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Directors at dawn
Buck Aroo20 March 2004
This 30 minute interview between Ridley Scott and director Kevin Reynolds, is an interesting insight into the making of Scott's first feature film The Duellists. Though sometimes, Mr Reynolds does appear to be grovelling at the feet of the genius that is Ridley, it still manages to avoid being a kiss-ass-fest, and lets us know the trials and tribulations he had getting the film financed and off the ground. It's all too easy to forget, that Ridley Scott was not such a hot property during the mid '70s as he later became and still is. Scott mentions on the DVD commentary how thirty of his crew had to move a heavy carriage from one hill to another, because they didn't have enough fake snow to fill up a certain shot. The film went on to win a prize at the Cannes Film Festival (Not the Palm D'or), despite Scott being asked to drop out of the competition by a nervous opponent.

This is certainly a great addition to a cool DVD. If only they were all laden with features like this.
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Interesting documentary and annoying interviewer
liderc29 March 2004
Ridley Scott is interviewed by an rather unknown Hollywood director (if you look at his filmography you will see that you haven't missed anything). Interesting behind-the-scene clips, interviews and other footage from the premiere are included. The only drawback is that the interviewer always seems to be quite too ready to kiss Ridley's and his own ass. Frankly I think he was quite annoying. Indeed I guess it would have been just right to let Ridley Scott narrate the documentary just on his own. All in all an interesting documentation from a very well done DVD edition. The only thing I missed was some more information about the cast of "The Duellists". If only more movies would get the treatment they deserve!
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Two brilliant Directors
I bought "The Duelists" just to see this bonus feature with Kevin Reynolds and Ridley Scott. And my only criticism is that I wish "Dueling Directors" was longer. Kevin Reynolds is, in my opinion our most visual and stylish director and extremely under rated. The conversation between Scott and Reynolds is relevant and coherent in the sense that one can keep up with their film making lingo. Filmmakers and non-filmmakers can both appreciate this interview. I actually wasn't affected by the film itself ("The Duelists")as much as Reynolds was. But that is further proof that inspiration is personal. I've been inspired by films that others may not have been as touched by. So I can still appreciate Reynolds' Affection for Ridley Scotts' film. This interview is definitely worth seeing.
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