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Light comedy with some good laughs
roddick-15 February 2006
In previews and early reviews this movie was called "one of the funniest movies ever" and I was eager to see it. But after a while it began to get called "the worst Jim Carrey movie ever". I still thought I should see it, being a big Jim Carrey fan, plus I haven't always agreed with the critics. After seeing it I can't say it's the funniest movie ever, but it definitely isn't the worst.

I have not seen the original version, but I'm sure there are some modern plot twists and of course original jokes. There are plenty of gags and funny situations that kept me entertained throughout and some really good ones that made me laugh hysterically. Many comedies are very silly which makes them so funny, but people have said that this movie is just silly and not funny at all, I can't agree. While there are some small parts that are just silly, the rest are not.

Acting wise it is quite good. Jim Carrey does his trademark craziness well in this one. The rest of the cast do well too.

Overall it's a funny, entertaining movie. If you feel like a light comedy with some good laughs, ignore the harsh critics and go and see it.
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A Fun Movie with Great Physical Acting
dublin93 June 2006
Have we lost our humor in America? This is a very funny movie. In many ways it's a dark comedy with a happy ending. But it moves quickly, is a parody on timely issues and has some of the best physical acting you'll ever see.

Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni work very well together. And while the 1977 original had two of my favorite people (whacko politics aside for Jane Fonda because she was a hoot in Barbarella), I think this version was more light hearted and more up to date.

I have a strange feeling that younger people didn't understand the concept, 20-30's thought it implausible for them and people above were frightened by its premise.

7 out of 10 for an entertaining time.
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"Fun" with Dick...and Jane
Trinity377725 December 2005
I'm a huge Jim Carrey fan; I've found with most people that you are or you aren't. If you aren't a Carrey fan than this film may not be for you...

I was very anxious for this film to come out once I heard it was in production; however, after I saw a couple of reviews on TV it appeared to be another clichéd holiday flick that featured a toned down version of Carrey.

I made sure to keep my hopes low for this film just in case Carrey was not in pure form; however, I was delightfully surprised. Carrey lights up the screen once again with his zany antics and rubberface slapstick comedy. The film, by far from my favorite Carrey movie will definitely be added to my collection for not only Carrey's comedic stylings, but also for its good acting (Baldwin, Leoni) and message.

Although I never did see the original, the present day story hits home with current collapses of major corporations such as Enron, Worldcom, and many others. Although this updated script seemed a bit unfinished it was definitely worth the $6.00 ticket.

Teà Leoni, while at times was a bit hard to swallow made a good match for her high energy movie spouse, Jim Carrey. She was able to come up to Carrey's intensity with her constant anxious energy, yet throughout most of the movie he out shined her as he does most of his movie co-stars.

Another unmentioned quality that the movie has is its clean content. The cussing is kept to a minimum and there is no graphic or violent content; making it a great choice for a family film. My 6-year-old niece saw it with me and she was laughing throughout and it kept her attention!

Although I did not give the movie a perfect rating mainly due to the script and emphasis on plot, I would give this movie 3 out of 4 stars. I would liken the film to Liar Liar with a watered down script. I would definitely check out this one out - you're guaranteed to have Fun with Dick, and maybe Jane =)
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Unemployment line
jotix10023 December 2005
"Fun with Dick and Jane" reflects, in many ways, what's wrong with our society. We watch in disbelief as more and more CEOs are hauled up to jail and how these unscrupulous people leave their once valued employees to fend for themselves, as best they can.

Dan Perisot directs this remake of the 1977 Jane Fonda-George Segal vehicle and brings it up to date. He counts with two actors that are popular to present this new installment in a funny way, Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni in the main roles.

Poor Dick finds out in the worst way the job he held has just disappeared and must face reality. Dick and Jane must deal with their sudden status as they see their electricity cut, their housekeeper deserts them and Dick suffers the indignity of having to compete with other unemployed, former colleagues, for jobs that aren't half as glamorous as the vice-presidency he almost had.

What's a desperate man to do? Well, being a resourceful man, he must do what he has to. Jane and Dick start a path into taking the law into their own hands.

In a way, Mr. Carrey, one of the producers, mixes a serious problem with his kind of comedy. Jim Carrey is one of the best comedians working in movies today, but he also has an enormous talent for doing some serious dramatic work, as he has already proved. He is a dynamo in the film and turns the situation Dick is facing into fun, in his own way.

Tea Leoni, is equally suited to play Jane, the travel agent who suddenly sees all those comforts she was used to, disappear, and must adapt to her new circumstances. Ms. Leoni and Mr. Carrey do some funny things together, making the film look much better than what could have been. The supporting players, mainly Alec Baldwin and Richard Jenkins make good contributions to the film.

"Fun with Dick and Jane" is a typical example of those holiday themed films the studios love to unload at the end of the year.
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Fast & Funny
jax71311 December 2006
Jim Carrey is hard to beat in a role like this. He looks like the all American yuppie - tall, clean shaven, well dressed, and in control of his life - and his comedic delivery has been refined into a polished riff. All is believable when he lets loose because you know this is a guy who has a great sense of humor and he can get you to laugh until you lose your breath without grossing you out or making you groan at absurd silliness. Even while prancing or jabbing the air or contorting his face, Carrey is - hands down - the sexiest comedian on screen today. Tea Leoni is a good match for him because she too can be sexy while doing pratfalls or ending up with mud on her face. This is a dream coupling that should be repeated in more light comedies the way William Powell & Myrna Loy were paired in The Thin Man series.

I found this remake head and shoulders above the original because it had far more energy and there was more 'sympatico' in the match of personalities of Dick & Jane. The new version also has a much more important message about corporate shenanigans and its grave impact on modern society. The film moves at a quick pace and was too short for me, but that's only because I didn't want to leave these characters. They became that fun couple you always invite to your get-togethers because they are the life of every party.
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Good Job, Jim Carey
anna22 December 2005
I saw this movie in a preview screening and I laughed so hard that I had a headache by the end. I am really glad that Jim Carey has finally found a balance between his physical comedy and things that are actually comedic. The supporting cast was also excellent. Alec Baldwin was very good at being a character whom the viewer would love to hate. The story line was interesting and fast moving. It was a spot of light shining on the sad times that followed all of the financial ruin at the beginning of this decade. Although the movie was only about an hour and a half long, it did not feel short at all. All in all it was a fun movie that is worth watching if one really wants a good laugh.
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As much fun as Carrey and Leoni can make it.
The_Orenda22 January 2006
Dick and Jane is a comedy I didn't expect to do very well. I wasn't sold by the trailers, and another remake is something the world can live happily without. Dick and Jane is an underrated hit though, and Carrey and Leoni are remarkably not as annoying as they sometimes can be. Carrey is, thankfully, as hyperbolic as the character of Dick will let him be and Jane isn't as complicated a role for Leoni to fall on. The movie excellently thanks corporations for its inspiration in the final credits.

Dick has a happy, healthy upper-middle class family. A promotion to the upper echelon believes him to convince his wife Jane to quit her job and get that hot tub they always wanted. A sudden change in corporate direction however, changes their future as they must resort to drastic measures when the bills aren't getting paid.

I didn't find myself laughing as much as I wanted to for a movie. In a year dominated by comedy-remake stinkers like the Honeymooners and Bewitched, Dick and Jane is one of the better movies of the year to watch. If you want a good movie to watch and understand a little bit of corporate history, I recommend Dick and Jane for you.
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This fine movie is grossly underrated
no_spam-45 March 2006
This is the story of Dick, an ambitious marketing executive which is promoted to the top just on the day his corporation implodes due to some embezzlement scheme. The first 15 minutes (Dick's ascent) are really very, very funny - that's Jim Carrey at his best.

The movie's best part is when you see Dick and his wife falling all the way to level where survival is really a struggle - this is actually very moving. Their ensuing blotched criminal career is on the other hand not so funny as you might expect -- you have the feeling that this is a very good serious movie trying to be funny just to meet the public's expectations.
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Fun with Jim
sxjTheFirst11 February 2006
Jim Carrey does it again. Slapstick comedy but not the pie throwing variety. it's a lot more subtle than the Ace Ventura movies but it's no dark comedy either.

The movie is an extremely exaggerated view of Dick, Jane and kid coping with loss of job, income, car, nanny, TV, grass (the lawn type not the other grass), electricity, and even citizenship.

Suspend your logic and have fun. There are escapes, car crashes, robberies, illegal immigrants, job hunts, Bill and Hillary Clinton, Bush ... if this doesn't perk your interest nothing will.

The best gag in the film is at the end just before the titles start... don't miss the "Our Special Thanks To" part!
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More than a little pickle...
JasparLamarCrabb21 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
A wildly underrated remake of the Jane Fonda/George Segal classic --- proving that it's never a bad time to say f### y## to corporate America. Jim Carrey & Tea Leoni find themselves way over their heads after Carrey is run out of his job by greedy boss Alec Baldwin. They plot revenge after trying (in the most bizarre ways imaginable)to make ends meet. Attempting everything from bank robbery to migrant day labor, Carrey is brilliant and Leoni is a perfect match for his hyperactivity. Their Sonny & Cher bit is lunacy and Carrey's run in with some ruthless INS officers has to be seen to be believed. Baldwin, affecting a southern drawl, is suitably nasty and the supporting cast includes Michael Higgins, Angie Harmon, and Richard Jenkins, as the couple's boozy and very unlikely savior.
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Could have been funnier and stronger if the screenplay was written better
DonFishies24 June 2006
Jim Carrey has come a long way since his early days on In Living Color. He became a hit actor in the likes of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective (a personal childhood favourite), The Mask and Dumb and Dumber. He tried hard for an Oscar nom, but always contended with winning Golden Globes. And for years now, he has basically been bouncing around dramas, comedies, and dramedies. So now, he has tackled a remake (of a comedy no less), and the results as per the last few years, are mixed at best.

Carrey is Dick, an employee at Globodyne (read: Enron) who is promoted just in time to help sail the company into oblivion on television. He tells his wife Jane (Tea Leoni) to leave her job only hours before hand, and upon returning stunning home, realizes that he may be in a bit of trouble. As the months go on, the pair's assets slowly begin to dwindle, and hope for continued survival begins to evaporate. So with nothing left to do, they turn to life of petty crime and hope for the best.

It is not an original concept at all, but Carrey and Leoni do a valiant job keeping this boat floating. While the film does have a few hilarious moments, the rest of it is bogged down by mere snicker-filled sequences or just scenes that are totally unfunny. It's not like these two actors are having any trouble being funny, it's that the material is not funny. Judd Apatow did wonders with The 40-Year-Old Virgin, but he fumbles here pretty hard with his writing partner Nicholas Stoller, who does not have nearly enough credits to his name. A parody on what happened at Enron was inevitable, but this just seems lackluster and barely thought out. Subplots are brought in, but barely resolved, and the key storyline just feels very weak by the end. It's not terrible, it just feels a tad bit incomplete.

The sorry thing about the entire film is the fact that much of it just feels like an extended montage with little payoff. It is only ninety minutes long, so it feels like a lot was trimmed down or cut right out. But the film suffers as a result. If it was longer, it undoubtedly could have had more potential for more funny moments, and as a whole, feel more complete.

While Carrey and Leoni do their best, it's Leoni who gives a stronger performance. Yes, Carrey is right at home with his zany character, and totally overshadows Leoni in every single aspect. But he just lacks that integral element of human comedy here, that made him so famous in the first place. It's unfortunate, and makes me wonder if the old Carrey will ever return, or if we'll have to contend with semi-funny Carrey for the rest of his career. Leoni is much better, and feels more in tune with what she's doing.

Even more unfortunate is the wasted supporting cast does very little. Alec Baldwin as the sleazy CEO Jack McCallister is sparingly unfunny, as is Richard Jenkins as the right hand man Frank Bascombe, who spends most of the movie drunk and not doing anything (besides setting up for the finale). The rest of the cast has little to no screen time, or are simply silly supporting characters that just feel like excess waste in the entire scheme of things.

For all of it's faults, the film is a worth while watch. As said, I did laugh at some of it. A bit of work on the screenplay would have benefited everyone here. Just do not go in expecting a comedy classic with Jim Carrey. If so, you will be sadly disappointed.

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why bother
loydmooney1 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Oh my lord, what were they thinking about with this one. It not only is frantically unfunny, but worse, a very good original was trashed in the bargain. Jane Fonda, believe it or not, actually turned in the performance of her life in that one. Even better than where she plays the whore in the other so called performance of her life. Maybe she is just flat good as a crook. Any other time, wow, what a waste of time. But she and Segal team up beautifully, so if you even remotely got a glimpse of anything funny in this baby, catch the anvil upon which it got beaten into a pulp from.

Because very very very little of that one remains, to this ones horror. Nothing in this baby is remotely funny except for maybe a couple of moments when Dick and Jane are bulging lipped up as lepers and cant kiss..... and uhh........oh my lord, that's it? Well, looks like it.

It truly is that bad a film.
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leonardofilmgroup6 January 2006
A satire about greed and money, what? There is more greed in the intentions behind this fiasco than in any of the themes they pathetically try to make fun of. Jim Carrey's reign was certainly short lived. He is an unbearable presence on the screen. The insincerity of his portrayal is nothing short of creepy. He produced this, this "masterpiece" as well, so he can't blame anyone here. "The number one comedy in America" shout the desperate TV adds. Of course, Jim Carrey was suppose to guarantee full houses but the game is over. If I sound angry is because I am. I spent a sunny afternoon in California, plus, between tickets, parking, flat Cokes etc, almost 45 bucks on this thing, starring and produced by Mr Carry. Not anymore, do you hear? Not anymore.
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Targeting The Lowest Possible Denominator
julianaguirreps22 December 2005
What a terrible misfire. Not only the title but the idea is the same as that Jane Fonda, George Segal vehicle of a few decades ago. Why? I wonder, someone with the clout of Jim Carrey will, not only star, but also produce this tired, ugly, pointless excuse for a comedy. He could be taking comedy to a whole new level, instead, he goes for what he may assume is safe territory. Money, money, grosses, Christmas. But I'm sure this uncomfortable mess will have very short legs. I call it uncomfortable because that's how I felt. Aware as I was of the desperate attempts tried out on the screen to be funny. And failing, miserably. It could have been an outrageous, politically incorrect, mirror comedy of the post Enron days but no, that would be pointing too high, too risky. What a shame!
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No "Fun"!
ldavis-210 September 2006
Warning: Spoilers
There is no "fun" poking fun at the desperate plight of illegal immigrants! Or the desperate plight of head-shop owners, for that matter! That the richer-than-God Brian Glazer didn't see the irony of having the "heroes" do exactly what the villain does - rob honest, hardworking people of their life savings - doesn't surprise me! Hell, how do you think he got to be richer than God?!

In this alleged satire about greed, these mental midgets reveal their own hypocrisy: the McMansions, the McToys, the McChildren, the McIllegals who are paid peanuts to take care of the McMansions, the McToys, and the McChildren! But the main problem (aside from the revolting bigotry) is the premise: as the former executive of a now-infamous company, Dick would be the Big Scalp for every corporate headhunter in the country! No soup kitchens for him! And, raking in high six-figures, you'd think he wouldn't be caught dead around a Gore/Lieberman poster!
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An early reader
LAWigley7 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
See Dick work.

See Jane work.

Dick and Jane are married.

They are successful.

They have a son.

They have a nice house.

They have a Latino housekeeper.

The housekeeper teaches Spanish to the son.

The son speaks Spanish.


See Dick get promoted.

The pompous CEO is a crook.

See Dick take the fall for the pompous CEO.

Jane quits her job.


See Dick and Jane out of work.

Dick & Jane turn to crime.

As a plot device, they decide to rob the CEO.

See the robbery get botched.

See Dick & Jane fund the company's pension plan with the money from the robbery.

Yay. See the end credits.

Okay, so you've got the plot. Beyond that, Dick and Jane careens from one scene to the next. One barely connecting with the last one or the next one. The whole thing is terribly episodic in nature.

Jim Carrey didn't bother to bring his "A" material, he just seems bored and slightly ashamed of the whole thing. But heck, when you're getting paid $20 million plus, why bother. Tea Leoni is frantic. I guess I would be frantic not to get blamed for this flop.

There's just something sort of off about Dick & Jane. Carrey and Leoni aren't funny and have little chemistry. The script isn't funny. And it's not well-plotted.

But it may be bigger than that. The reality of Dick and Jane is, perhaps, a little too real. Maybe it's just not funny for people to lose their jobs in an Enron-like situation, when real-life still lacks a happy ending.
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Truly atrocious
karmabuona12 February 2006
Jim Carrey is a particular brand of humour and I personally think he's a great actor (Eternal Sunshine, for example).

However, this movie is presumably intended to be nothing more than a Jim Carrey vehicle, so be aware straight off that if you don't think his style of comedy is funny, you will sit stony-faced throughout this film, as it has NOTHING else to recommend it.

Even if you do like Carrey's comedy, I am not sure you will find this film amusing. I went to see it on a Saturday night at 10:30pm and the audience was definitely ready to laugh. They giggled throughout the trailers, which weren't particularly funny, but when it came to the film, stony silence. I think it raised about five genuine laughs.

The problem with the movie is it doesn't know what it wants to be. It can't make up its mind whether it's going for slapstick or serious. If it were stupid throughout it could be forgiven but (I'm guessing) it's also trying to make a point about the relationship between the two central characters.

The strong point of the film is the hold-ups, and there was plenty of potential here. But these didn't start until about halfway through and remained largely undeveloped. Meanwhile, you have to sit through the first excruciating 40 minutes as the couple's life deteriorates.

Four separate groups walked out of this film while I was there, and if my flatmate hadn't asked me to keep away from the house (his girlfriend having just returned from a month-long vacation!), I would have done the same. And in my entire 25 years of movie going, I have done that just once before.
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Toothless satire remake of a largely forgotten comedy.
george.schmidt27 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
FUN WITH DICK AND JANE (2005) ** Jim Carrey, Tea Leoni, Alec Baldwin, Richard Jenkins.

Toothless satire remake of a largely forgotten comedy.

Why does Hollywood continue to remake films that are in no way clamoring to be remade? In the latest 're-imagining' of a 'comedy' from the '70s that never registered to begin with the original FUN WITH DICK AND JANE with George Segal and Jane Fonda, I must admit do not remember at all. I was maybe ten when if first came out and when it premiered on cable most of it was over my head for a sophisticated farce about a middle-class couple facing life on another viewing when the corporate ladder hubby has been scaling shakes him free from his ascent to financial security.

In the toothless 21st century attempt to shock the system, Dick Harper (sadly underused Carrey) is a VP wannabe of an Enron-like conglomerate that is on the verge of financial ruin and federal indictments aplenty when its CEO Jack McCallister (a slimily bearded Baldwin) absconds with its pension plans for his own personal gains while alighting on the company helicopter as Dick has been publicly humiliated as the investors' patsy.

Dick's downward spiral continues as his wife Jane (Leoni, ditto) attempts to maneuver their lateral positions for the best even if it means paying their housekeeper in appliances when the money run out.

What could have been a clever skewering of the '00s blight of corporate thievery and deceit comes across as a slap-happy sitcom sized rejoinder to the rat race with the indisposed couple resorting to stick-up jobs at the local mini- mart and eventually all paths leading back to the man responsible for their plight.

Carrey and Leoni make the most of their slight screenplay (by Judd Apatow, Nicholas Stoller and Peter Tolan) and the ham-fisted direction by Dean Parisot but ultimately the story is rather beleaguered and the send-off ending feels tacked on.

Too bad the comedy that could've been - sticking it to THE MAN - never comes to fruition.
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Jim Carrey owes me for my two hours... Really wasted my time.
frane-222 December 2005
This two hour ego-trip for Jim Carrey was not only boring, but downright silly. He could have done a world of good with the premise, but the treatment was so unbelievable and ridiculous that the opportunity was wasted.

Jim Carrey is a comic genius, but should not produce or direct himself. He needs someone to give him a bit of perspective! If I had his address, I would send him a bill for my time.

Even Alec Baldwin could not save this film. And the female co-star was so obviously overshadowed by Carrey that she did not have a chance to act.

One New Year's resolution came as a result of the wasted time. From now on, I will not watch a movie that is not personally recommended by somebody I trust. The trailers for the movie made it seem hilarious. It is not. It is stupid.
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What's the difference???
shaneamorris1 January 2007
Honestly, not at all do I know why this movie didn't at least earn a 7. It is extremely hilarious just like all the other wonderful Jim Carrey comedies, and there's not much of a difference. The only way this is different from the others at all is the occasional vulgar and drug-related humor, which isn't included in any other Jim Carrey comedy. However, surprisingly, Jim Carrey does this sort of comedy very well for someone whose movies never include that type of humor. That couldn't have possibly brought down the ratings. But what did? is my question. It's like asking how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop. The world, or at least I, will never know.
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'Fun with Dick and Jane' is a poorly constructed, uneven comedy that could have easily been one of Carrey's best, yet sits way below the line of expectations
moviesfan1123 December 2005
Fun With Dick and Jane Living in the comfortable suburban life, Dick Harper (Carrey) and Jane Harper (Leoni) are looking forward to a spectacular future when Dick gets a promotion at his corporate job. Unfortunately, the job lasts less than 48 hours, when his boss (Baldwin) takes the company down with him in a scandal that sends all the employees into bankruptcy. Unable to find suitable work, they resort to selling almost everything in their house. Eventually, however, that plan runs thin when they run out of things to sell. With no food and practically nothing in their house, Dick and Jane turn to robbery and crime to pay their bills.

I'm sure the everybody involved in the production of this movie knows there's a good movie in here somewhere, but nobody seems to find it.

In a world filled with remakes, sequels, and sequels to remakes, here comes Fun with Dick and Jane, a frantic, discordant remake that only stays as passable due to Carrey's wacky and cheery sense of comedy. He does his best to keep the material light and funny, but he falls short unfortunately.

The major problem is Dick and Jane doesn't have the timing or goofiness to work as slapstick, and isn't clever enough to work as satire. While the movie is goofy, It's goofy in the wrong ways. You don't laugh when they fall or trip over something because the situation and timing is all wrong. The best thing I can say about the movie is: yes, I did laugh at several parts. Not not enough, not nearly enough with the plot and actors involved.

Dick and Jane: 2.5 out of 4
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Watch the trailers. The only good parts are already in them.
citybuilder931 December 2005
Now, I haven't seen the original version of this film, so this is strictly my view of this as a movie and not as a version of the original. The movie had perhaps one or two good jokes which had already been beaten to death in the trailers. Jim Carrey has slid down the slippery slope. I used to enjoy his movies, but this truly could have been much better. The writing, the acting, and the direction all seemed rather forced and it seems that those involved had no idea what they were talking about during those scenes that are heavy in business jargon. Surprisingly, the film doesn't focus much on the crime aspect which was pushed heavily in the trailers, acting as a sort of trap for moviegoers looking for a crime-comedy. On the bright side, Tea Leoni was a joy to watch and seemed to breathe a bit more life into her character than her co-stars. In conclusion: Just watch the trailers. You'll get the funniest parts for free.
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Predictable and therefore boring
vstoneco5 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
In what is supposed to be a comedy, I was bored all the way through. The pacing, the gags, the plot, the style were all completely predictable Hollywood. The actors' performances were all very competent -- JC continues to be a genius at physical comedy -- so the problem was with the script and the director. The film never surprised me once. I was so disappointed. Save your money for better films! I wouldn't even recommend wasting money to rent it on DVD. A real shame, because a biting satire on the Enron scandals and greed in America would have been great. This movie just isn't it.

We all know the American Dream is BS, and that unless you're one of the lucky few who manage to own property (without being mortgaged to the hilt), life in America can be *hard.* It's almost impossible to live in the US on what most jobs pay. The major problem with this movie is that it was dull and predictable, but a minor problem was that there was something insidious about making light of the economic plight of most Americans. Poverty, the movie says, is about not being able to afford a Mercedes, not having a big-screen plasma TV, not having a hot tub. Yes, it said this tongue-in-cheek, but not really. The premise that "things have really gotten bad when upper middle class people have to resort to armed robbery to support their lifestyle" somehow manages to say that it's really only the problems of the rich that matter, and it ignores what real poverty is like and how common it is now. If this was supposed to be a comment on white collar crime, it was grossly unsubtle.
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This movie is not worth watching in theater or home theater
mark-20827 December 2005
Fun With Dick and Jane failed to entertain on so many levels. There were loose ends with the writing, for example, it seems as though one of the major conflicts was the indictment of Jim Carrey's character DIck Harper, but the writers never follow up that particular conflict. Basically the story is weak and mostly unfunny, but Carrey saves a few scenes with his physical humor, but honestly, Jim Carrey wasn't very funny in this movie, and Tea Leone might as well have been there just for her appearance because she wasn't funny either. This is just another example of Hollywood banking off franchise actors with a lousy unoriginal story.
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I had fun with Dick and Jane
Smells_Like_Cheese30 January 2006
Well, was this the best Jim Carrey comedy? Not really, but it is one of his better late one's. I think because I have had the week from heck, I just needed a good laugh, thanks to Jim. :) Anywho, Dick and Jane are two average Americans who follow by the rules and manage a reasonable budget. When the company that Dick owns goes broke, he is fired, he and Jane are now in trouble when Dick cannot find a job fast enough. Piece by piece they are loosing or having to sell their stuff, when Dick receives an eviction notice, he and Jane have had it and will no longer play by the rules to live their lives once again. With a cast who seemed to enjoy making the film, I think this was over all a funny movie to watch and would recommend it.

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