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  • In San Francisco, we follow Johnny, a man who has a girlfriend, Lisa, and also his best friend, Mark. Lisa has been cheating on Johnny with Mark and Johnny doesn't know! Will Johnny ever find out? Will Mark still be Johnny's best friend?

  • Johnny is a San Franciscan man who seems to have it all: a high-paying job as a banker, a bunch of friends--one of them being Mark, to whom he's the closest--and a beautiful fiancee named Lisa, whom he's been engaged to for seven years. From the outset, Johnny's got everything going for him...that is, until he faces the worst form of betrayal ever, and from then on everything begins to crumble.

  • Johnny is living the American Dream: he's got it all, a beautiful 'future-wife' named Lisa, a great friend in Mark and leads a successful career as a banker in San Francisco. However something is afoot: something's happening in Johnny's life and it's all happening right under his nose: Mark is having an affair with Lisa. What will happen once Johnny finds out? At a delicate point in his life, this turn of events may completely break Johnny for good.

  • Johnny is a successful banker with great respect for and dedication to the people in his life, especially his future wife Lisa. Johnny can also be a little too trusting at times which haunts him later on. Lisa is a beautiful blonde fiancé of Johnny. She has always gotten her way and will manipulate to get what she wants. She is a taker, with a double personality, and her deadly schemes lead to her own downfall. Mark is a young, successful and independent best friend of Johnny. He has a good heart, but gets caught up in Lisa's dangerous web and gives into temptation. This eventually brings him to great loss. Claudette is the classy, sophisticated mother of Lisa who has had disappointing relationships in her life. She wants her daughter to be married as soon as possible so she can benefit. Denny is an orphan boy, naive and confused about life, love, and friendship. Denny is very ambitious and also very grateful to the people that are in his life. "The Room" depicts the depths of friendship and relationships in one's life and raises life's real and most asked question: "Can you ever really trust anyone?"

  • Johnny is a successful banker who lives happily in a San Francisco townhouse with his fiancée, Lisa. One day, inexplicably, she gets bored with him and decides to seduce his best friend, Mark. From there, nothing will be the same again.


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  • Generic shots of San Francisco - the shore, the trams.... Camera focuses in a specific building.

    Enter Johnny (Tommy Wiseau) who says "hey babe". He is hiding something behind his back - it's a sexy red dress for his girlfriend Lisa (Juliette Danielle). She changes immediately. Johnny admires her.

    Denny (Phillip Haldiman) shows up. He is their teenaged neighbour. He admires Lisa in the red dress. Johnny wants to "take a nap". Denny asks if he can go upstairs to. Johnny and Lisa laugh it off and they go upstairs, leaving Denny downstairs eating an apple he stole from a vase. Upstairs, Johnny and Lisa pillow fight. Denny joins them. Johnny tells Denny that "two's company but three is a crowd." Denny starts to leave but before he has even done that, Lisa and Johnny begin to make out. A pop ballad is heard. It takes forever for them to start having sex - she plays with his tie, they swirl around, she caresses his naked torso with a rose. There are candles burning, there is water in the mirror, they have awkward sex in a princess bed while her breasts are seen. Afterwards, they fall asleep.

    The next morning the alarm clock rings and Johnny wakes up. He smells the rose and puts it in top of the bed. He has to go to work in a bank. Lisa tells him that she has enjoyed sex last night. We see a full back nudity shot of Johnny. Johnny leaves for work.

    Claudette (Carolyn Minnott), Lisa's mother, shows up because Lisa has some problems. Both sit down at a couch. Claudette wants to know what's wrong. Lisa starts saying that she is not feeling well. When Claudette presses on, Lisa admits that she doesn't love Johnny anymore. Claudette defends him: he bought Lisa a car and is supporting her with clothes, food..., even aims to purchase a house for Lisa after their marriage.They have been living together for five years already. Claudette not only believes that Johnny's position at the bank is very secure, she even expects him to get a promotion pretty soon. Lisa thinks that Johnny is boring nevertheless. Claudette is glad that Lisa is listening to her, but Lisa makes a weird comment saying that her mothe is probably right and nobody really listens to her advice. Lisa's mother has to go. Lisa says "thanks mom" cynically when she has already left.

    Now in a black negligée, Lisa phones Mark (Greg Sestero). Don't lose the photograph of a spoon on the tea table by the phone, holler out "spoon" and throw a spoon towards the screen. He tries to delay the conversation claiming to be very busy. He is in his car in the middle of the day because he is supposed to be a cop doing surveillance work. Lisa insists that she needs to speak now because he never calls her when he says that he is going to call her later. He finally agrees to see her.

    Image of a tram. Mark rings the bell. Lisa makes him sit down and then she caresses him. She insinuates herself and touches him erotically. Mark suspects something "I mean... the candles, the wine, the sexy dress, what's going on here?". She is more direct and sits on his lap. Mark seems to reject her because Johnny is his best friend. Lisa presses on: she doesn't love Johnny anymore, but Mark is worried that Johnny is very sensitive and this can kill him. The next second, they are making out. They make love in the spiral staircase to the sound of a pop ballad. Mark repents afterwards because Johnny is his best friend, although he admits that he enjoyed the sex and he thinks that Lisa is beautiful. Mark tells her that this will be their secret.

    The famous scene at the flower shop to show that everybody - except for Lisa - loves Johnny. The flower seller tells him that he is her favourite customer. Johnny also pets the doggy and leaves with a dozen roses.

    Denny pops in again.He tells Lisa t hat she is beautiful and asks her for permission to kiss her. She refuses and Denny leaves.

    Johnny gives the flowers to Lisa but has to admit that he didn't get the promotion. Lisa offers some drinks as consolation. Lisa uses Johnny's tie as a bandana.Johnny tells Lisa that he loves her, and she responds that she also loves him and she insists that they make love. Second sex scene between Johnny and Lisa. It really is part of the first sex scene.

    Lisa is organizing a party for the following Friday at six. Claudette is drinking some coffee with her daughter, and she mentions problems with an uncle about her house, which has gone up in value recently. Claudette also mentions that the test shows that she has definitely beast cancer. Lisa just dismisses it saying that she will be alright. The mother consoles herself thinking that at least Lisa has a good man for herself. Lisa tells her that Johnny is not as she thinks he is.Lisa says that Johnny didn't get his promotion, got drunk and hit her, to which Claudette says that Johnny doesn't drink. Lisa insists that she doesn't love him anymore, and Claudette reminds her of her financial security. Mom leaves.

    A couple make out at Johnny's couch. Lisa and Claudette catch Mike (Mike Scott) and Michelle (Robyn Paris) in after sex. Claudette is surprised when Denny also shows up. Apparently, Johnny is paying Denny's rent and everything until he finishes school because he is an orphan. Johnny wanted to adopt Denny. Johnny is very caring towards everybody. Mike shows up again claiming to have left behind a book... and also his undies. Claudette leaves.

    A thug called Chris-R (Dan Janjigian) goes to the roof terrace to reclaim his money from Denny. He pulls out a gun when he doesn't have money. Johnny and Mark take Chris-R to the police station. Lisa and Claudette holler at Denny and interrogate him. Denny had bought some drugs from him. Denny tells Claudette not to worry about him. Johnny and Mark return. Johnny comforts and hugs him. Lisa, Johnny and Denny go back home together as a family.

    However, that night Lisa phones Mark again to declare her love.

    The following day Johnny and Mark have the famous conversation at the rooftop in which Johnny denies to have hit Lisa, only to add "hi Mark" nonchalantly. Johnny denies to have hit her. Mark tries to bring out the matter of cheating with him. Johnny advises Mark to find himself a girl. He used to have a girlfriend, Melissa, whom he argued a lot. Johnny insists that Mark speaks to him and tells him what the problem is, but Mark refuses. As he is leaving, Denny shows up. Denny inquires about Johnny and Lisa going to the cinema.While throwing back and forth a rugby ball, Denny admits that he loves Lisa. Johnny tells Denny nonchalantly that Lisa loves him as a friend and a human being. He is not concerned that Denny has just admited to love Lisa. Johnny and Denny leave the rooftop as friends, with Johnny offering to give some more advice in the future.

    Lisa tells Michelle the story of Johnny hitting her. Lisa admits that she doesn't love Johnny and that she is seeing somebody else, Johnny's best friend. Michelle guesses it's Mark. Michelle is worried that Johnny will be devastated. Michelle feels that something terrible is going to happen, but Lisa doesn't want to think about it. Michelle leaves as soon as Johnny shows up, and she is wearing a dress that Lisa wore in the first scene. Johnny has overheard Michelle and Lisa speaking about a secret, and he wants to know what it's all about, but Lisa doesn't tell him. When Michelle is leaving, she turns around towards Lisa and tells her "Remember what I told you." He pushes her against the couch when she says that she wants to have a shower and go to bed. Johnny confronts her with her lies about Johnny hitting her. He pushes her down once again. Finally, Lisa goes up to their bedroom with advising Johnny not to worry about it and Johnny awkwardly telling her that he still loves her anyway.

    Mike tells Johnny that he and Michelle were making out. Claudette showed up and she found Mike's underwear, and she showed everybody the ugly thing. Denny shows up with a ball, so instead of going to make out with Michelle, Mike stays to pass the ball back and forth with Denny and Johnny. Mark shows up, joins in and the anecdote about the underwear gets told. Mark pushes Mike against a rubbish bin and has to help him to get home. Johnny and Denny go away together.

    Claudette shows up to complain about Johnny not being generous enough to help Shirley,Claudette's friend, with the downpayment for a house. Claudette says that Johnny is part of the family, but then, she and Lisa speak about Lisa's lack of love for him again. This is another of the instances of photographs of spoons instead of family portraits or photographs from the past. Lisa tells her mother not to call Johnny "her husband", as she isnot sure they are going to end up married anyway. This time Johnny has overheard from the spiral staircase. He decides to record the phone messages so he connects a tape recorder.

    Johnny goes to speak to Peter (Kyle Vogt), a psychologist who is also his friend. He tells him about what he overheard. Peter advises Johnny to control Lisa, but when Johnny says that "love is blind" he refuses to control her. Mark shows up and Johnny welcomes him in saying that they are talking about women. Mark says that he is in love with a beautiful woman, but they can't meet her because it's an awkward situation. Johnny dismisses it saying that Mark is either ashamed that his woman is too old or worried that Johnny will steal her from him. Peter tries to say something about Johnny's problem of lack of sex with Lisa, but Johnny shouts at him, telling stop playing psychiatrist. Peter says that he is just a friend trying to advise them. Peter advises Johnny to have more communication. Johnny tells of the time that he met Lisa. He was working at an out-of-the-estate bank and he approached this beautiful young woman. #Denny and Lisa enter the room. Johnny is inthe kitchen. Mark and Peter leave. Denny looks outside the window with worry, and later he asks Lisa if she and Johnny are having second thoughts about the one-month-away wedding, as Johnny doesn't look very happy.

    Peter and Mark speak at the rooftop while Mark is smoke a cigarette. Peter tries to speak to him. Peter and Mark have an argument because Peter thinks that Mart is behaving like a child, but he has also guessed that they are speaking about Lisa. Mark pushes Peter around. Mark gets angry with Lisa, while Peter gives him advise calling Lisa a sociopath who can't love anybody and telling Mark to fall in love with somebody else.

    Denny, Peter, Johnny and Mark show up in tuxedos. Denny wants to play football, but Peter doesn't want to. They all dare him making chicken noises. They go to the alleyway in tux. Peter is clumsy and he trips himself.

    Another day I guess, Mark and Johnny meet at Susan (Padma Moyer)'s café. With their mochas in, Johnny doesn't want to speak about his confidential client at the bank who will make him loads of money. He also inquires about Mark's sex life, who refuses to answer. They will meet again at the 6.30 surprise birthday party.

    It's already night. Mark and Lisa are making love at Johnny's bed.

    Johnny and Mike meet at a park to run around and pass the ball back and forth.

    Lisa is tidying up when Mark shows up. It's the day of the party. Lisa says that she wants to show Mark his party dress and she takes off her t-shirt. Mark does the same but somebody knocks on the door. It's Michelle, who smiles at their dressing up. She also notices that Mark's jeans are unzipped. They start moving furniture around in preparation for the party. Lisa admits that she hasn't told Johnny yet, but that she wants to do it. Lisa is not even sure that Mark can give her everything that she wants, but if it's not Mark, it will be somebody else. Michelle says that it's very manipulative. Lisa claims to deserve the best. They cushion fight while Johnny and his friend Mark are jogging around.

    Johnny drives back home with Mark in. It's night but then it's morning again.

    Claudette shows up in a white suit. Lisa is not enthusiastic about Johnny's party, but Claudette insists that Johnny is the right guy because of financial security. Claudette hasn't been happy since she married her first husband. Claudette insists that marriage has nothing to do with love. Lisa knows that she has Johnny wrapped around her finger, but that doesn't stop her to want to finish their relationship.

    Finally, it's the night of the surprise party which Johnny has invited Mark to. Establishing shots of San Francisco and we move to the party, where everybody is having kind of muddled conversations but not much is happening anyway. Suddenly, Lisa suggests everybody to go for some fresh air, and she stays inside with Mark, claiming she has something to show him. They kiss on the couch and she tells Mark to relax, as everybody is outside. Mark realises that it was Lisa's plan from the beginning.

    Steven (Greg Ellery) enters and catches both red-handed. He tells Lisa off while Mark leaves. Steven tells Lisa that she makes him sick. Lisa tells him to mind his own business. Steven knows that this can destroy Johnny as he is very sensitive. At that moment, Johnny and Michelle come in so Lisa suggests that they all go outside because it is getting him hot inside. Johnny compliments Lisa about this wonderful party with all his friends.

    The party goes on. Everybody is outside and Johnny announces to everybody that they are expecting. He is congratulated. Michelle and Steven pressure Lisa into speaking with Johnny and telling him the truth. Lisa admits that it's a lie about the baby. Lisa doesn't want to be confronted with Johnny's weak personality. Michelle and Steven tell her that the way this "atomic bomb" will destroy their group of friends. Steven tells Lisa that Mark doesn't really love her, so Lisa gets angry and tells everybody to get in back inside to eat some cake. Lisa doesn't back up so that Michelle stays very worried

    Inside, two party members (Kari McDermott and Bennett Dunn) comment on what a wonderful party this is.Mark confronts Lisa about that paternity. Is the baby his? Lisa slaps Mark and everybody sees it. Johnny jumps into it to ask what it is going on. Johnny pushes Mark and they have a fight. Johnny says that he is sorry and that's the end of it. Johnny wants to speak to Lisa while Mark sits down on a chair next to Claudette.

    Mark and Lisa are dancing and almost making out. Johnny confronts them, but Lisa says that they need to speak. Johnny insists that Mark leave. Lisa tells Johnny not to wreck the party. Johnny takes out his jacket and dares Mark to fight him with chicken noises. In the end, he leaves the party saying that he is fed up of the world because everybody is betraying him.

    Claudette tells Lisa not to worry about the kitchen because she has just tidied everything up. Johnny has been locked in the bathroom for a while and won't come out when prompted by Lisa.

    Lisa phones Mark to ask him to come because she loves him. Mark finally agrees. Johnny listens from inside the bathroom. Johnny confronts Lisa with the recorded tape of this last phone conversation beginning with Lisa saying that Johnny is being a big baby and that she feels trapped. Johnny says that he has treated Lisa like a princess for seven years, but Lisa says that it's her who has put up with him for seven years. Johnny throws the tape recorder in rage. Lisa leaves and Johnny is left on his own.

    Johnny starts remembering the good times with Lisa, so he starts wrecking the whole place to pieces. In the end, he sits down and smells the sexy red dress of the beginning. He remembers what Lisa told him about putting up with him for seven years while shredding the red dress to pieces. He has a loaded gun, puts it into his mouth and shoots himself.

    Mark and Lisa come back. Lisa cries because Johnny is dead. Mark kisses Johnny in the forehead. Lisa and Mark hug. Crying, Lisa comments that she lost Johnny but that she still has Mark. Mark pushes her away saying that she never loved him. He doesn't love Lisa. Denny shows up and cries. Mark and Lisa want to leave but they stay with crying Denny.

    Police car sirens are heard outside approaching. Lisa, Denny and Mark cry for Johnny.


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