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  • Tanya is a rich woman who is married to another rich man named Vinod. But their lives change by Vinod's death. Tanya than starts falling in love with a doctor named Akash. But Akash is in love with a woman named Maya and after some time gets married to her. But their marriage does not last long. Because, first Maya leaves him to travel to another part of India to help people who are sick; and then Akash receives news that she is dead. Tanya comes up to console Akash and hopes that he will now love, accept and marry her. But Akash does not do so, as he is still immersed in Maya's memories, and believes that Maya is still alive and calling out to him. Is Akash going out of his mind?

  • Dr. Akash Bhatnagar has recently underwent a personal tragedy: his pregnant wife Maya has died in an accident in the North-East India. Akash becomes a workaholic to push the grief to the back of his mind, so much so that his boss is compelled to send him on a leave. While on leave, Akash starts to notice strange happenings around him, such as repeated sightings of an odd symbol and flooding of his house. Moreover, he becomes convinced that Maya is trying to communicate with him using the patients in the hospital as a medium. Everyone around him believe Akash is slowly turning insane. To prove them wrong Akash has to decipher the message Maya is trying to send him from nether-world.

  • Dr. Akash "Akki" and his wife Maya are both doctors. Maya is pregnant with Akki's (Akash) baby. When malaria strikes the India on the Burmese border, Maya rushes over to help, despite Akki's disapproval. Akash soon receives the news of her death caused by a bus crash. The bus crashed into water at heavy rains. Akash cannot accept Maya's passing away, and believes strongly that she did not die. He wants to communicate with her through the hospital patients who have suffered a near-death experience. Every patient draws a strange symbol, and one dead corpse even starts talking to Akash when he is alone. Tanya a close friend of Maya, tries to console Akash, because when her lover died in an accident it was Akash who treated her. Now, she believes it is her turn, and believes he is hallucinating. With the help of a nun called Sister Martha, and clues, Akash decides to go back to where it all began-The Border. There with the help of a guide, Akash jumps off of a waterfall near the bus crash and finds the sunken bus, he sees Maya's spirit, beckoning him and then the guide saves him. They go to a village tribe and ask if they saved Maya, they say she died but they saved her soul, they take Akash inside and show him a surprise that will change his life forever.

  • Dr couple Akash and his pregnant wife Maya are living happily.Maya has to rush to malaria stricken Burmese border.Akash soon receives the sad news about Maya's death that the bus she was traveling crashed into water due to heavy rains.Akash believes Maya is not dead and starts feeling her presence.He tries to face patients who have faced death.Tanya is the only friend of Akash who consoles him during this time as Akash did to her when she lost her boyfriend.The clues Akash gets from patients and with the help of sister Martha.Akash reaches the place where it all had happened.To uncover the mystery of Maya's death.

  • Tanya and Vinod are in love with each other and plan to get married. Tragically, Vinod passes away in an accident, leaving a devastated Tanya alone to deal with his death. She believes that he will return to her somehow, and it is Dr. Akash Bhatnagar, who helps her to understand that Vinod is no more and will never return back to her. Akash is in love with beautiful Maya, and both get married. Malaria strikes in the border region of India and Burma and a pregnant Maya decides to be one of the medical staff to go there to assist the ailing. Thereafter, Akash receives the tragic news that the bus that Maya and the others were traveling in has met with an accident and that there were no known survivors. Akash is unable to accept Maya's passing, and believes she is alive and wants to communicate with him through hospital patients who have suffered a dear-death experience. It is now Tanya's turn to console Akash and make him see the light as he had done for her. But Akash is insistent that Maya is communicating with him, while Tanya and others are convinced that Akash is hallucinating and is losing his mind. Akash must now come to terms with Maya's death, or travel to the Indo-Burma border to find out what happened to her and ultimately finds the answers he is looking for. The question does remain - will Akash's trip be justified, or will he end up killing himself.


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  • Sometimes the attachment between two people is so strong that it defies time and space, and reaches out to you. Such is the case in this haunting movie about two amazing doctors who work in the same hospital and fall in love. They both enjoy marital bliss and, eventually, our heroine gets pregnant. But before she can give birth to the child, she meets with a tragic accident. Shocked, her husband goes in search of her and refuses to give up even when all indications point to her demise. Lost in the land of the living, he begins to receive messages from her. After wreaking havoc on his world, he tries to put his heartbreak to rest and move on. Then something unexpected happens and a bittersweet love story rises from the ashes.

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