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Season 7

21 Sep. 2009
Chelsea encourages Charlie to help his ex-fiancé Mia launch her music career, but does he still have feelings for her? And what if she's a terrible singer? Meanwhile, Alan wants Charlie to let Melissa move in with him.
28 Sep. 2009
Whipped Unto the Third Generation
When Charlie's fiancée, Chelsea, convinces him to let Melissa, Alan's girlfriend, move in, the girls take over the house.
5 Oct. 2009
Mmm, Fish. Yum.
Alan is forced to take care of Judith's baby when Judith's mom falls off the wagon, and Jake tries to blackmail Charlie when he runs over Chelsea's cat.
12 Oct. 2009
Laxative Tester, Horse Inseminator
Alan takes a job with his mom so that he can move out and have alone time with Melissa, and Chelsea is upset about the way that Jake is treating her.
19 Oct. 2009
For the Sake of the Child
Jake refuses to stay with Charlie and Alan after they embarrass him in public, so Alan tries to convince Charlie to work together to settle their differences and stop fighting with each other.
2 Nov. 2009
Give Me Your Thumb
Alan suggests that Chelsea get breast reduction surgery and Charlie kicks him out.
9 Nov. 2009
Untainted by Filth
After Charlie and Chelsea set their wedding date, Charlie and Alan go out and get drunk and wake up in bed together with a strange woman.
16 Nov. 2009
Gorp. Fnark. Schmegle.
Charlie invites Chelsea's sexy friend to stay at his place while she gets over a breakup, secretly hoping that he will get a chance to have kinky three-way sex.
23 Nov. 2009
Captain Terry's Spray-On Hair
Charlie is crushed when he discovers he hasn't been satisfying Chelsea and Alan attempts to cure his thinning hair on the cheap.
7 Dec. 2009
That's Why They Call It 'Ball Room'
Charlie discovers that Chelsea hasn't been completely honest about her finances.
14 Dec. 2009
Warning, It's Dirty
Against Alan's wishes, Charlie encourages Jake to hook up with a pretty girl he met on the beach since Jake's girlfriend is out of town for Christmas.
11 Jan. 2010
Fart Jokes, Pie and Celeste
Jake writes love songs to woo his ex-girlfriend, and Herb and Alan hide their secret friendship from Judith's watchful eye.
18 Jan. 2010
Yay, No Polyps
Charlie endures a colonoscopy to get out of a trip to see Chelsea's bigoted parents, only to return home and find them in his living room.
1 Feb. 2010
Crude and Uncalled For
Alan ends up in jail after a bar fight, and Charlie worries that Chelsea might be interested in the lawyer who takes the case.
8 Feb. 2010
Aye, Aye, Captain Douche
When Charlie's jealousy threatens his relationship with Chelsea, he turns to Alan for help in becoming a better person. But will he be able to pull it off?
1 Mar. 2010
Tinkle Like a Princess
Charlie reacts to his breakup with Chelsea by taking the first tramp that he sees and marrying her in Las Vegas.
8 Mar. 2010
I Found Your Moustache
Charlie and Chelsea get back together for one night, which leaves Charlie mistakenly believing that they are back for good.
22 Mar. 2010
Ixnay on the Oggie Day
Charlie hooks up with Chelsea's best friend, which could cause problems when Chelsea wants to get back together. Meanwhile, Alan is paid handsomely by a chiropractic patient who wants a different kind of adjustment.
12 Apr. 2010
Keith Moon Is Vomiting in his Grave
Alan dates the mom of one of Jake's friends instead of telling her that her son and Jake went out drinking, but Charlie surprisingly does not approve of his actions.
10 May 2010
I Called Him Magoo
Alan's plan for a romantic overnight getaway with his girlfriend hits an unexpected snag, while Charlie has an unusual request for his overnight companion.
17 May 2010
Gumby with a Pokey
While Alan and Jake go to Sacramento to pick up a grandfather clock, Charlie gets a prescription for medical marijuana to help him sleep and forget about Chelsea.
24 May 2010
This Is Not Gonna End Well
Jake becomes Charlie's driver after Charlie has his license suspended, and to Charlie's chagrin, Alan makes plans to attend Chelsea's birthday party.

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