Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005) Poster

Christopher Lee: Dr. Wonka


  • Dr. Wonka : Lollipops. Ought to be called cavities on a stick!

  • Dr. Wonka : Heavens. I haven't seen bicuspids like these since... since...

    [long pause] 

    Dr. Wonka : Willy?

    Willy Wonka : Hi, Dad.

    [long pause] 

    Dr. Wonka : All these years and you haven't flossed.

    Willy Wonka : Not once.

  • Dr. Wonka : Just last week I was reading in a very important medical journal that some children are allergic to chocolate. Makes their noses itch.

    Little Willy Wonka : Maybe I'm not allergic, I could try a piece.

    Dr. Wonka : Really? But why take a chance?

  • Dr. Wonka : Do you have an appointment?

    Charlie Bucket : No, but he's overdue.

  • Dr. Wonka : [knowing his son wants to be a chocolatier]  Candy is a waste of time. No son of mine is going to be a chocolatier.

    Little Willy Wonka : Then I'll run away! To Switzerland! Bavaria! The candy capitals of the world!

    Dr. Wonka : Go ahead. But I won't be here when you come back.

  • Dr. Wonka : Now, let's see what the damage is this year, shall we?

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