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Heart of gold!
kirbyko311 September 2004
I was surprised to see some not-so-hot reviews of this movie. I loved it -- a sweet story, really funny, and for anyone who lives in NYC, you'll recognize every single one of these characters! There were even a few moments that put a lump in your throat. The two lead guys, Dino & Jubilene, will definitely be turning up in other movies - they were great. I think I even saw them on VH1 recently. Check it out when it comes to DVD!
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I know a woman from this film.
stalzz6431 October 2008
The woman the main character is in bed with in the beginning and at the end is a great actress, Susan Ann Davis from right here in Denver, Colorado! She has lived in NYC since college and is a part-time actress like many actors in NYC. This is her only film to date, buy maybe someday she will get more parts! Go Susan! She has done a few plays, too and she started acting in High School in Westminster, Colorado. It is so very freaking cool to see somebody I know in a movie. I wish she'd get more film work.

This is a pretty damned silly movie, I have to say! I didn't think much of it. I guess for a mindless silly indie film, it rates 2 stars. Sorry, film makers!
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Great film, very fun and entertaining.
dennsylvania28 November 2005
Great film, very fun and entertaining. Whimsical, smart, unusual, quirky, and funny. Not a lot of so called comedies actually make me laugh anymore, but this one did, quite often. Very well written. Some of the antics in this film are so off the wall, you'll never see them coming! I'm not from New York, and I'm not Italian, but the viewer gets a real sense of community, family, and friends with these characters. You almost feel like you've grown up with this crazy "crew", like they're "those crazy guys" from your neighborhood. Great performance by Carmine Famiglietti as Dino, the deadbeat loser turned hero. And the character Ladonna is an almost silent part, so they needed to cast someone who could convey beauty and innocence, and receive the audience's compassion, without using words. WOW did they find the right actress, in first timer Paola Walker. What a darling beauty! The Mexican soldiers were hilarious, as was the cook. The many great supporting characters help make this film a great comedy. Many people will overlook this film due to it's low budget, and unknown cast, but that is a huge mistake. Others will write it off as silly, and juvenile. Well, sometimes silly is what makes us laugh in this overly serious, painfully normal world. Great film, check it out!
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Atrociously Unfunny
dybank28 April 2009
After watching this movie, I am all the more outraged that the money of New York State taxpayers was inappropriately used to distribute it. This movie is a lifeless, agonizingly unfunny attempt at humor. Twenty minutes into it I was shocked to find out that there could still be over an hour worth of this pure torture left. The lead actors are so bad that you would assume that their dads put up the money for it - only in this case, it was the life savings of union workers hoping to retire with dignity that funded this titanic bomb. Oww, my eyes are burning! This film literally seared my eyes, leaving me artistically scarred for life. If you want a terrorist to talk, show them this movie.
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