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  • Raj a mere bachelor, who has no intention of marrying is being convinced by his uncle. His uncle passes on the duty to Namrata a married woman whose husband Sanjeev leave her five years ago. Namrata is responsible for finding Raj a suitable bride, while she is busy finding girls for him, he is busy along with his mischievous friend Adi straying away all the girls by making up wired plans. But Raj falls in love with the matchmaker herself. While this is happening Sanjeev, Namrata's husband return and foil all plans between Raj and Namrata.

  • Raj is a bachelor who is not interested in marriage instead he wants to live life to the fullest; but his uncle, Rakesh wants to see him settled so he decides to entrust the responsibility to Namrata Shrivastav in finding a bride for Raj. Namrata arranges Raj's date with numerous young women unfortunately Raj manages to elude all of them by fabricating his own story to get his way; eventually time passes and Raj ended up falling in love with Namrata. However he gets to find out that Namrata is already marry and is the mother to a young son; he finds an opportunity coming his way when he gets to learn that Namrata and her husband are separated. Meanwhile Namrata's husband returns just in time to turn the couple's relationship upside down.

  • Kuch Naa Kaho is the story of Raj, a young man who just wants to live his own life, and Namrata, the stunning woman whose job it becomes to find Raj a suitable wife. With the help of his mischievious little friend, Adi, Raj is able to deter all Namrata's prospects and eventually he comes to realize that it is the matchmaker herself that he has fallen in love with. However, Namrata is a woman with a history and her past complicates her future. Watch Kuch Naa Kaho to see how love, courage and character bring them together.

  • Rakesh is the maternal uncle of eligible bachelor, Raj, and he would like to see Raj get married and settle down. But Raj always finds excuses to not do so, even scaring the potential brides away with a feigned handicap. Seeing that he cannot handle this himself, Rakesh asks his secretary, Namrata Shrivastav, to find Raj a bride, and she attempts to do so with hilarious results.

  • Raj, an eligible bachelor does not seem to have any interest in marrying. However, to this extent he is persuaded by his maternal uncle, Rakesh but to no avail since Raj always finds excuses not to do so. Unable to handle Raj by himself, Rakesh decides to consult his secretary, Namrata Shrivastav, to find a suitable bride for Raj. While Namrata is busy trying to find brides for Raj he is busy along with his mischievous friend, Adi foiling all Namrata's plans. Raj soon falls in love with Namrata herself and expresses his feelings to her and both promises to get married but something from Namrata's past pops up and dismantle there idea.


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  • Raj (Abhishek Bachchan) just wants to live his life in New York, but his mother wants him to marry, his uncle wants him to marry & his cousins want him to marry. When his cousin cons Raj into coming to India for her wedding her family has the eligible bachelorettes all lined up to meet him, only problem is he doesn't want anything to do with it. Namrata (Aishwarya Rai) works for the father of Raj's cousin & when she asks for a promotion her boss says sure on condition that she squires Raj around to meet the bachelorettes. Watch Raj try to outwit each girl he meets into rejecting him & Namrata try to outwit Raj into finding the girl of his dreams.

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