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actually entertaining
cocoshell4 March 2005
"After the sunset" is surely not a demanding film...and none of us expected to be one. Take Pierce Brosnan - a great showman and a guy with asense of humor, add sexy as she's ever been Salma Hayek, add Woody Harrelson in good form, top it off with decent screenplay that does not take itself too seriously or risk falling into pretentious or shallow territory and you have yourself a very entertaining little piece of movie-making. There's not much to discuss about After the sunset. It has a lot of funny moments, at times it's silly and implausible but you don't really have time to think about that. It's without doubt not the best movie Pierce, Salma or Woody have made, but it's far from the worst either. If you're looking for an hour and a half of casual entertainment with solid performances, script and directing go see'll feel pretty good after you do :)
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Enjoyable Heist Film
christian12327 November 2004
Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek are a pair of diamond thieves fighting an endless cat and mouse game with an FBI agent (Woody Harrelson) until they decide to retire and move down to the Bahamas. When a cruise ship arrives carrying a priceless diamond, the chase begins anew.

After the Sunset is a pretty ordinary movie with some entertaining moments and a lot of gorgeous scenery. It won't challenge the viewer at all but it will offer a pretty enjoyable ride. The premise is fairly simple and it is nothing really new. Brett Ratner keeps things easy and safe as he moves the film at a nice pace. The opening scene is pretty funny and nicely done. The middle is also pretty good yet a little dull while the ending is just plain disappointing. I was expecting a nice payoff but the ending was so simple. This didn't ruin the movie but it doesn't warrant a viewing either.

The acting is pretty good and there are a few characters that keep the film interesting. Pierce Brosnan stars as Max and he gives a good performance. He sometimes looked a little tired but he usually seemed to be having fun. Woody Harrelson is great as the FBI agent and he looks to be having a great time. Salma Hayek offers great eye candy and a decent performance. She doesn't really do anything special except look very beautiful. Don Cheadle gives an okay performance though he doesn't get a lot of screen time.

There are a few reasons why After the Sunset would make for a good rental. First, the scenery looks great and eye candy never hurts. Second, the chemistry between Brosnan and Harrelson is surprisingly good and it is fun to watch them on screen. Third, those looking for some escapist fun should find it with this film. Last but not least, Salma Hayek looks amazing. I would have preferred a little more substance but the movie proved to be entertaining. In the end, After the Sunset isn't worth checking out in theaters but it could make for a decent rental. Rating 6/10
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snow0r2 June 2006
After the Sunset sees Pierce Brosnan play an ex-jewel thief in a simple "will the old pro come out of retirement for one last job" movie that is far more entertaining than its unoriginal premise sounds.

Pierce Brosnan takes to his dressed-down James Bond role very well, and the jokes and his style make him a very likable character. Woody Harrelson, the rival FBI agent, puts in a similarly enjoyable performance, and his inept bumblings around the island create some unexpected comic situations between the cop and the thief. It's the relationship between these two (and the compromising situations they find themselves in) that makes the film, as they antagonize each other and almost become buddies toward the end. Their encounters add something fresh and unexpected to the movie's simple formula and make it really entertaining.

Oh, and special mentions have to go out for Don Cheadle and Salma Hayek. Don's character is very funny, and he plays both sides of it well, and as for Salma...let's just say the directors are aware of what their male audience wants to see.

All in all, it's funny, quick, easy to follow, and contains enough little quirks to make After the Sunset an enjoyable and entertaining experience.
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a gem on the rental rack!
masschaos2 April 2005
This movie was a pleasant shock, because it wasn't typical high octane adrenaline-pumping Pierce Brosnan action flick of recent memory! The action was more subdued and less far-fetched as a typical Brosnan movie. I laughed my butt off in parts, and the cast pulled off their roles in a badass-yet-comical way!

Salma Hayek adds some necessary female steam in this otherwise masculine tale! As always Pierce Brosnan delivers a wonderful performance helping to make this movie a real delight!

I can't tell you much more about the movie without spoiling scenes, so, see this movie; it's worth the whatever price you pay.
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Well acted entertaining thriller without style
falcon13516 January 2005
This is a somewhat entertaining cat and mouse thriller with Brosnan, Hayek and Harrelson at the top of their game. The film starts out promisingly enough with a diamond heist which is more slapstick than suspenseful.

After the heist Harrelson follows the pair to an island where he believes they plan another big job. As the two male characters get more closely acquainted throughout the film we start to wonder who's tricking who.

Brosnan displays rare emotion in this film. Harrelson escapes his Cheers role by excellently portraying the many sides of what would have been a simple character.Hayek doesn't miss a chance to show off her body, and Don Cheadle's villain was superb. The only problem with that character was that we didn't see enough of him.

The film has some nice scenery and entertaining scenes, particularly the shark capture.Rush hour director Ratner has made a great film, which only really lacks style and good pacing. this film would have been better handled in the reins of, say, Steven Soderbergh.

But nonetheless, a very funny enjoyable film which will please fans of the cast and crew, as well as the movie-going public. It's not up to the standard of Oceans's eleven yet it beats the likes of Ocean's 12. Any fan of the comedy/thriller genre should go see this film, but I will be looking more forward to Rush Hour 3.
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Lightweight fun
Laakbaar21 May 2012
This is a light, happy-go-lucky movie set mostly on Nassau in the Bahamas. Meet Max and Lola, two diamond thieves who have retired to this idyllic location to spend their loot. The problem is Stan, a shambolic, rather wild-eyed FBI agent who has been outwitted by them for years. Not content with letting them enjoy their retirement, he shows up on their (beachfront) doorstep and proceeds to lure them into another big heist. Lola's content with watching sunsets, but Max still has the bug. Will he take the bait? Complications arise because of the involvement of two locals: beautiful cop Sophie and bad guy Henri Mooré.

This movie was enjoyable enough as summer television-like movie, but it doesn't go much deeper than that. There's not a lot of realism and art here. It was like a television movie.

I don't know what makes television movies different from regular movies. Is it the writing? The plot development? The acting? They have a certain cliché nature, don't they? At times this movie definitely had the cheesiness and artificiality of television shows like the Love Boat and To Catch a Thief. That's not necessarily a bad thing. A lot of people love that kind of thing. It's not too demanding. And it's fun. People were laughing.

I suppose part of the problem for me was, well, Pierce Brosnan and Woody Harrelson. I just couldn't see these two with Salma Hayek and Naomie Harris, respectively. Isn't the age difference a little too much? Is it wrong for me to point out that -- unlike the women they were with -- these two were (by 2004) no longer hot enough to generate heat in their love scenes?

I have seen these two actors deliver outstanding performances. They are strong enough to pull off a film like this in their sleep. However, I am just not interested in them enough to spend two hours watching their buddy antics (drinking, fishing, even in bed). They are not lovable fun characters to me, although I think that's the effect the director was trying to achieve. These scenes were too forced. I saw no buddy chemistry.

There was a good deal of wise-cracking (eg "I knew that when I married you. I knew that when I divorced you!") and slapstick (eg Stan gets hit in the head by a trombone.) The scuba scenes and the cruise ship scenes at the end were not believable, not that I think this movie's intended audience would care about that. It's all meant to be part of the fun.

The person I was with walked out of the film halfway through. I thought it was OK. I mean, I didn't hate it.
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Salma displays her hot body in some very sexy outfits
Nazi_Fighter_David21 May 2007
The Seven Seas Navigator is docking in Paradise Island in the Bahamas for a solid week…They're having a nice promotion for the maiden voyage, calling it the Diamond Cruise: a gem exhibit whose star attraction is the third Napoleon Diamond… It's, allegedly, the only priceless remaining 'cute little rock' Max Burdett and Lola Cirillo haven't stolen…

The unlocking Special Agent Stan Lloyd of the FBI (Woody Harrelson) suspects that the two are planning to purloin it… But how could they with six cameras plus 24-hour rotating guards, unbreakable polycarbonate display?

Max (Pierce Brosnan) knows he can easily clip Napoleon III and make Lloyd look like a jerk again… For him, it's more about the challenge and the alibi—that's his work of art… But he affirms that the two are a couple of retirees trying to enjoy the island life…

The gorgeous Lola (Salma Hayek) knows that, with Max, they went out at the top of their game, undefeated… They were great together… But, now, she feels it is the best time to quit… For her, now, the challenge is to find joy in simple things, as a life filled with sunsets…

Lloyd was chasing Max for seven years—ever since the first Napoleon Diamond went missing… That day, he got to the scene, and took a few shots at the getaway car… Next day, a bottle of champagne arrives at FBI Headquarters with a note saying, "Aim for the tires next time."

In the island, Lloyd teams up with the beautiful Sophie (Naomie Harris) a local intriguing cop who requires a big arrest…

On the scene also appears Henri Mooré (Don Cheadle)—the biggest gangster on the island—who affirms to Max that the impoverished people of the island need his help, and that a cash injection in tens of millions of dollars would relieve the entire Caribbean… So, he suggests to Max a partnership… He would give him what he doesn't have: access to the marina, the crews, rotation schedules, whatever he needs…

With picturesque sunsets, this colorful caper comedy has plenty of beauty, fun and humor
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A good time passer
abarsby3 January 2005
A movie with the great Pierce Brosnan can't go wrong really, everything he does, he makes look effortlessly cool.

The story about the diamond heist though, seems secondary to the beautiful locations, and Brett Ratner's obcession with filming Miss Hayek's chest from all conceivable angles (not necessarily a bad thing). Although Hayek is SO botoxed that she can barely move her facial muscles to express any kind of emotion.

Woody Harrelson and Brosnan make a really funny team, and if they make a sequel, I hope it concentrates on their two characters, because they have a great screen chemistry.
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Selma Shows Off Her Assets
ccthemovieman-127 January 2006
This movie gets high marks for five things and low marks for three, so overall it's a keeper.

THE GOOD - (1) A very colorful film, with wonderful bright colors from the Bahamas scenery; (2) an interesting story right from the get-go; (3) originality in the story; and (4) yes, to be honest, Hayak's figure, which is seen in abundance throughout the film. She knows it's good and isn't shy about showing it, and (5) overall a good mixture of crime, comedy, romance and suspense and just right amount of time at just under 100 minutes.

THE BAD - (1) Insulting gratuitous sex and really stupid sexual dialog at times; (2) once again subversive Hollywood making the FBI character a moron, for the most part; (3) some Rambo mentality (bad guys miss from close range, good guys never miss, etc.).

It's an outlandish story but don't analyze it for credibility or you'd be turned off and quit after 10 minutes. Just go along for the ride and enjoy the entertainment....and entertaining it is!
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Great views of Salma!
jotix10025 December 2004
Someone commenting in these pages put it better when he said that we could rehash this film, analyze it, and make it into what it was not intended to be, but the fact remains that if we had a pleasant time while we were watching, it was well worth the price of admission.

Director Brett Ratner seems to be having great fun directing the movie. He was lucky to get the genius of Dante Spinetti's cinematography to create a movie that is entertaining with great locations. It's a good excuse, as any, to spend time in the theater. While Mr. Ratner is not breaking new ground in this genre, he makes "After the Sunset" fun to watch.

Pierce Brosnan is his usually suave self. His take on Max is to play it with an economy of gestures, as though he is bored by being told what to do. Salma Hayek, on the other hand, adds a beautiful presence to the proceedings without being too obvious. Woody Harrelson is a goofy FBI agent. Heaven help us if they ever are this dumb! Don Cheadle doesn't have much to do, as his character looks as though he was an after thought.

Just pretend you are on vacation in the Bahamas. Nassau never looked this good before!
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Is The Tone Right?
gcrokus14 November 2004
Opening with a scene at a professional basketball game, we quickly find, as do observing FBI agents, that we've been had. The die is cast; 'After the Sunset' will provide a series of feints and jabs, dodges and weavings that will prove to be less edifying than some great jewel heist films of the past. But we still are treated to enough satisfying moments to say this is a pretty good film.

Max Burdett (Pierce Brosnan) and his girlfriend Lola Cirillo (Salma Hayek) are in retirement, having stepped down from the ranks of the international jewel thief set, and are enjoying the good life in the Bahamas. Woody Harrelson (as FBI agent Stan Lloyd) has appeared on the scene; he is less sure they have retired and with the arrival in port of a ship-borne display of jewels (featuring 'The Third Napoleon Diamond' in the collection) has them under close watch.

Agent Lloyd has always been thwarted in capturing Max and Lola; this is personal. How the characters play against each other (various local officials become interested and ultimately involved as well) as the clock ticks (the ship is due to leave soon) elevates our interest. Don Cheadle (local crime boss Kingpin) is a key figure among the Bahamians with influence on the outcome.

Jewel heist in paradise. That might be a working title for a script which would become the film 'After the Sunset'. Writer Paul Zbyszewski (previous experience on TV's 'The Weakest Link') has fashioned a reasonably believable story line (see Roger Ebert for discussion of plot holes - involving electro-technical moments, great use of locations, wry humor (Woody Harrelson does go over the top in some mugging moments, but overall is quite engaging), and certainly deserves another opportunity to develop a script.

A killer cast of capable actors is expected to deliver and does. No doubt the script could have been terser, the lines more memorable or the plot more believable. We don't get all of the sheer class of the recent 'Ocean's Eleven', the raw energy of 'The Italian Job' or the gut laughs of 'Team America: World Police'. But Salma Hayek works her minimal exposure maximally (her physical charms alone are arresting), Brosnan is an interesting study in this a more laid back role than we are accustomed to seeing from him and Don Cheadle proves again he can do anything, including portray what for all intents is a gangster.

In an interview on the set of the film in January, director Brett Ratner notes about how he saw this as more a 'character-driven movie' and not just a 'big action heist'. He further notes that in taking on the task of balancing all the elements – comedy, action/adventure, drama - 'It's more of a challenge for me. Can I do a movie like this and get the tone right? If it's too broad, you don't care about the characters. If it's too serious, it's just a dramatic film and you then don't care.' (

'After The Sunset' is one of those films you just want to work and because you do redemption is sought in what probably are the small things. This jewel heist caper is a little above the cut of customary plex fare, and the nearly full theater of attentive viewers speaks to the dearth of just plain old decent films at the moment. We were not disappointed, and maybe agree the director CAN do a film like this.

Rating: 2- ¾ stars.
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A Light-Hearted And Thoroughly Entertaining Movie
Uriah4310 October 2012
What a fun and enjoyable movie this turned out to be! "Max Burdett" (played by Pierce Brosnan) is a jewel thief who wants to call it quits and retire in the Caribbean. "Lola Cirillo" (Salma Hayek) is his companion and partner-in-crime who accompanies him. Unfortunately, during one of their heists, they managed to completely discredit an FBI agent named "Stan Lloyd" (Woody Harrelson) who refuses to believe that they've retired and insists on catching them red-handed in their next caper. He is joined by a local cop named "Sophie" (Naomie Harris). Anyway, rather than divulging the rest of the story I will just say that this film had good acting, a favorable plot, a fine script and was well-directed by Brett Ratner. There was some enjoyable humor as well, especially involving the interaction between Pierce Brosnan and Woody Harrelson. Additionally, Salma Hayek looked quite sexy and her acting was equally first-rate. Likewise, Naomie Harris also put in a decent performance. That said, I thought that this was an excellent film and I highly recommend it for anyone who enjoys a light-hearted and thoroughly entertaining movie.
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Good Entertainment
claudio_carvalho1 October 2005
The bold thief Max Burdett (Pierce Brosnan) retires with his girlfriend Lola Cirillo (Salma Hayek) in a paradisiacal island after stealing an expensive diamond. Stanley Lloyd (Woody Harrelson), the FBI agent assigned to protect the stolen stone, chases Max expecting him to try to robber a valuable diamond in a passenger ship and commit a mistake.

"After the Sunset" is a forgettable but attractive movie: the screenplay is full of plot points, the locations are wonderful; and the cast is very nice, leaded by the delicious Salma Hayek, the ironic Pierce Brosnan and the funny Woody Harrelson. The situations are very pleasant and the viewer will certainly spend 97 minutes of good entertainment with the twists in the story. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Ladrão de Diamante" ("Thief of Diamond")
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A jewel of a film
mariusnemande28 November 2004
I actually just saw this movie last night, and I have to say it was one of the better films of 2004. The premise is perfect, the setting is gorgeous, the talent is amazing, and the twists are great. I don't see why this got such bad press. It's a pretty cool heist flick, almost reminiscent of Thomas Crown Affair (McQueen or Brosnan, either one was great). If you haven't seen it yet, I HIGHLY recommend it. There is a lot of great humour in this film too, something that really surprised me. Also, can anyone tell me if this was filmed on the Island of Nasssau? I did see a Disney cruise liner in the background of the first Harbor shot, and and I know that is part of their usual route. Don Cheadle plays an excellent villain, and the performances by Hayek, Harrelson, and Brosnan really make for an entertaining film. The premise is quite good, and I'll reiterate, it is not only a good heist film, but one of the FUNNIEST movies of the year.
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After the Sunset is an under-rated gem
axe111221 November 2010
This movie has its shortcomings, sure, but it's got so much more going for it. I wouldn't actually rate it a 10, more like an 8, but the overall rating of this gem (I used the word gem, that's funny to me) in the 6s by the majority of reviewers means this film needs a bump. Sure, there's a big helping of cheese, Don Cheadle can't act, and they really should have waited 'til Brosnan was over his head-cold to film, but there are three things that make this film a winner. 1. The location is brilliant; 2. Selma Hyack is stunning; 3. the Pineapple Song. In sum, watching this film is like taking a trip to the Bahamas. Sun, blue skies, blue-green tropical waters, fishing, boating, scuba-diving, umbrella drinks, seafood, dancing, gorgeous women, It just makes you feel like you're spending a little over an hour in paradise.
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Fun summer flick!
rattler20116 September 2005
This may not be the greatest movie ever filmed, but it is a nice refresher from today's unfunny comedies and dark dramas. It combines action and suspense, along with wonderful comedy to create a great film to watch on a nice summer day. Perfect to get you in the mood for a day at the beach, or to go steal a diamond.

All of the stars give wonderful performances, especially Pierce. Always in great style, he has many wonderful one liners, and tons of quick comedic moments, while still pulling off the action star role. Selma is in fabulous form, looking as beautiful as ever, and Woody, well, Woody is Woody. He and Pierce play well off each other creating a great film to watch over and over.

No it's nothing spetacular, it doesn't break new ground, it's not even a new idea, but it just hits me the right way. Great film, and I give it 10 stars.
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Nice cute little escapism movie
didcrywolf14 May 2005
WEll casted, Harrelson and Hayek do a good job of supporting Brosnan in a well filmed bit of escapism. It felt like you were on holiday with all 3 people! Good product placement for the Atlantis resort and I do wonder if there is such a suite there. I must have a bad case of hitting Middle age because I never got surprised as there was very little suspense or imaginative turns in the sub-par plot. WHat works in this movie is the situation comedy where Harrelson plays the same endearing "Woody" character with just enough smarts to trail the burglar duo. I could have done without the heavy accented sterotyping of the minor island police characters. Anyway I'm a sucker for tall drinks, cleavage and palm trees. I got all three so all in all a good rental!
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Wonderfully silly and enjoyable caper movie that never takes itself seriously
bob the moo22 April 2005
Having pulled off yet another amazing and cunning diamond robbery and left FBI Agent Lloyd with yet more egg on his face, Max and Lola retire to the Caribbean and get on easy street. After a while though the lobsters start to lose their luxury, the sun seems normal and the days are boring more than they are relaxing. At this time Agent Lloyd reappears, directly confronting Max in the belief that he plans to rob a precious diamond that is on board a liner due to make a stop on the island. Not even aware of the liner, Max denies he plans to do the job, but the more he thinks about it the more old habit dies hard. Add to this an offer from businessman Henri Moore and soon Max is back on the job despite Lola's protests. Meanwhile Lloyd teams up with local office Sophie to try and stop him.

With the appearance of a standard action movie I just decided to skip this one at the cinema but, like another reviewer has already said, this made for a very enjoyable rental choice and I'm glad I gave it a try. In essence the film is a standard caper which Hollywood will kick out every now and again and, for parts that is exactly what it appears to be but in fact it is not totally what it would be in that case. Sure, it does the usual unlikely relationship stuff, cat and mouse games and obligatory twists but the film is much more enjoyable because of the approach it takes; it never takes itself seriously, is consistently jokey and gave me a real relaxed mood from watching it. Of course you do need to be in the mood for it and be willing to suspend your niggles and just go with the film – it doesn't take itself too seriously so why should you.

The one area that is interesting and engaging is the character side – slick and unrealistic they may be but the dynamics are fun and interesting. The fact that the actors have all bought into it so marvellously only helps. Brosnan and Hayek play their roles well; his is the standard one but he adds enough to it to make it interesting and engaging, meanwhile she is sexy and light but also capable for more in the final parts of the film. Harrelson is enjoyable for the majority but appears to struggle at the moments where the film slows down a little bit; he is having fun and it helped me though. Cheadle has a small role but is really funny in a silly way – his main couple of scenes are very good even if his place within the plot is less convincing. Harris uses her "White Teeth" accent here even if she has less material; she never stretches her acting muscles that much but she is effortlessly sexy, sassy and works well with the quite stellar cast. None of them will get awards or even have this listed among their famous films but they all have fu, match the tone of the film and make it enjoyable to watch.

Overall this is not a fantastic movie; the plot lacks logic and will annoy those who expect more of a standard genre flick but it is an enjoyable piece of fluff that will please those who can get into it on its own level. The cast "get it" and they are all good on this basis, really helping the audience to go with them, not take it too seriously and just enjoy it for what it is.
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This may be the worst heist movie ever made...
HankKingsley25 June 2005
Why is it that people think the audience will buy the idea that jewel thieves live like millionaire playboys. That they rob FBI agents in broad daylight in front of tons of people, that they will break into a unbreakable vault while tons of people are watching them. This movie is just silly, and the worst part is that the screen writers try to weave a even sillier love story into it. A perfect example of trying to do to many things at once. Don't waste your time. For a much better example of this type of film, check out the wonderful Thomas Crown Affair or To Catch a Thief. God even the Pink Panther movies have more thought to them.
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This appealing heist movie is good hearted with plenty of laughs.
hu67526 July 2007
Max Burdett (Pierce Bronsan) is one of the best jewel thief in the world, along with his partner/girlfriend Lola (Salma Hayek). When they fooled an straight-arrow FBI Agent (Woody Harrelson) from stealing, one of the most expansive Diamond in the world. When Max and Lola decides to retired from stealing. They think, they could live the good life in the Bahamas. They find themselves being stalked by the FBI Agent, they fooled and Max finds himself threaten by a local Crime Boss (Don Cheadle) to steal an Diamond that worth about $30 million dollars. Max tries to do something to get himself out of this mess.

Directed by Brett Ratner (Rush Hour Trilogy, X-Men:The Last Stand, Red Dragon) made an entertaining crime comedy with full of laughs and some moments of suspense. The cast seems to be having an great time, including:Noamie Harris in a nice supporting role as the local detective. Only the disappointing performance is Cheadle, which his supporting role is very thin for this talented actor. This lively movie turned out to be an box office disappointment, probably due of marketing or simply an bad release date. Because "After the Sunset" is more of an Summer Movie. This film was released in the fall instead in November 12, 2004.

DVD has an sharp anamorphic Widescreen (2.35:1) transfer and an good:Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound. DVD has an interesting often funny commentary track by the filmmakers, deleted scenes with optional commentary by the filmmakers, outtakes and more. This entertaining caper will certainly plays better on DVD. It's an forgettable but extremely pleasant film from Ratner. Watch for The late Chris Penn, Jeff Garlin, Dyan Cannon, John Michael Higgins, Shaquille O'Neal and Edward Norton appears in cameos. Super 35. (****/*****).
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Salma Hayek
qsmartboy18 March 2021
Seeing salma Hayek hit body is the only reason I watched this movie
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Just pure entertainment
bowmanblue26 October 2018
I've watched 'After the Sunset' about four times now, so I think it's fair to say that I enjoy it. Does that make it the 'greatest film ever?' Certainly not. I'm sure you can pick it apart and find a million flaws if you're really in the mood. However, if you're just looking for something fun and that you just want to watch and enjoy then you really can't go wrong with this one.

A pair of 'criminals in love,' i.e. Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek, make their living stealing precious jewels, until they finally decide to retire after carrying out their 'final score.' However, despite getting away with the goods, their operation involves completely blindsiding (and therefore humiliating) FBI agent, Woody Harrelson. Therefore, when our 'Bonnie and Clyde' of the 2000s think they've got away scot free to tropical pastures, they don't bank on their former FBI victim locating them and bearing one major grudge about proving their guilt.

Some films bounce around from genre to genre and can often feel a bit messy, like it never really knows what it's trying to be. You could probably accuse 'After the Sunset' of this, as it happily flips from being a light-hearted comedy, to a heist movie, some action, thrills and even some romance thrown in there for good measure. But, for some reason, no sub-genre ever really feels out of place and it all works under the banner I keep using of 'entertainment.'

As I said, you could probably pick apart a lot of the movie's plot, or - like me - you could just sit back and enjoy the performances. Whether you're here to see the romantic/s3xual chemistry between Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek, or the more comedic banter between Brosnan and Woody Harrelson, it all works and makes for a really fun time. I feel it's also worth mentioning the two members of the cast who could be described as 'supporting,' namely Don Cheadle Naomie Harris - both of whom are great actors in their own right and you could say that they were underused and their characters don't get as much 'development' as they probably deserve, but they play their parts well with what they've been given.

I mentioned some of the various genres that 'After the Sunset' fits into (from time to time) and if you're a fan of any of them and are generally looking for a simple and fun movie to relax to after work then you can't go far wrong with this one.
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Plain and Simple, But Really Entertaining.
lourensini30 March 2012
One of the simplest heists i've have ever seen on a movie. So simple story doesn't even care that much about the robbery itself and spend more time working on characters personalities and relationships. You don't have to think too much to understand the plot. So you can watch it while ur playing guitar that you still won't miss the point. And since robbery movies are usually complex and involves lots of details, it became a little confuse for me to rate it... but, as i've watched it in a moment i wasn't looking for complexity, i believe it worth 6/10.

But of course i can't rate a movie just by my mood on that moment.

And what i think that we should have was more max/stan scenes, cuz they were amazing acting together and really funny. Mainly for their bed scene. Producers and writers did a good job on funny scenes on this movie. But if they're great acting together, doesn't mean they overall acting is so good. for a Pirce Brosnan movie, really didn't see anything that good, neither from him or any other actor.

Another issue is Salma Heyek. Yeah, she's hot (a lot), but his character is too much exaggerated. Hot thief girls are one of the biggest clichés on cinema. Boring.

Photography is nice and clear and represent well a paradise location. I haven't payed much attention on soundtrack, so i can't opine.

After the sunset ain't no brilliant heist movie, if you wanna something brilliant and complex, look for Leverage... If you want something to entertain your lonely afternoon, watch this.
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A Light-hearted, entertaining movie that appeals to your sense of adventure. Fun to watch
lteag19 November 2009
First of all, this movie is not to be taken seriously. A plot about a heist that has been done before -- especially with Pierce Brosnan as a likable, stylish, master-thief protagonist (think the Thomas Crown Affair). This is done in a much more comic, lighthearted style that "TCA" was. Contained a plot twist that I admit I did not see coming. The reason that it was rated well, but not outstandingly was because the genre of movie has been done before. The details and obstacles of the heist have changed, but follows a format of these types of movies seen again and again: The Thomas Crown Affair, Ocean's Eleven, the Italian Job, Gone in 60 Seconds, etc. This movie was quite entertaining and worth watching as all of those previously mentioned were, just without much in terms of creatively straying from the formula. I think that the casting worked, too. Woody Harrelson and Pierce Brosnan were excellently cast in this protagonist/antagonist relationship.
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Fun Heist In The Caribbean
intelearts23 June 2008
Not so much a heist movie as a comedy about an FBI agent (Harrelson) tracking a diamond thief (Brosnan) and his partner in crime and life (Hayek).

Fantastic settings and a lot of shenanigans made this very easy viewing.

We loved the opening scenes, and honestly this is one just to relax and envy the lifestyle to.

The emphasis is strongly on fun, without too much silliness, and if you take it at that level it is a pretty good film.

Definitely worth the rental; we really enjoyed it.
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