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Film Threat
The photography alone would make this a worthwhile effort, but the drama that unfolds over the two years on tour is equally involving and framed by the interviews with former champions.
An often thrilling, always compelling intro to the sport.
L.A. Weekly
An awesome introduction to the sport and the outspoken personalities -- riders, mechanics, engineers, lorry drivers, commentators, fans and girlfriends -- who support it.
Neale's cameras and broadcast footage of various races place the audience in a position to experience the participants' need to go faster.
The straight dope for speed junkies and fans of the art of flinging one’s well-padded frame through the contortions enabled only by disastrously catapulting oneself off a slippery asphalt track at speeds even Dale Earnhardt would have dismissed as lunacy.
In the end, promotion, as good as it may be, doesn't make for a real documentary. Faster is a kind of bone-crushing fun, but there's little drama and certainly no insight.
Chicago Reader
Those craving more visceral kicks will be gratified by the endless crash sequences, but despite the perverse thrill of seeing guys fly off their motorcycles at 150 miles per hour, the crack-ups wear thin after the first hour.
A jargon-filled documentary less interested in culture and history than mechanics, machinery and the rush of speed.
A loud, choppily edited and surprisingly unengaging portrait of speed demons.

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