I'm Not There (2007) Poster


Marcus Carl Franklin: Woody, Chaplin Boy



  • Hobo Joe : [Woody shows Hobo Joe and Hobo Moe his guitar case which says 'THIS MACHINE KILLS FASCISTS']  You wouldn't be stashing no weapons in there, son?

    Woody Guthrie : No sir, not in any literalized way.

  • Woody Guthrie : [the jump cut into this scene occurs after Hobo Joe or Hobo Moe has, apparently, asked the 11-year-old African American boy who call himself Woody Guthrie where he's from]  Well, Missouri, originally. A little town called Riddle.

    Hobo Joe : [the rest of this dialogue is an almost exact paraphrase of dialogue from the 1957 film, A Face in the Crowd]  Uh, is there really a town called Riddle?

    Woody Guthrie : Well, tell you the flat truth, it's just a sort of a whatchamacallit, a...

    Hobo Joe : ...A composite.

    Woody Guthrie : Compost heap's more like it.

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