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The Belle's Of TV...
P Adkins29 July 2003
The return of Julia, Charlene, Mary-Jo, Suzanne, Anthony, & Bernice is the best reunion to date. They laugh & they cry while looking at memorable clips from the (14 Emmy nominated) show. Seeing these former cast members together again proves they could do it all over again. Although I would have liked to see Allison, Carlene, & BJ, it was a wonderful treat with clips of guest stars like ICON Dolly Parton, a young Scott Bakula. Writer's today should use this as a guide on creating a well put together show. (10)
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a joy in every way
blanche-224 March 2005
This was the best and brightest of the Lifetime reunions! The ladies -and by that, I mean the real "Designing Women" - Delta Burke, Dixie Carter, and Annie Potts - looked incredible and were a riot together as themselves, just as they were playing their characters. They told some hilarious stories. The tremendous warmth that the show had shone through, particularly in the gentleness of Meshach Taylor. The introduction of an obviously frail Alice Ghostley was also very poignant.

Loved the scene in the gay bar where all the patrons recite Dixie Carter's famous "flaming baton" speech, and Burke's story of meeting her husband and taking him on a back lot picnic, only to have tourists treading through at every turn. This was a no-miss!
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