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There is a plus...
vulneri29 October 2017
... and it's dinosaurs. Absolutely everything else is a big pile of crap (might be dinosaurs'). So full of clichés, you exactly know, who is going to die or who will live just a few minutes after knowing the character. So many absurd decisions, so many stupid but predictable actions. So much staring on danger in spite of running out. So many substantive errors for anyone who has primary science knowledge. And last but not least running many hours in the jungle on heels without absolutely any problems. Unfortunately dinosaurs haven't eaten everyone so it's going to be another idiotic movie.
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antonioborrani3 January 2016
A dull monster movie without ideas, with all the imaginable problems: recycled soundtrack from the previous three film, poor visual effects (the '93 film was indeed better even under this aspect, and that says it all), horrible "dinosaurs" that look more Godzilla than "true" animals (and yes, it's a very serious problem that these animals don't look or/and act as real animals, at least as they're conceived to be in XXI century and not in '40s), badly-written dialogs (with a sort of "love story" that is embarrassing), characters (dull not to say stupid) and plot. All this problems all in once, and without any decency. To conclude there are the two boys, the most boring and annoying characters in the Hollywood's history.
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Is this the standard we hold to movies these days?
jpeterseni5 February 2018
I cannot believe what I am reading. Sorting reviews by most helpful, they are mostly giving the movie 10/10. Did we watch something different?

This movie contains almost no character development. I seriously can't even remember their names by this point.

Also, the cliches with the stories were plentiful. The CGI was overdone and the entire movie leaves the audience feeling detached from reality.

Seriously, give this one a pass. By far the wort Jurassic movie.
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7 Stars Is About 5 Stars Too Many
bleydo3 November 2021
According to IMDB users this movie is better than Jurassic Park 2 and 3.

While neither of those are good movies this one is so much worse in every conceivable way. Story is an Asylum Films or SyFy Channel Original level of crap, only with a considerably larger budget. Dinosaur hybrids? Velociraptors trained like dogs? The Indominus Rex acting like a slasher movie villain looks ridiculous instead of scary.
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Trash. A waste of everything that a movie should actually be.
eyeintrees21 October 2015
Much like Jurassic World, this load of junk was created purely to rake in the dollar.

Apparently it's OK to show the world... AGAIN... live goats waiting to be eaten, pigs going to be ripped to shreds by teams of raptors and people being torn to pieces, but when a dino dies the violins begin and the female lead trots around a dinosaur paddock in 6 inch heels and a cream suit, suitably panting and puffing, chest rising, falling, splayed on the ground, all vulnerable and waiting... I was wishing so hard that the Rex would eat her... it might have saved the entire load of nonsense.

The usual totally stupid script, but at least the first movie was original, the second annoying and the third intriguing... this movie is just terrible repeat, repeat, repeat... gosh, even down to a cell phone incident... wow... not a single original moment, the usual interchangeable Hollywood actors that I'll never remember and loads and loads of stupidity and artifice. Garbage. The one redeeming feature is for about 5 seconds you get to see astoundingly beautiful nature. First time I've loathed Vincent D'Onofrio and I never thought I'd say that. The other actors could have been pulled straight out of Days of our Lives, complete with faces that did not move a muscle, even when in a state of supposed terror. Who willingly makes this kind of utter trash? I hope this is the last one. Leave the dino's where they belong, in the past!

Totally forgettable and moronic waste of time. Thank goodness I didn't pay for the DVD and thank goodness I borrowed it and was able to give it back, flying across the room.
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A 3 is generous. Dull, cliche ridden, hackneyed, predictable, stupid
tomntempe11 February 2018
Dull, cliche ridden, hackneyed, predictable, stupid and those are the reasons I give it a 3 instead of lower. The characters do predictable stupid things over and over.. Is there danger? Yes so RUN OUT IN THE OPEN instead of going inside. As the dino's are attacking we see people running OUT of buildings right into the path of the toothy dinos.

And of course there is ALWAYS an SUV, or Quad right at hand when our hero's need one... keys in it of course... yet all the screaming people have been running right by them rather then jumping in and driving the hell away.

Yes, it's a movie but can't we keep at least some reality of physics in dino stories. It is NOT possible for ANY flesh and blood animal to swing it's arms and tails around and smash thru huge concrete columns and turn them to dust without doing massive damage to their own body. Yet time and again the arms and tails go swinging and knocking down multiple foot thick concrete stuff.

And really, you are going to take out these dinos with assault rifles? Of course the assault rifles are worthless but someone did have the sense to bring ONE grenade launcher with them which blows up dino's just in the nick of time. And of course we wouldn't want to give away our position although we do shine laser gun sights right at the dino which would lead them straight back to where the gun holder is.

How on god's green earth this movie gets 10's is beyond me. Even if you ignore the stupidity, etc it is SO predictable that there is not a moment of suspense in the whole thing.
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Does not deserve the hype it gets
liabilityman31 August 2015
I am giving this title a 1 in an attempt to bring down the score that it does not currently deserve.

This movie had its cool moments, but mostly just dumb.

Way too many special effects and just unrealistic scenarios.

e.g. At one point a woman in high heels is outrunning a T-rex. Remember in the original Jurrasic park the T-Rex was chasing down a Jeep at top speed!

No spoilers but the ending is terrible and cheesy.

Chris Pratt is pretty much just an extra in his own movie.

It's a shame that it got so much hype that they are already planning the sequel.

I am glad I got free cinema tickets when I saw this and didn't pay any money.
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A nod to the original and even more
alexander-rumpf12 June 2015
As a young boy, dinosaurs were the greatest thing on earth (well, the greatest thing that once WAS on earth) for me. I knew most of their names (like Gray in JW) and had my plastic dinosaurs fighting themselves, evil, and sometimes also good. You can imagine my excitement when I first saw Jurassic Park and I was truly blown away by the idea. I still somehow wish that I could actually experience the events in the movie, although I understand the critic that the author of the novel, Michael Crichton, wanted to express. Much of that critic is lost in the third sequel to the original movie, 22 years after its original release, at least it's hidden very deep in the plot. The scientists have created a new super- species, filled the missing pieces of DNA up with genes of amphibians that all have certain survival-powers, and it all goes terribly wrong, much because the dinosaurs are being underestimated as they always were. So is it a reboot of the first movie? At least a bit. They are referring to the first movie all the time, examples: A control guy wearing an Jurassic Park shirt proudly says he got an original shirt (shown in part 1 several times) for $150 from eBay, they run through degenerated original buildings and one time the kids even drive an original van that they repaired competently. New park-owner Masrani says that John Hammond told him on his death bed to "spare no expense", which was one of the funniest scenes in the movie, yet Masrani doesn't want to commercialize the park too much. That's where the movie starts being perfectly self-ironic: one control guy (the one with the classic shirt) jokingly suggests, in order to please the investors, to name newly bred species after companies, "so how about Pepsi-Saurus"? The movie indeed is full of product placements, I counted at least 9 brands and logos that are shown or mentioned during the film. So what is the purpose of the movie? Mainly, I guess, it's meant as a nostalgic, yet up-to-date experience/excuse for all those fans who were bitterly disappointed by the Parts II&III. It's exciting, contains a little love story, it's got wit, social criticism and excellently animated dinosaurs. It shows that 22 years after Jurassic Park, movie heroes are still being chauvinist and women are still stronger and braver as they are pictured in most (other) movies. And, finally, it fulfills every fans biggest desire: man and dinosaur, at last fighting side by side. That's probably why I'd give it an even better rating than the original Jurassic Park movie, although of course classic scenes like the shaking water glass will probably never be outperformed. Résumé: Director Colin Trevorrow manages to create an enthralling and visually stunning homage to the original which at some points brilliantly steps out of the shadow of its role model and finally puts the conciliatory end to the dinosaur universe that we, the fans, truly deserved.
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Welcome to the Park
K_ash1030 November 2015
It's been awhile I think that I have labeled a film "a thrill ride" but seriously though this film was a real thrill ride. It takes place about twenty years after the events of the first film. There is now a functioning theme park on the original island. They get thousands of guest and they have tons of money making attractions. But then the people who run the park get a little greedy wanting to make more money and bring in more people so they create a new attraction, one that is more dangerous and scarier then the T-Rex. This film was fantastic. Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard lead this film very well almost as a good as Sam Neill and Laura Dern did in the first film. The kids as well Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins did a good job. Colin Trevorrow also was a great choice to helm this film and he did a fantastic job directing. Now yes this film was a sequel and a great one at that. It's been a long time since I have felt that a sequel is just as good as its original. This film to me is really good and just as good as the first film. The special effects were great and one of the best parts was the music. I have been a Jurassic Park fan since I was a little kid and this is actually the first of franchise that I have seen in theaters as well. So this was definitely an amazing experience for me and hearing that original score in this film literally gave me goosebumps.
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Graceful, popcorn filled thrilling and tense, taught and energetic. This trilogy gets much better as it goes on.
deventhakkar28 September 2015
Successfully expands from park to world. Truly, it's a Jurassic world after all. Even though Steven Spielberg didn't direct it, he's still the executive producer. The visuals were thrilling and spectacular and so was the plot line. As the time passes on, the visuals get more artistic and realistic. This trilogy series never wears out it's welcome, I wonder what they will think of next… Jurassic Space? I hope this film continues to receive critical acclaim as it's a dazzling popcorn thriller and it's emotionally and visually exciting.

I think in the fifth film, there should be dinosaurs in space or the dinosaurs are attacking aliens. The CGI gets better as the years go on and it successfully replicates and in some ways improves the behaviours of the dinosaurs when they react with humans with the dinosaurs violent behaviours sure to thrill the entire audience!
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A true sequel to a classic film
cgrill812 June 2015
OK, I read the 2 novels before the original movies came out, and was hooked back in 1991/92 when the original movie came out. Fell in love! And really have enjoyed the 2 sequels for what they're worth. Then, came out with Jurassic World, used our favorite Starkilled... and we have an amazing movie. I'm still riding a high from seeing it last night. It was just so good. I spoiled a few moments for myself, but overall was still surprised at the ending, despite it's Mortal Kombat predicted finish. The CGI was top notch and had us really believing these creatures were real. A worthy movie to see over and over again. I really do not want to spoil a THING. I would not say this movie is sexist in anyway... not sure where people picked up on that, but will say it is heavy on the testosterone(did I spell that correctly?). Which isn't a bad thing. Jurassic World has a wonderful build up, some good personalities, and a few main 'side characters' are killed off! We see some personalities actually change through the movie. Claire, Zach, and even Gray and Owen to some extent. I'll say this: Claire learns some humility and heart. Zach learns real love over shallowness to some extent, Gray learns true courage, and Owen (with already enough faith and trust) gains even more (and a fan club). Though the one character who comes back... I wonder if they grew his character more from a twisted version from the original novel. (Real the original novel!)

Don't let the trailers anger you, you will root for the raptors, and you will LIKE IT! The raptors aren't exactly 'tamed', barely. Think Dug from Up. This is the true sequel to the original movie Michael refused to give Spielberg years ago... instead Creighton wrote about irregular students outside of the norm, attached to a character akin to Spielberg's personality, and gave us a more boring version of Malcolm (that sung Dixie no less), and Harding, who was a woman who to was hard to understand and not very likable. And the end of the second book was... lackluster to say the least. Not want Spielberg wanted. Still a good novel and fun read.

The island is back, the locations, the look, and we see some of its 'history' (wish we saw more of the attractions). This is the true sequel and it the summer smash for 2015. If you like the original Jurassic Park movie, you can not miss out on this movie. It fits so well, and open enough for a few questions and a sequel. Which makes one think... they could... no wait, can't say it. It might spoil the ending! Ha ha! They do mourn a character that dies. A plot twist here or there... the final fight is simply amazing. Cool tributes to the original movie (and Stan Winston - there's a building named after him, look for it, I saw it!) This was an excellent movie and a definite 10 in my book. Easily rewatchable.

Please note, it seemed a little more gory than the previous movies with a little more blood. The cursing was actually minimal. I wouldn't take anyone under 7 or 8 to see it. The gore was kind of cool though. More detail than we had in the originals other than "I think this was Gennaro..." Great movie, plenty of dino on dino fighting action. Don't listen to the naysayers. No contrived endless conversations about dinosaur behavior here.
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Don't let people mislead you with sentimentalism, it holds it self by its own as an excellent movie
juansebastian_s11 June 2015
Is a solid movie and it holds itself as a trilling experience for everyone. Yes, people from the original cast are not there, however there is actually not a logical reason in the time line to make them go back. Taking out this little detail, the acting is amazing and Chris Pratt holds amazingly as a main character again . Animations are better than ever and the story line even if a little prematurely developed is exciting and looks to reward the new audience as well as the hard on fans. Overall is a great movie which promise enjoyment. I loved it and I will recommend it for everyone that is a fan and for the ones that just want to see a movie that will print a smile at the end.
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Horrible script and bad acting
Took my 12 year old son to see this and he hated it! I can't believe I wasted $24 to see this movies in 3D! Take the original script, remove the great acting, add more super dumb people and an even dumber script, add more dinosaurs and you have Jurassic World. To the younger generation who cares nothing for good acting and well thought out scripts and only cares about hot looking guys and girls and more CGI graphics, this film might be amazing. If I did not know better, I would have thought that this was a poorly made parody (spoof), made to poke fun at the original Jurassic Park movie.

Save your money and wait for it to come out on netflix. Even then it would be a waste of time though.
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darth-godwin22 November 2015
I watched this on an airline flight. After 30 minutes I fell asleep. On the return flight I forced myself to watch the rest. Within 40 minutes of the start of the film I knew who was going to die and who wasn't, how the story was going to resolve (if you can call it that) and the fact that I didn't care about ANY of the characters. I also couldn't name a single one of them. There was more character development in the Flintstones. People did the same stupid things that NO ONE would actually do in real life (yelling when there's a big killer dinosaur looking for them, standing up on high ground etc.) The story was so thin it was probably written on a cocktail napkin. Special effects guys did the usual amazing job, and Pratt tried REALLY hard, but that doesn't make it a good movie. I was grateful when the turbulence hit my plane and the pilot interrupted it. I cannot believe that this utter pile of garbage took in a billion dollars. Please...no more sequels, take the billion and use it for some good, instead of torturing people.
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one word: EPIC
iruon_itauol15 June 2015
1. I understand the critics. There is a bit of dumb writing, a few stereotypical characters, and they make a few unrealistic decisions.


All the rest of the movie makes up for that. There is the AWWW effect, there is breathtaking suspense, there is unbelievable CGI, there is emotion, there is humor, there is action.

This movie, especially on the big screen is only one word... EPIC. Also the finale of the movie was really amazing.

For me it was the best cinematic experience ever. I recommend u see it in IMAX 3-D
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Stomps the others out of the Park
matthewlawn22 June 2015
This movie is so harshly critiqued by many for all the wrong reasons, this movie delivers in brilliant story, subtle yet well executed character development,superb special effects that I cannot fault and the acting in this movie is brought together perfectly with some big cinema names. I absolutely love this movie as it keeps the entertainment flowing and delivers a sense of engaging and exciting realism due to the well thought out storyline. And when people say it is predictable, it is because the read description. People need to wake up and realise that this movie is making millions because it is a masterpiece, I have already seen it a few times. I give it a rare 10/10
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Another watchable instalment
Figgy66-915-59847017 June 2015
17 June 2015 Film of Choice at The Plaza Dorchester Tonight - Jurassic World. Let's just say I'm a BIG fan of these movies, right from the minute we saw Sir Richard Attenborough clutching that cane with the amber head, I was hooked. I don't care that it's fiction and highly improbable, what matters is that these films take me to another land and in many ways another time.....65 million years ago to be precise. To be honest there wasn't anything terribly new in this film, two children, a rugged hero type, a woman running around in her high heels and a man with an alternative agenda. What we did get however, was dinosaurs on our side, and I love that. As portrayed in the film, the public want bigger, scarier attractions and a film going audience in a sense want that too. In this film however, we got more of the thinking man's dinosaur and a gaggle of well meaning people whose intentions were good but misplaced, a a couple of characters who really need to get eaten. I watched it in 3D, and I'm selective about the films I watch in 3D these days, but I have to say I was pretty darn good. Wouldn't mind watching it again......oh and Chris Prattt.....yum.
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A Monster-sized adventure !
Zulfmanauthor17 June 2015
The emergence of another 'Jurassic Park' sequel after the failure of 'Jurassic Park III' was bound to open the movie to criticism as exploring the world of dinosaurs seems to have been exhausted. However 'Jurassic World' doesn't try to be anything new, in fact it goes back to the original movie and adds on a few tasty elements. The film is set twenty two years after the original park was closed down after the disastrous events, and an Indian tycoon has now invested in a bigger and better park. However events take a disastrous turn once again due to genetically created experiments that are taking place behind the scenes. The story is good but not too inventive and the action sequences are breath-taking, whereas predictably some of the characters are abit two dimensional. The film is huge and highly enjoyable whether you are a fan of 'Jurassic Park' movies or not, this is old fashioned mayhem. In fact it is much better then the highly rated 'Godzilla' movie from 2014, which never got going. Jurassic World does what a great sequel should do, which is to take what the original had and change a few things while adding on a few sub-plots. Take the family and settle down to a a couple of hours of summer movie fun!
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Loved It
xsophietaylorx16 June 2015
People really are too serious these days, Jurrasic World is a fun exciting thrilling film and a I really enjoyed it a I feel like I've waited almost all my life for another Jurrasic Park type film to be realised and I'm so happy they did! All these negative reviews are actually sad what did people expect? The film is obviously going to be slightly similar to the others there's only so much you reasonably can do. Anyway I loved this film I literally cried at the end everyone in the cinemas was clapping clearly we all enjoyed it. I'm a die hard fan of the jurrasic parks and maybe because I loved all the other films so much this was just brilliant it brought me back to my childhood made me remember why I loved them films so much there so exciting and entertaining and it makes you feel all the emotions. This is what I want when I go to see a movie I want to feel the emotions I want to be excited. I mean I literally haven't stopped talking about this film since I saw it. I love Jurrasic World, best film in ages.
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Very fun to watch 10/10 recommend to see.
ebbydebbydoo13 June 2015
Loved it. I thought the movie was entertaining and thrilling. Stuck to the original recipe that made the first Jurassic Park movie so good, though they spiced it up with new features. E.I the Raptor's and the new park toys etc. Chris Pratt was amazing in this. Their choice of actor was perfect and it makes me very enthused to see any new movies he will be apart of. The children cast was also incredible. Vincent Denofrio, once again the creep but of course is excellent at it. His character was a little one dimensional though. All-in-all I enjoyed the jump scares and the tense atmosphere the movie held and the fun vibrant feel throughout the movie. Very fun to watch 10/10 recommend to see.
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Dinos return to glory days
filmcritic311 June 2015
JURASSIC WORLD I do so love when a movie series returns to its creative roots. JURASSIC PARK was an epic film, and then Spielberg and company found a way to destroy its flavor with two banal sequels. After a lengthy hiatus that included much soul-searching, and dumping Jack Horner, JURASSIC WORLD brings the franchise back to the wonderfulness of the original.

I try to not watch trailers before I see a movie. Often, they are misleading. At best, the reveal too many key plot elements or scenes. Unfortunately, the trailers for JURASSIC WORLD permeated media in a major advertising campaign blitz. What I saw in the trailers alarmed me. Did I actually see Velociraptors work along side the film's protagonist Chris Pratt, as a unified force? It reminded me of ALIENS VS. PREDATOR, where viewers were force-fed the notion a petite black woman was the only human representative capable of defeating a horde of aliens by teaming with the creatures who hunt humans for sport. Please. The concept was idiotic, and though they tried to salvage the movie series with a follow-up, the initial theme essentially destroyed the franchise in the world of celluloid.

The raptors, in the same frame with Pratt, are not friendly creatures. Luckily, there are no "we are family" moments between species. I'll test your memory here, but think back to the second film in the CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON series; THE REVENGE OF THE CREATURE. In the film, John Agar, experimenting on the intelligence of the gill-man, uses an electric prod to teach the word "stop" to the Creature. Through Pavlovian testing, the Creature hesitates at the sound. It establishes a necessary reaction for the climatic scene. The raptors work much the same manner in JURASSIC WORLD. It is done well.

Now, consider Jack Horner. After JURASSIC PARK, Horner attempted to garner his fifteen minutes of Andy Warhol fame and used rather sketchy paleontology findings to discredit the Tyrannosaurus Rex. He claimed the King of Dinosaurs was nothing but a mooching scavenger. Somehow, he convinced Spielberg to shift attention away from Rex. It was a bad move that culminated in a horrendous JURASSIC PARK 3, where a Spinosaurus, which in reality measured only 20 feet compared to T-rex's 50 feet, fights and defeats Rex. Horner's new Rex theories were dismantled by his peers and colleagues within a year. He is now in the café of scientific oblivion, sipping coffee with the two researchers who tried to convince us of global warming with a fabricated hockey stick graph model. Rex is back in full glory in JURASSIC WORLD. In fact, he received cheers and applause from the preview audience when he appeared on screen. They were louder than any reaction to superheroes.

JURASSIC WORLD makes many references to the original, and basically ignores everything from the sequels. It is twenty years past John Hammond's disastrous attempt to bring dinosaurs to a theme park. In that time, technology has improved, enabling Hammond's dream to become reality. Thousands of people visit JURASSIC WORLD on a regular basis, but as with all things, dinosaurs become mundane with the public and the park must find new and exciting ways to keep ticket sales booming. Enter Indominus Rex, a genetically built dinosaur hybrid, meant to add an element of fear and terror to park visitors. BD Wong returns as Dr. Henry Wu, and is the culprit behind creation of the new Rex. He is reminiscent of Dr. Susan McCallister, played by Saffron Burrows, in DEEP BLUE SEA, who created superior sharks, but opted not to tell anyone about the enhances features.

In keeping with the Spielberg tradition of constantly putting children in danger, Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson star as Gray and Zach, who are visiting the park while their parents attempt to end their marital bliss. There can never be happy families anymore in films. It doesn't fit the template of a dysfunctional society, so loved by liberal Hollywood ideology. Entrusted to the care of their aunt, the boys naturally find a way to immerse themselves in park havoc, while they discover the bond that exists between brothers. Meanwhile, Auntie Claire, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, while chasing the All American Woman Executive Dream, has the hots for Owen (Pratt), who is in this story what Robert Muldoon should have been in the first. All these subplots are secondary and just provide hurdles for a tale about a genetic freak, and the dinosaurs who hate him.

Critics were able to see JURASSIC WORLD in 3D. It is worth it. The dinos, especially the raptor attacks, are superb. The dinos look great, thanks to Ed Verreaux's production design. Cinematography by John Schwartzman is excellent and provides several iconic moments sure to appear on posters and memes. Music, though featuring additional tunes by Michael Giacchino is basically variations on John Williams memorable score.

All in all, JURASSIC WORLD brings the series back to where it belongs. You can watch the first one, skip the second and third, and jump straight to this one and have a better franchise. The movie is filled with dinosaurs and dinosaur action. It's worth repeated views and deserves a spot on your home video shelf. As such, it exemplifies excellence in film entertainment and captures the coveted Fist of Fiore Award for 2015. You'll like this one; it's a keeper.

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Much better than the average blockbuster, truly a masterpiece!
rikandum-20510 June 2015
Before watching Jurassic World, I expected good things about it, but I didn't feel like it was going to be something close to the original. I kinda felt like the trailer showed a lot from the movie itself, mainly the big bad dino. Well, I was wrong. I don't like to judge a movie by the trailer, but when I watched the actual movie, I was clearly surprised.

The movie starts off with very-well done character development, and you get to know what Jurassic World theme park is all about. The way it works, the main attractions, the overall park functionality are actually believable. The characters stand out for they personality and it's quite impressive the way they connect through-out the movie run- time.

Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) is able to think like the dinos, and he raised 4 Velociraptors to obey his instructions. Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) is in charge of the park functionality. Zach and Gray are Claire's nephews. They get into serious trouble by running away from the park.

And then, there's Indominus Rex, the genetically modified hybrid, that is able to think, hunt and make chaos like no other dinosaur. It's huge, and it's the most vicious creature ever seen in a Jurassic Park film yet. The Indominus like every other dino in the movie looks absolutely astonishing, it's wonderful to see how much the CGI advanced since the first movie.

There's tons of detail in the dinos expressions and CG landscapes. But it's not all CG, like the original they also used special effects with real life props of dinos in some scenes.

It's predictable in some parts, but I can assure you that it won't cease to amaze. A movie like this, is the perfect example of what a well-done sequel is, even though the movie ignores the existence of The Lost World and Jurassic Park 3.

This was, for me, the most anticipated movie this year, because I've been waiting for it for several years and it's finally here. I recommend to anyone who's a fan of Jurassic Park series.
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The Most Underrated Film Of 2015
natclay-4734113 June 2015
It's officially the most underrated movie of all time now. i loved this movie its now my second best Jurassic movie and I analyzed the movie just as much as you did. This movie actually made me a fan of the series. the massive issues with the reviews online is that they expect it to be better than the first, when its not going for that at all. Its being released YEARS from 3, its a complete refresh. I loved the movie it exceeded past my original assumption that it would be mediocre. I'm glad I chose this movie, i hope these reviews online stop comparisons and look at it as a completely fresh sequel to the Jurassic movie series.
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Best Jurassic Park Ever Made and Best 2015 Blockbuster Hands Down!!
mmjnr1023 June 2015
I'm so angry Extremely angry at those comments which undermined that great movie to the extent that after reading the reviews here I felt so much this movie will turn up to be a let down and was about to skip it!! The only reason I went to see it after reading those reviews which all pointed that its not all that also said not bad yet not great was that I had nothing else better to do that evening!! and Boy was I so wrong!!!! Seriously at least 70% of the comments out here are so damn faithful to Jurassic 1&2 to the extent they became blinded to anything that could actually be better!! And to be fair to those who dissed this movie they all pointed out that it is better than the 3rd installment which to me meant nothing much because Part 3 was a total waste of time and anything compared to it will be better!! Therefor I seriously considered waiting for it to come on DVD instead of wasting valuable time driving down to me local IMAX to watch it!! Well I went with almost zero expectations which is not good in my case because it makes me see the worst in a movie instead of being optimistic and boy that movie rocked me side way upwards downwards you name it and the strength ultimately came from the amazing extra ordinary story line and the effects combined with some amazing direction and camera work that blow me away!! I immediately went down to memory lane to remind myself how good really Jurassic Park 1&2 actually were?!!However I could not help myself thinking this story line and movie all together is actually better way better than the original Jurassic Park and the reason for this is that this movie is more serious you may say and darker than the first two with a solid captivating story line that I would expect would catch the attention of almost anyone serious about movies. I consider myself one of the world's best movie watchers and if there was an award I would surely run for it because I have seen almost every decent movie that has come out from 1965 till now with a few exceptional ones beyond those dates!! That doesn't mean that my taste in movies would appeal to everyone nor it means I know better than the rest of you may be just a little bit!!!! This movie is world class and by far the best Blockbuster of 2015 Hands both Down!! Go watch it folks and be fair when you rate a movie
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Yes, This was a great movie for this day and age, and you WILL enjoy it. DO NOT READ REVIEWS BEFORE YOU SEE A MOVIE.
pocahontas201022 June 2015
OK movie lovers, this is the review you need to see.

Personally, I loved it. The Action is intense, and the storyline is great. The orchestration by Michael Giacchino was VERY well done as opposed to John Williams, and the actors and actresses fit their roles very well too.

Now, I constantly go to Movie's, and in MY opinion, this was one of the best I have seen in the last 5 years, due to the storyline and the incredibly well done CGI. If you love Dinosaurs, you're going to enjoy this movie, regardless of what you think about the rest of the movie. Trust me. If you love action, this one is pretty action packed, so you'll have a great time too.

HOWEVER, if you read the rest of the reviews, you'll most likely see title's following the words, "This Movie Sucked" or "I'm gonna go on a rant here".


Look, everyone has their own opinions, likes and dislikes. My opinion is 10 out of 10 across the board easily. Yours might be different, but before you judge this movie because of all the reviews you've just read, I strongly suggest seeing it first. You're not going to regret it, even if you don't like the entire thing, because this movie is full of likable scenes.

My rating is 10 out of 10, and I hope to see people take my advice and see it themselves before they decide what they're going to think about it.
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