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Great set-design and action - terrible dialogue
gogoschka-124 October 2013
Just watched it again yesterday - it's striking how good the action is compared to the ridiculous dialogue. I completely understand why this movie got such terrible reviews; after all, it marked the first "let's make a quick buck" entry in the two beloved Alien and Predator franchises and was done by a director who many felt didn't treat the material with the respect it deserved. When I watched it yesterday I got angry at times because some of the dialogue - well, most of it, actually - is truly awful. It's hard to take characters or a story seriously when nearly every sentence spoken resembles lines from a parody of cheap science-fiction and horror movies from the fifties and sixties. But despite all those flaws I have to admit I enjoyed the movie from start to finish - because of the amazing set- and creature-design and the more than decent action sequences and special effects. Whoever designed those really scored and seems to have a great love for the art of Giger and the previous films. So if you can get past the silly characters and you're able to ignore the more obvious shortcomings (like the idiotic decision to make the film PG-13) you're in for a fun ride. My vote: 6.5 out of 10.

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Unjustly panned by critics and fans
amesmonde9 March 2010
A team assembled by a billionaire investigate a heat signal that reveals a pyramid below the surface of a whaling station in Antarctic. However, the pyramid is a hunting ground for Predators who kill Aliens as a rite of passage and the team find themselves caught in the middle of their hunt.

It shouldn't have been mixed, Paul W.S. Anderson's AVP: Alien vs. Predator was more so unjustly panned by critics and fans due to the hype and anticipation. It has the feeling of an Alien film, a great premise, good cinematography, some amazing effects and a fine score.

Paul W.S. Anderson is successful in bringing the franchises together, respecting ideas from both Alien and Predator movies. I haven't seen a bad film that he's made and I'm not sure why there is such a geek gang hatred against the mans work. The ever-improving Uwe Boll he is not! The strong leads include Sanaa Lathan as the heroine and Raoul Bova. However, unfortunately actors Carsten Norgaard as Rusten Quinn and Tommy Flanagan as Mark Verheiden disappear far too early. Overall the acting is good, Lance Henrikson shows up as the 'real' Bishop but some of the characters lack development and the editing feels choppy in places.

The Predators and Aliens look great apart from some badly executed CGI. It not Ridley Scott or John McTiernan, but Paul Anderson pulls off the almost impossible task of putting these to aliens together on screen.

If there was not an Alien or Predator film prior to this it may have been haled as a science fiction adventure classic, but alas that's not the case.
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Not sure why it got such a bad mark from most people
fiore22 August 2009
I went into this expecting a horrible movie. From all the reviews that I read I thought it would be HORRIBLE! I've seen many, many worse movies than this.

A previous comment stated the movie went a bit too fast in explaining things and developing the characters. While I can certainly agree on the former, the latter, well, you just know most of the people are going to get wasted so character development isn't that necessary. We came to see Predators hunt and fight with Aliens.

One thing I didn't like was the movie showed the Aliens more powerful than the Predators. I believe the canon shows the Predators are much more powerful than the Aliens. Regardless, I liked this movie.

This movie surprised me because there were many things I didn't expect. Were some scenes over the top? Absolutely, but this is Hollywood and we're talking Aliens V Predator here :) IF you are a fan of these genres you really should give this movie a chance.
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Not as bad as some people make out
shakermakerman9 September 2007
Reading some of the harsh reviews I thought I would comment. The big disappointment for me in the movie was the lack of gore , fox did get it wrong to make it a pg13 even though they tried to substitute it with monster gore. All that being said this movie is a visual master-peace, the effects are top notch with very good fight scenes and creature effects with the best looking Alien Queen to hit the screens, The story is pretty cool and it gives more insight of the Predators, It takes a while for the introduction of the creatures but once the ball is rolling its none stop action. Not the horror feast we all wanted but fun.
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With its shameful rating, poor acting, awful writing and mediocre direction, 'AvP' disappoints the fans at every turn, and will probably leave non-fans feeling a little wishy-washy. Fox has taken two of thei
MovieAddict201613 August 2004
We don't go to see movies about dueling alien species for deep themes and intricate character development, but a little sympathy would be nice. I didn't feel any sympathy for the characters in 'Alien vs. Predator' because they were all unlikable clichés: The Heroine, The Hero, The Nerd, The Tomboy, The Gruff Leader, et al. These carbon cut out characters we've seen in hundreds of other films are all assembled together by Charles Bishop Weyland (Lance Henriksen) in 'AvP' to venture into the Antarctic, where they uncover an ancient pyramid recently discovered by Weyland's multi-million dollar satellites hovering about in space.

The movie is based, of course, upon the iconic 'Alien' and 'Predator' films – the rights to which are both owned by Fox Studios. The concept for the project originated with 'Predator 2' (1990), when a cop (played by Danny Glover) ventured into a Predator spaceship. There, in the 'trophy room,' was the distinct skull of an Alien.

This small in-joke reference (similar to that of Freddy Kruger's claw appearing in the 'Evil Dead' sequel) sparked a phenomenon of fans speculating as to the meaning behind the very brief big-screen insinuation. And due to strong requests, the two fictional species were finally united together for a string of comic books, videogames, novels and action figures in the early-'90s. By the year 2002, 'Alien vs. Predator' had become one of Fox's most profitable off-screen franchises. So, it was only reasonable to demand a film be made. By October 2003, production was underway, with sets in Prague being assembled.

And the film's director, Paul W. S. Anderson, has always excelled at set design. In 'Event Horizon' he perfectly captured the dark essence of the 'Alien' series; with 'Resident Evil' he managed to mimic the Gothic structure of all great zombie movies. But, to be honest, that's about it. He's never been any good at three other vital elements of film-making: story, characters and direction. 'Alien vs. Predator' –- a project that took 14 astonishing years to bring to the big screen (longer than 'Freddy vs. Jason') –- doesn't do much to change this.

Yes, his set design here is fantastic (it's no surprise that a great amount of pre-production work went into creating these enormous surroundings). The pyramid is buried deep within the wastelands of the Antarctic (2,000 feet, actually), which provides us with some great cinematography and stages.

The plot could have used extra work, though. After venturing deep into the pyramid, the team of scientists soon realizes that the pyramid is –- surprise, surprise! –- actually the home of an alien hive. And furthermore, a pack of teenaged Predators -- on an annual 'manhood' hunting ritual -- are there, too, and they begin to draw the humans into their fight, using them as bait.

The movie's cast is comprised of many newcomers and they are all unimpressive. Sanaa Lathan ('Out of Time'), as Alexa, the heroine, is rather annoying. Raoul Bova, playing the hero Sebastian, is the most likable of the characters, but even then, he's simply no Arnold.

Furthermore, the dialogue is completely lame. Sure, 'Predator' had lame dialogue too ('Knock, knock!') but at least it was funny and delivered with charisma. This movie unfortunately takes itself way too seriously. I've heard many people quote lines from 'Predator' over the years ('I ain't got time to bleed!' being a popular one). I can't imagine anyone ever *wanting* to quote dialogue from this film.

Even Henriksen seems like he's just in it for the paycheck. (His character, Charles 'Bishop' Weyland, is the billionaire who – according to 'Alien' mythology -- creates the Bishop androids seen in 'Aliens' and 'Alien 3,' which are modeled after his own image.) Is it any coincidence that the only returning cast member from either series of films happens to be the same actor whose career has devolved into straight-to-video duds recently?

However, kudos must be handed to "'AvP's' creature effects artists (mainly Tom Woodruff, Jr.). I had expected lots of CGI, but there are also many close-ups of the Predators and Aliens played by thankless actors in suits (and some good IL'-fashioned animatronics). Kevin Peter Hall (the original Predator) passed away shortly after the release of the film's sequel, but Anderson has comprised an acceptable team of replacements (most of the actors being some seven feet tall!).

That, and the set design, and one or two OK action sequences, makes 'AvP' adequate for 'regular' cinema-goers expecting nothing more. If you're just looking for the average Saturday night blow-'em-up action flick, you could certainly do worse. But, for any true die-hard fans of the films, this movie continually disappoints – and worst of all, due to its restrictive PG-13 rating, the fights (which take place all too often and rapidly become boring) are all over the place. We are not 'allowed' to see anything, which hinders the flow of the film. There was more violence than I had expected, but still not enough. (For the record, 'AvP' is the only film from either of the two series to ever receive an under-R rating.) After negative test screenings, Fox Studios decided to go against the will of the film's own director and brutally chop the movie apart so that it could fit into a more marketable age demographic. (So, the awkward flow in many of the sequences cannot be entirely contributed to Anderson's directing skills.) The day the official rating was released, fans across the world united online to protest it. I can't say I blame them.

I had personally been looking forward to seeing this movie for quite some time now, being a fan of both 'Alien' (1979) and 'Predator' (1987). Yet I tried to view 'AvP' unbiased, and judge it on its own terms, as a movie, and not particularly a sequel. It was a difficult task, but the truth of the matter is that the film – as a stand-alone project – is still not particularly enthralling. With its shameful rating, poor acting, awful writing and mediocre direction, 'AvP' disappoints the fans at every turn, and will probably leave non-fans feeling a little wishy-washy. Fox has taken two of their greatest franchises and turned them into a joke. 'AvP' is nothing more than typical action fare which, all considered, isn't much of a compliment at all.

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In a difficult scenario Paul W.S. Anderson succeeded.
Mauro Cosentino20 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Alien Versus Predator starts great and then it gets better and better. We have the two deadliest space monsters of the last twenty years and thankfully they are not involved in a production full of clichés.

Paul W.S Anderson is not afraid of risk. When the easier thing to do would be showing the creatures killing some humans from the first seconds of AVP and minutes later have them killing each other for an hour, the director creates suspense and develop the main characters without losing the rhythm of the movie.

The story has interesting characters (Lance Henriksen as Charles Bishop Weyland is a real sign of respect for the fan). It is highly remarkable that the cast involved play intelligent adults, luckily there's no high school students; so many years have gone since the last sequel of Alien and Hollywood could perfectly spoil it again using people like Sarah Michelle Gellar or Matthew Lillard. The way the script uses the strong elements of both mythologies is very clever as it is the display of personality of the main Predator. After all, Predators are a extraterrestrials with more sophisticated technology than humans, they don't communicate with the earthlings until they prove to be worthy the communication.

Almost all of the action movies use and abuse CGI nowadays but AVP uses these FX wisely mixing them with puppets, that results in a film not just a video-game. The results are bombastic in that aspect, and there's enough blood from the Aliens and Predators to satisfy the thirst from gore fans.

And what about the confrontation of the ugly-faced stars? Unforgettable. AVP has some of the most powerful images created in any of these franchises mainly in the confrontation sequences.
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As much as you hate it, I love it MORE. Spoilers.
x2WGaK_Productionsx15 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers
So there is this book out there, by a wonderful writer named Stephen Perry. He wrote and Alien vs. Predator book years ago. I loved the book. I loved it, and obviously lots of other people did too because it was turned into a large graphic novel.

So what does this have to do with the movie? It's the same awesome story! Sure there are differences, but basically, it's the same story about clan respect and the thrill of the hunt.

This one has a group of three "preteen" predators out on their trip to man hood, a group of would-be scientists, and a group of "freezer burnt" aliens.

The hunt commences, and action ensues!

As for the spoilers - here they are. The predator/human relationship. How many people thought it was supposed to be some kind of stupid love story! IT WASN'T! In the book, this was explained a little better I think, and would be a lot easier for others to understand. It's a show of respect. He accepts her as a predator because she kills an alien. In the book - the predator she saves was originally one of the high ranking predators. He's ended up on his own, and the girl saves his life. In show of mutual clan respect, the Predator marks her, and they go on fighting "the good fight" so to speak.

either way - loved the movie. If you hated it, give me your extra tickets and I'll go see it again!
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jaywolfenstien10 September 2004
Most people going into this film want to see one thing: Aliens and Predators rip into each other. I suspect a great many geeks and lame individuals inhabiting message boards of every corner of the internet will complain that this film spends too much time with the humans when the name of the film is 'Alien versus Predator' and they couldn't care about the humans, and another sect will whine about how shallow the film is to jump right to the big fight as soon as it can possibly set it up.

The nice thing about the Freddy vs Jason premise is the fact that most of the Elm Street films and none of the Friday the 13th films had any substance to them, so throwing the two juggernauts into a battle rumble with each other with a side of useless characters and uninspired plot shouldn't have phased anyone but the most deluded of fans. I really liked FvsJ more so than all but the Craven-driven Elm Streets and the all the F13s.

Alien vs Predator is quite a bit different since I love Ridley Scott's Alien and James Cameron's Aliens, and though I don't hold Predator 1 & 2 on the same level, I'm still pretty fond of the original Predator film (been too long since I've seen Predator 2). The Alien series (and to a much lesser extent, the Predator series too) has always been about depth . . . so to just throw the two monsters at each other and let them rip into each other really does not do them any justice and strips away what makes their films so good to begin with.

So . . . AVP takes a middle path. It attempts to build up the characters to an extent, it attempts to give a valid reason for both the Aliens and Predators to be in the same location, and it attempts to do it as quickly as it can. How well does it succeed? I found myself wishing it would either slow down more or pick up the pace.

I'm very pleased to see the stylish Paul Anderson lead this tangled and difficult project. His nods to the original films, in jokes, and slower paced setup were much appreciated from me. Ninety minutes of guys in rubber suits cut with CG monsters fighting constantly just will not cut it. I felt Anderson rushed the setup (or the studio rushed him); but part of me did grow bored of the characters rather quickly, and I did want to see the Alien and Predators get together sooner than they did.

The lingering time between bouts did create more tension and anticipation for the coming fights, which I admired, and when the beasts finally sank claws and teeth into one another I found myself more or less satisfied. At first I felt somewhat let down by how seemingly easily a few Predators went down; however, then I remembered these things were fighting Aliens with bare fists and blades when Space Marines were getting slaughtered with state of the art artillery.

A classless director would have started with a bang, ended with a bang, and had a boring parade of bangs. When I want meaningless, yet entertaining, bangs I buy firecrackers and save myself both time and money. Paul Anderson strived for something more, and pretty much came through. While I did like the film and the idea of Aliens and Predators fighting it out, I couldn't help but compare it to the superior films that inspired it. As fun as AVP is, and as much as I like Paul Anderson . . . he is not Ridley Scott and this is not Alien.
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It's been two years, and I still can't forgive the unscrupulousness of this POS. Warning: Spoilers
Paul W. S. Anderson, the man who has directed previous travesties as "Mortal Kombat" and "Resident Evil" doesn't fail to live up to his standards which consist of a horrible script, cheesy "2 kewl 4 skool" directing styles, weak cast, and every other weakness in a film you can think of. The only person who rivals his ineptness is none other than Uwe Boll. He has already ruined other franchises with his previous films, and now by directing and writing Alien vs. Predator, he has managed to ruin two movie series at the same time.

The story of this film is bay far the weakest aspect of this derision of a movie. All the previous Alien/Predator films had simple plots with good dialogue. Just simply there was a monster trying to kill the good guys, and they had to survive it. The stories were so uncomplicated yet incredibly well written that the viewer could not possibly complain that the story was bad. Alien vs. Predator however attempts to be a big, complex story with deep meaning to it, but it just comes off as being stupid and try hard. Paul, a complex story is good, only if you know how to write that is.

It's about a pyramid that is discovered on Earth in Antarctica. It turns out that this pyramid was part of the first human civilisation ever, that the Predators built it for the humans long ago, and in return, the humans worshiped the Predators as gods and acted as hosts for the captive alien Queens eggs that are in the pyramid, to make Aliens for the predators to hunt, not for sport like in the previous Predator films, but to prove that they are men. When modern day people go to investigate this pyramid, they become the new hosts for the Aliens that they Predators are going to hunt.

Not only is this completely unbelievable, (a pyramid in Antarctica? Come on) but it totally contradicts the previous Alien and Predator movies. In each Alien movie the point of the film was, "Don't let the Aliens get to Earth or they will kill everything!" Yet in this movie it was like, "Oh the Aliens have been on Earth the entire time and it wasn't really that bad now that we think about it." The previous Predator films are contradicted as well because the Predators are portrayed as creatures who are noble warriors, who actually respect humans and will help them if need be, rather than the ruthless merciless hunters who killed for sport and would kill a human just out of spite if he looked at him funny. Having Predators help humans build societies contradicts their nature, and takes away the mysteriousness and awesomeness of the Predator character.

But the thing is even as a stand alone film it's a very weak story. It can be compared to the later Jaws movies where you saw too much of the shark. Both extraterrestrial species are too in your face and have no mystery; leaving them just look like guys in rubber suits running around punching each other. Human characters have so little character development that often you don't even get to learn their names before they are killed, and so much more makes you feel like the script was made from a tipped over box of alphabet cereal.

Here's a perfect example of how bad the dialogue is in AVP.

FemaleTechnician: What is it?

Male Technician: It's a data stream from PS12.

Female Technician: Where is she?

Male Technician: Right above sector 14.

Female Technician: There isn't anything in sector 14.

Male Technician: The is now.

It is obvious in that piece of dialogue that Paul W. S. Anderson doesn't know anything about mapping or geography. Look moron, there is no such thing as this elusive "sector 14", things are mapped using latitude and longitude, bearings and such. Secondly for this Female Technician to have said on the spot, "There's nothing in sector 14" implies that she has memorised the presumably thousands of sectors all over the world and what is in each and every one of them so she can recall instantly off the top of her head that the isn't anything in sector 14. This is just one example of how cheesy and full of holes the very dialogue in Alien vs. Predator can be.

It is clear that a movie this bad was made only for the action, not the story. The thing is, in this whole move THERE ARE ONLY TWO FIGHT SCENES! If you are going to make a movie that has no good script which is only about the action, put in a decent amount of fighting at least!

AND THE PG-13 RATING?! Every other Alien/Predator film released before this one had and R rating. This film has been dumbed down for kids so much, that about 95% of the movies deaths or other injuries were off screen. You would see an Alien just getting near a guy before the camera would cut away, leaving you thinking, "So not only do we have no story but we have no gore?! I want my money back!" The line "You are one ugly mother f—er" which is the trademark line of each other Predator film had the last word of it not filmed to keep the low rating! Yet earlier in the film they said, "I hope it kills every f—ing one of them!". Why did they decide to put the F word in earlier when it wasn't necessary, yet cut it out later when it was?! If they had of just shifted the F word to the ugly mother part then there could have been just as many F words yet still kept the trademark line!

It's a POS movie. The 1000 word limit has stopped me from going on.
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Sheepdom at its finest
weisstein15 October 2006
Another great movie spoiled by bad initial critique. And most people jumping on the bandwagon. They moved production of this movie out of Hollywood and lots of people virtually lost jobs to some east European studios where they shot most of the scenes. Lots of anger was present in Hollywood about this, no surprise that initial reviews were strictly negative. This movie is superb in nearly all aspects I watched it more times then all the prequels combined. I like the lead actress and Henriksen as Bishop Weyland, some crew man are actually more interesting then the crew in some Alien prequels, and of course the CGI is finally watchable and say state of the art, not some lame blinking LEDs all over.
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It took 14 years...
dee.reid14 August 2004
...Before a possible showdown between the iconic monsters of "Alien" and "Predator" would occur, when they would cross paths on screen and battle to the death. There's a scene in "Predator 2" that occurs towards the end of the film, where Lt. Mike Harrigan (Danny Glover) ventures into the Predator spaceship and accidentally stumbles onto the alien hunter's trophy room, and neatly placed towards the back amongst the various awards, was an alien skull. Those 10 seconds of film spawned over a decade's worth of rumors that one day these titans were going to go at it head-to-head, and that whoever won, we'd lose.

As a fan of both the "Alien" and "Predator" franchises, I've been looking forward to "Alien Vs. Predator" for a long time, since that historic scene. I've admired the two monsters for years, collecting all kinds of memorabilia, including books and action figures; you name it, I've probably seen it.

With "Alien Vs. Predator," director Paul W.S. Anderson has achieved something of a mixed bag. Undoubtedly critics will balk early into the film. They'll pick apart its MTV-style editing, bad pacing, and lack of spirit of a genuine "Alien" or "Predator" film. Die-hards will balk at Anderson's direction and the fact that he was even allowed near the film.

I had fun watching it, despite some inconsistencies regarding our two iconic monsters who like to either use humans as hosts for more of their hideous offspring, or trophies which can be displayed in their intergalactic showroom of skulls.

The story is that a massive, ancient Aztec/Egyptian/Mayan temple has been discovered deep below the surface of the Antarctic, and Charles Bishop Weyland (Lance Henriksen of "Aliens") has assembled a team of the world's best archaeologists, which includes Alexa "Lex" Woods (Sanaa Lathan, who convincingly fills in the tough female role), Sebastian de Rosa (Raoul Bova) and Graeme Miller (Ewen Bremner) to accompany him in investigating it. But wouldn't you know it? They're not alone in this gargantuan maze of dark tunnels and ever-changing structures, and that a trio of Predators have come there to hunt rapidly reproducing Xenomorphs.

Well, I can tell anyone that the powers-that-be in Hollywood and at Twentieth Century Fox played heavily into the film's mixed bag treatment. If the movie fails, I'd blame constant executive and studio interference - the b*****ds in suits who decide they want to cater to teenage fanboys instead of the largely adult fan base that this film was originally built on. In doing so, they opt for action over story, more importantly, $$$ over artistic vision.

Anderson has remained faithful in preserving the essence of both the "Alien" and "Predator" franchises by casting no-name performers to combat the extraterrestrial foes, and by emphasizing ideas over action and special effects. On a sour, angrier note, the gorehounds will be sorely disappointed, since executives at Fox toned down the violence considerably as to release it with a "PG-13" rating, as to rake in every penny. Of course, that "PG-13" rating doesn't stop us from getting quick edits (read: no gore) of chestbursting sequences, facehuggings, and people being mercilessly slaughtered by the Predators.

I had faith that Paul W.S. Anderson wouldn't let me down long before I even saw the film; he doesn't, but I have a feeling that his film is destined for the same fate as David Fincher and his film "Alien 3" - that it will go down in infamy and only years after the director has disowned the film and controversy is still brewing, that the true vision of "Alien Vs. Predator" will surface and will finally earn the respect owed to it.

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An utter work of genius
eboxtree2 July 2006
Many people castigate Paul Anderson for destroying both the Alien and Predator franchises. I must say that they have no clue and the director/writer is a true genius for having pulled this movie off. Notice that I did'nt say that this movie itself was great but it was a work of genius. So what is the movie like? It is by far one of the worst and most disgusting pieces of crap that will kill your interest in both the Alien and predator. But don't you get it? That's the point.

Paul Anderson obviously hates the fans of the franchises and has been hating them for a while now. He hates them beyond anything and they must be made to pay dearly and suffer. So in a brilliant plan, he manages to fraud the fools at Fox to give him the project. He did that despite the fact that his previous movies were laughable. Now isn't that just genius? Anderson has made a joke out of every single thing that made the concepts stand out. Your innocent curiosity will make you sit through his parody in hopes of some big twist but it never happens. Scene after Scene is one joke after another. How can anyone possibly imagine a bullet-time mode for an Alien attack? All this has been done very intentionally and nobody realises that. Once you've watched this movie, there's nothing you can do about it. You've lost and Anderson has won. His revenge on fans is complete. Hes also left room for a sequel by including a predalien birth at the end, further putting a big hole in future stories. He makes a ton of money too. Genius.

Oh, I should have said EVIL genius.

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Try filming a decent movie to go with the marketing...
sixtwentysix17 August 2004
This movie is the perfect epitome of Hollywood taking something beloved, running it straight to hell (Predator 2, Alien 4) and then taking it even one step further by completely disjointing the stories and continuity, *ahem* alienating the fans and basically wasting everyone's time while marring the original (Caddyshack 2 anyone??) all in the name of the mighty dollar bill. Seeing this movie only eggs them on people! This is a movie that you immediately wish you could UNWATCH and erase from your memory banks.

I would be highly surprised if more time went into the script of this film than the actual marketing. I'm not even going to complain about the PG-13 rating because it is what it is.... just a bad movie.

Horrible acting. Pointless plodding sub-plots. Decent action sequences and a precious few cool moments in what should have been a fan-boy's wet dream. The lead in this movie is a demographic friendly woman with barely enough acting ability to make a shampoo ad believable. Any mildly entertaining characters were immediately destroyed in the first twenty minutes of the film with zero payout. Even the marquee monsters end up looking bored as the audience is lead along in a by numbers popcorn sales ploy.
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It amazes me so much on how the film lacks on what the title promises.
criehle12 February 2005
Many fans want different things from this film. Many fans, including myself, were hoping to see lots and lots of action. One Alien & Predator battle after another. Some fans were hoping for a edge of your seat, truly terrifying horror movie much like the original Alien. No matter what you want, hope, or expect from this film you will be disappointed.

The direction this film takes is a horror route. It tries to be like the original Alien movie in the sense that the horror has to come more from the characters and their fear than from the monsters themselves. Paul Anderson tries to show as little Alien & Predator as possible without being ridiculous and let the actors & characters sell us the fear. Now this sounds like a good approach to a film and normally it would be. Here however it is the reason the films fall flat on its face. The problem being is that the characters aren't interesting and their actually paper thin cut outs. And after a short while the characters become boring and un-interesting and then u begin to long for either an Alien or a Predator to show up and start killing people.

But as I said, Paul Anderson tries to hide the monsters and show as little as possible much like the formula Ridley Scott & James Cameron used for their films. And thats where the film fails. Fans come to see this movie to see Aliens & Predators fighting. They don't come to see Sanna Lathan and the other people run around a dark pyramid. Fans didn't wait 14 years to see paper thin characters run around all over the place. They go to see Aliens & Predators.

The film should have taken the action route and gives us large amounts of AVP battles. However Paul Anderson only gives us ONE, count them One, true fight scene between an ALien & predator. And that fight scene doesn't occur until half-way through the film and it only lasts 2 minutes. 2 minutes. As a fan I did not wait this long to see a AVP movie only to have one battle that lasts 2 minutes.

Above I said "true battle" because there is technically another battle. It is between a Predator, Lex, and an Alien Queen. Much like the first AVP battle it is disappointingly short and 90% of the battle focuses on lex fighting the queen than it does focus on the Predator. After a while you begin to think the title "Alien vs. Predator" is inappropriate and instead should be called "The Adventures of Lex". Paul Andersons direction leaves out the two title characters.

The idea of hiding your monsters appearance till half way through the film and rely more on your characters is a formula that has worked in the past. It even potentially could have worked here but in order for that to happen you need to do one thing. Make the characters more interesting. If your characters are paper thin then the audience aren't going to care about them and then they quickly become bored. The film should have done is focus less on characters and more on the monsters. It amazes me so much on how the film lacks on what the title promises.
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Alien and Predator for Barney's primary audience...
mentalcritic12 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
If you give a toss about the story, stop reading. But believe me, this comment couldn't possibly ruin the film for you any more than Fox has. Spare a thought for Paul Anderson as he struggles to make a film that hasn't been neutered by the MPAA or a cowardly studio. Once Paul Verhoeven left America to resume his stellar work in Europe, I guess the MPAA had to have someone to pound upon. After moronic parents who took their single-digit-age children to see Resident Evil complained, I guess it was inevitable that future Anderson projects face an even bigger butcher's knife.

But I am getting ahead of myself here. There are two things that made the Alien and Predator franchises work. The first was human interaction. In essence, the films were about humans trying to screw each other over for power, with the titular enemy there to deliver the consequences of not working together. A non-subtle and somewhat shallow social statement, in other words. Then there's the gore factor. Once the human drama is set up, who cannot help but feel for the survivors as a marine's face is melted by Alien blood, or when a train full of commuters are torn to pieces by a Predator who doesn't fully understand what is going on around him?

AVP tries to set up the former factor with Lance Henriksen's character anxious to find the strange artefact under the polar cap before he dies. Unfortunately, where Aliens in particular excelled was that it managed to give every character a third dimension. Here, only Henriksen's character gets such effort. So every act of violence or mayhem is given a feeling of absolutely no consequence. It's almost like a video game.

Paul Anderson is on record as saying that he made the film with every intention of it being screened with the MPAA's R rating. Apparently, Fox, fearing it will alienate children, decided otherwise. Never mind that the audience which kept both franchises in the black are now either in their mid-twenties or middle-aged. Forget creativity or making something that people might enjoy. The lowest common denominator rules here. Those parents who complained when the studio didn't accommodate them because they were too stupid to realize a film based on a video game which is in turn based on Night Of The Living Dead might not be a good babysitter, I hope you are proud of yourselves. Meanwhile, if any studio wants to let Anderson make a film without tying his hands over his audience's eyes, I will gladly pay to see it multiple times. Trust me, you will make more money this way once backlash is accounted for.

AVP also marks the first Anderson film I have seen in which the shaky-cam technique is used. Here, they don't even bother to try and make their excuse that it puts the audience more into the action seem plausible. Every shaky-cam frame might as well have the phrase "we are shaking this camera to preserve our PG-13 rating" stamped across it in big, bold letters.

You may have noticed that I haven't said anything about the actual characters yet, apart from mentioning Lance Henriksen by his own name rather than that of the character. There is a reason for this. If a group of film characters became any more generic, they could all be played by the same actor. The Aliens and Predators do not fare any better. Seriously, why on Earth didn't they just base the script upon the first comic book series? These comic books showed more for the audience to get interested in with one issue than this film shows in its entire running length.

The story also shows every conceivable sign of not being thought through. The humans discover an alien temple a couple of thousand feet below the surface of a polar cap. Great, but wouldn't that mean it is basically submerged in the ocean? So when the intrepid humans decide to go and check it out, the Predators oblige them by firing a beam from Earth's orbit into said polar cap, tunneling the thousands of feet needed to find the entrance. I guess the budget cuts at NASA meant that nobody could notice the massive hulking ship above the Earth. I'm also guessing that Alien blood and armour made from Alien parts gives one special powers, such as the ability to stand below a spacecraft as it takes off without being burned by the thrust. Or did they just not see Danny Glover's race to get away from the Predators' ship at the end of Predator 2?

In short, this film insults the fans of both franchises, sci-fi action fans in general, as well as the basic principle of adults being able to watch and hear what they choose to. I strongly urge the viewing, DVD-buying public to give this film the butt, lest more be made in this kindergarten-oriented fashion. Fox, you ought to be ashamed of yourselves.
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Bad, really bad
Andrade David5 June 2006
Okay, I'll confess that the only reason I registered at this site is to tell people how bad this movie really is.

AVP is embarrassing, the whole thing gives you the impression of an empty commercial exploitation on the well-known monsters images.

Anyone who comes to this kinda of review sites and gives this movie a 10 out of 10 is either a Fox films employee or related to the film crew somehow. Don't fall for it.

The whole idea of teen Predators hunting Aliens to become "real warriors" is idiotic. How can you compare a high tech civilization that is able to travel space to Indians? Okay, maybe It is possible they would have the same kind of ritual, after all why can't highly developed species have their rituals...

I was intrigued about how the first time a Predator blew itself up on top of the Pyramid it did not damage the construction at all.... Of course, the second time that another Predator did that, the whole thing fell apart.

It is laughable the friendship among the hero-chick and the teen Predator. I could almost see them holding hands and running away in the end of the movie. It turns out that the Predator developed feelings for her. I wonder why the Predators first came down from the sky shooting the hell out of the other guys who stayed in the abandoned whailing facility, no questions asked. Still wondering...

I didn't like the "new" Alien life cycle. The face-hugger burst out as an alien in 40 seconds. This is truly ridiculous. Anderson did not even take the time to watch the original Alien movie.

On top of that, the cast is composed by a bunch obscure nobodies in shallow roles. Even if they were any good, the lines they received would just have made them look as bad as they did.

As an Alien and Predator fan I felt I was disrespected. If you are too, you will know what I am talking about
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Alien vs. Predator plays like a video game
seaview112 August 2004
Twentieth Century Fox has taken two of its most popular sci-fi franchises and paired them in a Super Bowl of monsters in Alien vs. Predator. The result is OK entertaining but ultimately a pale version of the original classics, Alien and Predator. It helps to get some useful perspective.

The concept, while intriguing, is not entirely new. Quite recently, Jason (Friday the 13th series) and Freddy (the Nightmare on Elm Street) did battle as studios attempted to milk every last drop of revenue from waning sequels. Three-quarters of a century ago, Universal pictures became what would be the greatest horror film studio with Frankenstein, Dracula, Wolfman, The Mummy, and Creature from the Black Lagoon among others. When it became apparent that each franchise was running its course, the natural thought was to pair their monsters in a showdown. Most prominent was Frankenstein Meets Wolfman. So it is no wonder that a clip from that very film shows up at the beginning of Alien vs. Predator.

Set on present day earth, a satellite detects a thermal event in Antarctica which triggers a hastily assembled scientific expedition financed by the Weyland Corporation. Its enigmatic head is Charles Bishop Weyland (Lance Henriksen) who wants to leave a legacy as his health begins to fail. Sanaa Lathan is the mountain climber/guide who leads the group to the thermal anomaly and discovers an ancient pyramid beneath the deep ice. Unfortunately, the explorers trigger a sequence of events including the birth of new Aliens via the dreaded facehuggers and the arrival of a group of Predator warriors ready for a new hunt. As the body count rises, the Aliens multiply in number and thus a battle royal is ready to commence. Will there be any humans left? How come nobody told the Nostromo crew in the first Alien movie about these critters? And what happened to the Henriksen character's namesake who reappears in the guise of Bishops 1 and 2 in later films? So many questions are left unanswered.

The plot does have plenty of holes and glosses quickly, almost too quickly through the story as characters we barely get to know or want to care about quickly perish. Fans of both film series will appreciate the multitude of references to the Alien life cycle and Predator code. There are a couple of inconsistencies which may nag the purists such as the rapid maturation of the Aliens from egg to adult in record time, and the ease with which the dwindling humans understand the whole scenario. In fact, not only do the humans quickly realize who the Aliens are, namely the ultimate quarry for the Predator hunter warriors, but that human beings have been used like cattle to perpetuate the Aliens every 100 years as game for the returning Predator race. Note that the film Predator 2 hinted at this very concept with a brief glimpse of an Alien skull inside a Predator spaceship. Alien vs. Predator also serves as a kind of prequel to the Alien films and a kind of sequel to the Predator films in its timeline.

Sanaa Lathan is actually good in the role of the guide and it is possible a better script and strong direction would have brought echoes of Ripley from the Alien films of old. The set design of the pyramid is fascinating though confusing with all of its ever changing mazes. The creature effects are not bad though reserved for the latter half of the movie. Director Paul W.S. Anderson (Event Horizon) does a serviceable job here and the PG 13 rating is designed for all those fans of the video games and comics featuring the Alien and Predator battles. Business should be brisk though limited to those loyalists who will find this installment diverting and certainly not the disappointment of Alien 3, or is it we've just lowered the bar a bit more?
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rudagar6662 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
well mainly that out of the 3 predators, two of them are killed easily, i mean watching them fight that one alien was like watching a 2 old child fight a lion. however the one "main" predator who is the biggest wuss ever to come from the predator home world because he has a soft spot for humans, well human, kills dozens with relative ease also, in aliens the acid burns through a lot of METAL floors, however this woman's face has developed the ability to with stand this potent acid? i therefore deduce that the woman is in fact a terminator, sent back in time for a completely irrelevant mission....at least my explanation makes more sense then the movie!
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Complete and utter failure.
Manthorpe31 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers
AVP fails on several levels. It completely fails as an addition to both series, and it fails as a film itself. When I heard Anderson was in charge of this project, I knew that it couldn't be good news….and then when the PG-13 rating came along, my fears were multiplied and confirmed. A huge fan of both series, I wanted more than anything to like this film and for it to at least be average. After all, I cannot think of many film ideas that have had more potential. This very well could have been the best action and sci-fi film ever created, only if it had a decent director. I actually gave Anderson a chance, a 10% chance of making an average film, and a 0% chance of making it into what it deserved and had the potential to be. Those who gave him more should be embarrassed. I'm embarrassed that I paid to see it, however, I have a unique way of justifying it. Since I paid for it, the only way I can redeem myself is to rip this excuse for a film apart in this review, which will be long, and tell everyone I know how much this film completely sucks and how the originals and all copies should be burned.

MASSIVE spoilers:

First off, it fails right off for having a weak and unbelievable story, all thanks to the brilliantly moronic Anderson. Full of holes. An ancient pyramid, reminiscent of the Cube, 2000 feet below the ice in Antarctica? Riiiiiight. Predators have hunted humans for years, so let's send some adolescent ones to go after the fiercest species in the universe, and hey, let's only have them do it every 100 years….Riiiight. A chained up Queen Alien that's also been frozen and imprisoned by some wimpy ass Mongoloid Predators that get schooled like little b*tches? Riiiiight. A Predator and a woman make friends and the Predator even makes a shield and spear for her out of an Alien carcass? Oh-f-ing-KAY! I'll stop, but it doesn't take a film professor to see where this is going. They might as well have put an Alien Predator sex scene in it. So much potential and this was what Anderson shat out.

Anyone with even a lick of respect for either franchise can see how utterly stupid this film was even before any production was set forth. It gets even worse. Why in the hell would you claim to be a fan of both franchises and then go against many things we know about both creatures and make yourself look like a fool? Easy, Anderson is a fool. Face-huggers now fall off within minutes of attachment, the gestation period for the chest-bursters is now also a few minutes….and, to top it all off their blood is only sporadically acidic. How's that for consistency? Want more? Why in the hell would Predators set up an entire human civilization to perpetuate their ritual Alien hunts and bring weapons with them that melt when they come in contact with Alien blood? If these things have been hunting Aliens for hundreds of years, you'd think they'd be smarter than that.

And while we're at it, let's change the way the Predators and Aliens look. The Preds in this film look like they have down syndrome with their masks off. The fact that they look like linebackers doesn't help either. The original in 1987 looked infinitely better and more realistic, not like some lumbering oaf in a rubber suit. And just to make them fiercer, as if it were needed, let's make the Aliens so that they can open their mouths as wide as a Muppet, particularly Guy Smiley, can. This is the material we waited 14 years for?! I actually felt sorry for the Predators in this movie, they're just sad. On top of looking like they rode in on the short ship, they get their asses KICKED. Colonial Marines did better against a HIVE of Aliens than the Preds did against a few running around….and these were friggin' Predators!!! I thought the Predators hunted the ALIENS? These Preds were sissies, and were about as stealthy as a rhino giving birth during an electrical storm. Utterly ridiculous.

The cinematography used is entirely out of place. The quick-cut editing used during the fight scenes is some of the worst I've seen to date. You can't see anything that's going on and you might as well not even see the fights at all. That's exactly what I was looking forward to after 14 years, especially in a film with 'Vs.' in the title. While some of this may be possibly attributed to the studio axing it to make it PG-13, the shots that are left are far too close to the action, leading me to believe that this may have not been the studio's fault as some Anderson supporters claim. It's truly confusing and annoying. Straight out of The Blair Witch Project. And let's not forget to throw some Matrix bullet time into a face-hugger sequence, we'd be lost without that. And for a film that is obviously meant to be action-packed, it certainly isn't. Half of its measly runtime is spent setting up this ridiculous scenario. Where is the damn epic showdown?! This was a Versus movie right?

End of 'spoilers'.

And to all of you people defending this film, what in the hell are you thinking? Just because you're a fan of both franchises doesn't mean you have to swallow this and embarrass yourself on these pages. We deserved more. If you are OK with this film and do find it enjoyable, you are completely void of any taste in film. I simply do not understand your mediocrity.

For having more potential than almost any film in the last decade and releasing this stank pickle, I give AVP 1/10. R.I.P. Alien and Predator.
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Highly underrated
drummerman9218 March 2010
Warning: Spoilers
Sure this movie might not have that good of a plot or characters but it had good action sequences and effects. I liked how this film revealed a little of the back story of the predators (since they have always been a big mystery) and it tells about how the aliens are the predators ultimate prey. Sure the plot had a few holes like how did the alien queen stay alive when frozen for that long? Or why the aliens acid blood dissolves the claws but not the spears or the bladed disc. But that is made up for with the fight scenes which i personally thought were exiting and very well done. And i thought it was interesting how the aliens used their own queens acid blood the burn through the chains and free her. My opinion on this movie is this Allot of people say it sucked but i think it was alright (partially because I'm a big fan of both series ans I saw AVP:R first) but if you don't have an open mind about this movie don't watch it, if you are a fan of the alien and predator franchises I would highly suggest this movie.
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IMDb Bottom 100 : #1
biznizzman8 July 2006
Okay the real rank may not reflect on the actual IMDb database but this is without doubt one of the worst and most unpopular movies ever produced. Paul Anderson takes a royal dump on the faces of all fans of both the Alien and Predator franchises. Although one cannot say that everybody's a fan of the franchise, one simply cannot deny that Alien,Aliens and Predator were some of the best movies ever made and also commercially successful. Now how would it be if Pokemon had an episode with Aliens and Predators? Probably better than this movie.

How would it feel if your company once promised you a new computer, you waited for 20 years and finally got a 486DX266? The situation is similar. People forced themselves to think that AvP may possibly end up being a good movie despite being written and directed by a complete retard who could'nt direct if the existence of humanity depended on it. When they actually forced themselves to see the movie, if not out of curiosity, but out of sheer loyalty to the franchises only to get a feeling of being urinated on, they did'nt know what to say.

So how bad could it be you ask? Far far worse than anyone or you could possibly imagine. A bunch of F grade actors set off to Antartica after a technically fact and logic devoid discovery of an ancient pyramid under a whaling station in the Antartic. The first reference to the Predator is one of the F-grade actors referring to the full moon as the hunters moon - Ooooooooooooh scary! As if you did'nt know what happens eventually? They go into the Pyramid and get trapped.

Then the Preds come, the Aliens hatch, chestburst in 5 minutes, kill preds and humans, forcing one Pred to have a romantic scene with the lead idiot actress, blowing up all aliens, summoning the CGI Alien queen, throwing the Queen into the water and ending 1.5 hrs of the worst movie ever made. There. Now you don't have to see this movie and I've saved you. If the plot was'nt bad enough, the Aliens and Predators act like total loser, pathetic lowlife stray dogs which could'nt defend themselves for nuts.

I suggest that one read all the negative reviews on this site about AvP, have a good laugh and never ever see this abomination of a movie made by the world's crappiet and most untalented director. They should get quentin Tarantino to do a new Alien or Pred movie and undo the damage done, if thats even possible.
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Some cool scenes but mostly a disappointment
christian12312 March 2005
Alien Vs. Predator has some cool scenes and some other entertaining moments but mostly the film is a disappointment. The fast-breeding creatures from the Aliens films take on the headhunting space colonizers from Predator in a battle for the earth, leaving a poor team of Antarctic archaeologist's and the rest of us lowly humans trapped in the middle. The plot does sound like it has potential and if it was rated R it could have been a lot better. The execution wasn't very good though since its just not very exciting. The death scenes are lame as you can't even see what's going on. Most of the action scenes are boring and that's a problem since that's one of the main reasons why a person may watch this film. The acting is terrible but its normal for this type of film. The most notable person in this film you might recognize is Sanaa Lathan but she of course doesn't add much to the film. The rest of the actors are of course bad and you have a better chance of laughing then being scared. The film is predictable because you know where its going and who's going to survive. The dialog is bad and funny but in a bad way, which is always a bad thing. Yet even with all this negativity I didn't completely hate it. Some of the action scenes were cool and its a pretty movie to look at, especially the creature special effects. Paul Anderson shouldn't be blamed as Fox wanted to edit the movie and make it earn more money. The films running time of 102 minutes feels a lot longer though. Rating 5/10 I had some fun watching this but this film is for hardcore fans only and even they will probably hate it.
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My vision...
bloodraven94430 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Well, I saw this movie for the first time today. I know, its been out for two years. Well, I heard all the bad press, and I didn't want to ruin two of my favorite franchises with one simple movie. But, I was bored, and decided that today, will be my day.

So, I watched it. Wow. I hate that I waited so long to see this movie. I put it off for two years, I should have seen it in the cinema.

Imagine hearing that someone was going to cut the skin off of your face. Now, imagine that you could have had it done right as soon as you heard about it, or you where given the choice to put it off for a couple years. Now, imagine waiting that two years, knowing that it's going to happen. Every day you just get one step closer to the worst pain you have ever felt in your life. Then the day comes, and as it is happening, all you can think to yourself is you should have gotten it done the day you found out, instead of waiting. Cause the pain is so much worse now.

That is exactly the way this movie was for me. EXACTLY the way it was. Well, maybe not exactly. This was actually worse than that! The plot had so many holes in it, I thought it was that pair of socks you have that you wear everyday, and have worn them since 1994, because they are you're lucky socks. Sure, they smell a little, and there isn't much cloth yet, but I can't just throw them away! Not only was the plot terrible, lets talk about acting, because apparently, they did not discuss it before casting anyone for this debacle! Cookie cutter lines muttered by people who's names you don't even know until they are about to die, and someone just screams their name saying "God no! Please don't die! I've known you for five whole minutes! PLEASE GOD WHY! WHY TAKE....uhmm...Jonathon? FROM ME!!!! WHY!!!!!!!!!!" And lastly, let's get down to the real subject matter. Aliens fighting predators. Seriously, how do you screw that up? You could have the two picking their noses and it would work. They could hold battle raps and it would be an entertaining fight (GROWL!!! SNARL SNARL SNARL!!! GURGLE GURLGE!!! YO MOMMAS A HOE!).

THERE ARE TWO FIGHTS IN THIS MOVIE!!! TWO!!! What? How do you get two fights in a movie that has a runtime of one hour and forty minutes? Wait, that is including the 12 minutes of credits, isn't it....yeah it is. Okay, one hour, twenty-eight minutes. TWO FIGHTS?!?!?!? And those weren't even that entertaining. Seriously, I told my friend to give me five minutes, and I bet I could come up with a plot outline that makes more sense and is a million times more entertaining. It took me all of thirty seconds to have an entire plot line written, and here it is for your pleasure:

Alien Vs Predator (the none sucky version)

Movie opens with a predator fighting an alien.

Then, more aliens come, and the fight starts to get real intense.

Then more predators come, and the fight gets insane.

This fight lasts for an hour and a half.

Predators win. The End.

Role credits.

BAM! See, you KNOW that is more entertaining. Now, Paul Anderson has made one really good movie, and two movies that were okay. Yes, he is a step above Uwe Boll...but still. How do you take the awesomeness that this movie could have been, and make a crap-fest of it all? Yes, crap-fest was the best I could come up with. The thesaurus didn't have anything under crap fest...except flapdoodle....which I considered for a bit.

Anyway, this movie sucks more than any sucking thing has ever sucked. I give it 1 star.
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