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  • When an affluent couple lose all their money following a series of blunders, they turn to a life of crime to make ends meet.

  • The day before Globodyne's stock tanks, a la Enron, and its pension fund evaporates, the corporation's CEO and CFO set up middle manager Dick Harper to be the public face of the disaster. Jobless, and with no savings, pension, or home equity, Dick and his wife Jane sink slowly into poverty. He looks for work (as do all former Globodyne executives); he even tries day labor with the relatives of their Mexican nanny. A foreclosure notice sends Dick and Jane over the edge into a life of blue-collar crime. Then, as things finally look up, the report of an looming indictment pushes Dick and Jane toward a denouement with the real criminals, the white-collar guys.


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  • In January 2000, Dick Harper (Jim Carrey) has been promoted to Vice President of Communications for the large media corporation Globodyne. The next day, he is asked on a television program in which host Sam Samuels and presidential candidate Ralph Nader call Dick and the company's employees "perverters of the American dream" and claim it helps the super-rich get even wealthier. As they speak, Globodyne's stock value falls rapidly; it and its employees' pensions, which are in Globodyne's stock, are soon worthless. Dick arrives home, where his wife Jane (Téa Leoni) tells him that she has quit her job as a travel agent after his promotion to spend more time with their son Billy. Dick breaks the news of the company's failure over the family's dinner, instantly alarming Jane. Despite his attempts, Dick is unable to get another V.P. job; Jane tells him the couple face bankruptcy because their assets are composed entirely of now-worthless Globodyne stock.

    After accepting the prospect of being poor, Dick and Jane apply for low-paying jobs. After being fired from all local businesses and having their utilities cut off, they are forced to sell off their possessions and take off-the-books jobs to make ends meet; the latter of which leads to Dick being mistakingly deported to Mexico when INS agents raid the factory he is working at.

    Finally, after receiving 24 hours notice of eviction from their home, they decide to turn to crime. Dick decides to rob a local convenience store but loses his nerve due to the large clerk at the register. After several failed attempts, they rob a head shop. They begin nightly robbing sprees and become more professional; they have soon stolen enough money to pay back the mortgages on their house and car, both of which were about to be repossessed.

    For their final crime, Dick and Jane decide to rob a local bank by using a crafty and low-key approach during business hours. Dick arrives at the bank in disguise as a businessman with a fake beard and eyeglasses while Jane, in disguise as a grey-haired lady, causes a diversion by feigning a fainting spell to draw attention to herself. Dick then lifts the bank president's master key while he is attending to Jane, and uses it to go into the vault and to quietly walk out with some of the cash in his briefcase; all goes as planned until another couple who used to work for Globodyne, Oz (Carlos Jacott) and Debbie Peterson (Stephnie Weir), make an amateurish attempt to rob the bank by an armed robbery. The Petersons are quickly arrested; Dick and Jane take advantage of the hysteria to evade the police, but fail to steal any money.

    That evening, after watching news footage of the arrests of the Petersons and of other former Globodyne employees who turned to crime to make ends meet, Dick and Jane Harper decide to give up their life of crime, but Dick finds he is to be indicted for his unwitting role in Globodyne's demise.

    At the local bar, Dick encounters Frank Bascombe (Richard Jenkins), the former CFO of Globodyne, who is drunk and guilt-ridden. Frank tells Dick the company's crooked CEO Jack McCallister (Alec Baldwin) diverted all of Globodyne's assets and dumped the entire stock, thus ruining the company and its employees while escaping with a $400-million fortune. Frank, who is about to go to prison after a failed attempt to expose McCallister's crimes, has received a $10 million bribe from McCallister in exchange for his silence.

    After learning about McCallister's scheme, Dick, Jane and Frank decide to take revenge. Frank tells them McCallister plans to transfer his $400 million in bearer bonds to an offshore account. Dick and Jane must intercept the transfer from inside the bank and substitute a fake form, transferring the funds to an account Frank has established. McCallister checks the account number on his transfer and demands it is redone. Dick confronts McCallister and demands that he signs a blank check. Knowing Dick's threats are empty, McCallister writes him a check for $100 and leaves the bank. Dick tells Jane that was his contingency plan; Jane, an art major, can now forge McCallister's signature.

    The next day, McCallister is mobbed by reporters and former Globodyne employees, all praising him for his generosity. Dick appears, and as McCallister's vice president, hands him a prepared statement, which McCallister reads on live television. McCallister is shocked to announce that he has transferred $400 million to a trust fund to support Globodyne's defunct pension plan in gratitude to his former employees. Dick and Jane lead the cheers from the crowd, while McCallister faces them, unable to expose the two without revealing his own crimes. A news report later shows Dick and Jane delivering pension fund checks to former Globodyne employees, including the now-imprisoned Petersons, while reporting that McCallister's net worth has been reduced to around $2,000.

    One year later, Dick's family drive a rusty old Volkswagen into the sunset. While Billy is teaching his parents Spanish words, a Bentley containing Dick's friend Garth (John Michael Higgins) approaches. Garth tells Dick he has a new job at a company called Enron.

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