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Beware Of Spoilers !!! Fairy Tale And Sci Fi
donzilla14 February 2004
Warning: Spoilers
This one is a cool experiment in filmmaking! The use of light, ambience and gender are out of this world. She's a (robotic) typist in a 1950s atmosphere of confined room looking outside on the world. As she types - wadding up her previous pages and tossing them into "File 13" - a sprite, a small ball of light, dances around the room. As it continues, she continues typing. Finally, in the end... Some younger, newer short-film creators could take a lesson from this experiment! The lesson: how to use a creative story to make common, everyday objects come to life in a surprising way. I give it *** of *****.
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It's All Symbolic
boblipton21 October 2003
Yes, even the symbols are symbolic. What are they symbolic of? Why, that is for you, the viewer to decide. What does this movie mean to you? An utter waste of six minutes? Then clearly, this movie was not meant for you. Why did you look at it? Go look at something else.
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