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Can't spell "families" without "lies"
Smells_Like_Cheese1 December 2008
Four Christmases starring Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn, I suppose I can accept it, just very strange seeing them as a couple on screen together. But anyways, every year we get a Chrismas movie, it's either going to be fun or really bad, sorry to say, but Four Christmases is nothing special, another year with an easy to forget movie. But still while this movie doesn't really stand out and it is incredibly predictable, there are some really fun moments. We at least finally have the split up family vs just one crazy family. Reese really turned on the charm and stole this movie, she was so adorable and she was great in the jump jump scene with the evil kids. Vince had some moments as well, but it's more the supporting cast that was just a fun addition to the story.

When upscale, happily unmarried San Francisco couple Kate and Brad find themselves socked in by fog on Christmas morning, their exotic vacation plans morph into the family-centric holiday they had, until now, gleefully avoided. Out of obligation-and unable to escape-they trudge to not one, not two, but four relative-choked festivities, increasingly mortified to find childhood fears raised, adolescent wounds reopened...and their very future together uncertain. As Brad counts the hours to when he can get away from their parents, step-parents, siblings and an assortment of nieces and nephews, Kate is starting to hear the ticking of a different kind of clock. And by the end of the day, she is beginning to wonder if their crazy families' choices are not so crazy after all.

I would recommend Four Christmases just if you wanna see a cute holiday movie in the theater this year. Vince and Reese had good chemistry and this movie just represents the craziness of having to go to all the families every year for Christmas. There are some really good laughs here and there, I loved the scene where Reese played the Virgin Mary and Vince was Joesph in their church play and Reese just gets stage fright and freezes while Vince just makes a fool of himself on stage. Over all this is a cute movie, there's nothing special about it, but it's worth the look.

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How does this Movie only have a 5.7
tonyzeno758 September 2020
This is movie is Hilarious it has now worked it way into our Family's always watch during the Holidays up there with Planes Trains and Automobiles and NL X-mas Vacation.

This is Vaughn on his A-Game, in my experience, You either love or hate Vince.. I personally have been a Fan since Swingers and Made. Witherspoon is decent and holds her own, but this is Vince's Movie for sure.

The scene where they visit Vaughn's Dad (the Amazing Robert Duvall) along with life long partner in crime Actor/MEGA Director Jon Favreau and the surprisingly natural actor Tim McGraw alone is worth the rental of this movie alone, and Mother Visit with Sissy Spacek and a Cameo from Swingers as her new Husband is also Fantastic.

If youre not laughing out loud during these 2 scenes you dont know what Comedy is..

Check this out if you wasnt to Laugh... a Fan of Vince Vaughn/Jon Favreau etc.

Vaughn's performance is on point here.. just as "Wedding Crashers" and "The Breakup"

For some younger great VV performance's Check out "Clay Pigeons" and "Domestic Disturbance"
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Have Your Christmas Cake And Eat It Too
Parks26 December 2009
Sigh. Another potentially funny Hollywood comedy hits the skids when it encounters a message. The message here seems to be, "Families Are Hideous And Awful, But Everyone Should Be Forced To Have One". No, I don't understand the logic of that either.

The families are made up of 4 sets of familiar comedy archetypes - the yokels, the interfering women, the religious kooks and - um - the fourth set who the writers couldn't be bothered to make interesting or unusual. I suppose you can't blame them for losing interest - I know I had.

Phoned-in performances and a faxed-in script result in a charmless, pointless holiday film. The only good thing about it is the charisma of the leads, and a funny appearance by Jon Favreau. But seriously, you would be better advised to watch National Lampoon's Xmas Vacation again instead.
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Give this garbage a wide berth
lwaha10 May 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This is without a doubt one of the worst movies of 2008. The movie suffers from the lack of chemistry between Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon. It's the core of the movie and we never believe in them as a couple. We drift through the movie from one embarrassingly unfunny scene to another including a sequence where Vaughn's brothers, who are Ultimate Fighters attack him, an attempt to put up a satellite dish where everyone and everything falls over. More pitiful scenes follow. A reenactment of the nativity scene is presumably added to pad this garbage out and just when you think things can't get worse....they do! The final 10 minutes goes for soppy sentimaentality with the couple's 'relationship' which is totally out of keeping with this surprisingly mean spirited 'comedy'. It doesn't matter since we never believed in them as a pair to begin with. This train wreck is ended when a baby, for the second time, projectile vomits over Reese Witherspoon. An unbelievably awful film.
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The Continued Dumbing Down Of Comedy
zkonedog12 March 2017
This film has the perfect setup to be a big comes out on DVD over the holidays when (many) people are, after a day or two, trying to get away from the relatives for awhile, and the plot even centers on that same subject matter! Yet, through a multitude of problems, first and foremost being the continued dumbing down of what people must think is funny, it fails to resonate on any level.

Basically, the story sees a couple (played by Reece Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn) trying to escape their holiday family get-togethers due to tension from both sets of parents. However, when their flight to Fiji is cancelled due to fog, they are forced to spend the day at four different homes (both sets of their parents are divorced) celebrating Christmas. They meet a wide variety of odd characters and even begin to drift away from each other once past secrets begin to be revealed.

While that may sound like an interesting concept, it just doesn't get off the group. First, the lead couple, though played by the very competent Witherspoon and Vaughn, are so unlikable that you really can't get drawn into their relationship. In fact, you may actually root AGAINST them as they are so annoying. Secondly, the auxiliary family members that should bring the comedy to the film are, in actually, quite annoying themselves also. Not until the last home do you get a touch of interesting character development, but by then you really don't care anymore.

However, the biggest problem with the entire film is that it relies on far too many sight gags and an over abundance of crude humor. The scenes in the film that should get the biggest laughs involve "Vaughn" falling off a roof, a breast pump, and a baby vomiting. Now I suppose that when it comes to humor it's sort of "to each his own", but personally I feel that resorting to that type of humor is a cheap way to get a chuckle (if that) and doesn't really endear itself to viewers.

Thus, here is the real test of whether or not I found this to be enjoyable whatsoever: After finishing it, I flipped around my cable TV and found two great films on...Father of the Bride and When Harry Met Sally. After just 15 minutes of flipping back and forth between those two, I had more laughs than during the entire 88 minutes of Four Christmases.
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Just plain bad
jcb16319 December 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Sophomoric humor, disjointed plot, obnoxious delivery, lack of direction, and poor pacing married to a feeble attempt to intertwine a serious philosophical issue throughout its unbelievably contrived and stilted storyline (the issue was whether or not to bring offspring into the world, but by the end you have come to have so much disdain for the main characters that you are practically screaming, "Please, don't breed!" by the time they do). Overall, just a superbly painful movie to sit through.

Further, it was most disheartening to see a stellar collection of supporting actors (Duval, Spacek, Voight) wasted in a horrendous vehicle such as this one. My recommendation is that if you can watch it for free . . . you will still have paid too much. This is a Christmas movie quickly destined for the post-Christmas gift exchange department.

On a brighter note, my wife hated it more than I did.
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One of our favorite Holiday movies!
johnhuff-5246125 December 2018
This movie produces non stop laughter in our house! Vince Vaughn does his 'thing' better than ever, while Reese is great playing his girlfriend. The rest of the cast is top notch and a perfect mixture of family stereotypes! You owe it to yourself, if you have a sense of humor about holidays and family get togethers, to see this movie!
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Four Christmases
JoBloTheMovieCritic26 November 2019
4/10 - a holiday flick that squanders the immense talents of its cast, particularly Reese Witherspoon, Kate Mixon, and Kristin Chenoweth
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Horrible Movie.
alexanderreznikov30 December 2009
Just watched this movie few hours ago. It was like a shocking therapy. This has been one of the most bad movies I have ever seen. No plot, no idea, no "healthy humor". Only sick sex jokes and pregnancy subjects. The movie is not about Christmas: it has nothing to do with Christmas. The movie is about a girl (Witherspoon) and a guy (Vaughn): the girl finally decides that she wants to get pregnant. No use to describe movie here: those who want to watch it, don't fall asleep. I watched the movie and now regretting that I wasted two hours on that. It is not surprising: Witherspoon can't play anybody else but pregnant girls or silly lawyers; Vaughn - it is still a mystery why he agreed to do this movie. Awful. 1/10.
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Four Chrismases without a hint of Christmas
Neenee-b29 November 2008
Warning: Spoilers
After last years foray into Christmas movies with the comedy without the comedy Fred Claus, Vince Vaughn is back this year again with another festive attempt - Four Christmases with Reese Witherspoon.

The plot involves a couple Brad (Vaughn) and Kate (Witherspoon) as they struggle to spend Christmas Day with all for of their divorcée parents.

No matter the logistical problems of visiting four equally quirky parents the most unbelievable part of the whole movie was believing that the cuddly (fat if you are not a fan!) Vaughn could pull a girl like Reese Witherspoon but oddly enough it did work and there was some chemistry there despite set grumblings that the two did not get on very well.

As with all comedies chemistry is important but so is the comedy. Vince Vaughn is a known to stray from the script and when this works it is hilarious but when it doesn't it truly fails. His one memorable scene and in fact the only laugh out loud scene in the whole movie is the nativity scene.

I would give the movie 5/10. It was released well in time before the main Christmas Films in order not to completely bomb at the Box Office.

The movie was good but I would wait a year and rent it next Christmas. It is the Christmas comedy which forgot all about the Christmas...and the comedy.
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Snappy Comedy Touches Smothered by Hollywood Overkill in Standard Holiday Fare
EUyeshima26 November 2009
This rudely rambunctious, intermittently funny 2008 holiday comedy is a supreme case of Hollywood overkill along the lines of Jay Roach's "Meet the Fockers". Running a scant 89 minutes, it stars no less than five Oscar-winning actors in the standard cookie-cutter story of a commitment-phobic couple who are forced to visit each of their four divorced parents on Christmas day. Co-written by first-timers Matt Allen and Caleb Wilson, along with Jon Lucas and Scott Moore (who co-wrote "The Hangover"), the premise shows promise with Kate and Brad, a pair of self-satisfied, upwardly mobile San Franciscans meeting for what looks like the first time in a bar. Their sharp-tongued banter turns out to be a role-playing fantasy since they are three years into their comfortable relationship. A major fog blanket rolls over the city and ruins their plans for a holiday vacation in Fiji. What's worse is that they are caught by a local news camera at the airport. Because they deceived their families into thinking they were traveling overseas to help starving third-world children, they embark on a daylong journey to each of their parent's houses, all conveniently located in the Bay Area.

However, the movie starts to decline precipitously with each visit. The first home the couple drops by belongs to Brad's redneck father, where his other sons, cage-fighting brothers Denver and Dallas tackle Brad with painful wrestling moves. It ends with an uncomfortable gift exchange where Brad's expensive gifts humiliate his blue-collar family. The couple then visits Kate's overly affectionate mother and a den of cougars, an episode in which it is revealed Kate had a childhood weight problem and a possible lesbian past. Brad's therapist mother is next on the itinerary, but he's still angry that she married his best friend, who is half her age, and a game of Taboo reveals the communication gulf that really exists between Kate and Brad. The last stop is at the home of Kate's father, and this is where the tone gets serious-minded as the couple learns a lesson in the value of being with family in spite of whatever personal differences may exist to divide them the rest of the year.

Vince Vaughn and Reese Witherspoon - he with his semi-improvised riffing, she with her exacting intelligence - would seem to be absurdly mismatched, but they spar convincingly, even if they do look more like best friends than lovers. Vaughn gets to shine in a Christmas pageant scene where he basks in the limelight of his ham-fisted stage debut. Robert Duvall, Mary Steenburgen, Sissy Spacek, and Jon Voight play the parents with little screen time, and only Duvall leaves much of an impression as an embittered shell of a man. Jon Favreau, Tim McGraw, Carol Kane, and Kristin Chenoweth gamely play various relatives in equally smallish roles. The whole venture is directed by Seth Gordon, whose only previous feature-length credit is the critically praised video-game documentary, "The King of Kong", and his storytelling inexperience shows in the sometimes ADD-level pacing of the story. The 2009 DVD, being released for the holidays, doesn't offer much in terms of extras other than two different screen formats.
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Has about as much Christmas spirit as a Friday the 13th film - although the horny characters are still present.
c_p_c8 December 2008
It's been a while since Hollywood gave us a genuinely good Christmas movie worth seeing. If you notice, the Christmas TV line-up is the same each year and the most modern film usually on the list is THE SANTA CLAUSE (1993). This just goes to show that, sadly, Hollywood isn't creating Christmas classics as it once did. Perhaps one of these years we will get a Christmas film reminiscent of the ones we love to watch on TV every year, but this ain't that year - or at least FOUR CHRISTMASES isn't that film.

The problem doesn't lie within the film's premise, but in the actual events that play out in the film. Kate and Brad live life with and for each other and that's it. They don't have much contact with their families - where each parent is divorced and some remarried - and each Christmas opt for a tropical vacation, telling their families they are doing charity work instead. All in all, they are happy with each other, but have buried their family issues. However, this year they get caught in their lie and are forced to visit each parent individually, celebrating a total of four Christmases. In the hands of an able and creative script writer this film could have been quite enjoyable as both Kate and Brad learn to appreciate their families and not exclude certain things - mainly marriage and children - in their lives just because their parents are bad examples of them. Instead, each visit with a parent seems to be a drawn out slapstick or sex joke and nothing else and is just not in any way funny or clever.

The film suffers from a lack of intelligence and it is shocking that it attracted the star power it did. The star's talents are hardly used and instead the film opts for over-sexed relatives, ultra violent brothers and insanely disobedient children - who get no reprimanding for their actions. As a genre of film that almost lends itself to families this one missed the mark and is not recommended for the kids. As an adult-geared Christmas film it just isn't funny. Adult humor can be funny and appropriate if there is other substance backing up the film - see 'KNOCKED UP' or 'FORGETTING SARAH MARSHALL.' All we are offered in FOUR CHRISTMASES is one boring and uninspired vignette after the next with paper-thin character development and uninteresting characters.

With rarely an enjoyable moment and an atmosphere that provides almost no Christmas spirit, FOUR CHRISTMASES shouldn't be on anyone's list of holiday films. It is the awkward gift given by a relative. You know the type. It comes in a pretty package, but upon opening you find that it is a pair of underwear or a sweater that is designed to sit at the back of closets. This film surely will.
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Pleasantly Surprised
Robert_Scott27 November 2008
To be fair, I should explain right away I had no intention of seeing this movie at all not to mention Vince Vaughn hasn't done anything very good like Swingers and Made in some time (to me, Wedding Crashers and The Break Up were just O.K.). In fact, the bitter taste from last year's disappointing Fred Claus was still present when my girlfriend said she wanted to see this movie tonight. Of course, I cringed at the idea while mildly protesting but eventually gave in with the prospect of secretly indulging in an unspoken "I told you so". Only kidding, that thought never crossed my mind...

Anyways, I didn't even really know what this was about before seeing it but it didn't take long for the plot to be outlined after a pretty funny scene at the airport. Basically, after 3 years of avoiding spending time with their families on Christmas (remember, you can't spell families without "lies"), Kate and Brad find themselves in an unfortunate situation this year that forces them to spend Christmas with their divorced parents and very dysfunctional siblings. This concept could go either way for me because I really liked Christmas Vacation but disliked The Family Stone. Fortunately, just as it started out great this continued to be more like Christmas Vacation all the way through with several laugh out loud funny dialog and various slapstick that had the whole theater roaring with laughter. One of my favorite parts was a Nativity play where Vince Vaughn effectively delivers some hilarious over the top scenery chewing that had everybody in stitches... well, except Kate.

As funny as I thought this was, it wouldn't be a real Christmas movie without delivering some sort of constructive message among all the chaos. Since I can empathize with Vaughn in his situation with Kate, the film's resolution probably had more personal impact for me. I can also understand the criticism that most of the talented cast was wasted in comparison because the family situations were not addressed equally. What I liked the most about the film's brief serious turn is it wasn't syrupy while providing some genuine touching moments thanks to the believable acting skills of Reese Witherspoon, Vince Vaughn and of course the two screen legends, Bobby DuVall and Jon Voight. Best Christmas movie I've seen since Bad Santa and yes, I will listen to my girlfriend's suggestions without being such a Scrooge from now on:)
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Bounce Bounce and Baby Barf
ferguson-628 November 2008
Greetings again from the darkness. Vince Vaughn is starting to remind me of what Woody Allen went through ... "I liked his funny movies". Just wasn't a fan of "Wedding Crashers" or "The Break-up", but I certainly recognize his comedic talents. Here, his quirks play a little better, though I never really bought off on he and Reece Witherspoon as a couple.

Low expectations, a strong cast, a few clever lines, easily relatable family strain, and a true sight "gag" make this one enjoyable enough. The trailer gives away the set-up of the film as Reece and Vince are forced to visit all four pieces of their disjointed families on Christmas. For some reason, director Seth Gordon ("King of Kong") casts Robert Duvall and Sissy Spacek as VV's parents and Jon Voight and Mary Steenburgen as Reece's. The curiosity stems from the age difference between these actors ... a 15-16 year span. Just struck me as odd. Though not quite as odd as Jon Voight offering parental advice. Now THAT is comedy! Despite the hi-jinx, the messages abound: we all have the weirdest family, it is never easy to really connect with another person, and it's always a good time for cheese whiz. This is really VV's film as Reece has little to offer save for the bounce bounce scene. Mr. Vaughn is truly at his best in the moments of rapid fire dialogue as he helplessly tries to avoid another ridiculous situation.

One warning to parents: the film is rated PG-13 and there is a segment regarding the Santa secret, so be forewarned. The unwritten rule is broken. The quick lines and uncomfortable family moments make this one worth a few giggles. Not a Christmas classic, but a decent comedy.

I must mention the tribute to the classic "A Christmas Story" as the kids peer into the toy store window early on. That scene is followed by the airport scene, where the ticket agent is played by none other than Peter Billingsley, a grown up Ralphie from that movie (and producer of this film).
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Watch it every year!
garbargrif28 December 2019
I don't know why everyone hates on this movie, I laugh through the entire thing. I have seen it probably 5 times now, and still enjoy it. It also has a stellar cast with Robert Devall, Tim McGraw, I mean come on, it even has Dwight Yoakam in it. It's funny, light hearted, and sweet at the end. Anyway, I just thought people should give it a chance. It had bad reviews when it came out, and my mom and I saw it in theaters and disagreed with the reviews then.
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Why did I think I would like this?
Jackbv12325 December 2020
Reese Witherspoon is the answer to that question. I've always liked her.

This movie is everything I hate about comedy. Projectile vomit from a baby. Twice. Grown brothers performing professional style wrestling moves on their helpless brother to the point of extreme pain. A grown woman pushing and throwing and slamming children, admittedly in a bouncy house. Many other instances of inane physical comedy. And don't forget tasteless innuendo.

Why did I watch it through? I work out while watching TV movies and I was more or less a captive audience. Changing programs in mid-stream is complicated.
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Good For Completely Destroying Christmas Spirit
marcbudgell71728 December 2008
Where to begin on this one. I didn't really have high hopes for this one, as the commercial made it look really boring, but I got forced into going. I figured hey, Vince Vaughn is awesome, he will probably make it bearable. Yeah, he didn't.

For starters, he and Reese Witherspoon have no chemistry. Their relationship is annoying and they aren't likable characters who you can cheer for. The whole movie is packed with big name actors, but there isn't a single one who is likable, and it makes it really difficult to care as the movie drags on.

Finally, the most painful part was when they let Vince Vaughn just talk incessantly, especially in the later stages of the movie. I loved his rambling style in other movies, but in this one I just want to reach out and slap him.

Avoid, there really isn't anything good about this movie.
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Save your money
isewthe-26 December 2008
My husband and I attend a movie at least three times a month and I believe we have a good sense of humor, but this was the most humorless movie we have seen in a long time. I laughed more at the new Kevin James movie preview than I did at this movie. It was so bad my husband almost went to sleep during it. I kept hoping something really funny would happen, but it never did. I feel like Reese Witherspoon was wasted in this movie. I have loved most of her movies, but she should have bowed out of this one. As for Vince Vaughn I keep wondering why he is so popular. Also the scene in the church was disgustingly bad and for those who know the true meaning of Christmas it was an insult.
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O Come all ye faithful...for four times the garbage
Simon_Says_Movies8 January 2009
O come all ye faithful. That certainly seems to be the attitude that studios have at the holidays, sputtering out yearly Christmas flicks and luring all the little 'children' to their theatres made of gingerbread…no matter how god-awful that movie may be. Those thinking that Four Christmases must be four times the fun of a normal Christmas movie, are about to get a truckload of coal at their front door, because you'll receive nothing but four times the pain, four times the tripe and four times the garbage.

2008 marks the second year in a row a Vince Vaughn yuletide film has met the silver screen. I will not claim to have seen Fred Claus but I can honestly not envision it being any worse, and if it is then all those involved must simply hate the holiday season. Ironically it truly is the films gimmick that is its greatest determent. Of course if the film had been remotely funny then this would have been an asset, but being forced slog through two hours of atrocious slapstick and mean- spirited comedy is not how I wish to spend my valuable vacation time. With such talent involved, the absolute failure of Four Christmases is all the more lasting and if not for Vince Vaughn who gets the films only (and very, very few) laughs, the Grinch himself would have loved it.

Following the only clever scene in the film in which Brad (Vince Vaughan) and Kate (Reese Witherspoon) meet in a bar (although not to the end which you may expect) they plan their annual holiday trip down south for sun, relaxation and as an added bonus an ocean between them an their families. But following heavy fog in their home city of San Francisco their flight is delayed, and thanks to a pesky reporter are featured on the news, which of course their families are watching. Thus begins the hilarity, with the duo visiting each of their four divorced parents including Brad's father (an awful Robert Duvall) his professional fighter brothers Denver (an awful John Favreau) and Dallas (Tim McGraw) and his mother (Sissy Spacek). And on the other side, Kate's mother (Mary Steenburgen) her baby loving sister Courtney (Kristin Chenoweth) and father (Jon Voight, who adds the only gravitas to the film). As the couple hops from home to home their relationship is put to the test. Will they learn the true meaning of family?

In its wholeness, Four Christmases is really a spiteful and mean- spirited film where all the characters do, is fight. Kate and Brad fight, Kate and Brad fight with their families and their families fight amongst themselves, and I for one don't want to be watching material like that around what is supposed to be a joyous time of year. They openly avoid their families and their families really want nothing to do with them. Not a single person in this film seems like a real person and never encounter problems or family quirks that might hit home (and really people, if it does, take your family to see a shrink) in addition to having no characters which are in any way likable. I mean this truthfully, after the first Christmas I was ready to leave, and the same slapstick surfaces again and again like the appetizer you accidentally dropped in the egg nog at an open house; Baby spittle scenes, UFC takedowns and crude sexist jokes seem to make up this films backbone.

A few times throughout Four Christmases the quip "You can't spell families without lies" appears. If this is what the Christmastime spirit is going to embody in the future of Hollywood, then you might as well just shove the ol' tannenbaum in the trash right now, which coincidently, is exactly where this piece of dreck belongs as well.

View all my reviews at Simon Says Movie Reviews:
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If the crew that made this movie made "It's a Wonderful Life", George Baily would have been trapped in the bad version of the town of Hill Valley for the whole movie.
fkozmet19 December 2009
This movie is unwatchable.

With the impressive cast, this movie promises to entertain, but instead annoys and disappoints. You at first begin to dislike the scenes, and then as it goes on, you begin to dislike the characters, and as it goes on further, you begin to dislike the actors, even if you've liked them in other movies. The movie is so bad, that it makes even the movie house popcorn taste bad.

Even after the movie moves on to a watchable scene, the reappearance of a minor character from a dreadful scene brings back the feeling of dread and spoils even the watchable scene. And as a Christmas movie, it has as much charm as listening to a tone deaf singer work their way through all your favourite Christmas carols. You find yourself hoping that you're able to suppress the memory of this movie when Christmas does come around.

Bah, and humbug.
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Worst Movie Ever!!!.
Lois_Geraghty19 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This has got to be the worst movie ever made!!!. Reese Witherspoon sleep walks her way through this movie and hardly ever makes eye contact with Vince Vaughan!!. Vomiting babies and siblings trying to wrestle each other just don't do it for me!!. I must admit Vince did try his best to make some humor but was terribly mismatched with Witherspoon. They had zero chemistry and it looked like Witherspoon at times just wanted to run off set and never come back!!. I just don't get why she keeps making comedies as she is so much better at Drama and is a good actress as proved by her Oscar and other awards she has won. I say don't waste your money on this it is an absolute stinker!!.
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Four too many Christmases
ArthurMausser9 December 2008
The movie has all of the potential to be a great comedy classic, but it seems to have to much Vaughn influence in the writing. Jon Favreau should have taken more control in creating this movie because his character was the best and funniest and we all know he can write a screenplay. Vince's shtick is getting really old and I didn't find him funny at all, Vaughn is becoming very very predictable.

Reese Witherspoon is withering and her cutesy faces are not so cutesy anymore. Her lines are humorous but she is not. Robert Duvall, Mary Steenburgen, Jon Voight, and Sissy Spacek have solid performances. Duvall was hilarious.

However, since Favreau & Duvall have minor roles in this movie, this movie is weak in the laugh department.

Usually, I tell people to wait for the movie to come out on DVD or HBO. In this case, don't buy it; if you miss it on HBO or Showtime, TBS or ABC will have it on in 2 years.

Too make a long review short, if you miss this movie, your life and your wallet will have more to give.
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Cynical Odious Film
wilsonfamily12 January 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I always thought that all films had to contain at least one character you could like or at worst empathise with. When a film begins with its 'heroes' lying to their parents I found it impossible to 'bond' with them. This film then spends the bulk of its airtime showing us how awful Witherspoon & Vaughn's families are ,and how little Witherspoon & Vaughn know about each other. The presumed payoff is that they become (partly) reconciled to their families and (we assume) keep them in their lives. It was, therefore, a cynical surprise that the last scene made it obvious that Witherspoon & Vaughn's characters had reverted to type. This film has a 12A certificate in the UK, meaning that small children can see it; it has several unsuitable scenes, including the sex in the toilet opening and Vaughn destroying the Santa Claus story. All in all a romantic Christmas comedy that was neither romantic, nor Christmassy nor funny.
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Mean-spirited and offensive
firstalittlebackstory26 November 2009
Brad and Kate, an urbanite unmarried couple with no plans to tie the knot or ever have children, are forced to visit their respective families after bad weather grounds planes and keeps them from going on their yearly tropical Christmas vacation together. And so we the audience are treated to nonstop cruelty, violence, profanity, and humorless mockery of the Christmas tradition for the rest of the film.

When Brad and Kate aren't being attacked, vomited on, and belittled, they're bickering about their increasingly deteriorating relationship, which is maybe not as solid as they thought. There is some funny dialogue, and the fish-out-of-water classism is amusing at times. But a few witticisms once in a while can't make up for the rest.

Four Christmases had potential; as a concept, it makes sense. Nearly everyone can relate to dysfunctional family comedies, and with four families in the mix this movie could have been hilarious. Instead, it's relentlessly cruel. If the script had been tempered with any kind of warmth, love, or holiday spirit, perhaps it would have been a Christmas classic. Unfortunately, the writers saw fit only to mock Christmas and Christians both under the pretenses of making a Christmas movie.

That the filmmakers loathe Christmas and everything it stands for is evident in every scene. That they expect their Christian, or Christmas-celebrating audiences to laugh along with their pathological hatred of the holiday and its higher meaning is absurd. The cast is indisputably talented but their skills are wasted on this charmless, unfunny bore. What a shame.
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Cute movie but interesting editing or lack thereof..
motherlee200113 December 2008
My friend and I saw this movie tonight and did get a few laughs. We really liked the cast and thought overall the movie was "cute".

We both noticed how Reese Witherspoon's hair kept "changing".. In the same clip the camera would be on her and her bangs would be straight and side-swept. Camera goes to Vince Vaughn. Camera goes back to Witherspoon and her bangs are fuller and covering her forehead. The color would change from scene to scene. It was bizarre. We laughed more at the hair issue than the movie itself. We wondered how many others in the audience noticed. It was really obvious.

Clearly we are easily entertained... ;-)
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