dinner sequence where the Jones family is sharing the meal with Simon and he starts with his ethnic jokes about blacks. This would have been something no film would have dared to show because Hollywood would not dare offend Afro-Americans in this climate of affirmative action, and they wouldn't dare to get Rev. Jackson, or Rev. Al Sharpton to have them boycott the movie.

Aside from Bernie Mac and Anton Kutcher, the lovely Zoe Saldana is seen as Theresa, the daughter who is living with Simon, and comes home to be made aware of her parent's unease caused because of the ethnic background of the boyfriend. Judith Scott, a beautiful actress that should be seen more often, plays Marilyn, the understanding mother. Hal Williams and Kellee Stewart, are seen as the other members of the Jones family.

Just enjoy the film for what it is, as comparisons are always unfair. Who would not like to see Bernie Mac and Anton Kutcher rehearsing the tango late one night on the patio?
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Consistently Comic, Cultural "Mac Attack"
curtman230 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
To be confessional, I didn't have the bar set high for this recent installment of "the comical bridges of the races" Bernie Mac-Ashton Kutcher product. Surprised as I was, "Guess Who" very much surpassed those expectations and worked throughly well as a hilarious comedy that attacks cultural differences with an irreverent, raunchy, and jovial punch. Simply put, here is a film that could have excelled with any number of premises, given the inimitable charisma and comic wit of Bernie Mac, who flat out carries the show on his own piercing, sarcastic own. Ashton Kutcher works well with what he is given, yet his character comes across as a trite, clumsy bumpkin to Mac's ferocious flare, and is merely the butt of every comedic catastrophe, rather than a multi-dimensional character who can hold a candle to thwarting his own preordained chagrin. Kutcher gets involved with "his other half", is initially terrified at meeting her father (he's better with moms), and all hilarity ensues when he and "the father with the bulging eyes and capricious temperament" get uncomfortably and frolically acquainted with one another, eventually realizing that maybe this relationship will require some self-depreciation and frenzy to eventually be accepted. To be certain, much of the comedy adheres to the "racial tension" theme, and there is of course plenty of the proverbial cultural clash that abounds- consummating with, you guessed it, a torrential family dinner scene in which Kutcher's "empowerment" eventually gets the best of him, but "Guess Who" isn't content to strictly deplore racial boundaries, as it also works effectively as a howlingly funny "meet the father from hell" scenario, succeeding solely on Mac's uncannily nimble charisma and wit, who has an aura about him that would make any future son-in-law shrink to his skin, or to a greater extent, be obliged to sleep and "spoon" with the man! Of course, while this is consistently amusing and funny, what we're mostly left with toward the end are the platitudes of mawkish sentimentality, of "rekindling the love we lost" that seem to always hobble the comedy of even the most outrageous of premises, as if the premise has been exhausted enough and becomes more of an "endearing love story" than a convivial comedy... Why is that? Anyhow, I would solidly recommend "Guess Who" for its cutting, raucous comedy and for Bernie Mac's spunky, fleeting charisma that really gives a convincing element to this otherwise wired premise. The laughing stock might not be constant throughout the film, yet there is just enough humor to enjoy and laugh yourself silly. After all, watching Bernie Mac popping a blood vessel over a basketball game, debasing a man's character for not being avid in sports, or keeping a cautious and close body near Kutcher's "nighttime affairs" is certainly worth the price of admission! *** out of ****
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Racism sucks
biljabg8923 August 2012
This is not about comedy, this is not about great actors, this is a movie about racism. It must be stopped. I haven't watched many American movies dealing with racism this way. I wish racists watch this movie and try to get the answer why would they hate someone only because they are not from the same race. So what if our kids' partners are of a different race? Should we judge them just because of that? Should we make our kids suffer because we can't accept their choice? NO. Let's be happy no matter what our beloved ones choose to do, be with and find the happiness with. Be happy for them being happy. Racism is such a big world's problem, but I feel much better about the future when I see that someone is making this kind of movies. It can help. If only one person changes opinion about races this movie is worth of making.
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I thought it was good!
mdhughes198113 November 2008
So no it's not the best movie in the world and personally I don't think they claimed it to be. I don't also think they were actually trying (though I could be wrong) to fully remake the original "Guess who's coming to dinner". I think it was more of an inspiration. I think if people are going to go off and compare a movie then they don't need to watch it. Typically a remake isn't going to be as good as the original in most peoples eyes. Like many I found the movie predictable (like most) but I personally did find it funny! Its one of those movies that is fun to sit and watch with your friends :). I think it does have a good message as well. It's like a lot of movies, all movies have stemmed from something. Most romantics, dramas, action movies are all about the same, and typically end the same but yet we still watch them! I would say if you are an easy going person, you have a good sense of humor, you are not looking for some award academy winning film, just some fun watching a movie then this is the flick for you. If you are looking for something that is just blow your socks off funny then you might want to look else where.
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This movie sucks.
giomanombre10 September 2005
The reason I rented this movie from Blockbuster, was I wanted to watch a 'soft' romantic-comedy movie, and because I have similar experience where my Black mom is not properly accepted by my dad's White family. In other words, it's racial theme, and how I identified with it, was what attracted me to watch this movie. However, the 'genre' of the film is a 'comedy' and not a 'drama', so if expecting some sort of dramatic theme with a deep treatment on the subject, you will be very disappointed.

As a romantic-comedy - it's merits is whether it is 'funny', and if it had any 'magical moments' or 'touching scenes', what would seem 'romantic. In terms of comedy I personally did not find the movie funny - it seemed very predictable, and there were no surprise's. However, there were black jokes and the 'obvious' hypocrisy of the Black family seemed remotely amusing. In terms of the 'romantic' it seems to be an inferior version of the 'Meet the Parents' series, only with a racial twist. It seemed to be a Hollywood money-maker (or a B-type movie).

On a positive note, there was no real swearing, violence, and nobody getting hurt of blown-up and no drugs or sex. However, I usually take away points if these are present as opposed to adding points if they are absent.

I do not recommend buying, renting this film unless you can borrow it for free at the library or watch it on TV.
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