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Hilarious Darkly Comic Short Film with some Gorgeous Cinematography
TimeNTide23 August 2008
I've watched this short film on IFC several times, and it's quickly become one of my all time favorite short films.

The short starts with a well dressed city couple dragging a sleeping bag through the woods, and even though it quickly becomes obvious that the bag contains a dead body, they are discussing the husband's upcoming business trip. However, once the conversation turns back to their little problem, the mean-spirited bickering reveals an obviously neurotic couple with serious pre-existing issues. In stark contrast, there's two other people in the woods, a kind and wise middle-aged man and his inept teenage son, who's struggling with his gun safety and marksmanship during their turkey hunting trip. There's a flashback to reveal how the city couple got into their unusual predicament, and there's some long transition shots of the beautiful woods accompanied by eerie music which leads us to believe that these two pairs may be on an unfortunate collision course.

I find the scenes between the bickering city couple absolutely hilarious. The well written barbs are very mean-spirited, but very easy to laugh at because both of them are so darn unlikeable. Classic case of a couple who are their own living hell, even before the highly unusual problem they now face.

The filmmakers made a very wise decision to shoot this short film while the leaves were in full autumn color. It makes the photography of this short film amazingly colorful and gorgeous. And they took the effort to add some aerial and time elapse photography as well. None of these beautiful shots would have looked anywhere nearly as good if all the leaves had been green.

The darkly comic ending is genius... perfectly fitting the short film's theme.

Go out of your way to see this one.
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Wonderful story telling
Kaigoi27 July 2005
Maybe the best short film ever. This story is set in the woods where a bickering couple has dispose of a body. Alex Turner does a wonderful job directing this short film. In the time that they were given, A dark and comical story was told.

You really get a sense that the characters are feeling this dilemma, Of ruin our lives for the good of our conscience, or ruin our conscience for the good of our lives. The tag line, "Accidents happen" is the most fitting tag line ever.

In short, This is worth your time. A fun little film, That I would totally recommend.
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An absolute gem
odiouslycharming13 August 2005
Alex Turner's Disposal is one of the best short films I have ever seen. It is sharp and witty, complete with great performances from all around and gorgeous cinematography.

The film mainly consists of Ted (Wright) and Sandra (Burns) who play a bickering New York City married couple with underlined marital issues. On their way to work, they accidentally run over a homeless man, panic and wonder what the hell to do next.

While it's an excellent short, it also has the potential to be quite a good feature film. It's actually better than some motion pictures I have seen in my life.

**** out of ****
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An interesting short...
tito13124 November 2006
I stumbled upon this short film on the independent film network, or whatever it is called one day while channel surfing. I saw a short film just before it about bank robbers who stumble into a ghost town and get slaughtered by a demon child who summons a demon himself.

anyway about THIS film, Disposal as I JUST found out its name, was actually good. as the plot outline suggests, a rich, snobby and uptight couple kill a homeless person and attempt to "dispose" of the body in the woods. the action, was little but tense. And the ironic conclusion made me ponder a moment. I really enjoyed this short film, and would recommend it to anyone.
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chrisb2ags14 August 2005
This is an interesting short film. It's a weird little story with a Twilight Zone feel to it. I loved the ending, and the father and son hunting party were great. They had good chemistry, and of course, J.K. Simmons is the man. The couple, on the other hand, didn't act like a couple. It seemed like the two actors hated acting together and just struggled and spat and steamrolled their way through the script. From their first lines together, and every subsequent interaction, it never felt like a desperate couple with problems beyond their most current one, it just felt awkward and unreal, their unusual circumstance notwithstanding. Worth watching, but it never gelled as a film until the last minute.
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