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actually entertaining
cocoshell4 March 2005
"After the sunset" is surely not a demanding film...and none of us expected to be one. Take Pierce Brosnan - a great showman and a guy with asense of humor, add sexy as she's ever been Salma Hayek, add Woody Harrelson in good form, top it off with decent screenplay that does not take itself too seriously or risk falling into pretentious or shallow territory and you have yourself a very entertaining little piece of movie-making. There's not much to discuss about After the sunset. It has a lot of funny moments, at times it's silly and implausible but you don't really have time to think about that. It's without doubt not the best movie Pierce, Salma or Woody have made, but it's far from the worst either. If you're looking for an hour and a half of casual entertainment with solid performances, script and directing go see'll feel pretty good after you do :)
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Enjoyable Heist Film
christian12327 November 2004
Pierce Brosnan and Salma Hayek are a pair of diamond thieves fighting an endless cat and mouse game with an FBI agent (Woody Harrelson) until they decide to retire and move down to the Bahamas. When a cruise ship arrives carrying a priceless diamond, the chase begins anew.

After the Sunset is a pretty ordinary movie with some entertaining moments and a lot of gorgeous scenery. It won't challenge the viewer at all but it will offer a pretty enjoyable ride. The premise is fairly simple and it is nothing really new. Brett Ratner keeps things easy and safe as he moves the film at a nice pace. The opening scene is pretty funny and nicely done. The middle is also pretty good yet a little dull while the ending is just plain disappointing. I was expecting a nice payoff but the ending was so simple. This didn't ruin the movie but it doesn't warrant a viewing either.

The acting is pretty good and there are a few characters that keep the film interesting. Pierce Brosnan stars as Max and he gives a good performance. He sometimes looked a little tired but he usually seemed to be having fun. Woody Harrelson is great as the FBI agent and he looks to be having a great time. Salma Hayek offers great eye candy and a decent performance. She doesn't really do anything special except look very beautiful. Don Cheadle gives an okay performance though he doesn't get a lot of screen time.

There are a few reasons why After the Sunset would make for a good rental. First, the scenery looks great and eye candy never hurts. Second, the chemistry between Brosnan and Harrelson is surprisingly good and it is fun to watch them on screen. Third, those looking for some escapist fun should find it with this film. Last but not least, Salma Hayek looks amazing. I would have preferred a little more substance but the movie proved to be entertaining. In the end, After the Sunset isn't worth checking out in theaters but it could make for a decent rental. Rating 6/10
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snow0r2 June 2006
After the Sunset sees Pierce Brosnan play an ex-jewel thief in a simple "will the old pro come out of retirement for one last job" movie that is far more entertaining than its unoriginal premise sounds.

Pierce Brosnan takes to his dressed-down James Bond role very well, and the jokes and his style make him a very likable character. Woody Harrelson, the rival FBI agent, puts in a similarly enjoyable performance, and his inept bumblings around the island create some unexpected comic situations between the cop and the thief. It's the relationship between these two (and the compromising situations they find themselves in) that makes the film, as they antagonize each other and almost become buddies toward the end. Their encounters add something fresh and unexpected to the movie's simple formula and make it really entertaining.

Oh, and special mentions have to go out for Don Cheadle and Salma Hayek. Don's character is very funny, and he plays both sides of it well, and as for Salma...let's just say the directors are aware of what their male audience wants to see.

All in all, it's funny, quick, easy to follow, and contains enough little quirks to make After the Sunset an enjoyable and entertaining experience.
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Salma displays her hot body in some very sexy outfits…
Nazi_Fighter_David21 May 2007
The Seven Seas Navigator is docking in Paradise Island in the Bahamas for a solid week…They're having a nice promotion for the maiden voyage, calling it the Diamond Cruise: a gem exhibit whose star attraction is the third Napoleon Diamond… It's, allegedly, the only priceless remaining 'cute little rock' Max Burdett and Lola Cirillo haven't stolen…

The unlocking Special Agent Stan Lloyd of the FBI (Woody Harrelson) suspects that the two are planning to purloin it… But how could they with six cameras plus 24-hour rotating guards, unbreakable polycarbonate display?

Max (Pierce Brosnan) knows he can easily clip Napoleon III and make Lloyd look like a jerk again… For him, it's more about the challenge and the alibi—that's his work of art… But he affirms that the two are a couple of retirees trying to enjoy the island life…

The gorgeous Lola (Salma Hayek) knows that, with Max, they went out at the top of their game, undefeated… They were great together… But, now, she feels it is the best time to quit… For her, now, the challenge is to find joy in simple things, as a life filled with sunsets…

Lloyd was chasing Max for seven years—ever since the first Napoleon Diamond went missing… That day, he got to the scene, and took a few shots at the getaway car… Next day, a bottle of champagne arrives at FBI Headquarters with a note saying, "Aim for the tires next time."

In the island, Lloyd teams up with the beautiful Sophie (Naomie Harris) a local intriguing cop who requires a big arrest…

On the scene also appears Henri Mooré (Don Cheadle)—the biggest gangster on the island—who affirms to Max that the impoverished people of the island need his help, and that a cash injection in tens of millions of dollars would relieve the entire Caribbean… So, he suggests to Max a partnership… He would give him what he doesn't have: access to the marina, the crews, rotation schedules, whatever he needs…

With picturesque sunsets, this colorful caper comedy has plenty of beauty, fun and humor…
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a gem on the rental rack!
masschaos2 April 2005
This movie was a pleasant shock, because it wasn't typical high octane adrenaline-pumping Pierce Brosnan action flick of recent memory! The action was more subdued and less far-fetched as a typical Brosnan movie. I laughed my butt off in parts, and the cast pulled off their roles in a badass-yet-comical way!

Salma Hayek adds some necessary female steam in this otherwise masculine tale! As always Pierce Brosnan delivers a wonderful performance helping to make this movie a real delight!

I can't tell you much more about the movie without spoiling scenes, so, see this movie; it's worth the whatever price you pay.
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Well acted entertaining thriller without style
falcon13516 January 2005
This is a somewhat entertaining cat and mouse thriller with Brosnan, Hayek and Harrelson at the top of their game. The film starts out promisingly enough with a diamond heist which is more slapstick than suspenseful.

After the heist Harrelson follows the pair to an island where he believes they plan another big job. As the two male characters get more closely acquainted throughout the film we start to wonder who's tricking who.

Brosnan displays rare emotion in this film. Harrelson escapes his Cheers role by excellently portraying the many sides of what would have been a simple character.Hayek doesn't miss a chance to show off her body, and Don Cheadle's villain was superb. The only problem with that character was that we didn't see enough of him.

The film has some nice scenery and entertaining scenes, particularly the shark capture.Rush hour director Ratner has made a great film, which only really lacks style and good pacing. this film would have been better handled in the reins of, say, Steven Soderbergh.

But nonetheless, a very funny enjoyable film which will please fans of the cast and crew, as well as the movie-going public. It's not up to the standard of Oceans's eleven yet it beats the likes of Ocean's 12. Any fan of the comedy/thriller genre should go see this film, but I will be looking more forward to Rush Hour 3.
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Selma Shows Off Her Assets
ccthemovieman-127 January 2006
This movie gets high marks for five things and low marks for three, so overall it's a keeper.

THE GOOD - (1) A very colorful film, with wonderful bright colors from the Bahamas scenery; (2) an interesting story right from the get-go; (3) originality in the story; and (4) yes, to be honest, Hayak's figure, which is seen in abundance throughout the film. She knows it's good and isn't shy about showing it, and (5) overall a good mixture of crime, comedy, romance and suspense and just right amount of time at just under 100 minutes.

THE BAD - (1) Insulting gratuitous sex and really stupid sexual dialog at times; (2) once again subversive Hollywood making the FBI character a moron, for the most part; (3) some Rambo mentality (bad guys miss from close range, good guys never miss, etc.).

It's an outlandish story but don't analyze it for credibility or you'd be turned off and quit after 10 minutes. Just go along for the ride and enjoy the entertainment....and entertaining it is!
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Great views of Salma!
jotix10025 December 2004
Someone commenting in these pages put it better when he said that we could rehash this film, analyze it, and make it into what it was not intended to be, but the fact remains that if we had a pleasant time while we were watching, it was well worth the price of admission.

Director Brett Ratner seems to be having great fun directing the movie. He was lucky to get the genius of Dante Spinetti's cinematography to create a movie that is entertaining with great locations. It's a good excuse, as any, to spend time in the theater. While Mr. Ratner is not breaking new ground in this genre, he makes "After the Sunset" fun to watch.

Pierce Brosnan is his usually suave self. His take on Max is to play it with an economy of gestures, as though he is bored by being told what to do. Salma Hayek, on the other hand, adds a beautiful presence to the proceedings without being too obvious. Woody Harrelson is a goofy FBI agent. Heaven help us if they ever are this dumb! Don Cheadle doesn't have much to do, as his character looks as though he was an after thought.

Just pretend you are on vacation in the Bahamas. Nassau never looked this good before!
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A good time passer
abarsby3 January 2005
A movie with the great Pierce Brosnan can't go wrong really, everything he does, he makes look effortlessly cool.

The story about the diamond heist though, seems secondary to the beautiful locations, and Brett Ratner's obcession with filming Miss Hayek's chest from all conceivable angles (not necessarily a bad thing). Although Hayek is SO botoxed that she can barely move her facial muscles to express any kind of emotion.

Woody Harrelson and Brosnan make a really funny team, and if they make a sequel, I hope it concentrates on their two characters, because they have a great screen chemistry.
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An enjoyable movie with some good action scenes
the-movie-guy10 November 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Max Burdett (Pierce Brosnan) is a master jewel thief who has been credited with stealing two of the three Napoleon diamonds. He has now retired to the Bahamas, with his accomplice and lover Lola (Salma Hayek). Years earlier, Max made an enemy when he stole the second diamond from Stan Lloyd (Woody Harrelson), an FBI agent who was delivering the diamond to the museum. Stan was humiliated by the thief, and wants to put Max behind bars.

Stan believes that Max wants to steal the last remaining diamond, before he really retires. The third Napoleon diamond is going to be displayed aboard a cruise ship heading for the Bahamas. This may be Stan's last chance to catch Max stealing the jewel. Stan joins forces with Sophie (Naomie Harris), an island police detective, to help in catching Max. I enjoyed the movie, and it will keep your attention to the end. Of course, Max performed some 007 type scenes in the movie while stealing the jewels. There is somewhat of a surprise ending. (New Line Cinema, Run time 1:40, Rated PG-13) (8/10)
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Is The Tone Right?
gcrokus14 November 2004
Opening with a scene at a professional basketball game, we quickly find, as do observing FBI agents, that we've been had. The die is cast; 'After the Sunset' will provide a series of feints and jabs, dodges and weavings that will prove to be less edifying than some great jewel heist films of the past. But we still are treated to enough satisfying moments to say this is a pretty good film.

Max Burdett (Pierce Brosnan) and his girlfriend Lola Cirillo (Salma Hayek) are in retirement, having stepped down from the ranks of the international jewel thief set, and are enjoying the good life in the Bahamas. Woody Harrelson (as FBI agent Stan Lloyd) has appeared on the scene; he is less sure they have retired and with the arrival in port of a ship-borne display of jewels (featuring 'The Third Napoleon Diamond' in the collection) has them under close watch.

Agent Lloyd has always been thwarted in capturing Max and Lola; this is personal. How the characters play against each other (various local officials become interested and ultimately involved as well) as the clock ticks (the ship is due to leave soon) elevates our interest. Don Cheadle (local crime boss Kingpin) is a key figure among the Bahamians with influence on the outcome.

Jewel heist in paradise. That might be a working title for a script which would become the film 'After the Sunset'. Writer Paul Zbyszewski (previous experience on TV's 'The Weakest Link') has fashioned a reasonably believable story line (see Roger Ebert for discussion of plot holes - involving electro-technical moments, great use of locations, wry humor (Woody Harrelson does go over the top in some mugging moments, but overall is quite engaging), and certainly deserves another opportunity to develop a script.

A killer cast of capable actors is expected to deliver and does. No doubt the script could have been terser, the lines more memorable or the plot more believable. We don't get all of the sheer class of the recent 'Ocean's Eleven', the raw energy of 'The Italian Job' or the gut laughs of 'Team America: World Police'. But Salma Hayek works her minimal exposure maximally (her physical charms alone are arresting), Brosnan is an interesting study in this a more laid back role than we are accustomed to seeing from him and Don Cheadle proves again he can do anything, including portray what for all intents is a gangster.

In an interview on the set of the film in January, director Brett Ratner notes about how he saw this as more a 'character-driven movie' and not just a 'big action heist'. He further notes that in taking on the task of balancing all the elements – comedy, action/adventure, drama - 'It's more of a challenge for me. Can I do a movie like this and get the tone right? If it's too broad, you don't care about the characters. If it's too serious, it's just a dramatic film and you then don't care.' (

'After The Sunset' is one of those films you just want to work and because you do redemption is sought in what probably are the small things. This jewel heist caper is a little above the cut of customary plex fare, and the nearly full theater of attentive viewers speaks to the dearth of just plain old decent films at the moment. We were not disappointed, and maybe agree the director CAN do a film like this.

Rating: 2- ¾ stars.
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After the Sunset is an under-rated gem
axe111221 November 2010
This movie has its shortcomings, sure, but it's got so much more going for it. I wouldn't actually rate it a 10, more like an 8, but the overall rating of this gem (I used the word gem, that's funny to me) in the 6s by the majority of reviewers means this film needs a bump. Sure, there's a big helping of cheese, Don Cheadle can't act, and they really should have waited 'til Brosnan was over his head-cold to film, but there are three things that make this film a winner. 1. The location is brilliant; 2. Selma Hyack is stunning; 3. the Pineapple Song. In sum, watching this film is like taking a trip to the Bahamas. Sun, blue skies, blue-green tropical waters, fishing, boating, scuba-diving, umbrella drinks, seafood, dancing, gorgeous women, It just makes you feel like you're spending a little over an hour in paradise.
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This may be the worst heist movie ever made...
HankKingsley25 June 2005
Why is it that people think the audience will buy the idea that jewel thieves live like millionaire playboys. That they rob FBI agents in broad daylight in front of tons of people, that they will break into a unbreakable vault while tons of people are watching them. This movie is just silly, and the worst part is that the screen writers try to weave a even sillier love story into it. A perfect example of trying to do to many things at once. Don't waste your time. For a much better example of this type of film, check out the wonderful Thomas Crown Affair or To Catch a Thief. God even the Pink Panther movies have more thought to them.
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Good Entertainment
claudio_carvalho1 October 2005
The bold thief Max Burdett (Pierce Brosnan) retires with his girlfriend Lola Cirillo (Salma Hayek) in a paradisiacal island after stealing an expensive diamond. Stanley Lloyd (Woody Harrelson), the FBI agent assigned to protect the stolen stone, chases Max expecting him to try to robber a valuable diamond in a passenger ship and commit a mistake.

"After the Sunset" is a forgettable but attractive movie: the screenplay is full of plot points, the locations are wonderful; and the cast is very nice, leaded by the delicious Salma Hayek, the ironic Pierce Brosnan and the funny Woody Harrelson. The situations are very pleasant and the viewer will certainly spend 97 minutes of good entertainment with the twists in the story. My vote is eight.

Title (Brazil): "Ladrão de Diamante" ("Thief of Diamond")
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A jewel of a film
mariusnemande28 November 2004
I actually just saw this movie last night, and I have to say it was one of the better films of 2004. The premise is perfect, the setting is gorgeous, the talent is amazing, and the twists are great. I don't see why this got such bad press. It's a pretty cool heist flick, almost reminiscent of Thomas Crown Affair (McQueen or Brosnan, either one was great). If you haven't seen it yet, I HIGHLY recommend it. There is a lot of great humour in this film too, something that really surprised me. Also, can anyone tell me if this was filmed on the Island of Nasssau? I did see a Disney cruise liner in the background of the first Harbor shot, and and I know that is part of their usual route. Don Cheadle plays an excellent villain, and the performances by Hayek, Harrelson, and Brosnan really make for an entertaining film. The premise is quite good, and I'll reiterate, it is not only a good heist film, but one of the FUNNIEST movies of the year.
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Inspiration for all wannabe screenwriters.
mgressma10 November 2004
If you're a screenwriter having trouble with your screenplays, thinking that they just aren't good enough to get made, don't fret. Because if this screenplay can get filmed, anything can! "After the Sunset" is just awful. It's brutally bad. I can't believe that I sat through the whole thing. I was tempted every five minutes or so to walk out. This is a heist movie where the heist is so incredibly implausible that it was just stupid. In my mind there has to be at least a miniscule possibility that the scheme would work, but there wasn't even that. There are holes in the plot that don't make any sense, as if the screenwriter said "what the heck this is a good scene, who'll notice that it blows a huge hole in the story." As for the actors, I'm disappointed more than anything. Any bimbo could have played the Salma Hayak part. There must have been 10 scenes where the only noticeable quality was her cleavage. As for Pierce Brosnan, let's face it, if he's not playing James Bond, he's nothing. Don Cheadle, a very good actor, unfortunately is saddled with the most insipid dialogue in the film. A wasted performance. Woody Harrelson is OK. At the end of the day though, I'm sure all the principals just did this stupid movie for the money and a chance to spend time in a fabulous location on someone else's dime. I guess I can't really blame them for that.
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LAME!!! But fun if you like movies with mostly bad acting, horrible direction and scripts that are unoriginal
FilmSchoolWriter24 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I rented "After the Sunset" because it looked like a fun flick. If you delete Woody Harrelson from the cast, you get a pretty reliable threesome headed by former 007 Peirce Brosnan and rounded out with sexy Selma Hayek and the ever wonderful Don Cheadle. "After the Sunset" is about ex-jewel thief Max (Brosnan) and his lover, Lola (Hayek) who retire to the Bahamas after being unbeaten in all of their heists. However, FBI Agent Stan Lloyd (Harrelson), who Max and Lola harassed on several occasions during their career, won't believe that the two unbeatable master criminals are done - so he finds them out in the Bahamas and tempts Max with the last Napolean diamond which is on a cruise ship docking in the local bay. Max and Lola say no, but Max is further tempted when suave gangster Henri Moore (Cheadle) offers Max an offer he can't refuse. Lola is adamantly against it but poor Max is pathetically attracted. Meanwhile, Max and Stan become friends.

This movie is horrible. Brett Ratner does the WORST job directing and the script is really lame with only one or two really memorable lines that made you laugh. The rest of the time, you are just so embarrassed for these actors that you want to shake them and say, "WHY DID YOU DO THIS MOVIE?!?!?!?!" Selma Hayek puts on all her sexual charms for the role of Lola and would have probably done really well if she had actually had a really well written role. Peirce Brosnan, well, we miss him as 007. And who casts Woody Harrelson?! He is what makes this movie so bad. Woody, do us all a favor and never act again, k? The only person in the movie who does a good job acting is Don Cheadle who has probably never done a bad movie in his life. But his role in the film is so small that he is unable to really make up for the bad jobs that some of the other actors did. Plus, the climatic scene where (sorry to ruin this) Max steals the diamond is probably only 3 minutes long and looks like they did it in a rush at the end of filming.

All in all, don't see this movie. It is LAME and a total waste of your time.
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Waste of time
sanshan30 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The movie is an absolute waste of time. As in all bad heist movies, the actual heist is all of 10 minutes. The cast has big names, however, Don Cheadle is wasted in a meaningless role that does not contribute to the film. Woody Harrelson's character of a cop is a mockery to the actor's potential. Well, Salma Hayek's curves are eye candy, however, does not justify having to sit thru this travesty of a film. If salma is the reason, you can always hire From Dusk to Dawn again and again. Pierce Brosnan sleepwalks to the role that he has essayed many times before ---a smooth, slick operator who has thought of everything and for whom things fall into place as if my magic. There is a force fed twist in the end, but its so plastic that it ain't funny. Guys, please don't waste rental money on this one.
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Something is very wrong
mark-172417 August 2005
When this comedy of a film scores 6.1 from pollers with an obvious love of a good movie,when it had nothing.The leading pair looked like they had just met,the music was poor.Editing,casting,pace..everything about it was off..but then i generally walk away from a hyped up movie with a let down feeling.. Explain this then....Thomas Crown Affair 6.8...6.8... A truly memorable musical score A sizzling relationship between two well cast leading actors that both gave as good as they could. Lovely comedy,fast moving,great locations i loved it in the same way i got a great surprise from the likes of Groundhog day and Amelie... If Thomas Crown gets a 6.8 After the Sunset gets a 3.
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Into the darkness. . .
Critical Eye UK16 August 2005
Warning: Spoilers
A movie that makes the plot of "The Producers" look like the stuff of documentary was always going to be hard to find, but now we have "After the Sunset", and fiction must, surely, have become fact.

It may of course be that those involved had no intention of wracking up a $60 million tax loss. But if not, it's hard to see what other reason informed the genesis of this stupefyingly dire production.

Lacking the charm of a genre best essayed by Cary Grant, and then wonderfully subverted by Steve McQueen, "After the Sunset" is more Total Eclipse, the extinguishing of all signs of life, wit, talent and originality.

Quite why Brosnan was drawn to it (or anyone else for that matter) is impossible to understand: his performance in the re-treaded "Thomas Crown Affair" served only to prove that McQueen was, and so remains, unbeatable. Neither in that movie nor this is Brosnan for one moment convincing as a master thief -- in fact, he's even less so here, perhaps because his performance seems to have coincided with rehearsals for a new version of "Robinson Crusoe", such is the combination of haggard aspect and facial hair.

To mention any of the other contributors (well, apart from the product placement department, who must've worked overtime) would be to waste as much space here as the time "After the Sunset" wastes on screen.

It may not be one of the worst movies of the past decade. But it's pretty close.

Rating: 1 out of 10 (a point is earned for anaesthetic value: After the Sunset's ability to induce deep and sustained sleep amongst anyone sitting down to view it is greater than any known sedative).
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Lightweight fun
Laakbaar21 May 2012
This is a light, happy-go-lucky movie set mostly on Nassau in the Bahamas. Meet Max and Lola, two diamond thieves who have retired to this idyllic location to spend their loot. The problem is Stan, a shambolic, rather wild-eyed FBI agent who has been outwitted by them for years. Not content with letting them enjoy their retirement, he shows up on their (beachfront) doorstep and proceeds to lure them into another big heist. Lola's content with watching sunsets, but Max still has the bug. Will he take the bait? Complications arise because of the involvement of two locals: beautiful cop Sophie and bad guy Henri Mooré.

This movie was enjoyable enough as summer television-like movie, but it doesn't go much deeper than that. There's not a lot of realism and art here. It was like a television movie.

I don't know what makes television movies different from regular movies. Is it the writing? The plot development? The acting? They have a certain cliché nature, don't they? At times this movie definitely had the cheesiness and artificiality of television shows like the Love Boat and To Catch a Thief. That's not necessarily a bad thing. A lot of people love that kind of thing. It's not too demanding. And it's fun. People were laughing.

I suppose part of the problem for me was, well, Pierce Brosnan and Woody Harrelson. I just couldn't see these two with Salma Hayek and Naomie Harris, respectively. Isn't the age difference a little too much? Is it wrong for me to point out that -- unlike the women they were with -- these two were (by 2004) no longer hot enough to generate heat in their love scenes?

I have seen these two actors deliver outstanding performances. They are strong enough to pull off a film like this in their sleep. However, I am just not interested in them enough to spend two hours watching their buddy antics (drinking, fishing, even in bed). They are not lovable fun characters to me, although I think that's the effect the director was trying to achieve. These scenes were too forced. I saw no buddy chemistry.

There was a good deal of wise-cracking (eg "I knew that when I married you. I knew that when I divorced you!") and slapstick (eg Stan gets hit in the head by a trombone.) The scuba scenes and the cruise ship scenes at the end were not believable, not that I think this movie's intended audience would care about that. It's all meant to be part of the fun.

The person I was with walked out of the film halfway through. I thought it was OK. I mean, I didn't hate it.
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lol Homoeroticism
Spacetree11 April 2005
If you rented or bought After the Sunset for the hard-boiled action, riveting suspense, steamy sex scenes, and gratuitous violence of a crime drama... then you might want to see another film. There's none of it in After the Sunset (not even the steamy sex scenes: the scenes the movie does have are less revealing than late night softcore on cinemax). If you were looking for a fun caper that doesn't take itself too seriously, then this is it. Sure, the heists are cool (if few in number), but it's the chemistry between the characters that's the base of the film. Hayek and Brosnan make a sexy new-age Bonnie and Clyde, however the chemistry between Harrelson and Brosnan steals (No pun intended) the show, as their constant game of cat and mouse devolves into a friendly (dare I say... homo-erotic) rivalry. Don Cheadle's character Henri Moore (with the little thing over the E), the supposed "villian" of the film, is nowhere near being the next Darth Vader; yet he is still interesting to watch as he spouts lines so bombastic that they make drugs, prostitution, weapons smuggling, and warmongering sound good. So, in summary, if you didn't go to the theatre to see After the Sunset, don't worry, you made the right choice. However, if your at your neighborhood video store, it's not a bad film to pick up.
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Ratner's Jackie Brown
neal2zod4 April 2005
Anyone who's been following movies for the last few years probably has a strong opinion of director Brett Ratner. Personally, I think he's a mediocre director at best, who simply makes faceless, anonymous popcorn flicks that make lots of money. I guess what irks most Ratner-haters is the fact that he seems to think he's the second coming, plays the Hollywood PR machine, and overloads his DVD's with WAY too much information about himself, as if anyone watching Rush Hour 2 wondered "Wow, did Truffaut direct this? I've got to find out more about this guy!" After the competent yet totally un-necessary Red Dragon, Ratner's moved on to After the Sunset, which at first glance looks like a high-tech crime caper, but grows into a fairly adult, mature character study, not unlike Tarantino's Jackie Brown. And like that film, audiences may find themselves confused and bored over the lack of action and plot twists (this film has probably the least amount of surprises of any heist film in recent memory - but when you become emotionally invested in the characters like this, that's a good thing).

Ratner's gone on record in interviews in saying that this is a love story, not between Brosnan and Hayek, but between Brosnan and Harrelson, and if you look at the film that way, you'll probably enjoy it a bit more than if you were expecting a Bond film or a slam-bang actioner. Their relationship is the center of the film, and provides a few touching scenes as well as some good laughs.

As for the heist itself, well, it's kinda rushed, totally unbelievable, and VERY reminiscent of Brosnan's remake of The Thomas Crown Affair, but all in all, it's a quick, fun 90 minutes, with fun performances, lots of eye candy for the guys (and girls), and shows Ratner may be maturing as a film-maker.
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Mildly entertaining
=G=1 April 2005
"After the Sunset", a sort of romcom/heist flick, tells of a top jewel thief (Brosnan) who may or may not decide to come out of his tropical island retirement for one last grab at a rare diamond on display aboard a cruise ship. At issue is his girlfriend/partner's (Hayek) objections and the scrutiny of the local police and an FBI agent (Harrelson) which he must circumvent to get the jewel. The film is pack with enough color and energy to make an mildly enjoyable watch though the romantic and comedic threads are more clumsy than creative. Harrelson provides comic relief as a dufus antagonist while Hayek does little more than flaunt her cleavage. "After the Sunset", which suffered at the hands of critics and only received a lukewarm reception by the public, will work best for Brosnan, Hayek, or Harrelson fans. (B-)
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Our family has been in manure for three generations!
film-critic20 May 2005
Did I miss something? Was there a contest going through all the Grade Schools of America to find the best story for acclaimed director Bret Ratner to bring to the silver screen? If so, why wasn't there a calendar made for those who didn't make the final cut? Oh, wait, apparently children did not write this film, but instead a guy that wrote for the TELEVISION SERIES the Weakest Link. That surely makes him ready by all means to tackle the caper genre and inherit a big payday … right? You are the weakest link … good-bye. This movie was a disaster from the beginning. With cardboard acting, an aging (and girth growing) sex symbol, and a corny ending that incorporated nothing that we were shown through the entire film, it is a big wonder how After the Sunset ever saw the illustrious "green-light". Perhaps it was the size of Salma's boo … name, or perhaps the fact that Pierce Brosnan's The Thomas Crown Affair was such a cult film, or maybe because Don Cheadle was in it, because it had really no pull with just Woody headlining. So, how did this film get made? This film targeted pre-teen boys and retirement communities, and with their great pull, the financing behind this film became very easy.

This was a caper film right? We are supposed to go on this roller coaster ride of who's conning whom, coupled with lies, deceit, and a surprise ending that will make you want to re-watch from the beginning to experience anything that you missed. That is the focus, goal, and overall tone that a film like this should have followed. Instead, Ratner decided to just make a movie without any sort of excitement or drive. As I watched this film, I never once felt excited about the plot. Why? Because there was nobody getting me excited. The acting in this film was well below par for anything that Hollywood has released. Pierce tries, but just can't seem to capture the essence of the film. There is no little demon inside you rooting for anything. Salma's role was basically for eye-candy. She provided nothing spectacular either. I can literally say the same for Woody and Cheadle as well. Here we have strong actors doing absolutely nothing during the course of about two hours. These characters never drive the plot, they bring nothing but clichés to the table, and by the end we really don't have any true grasp as to whom they are. Honestly, cardboard cutouts could have replaced the actual actors and After the Sunset would have been a better film. There was no depth to the characters, no emotion, no structure, just the simple direction of "step here, say your line, step here, look surprised". It was embarrassing for all that were involved.

I think a major flaw to this film was that Ratner did not fully understand, or was prepared, for the caper genre. From the opening moments until the end of the film, you can tell that Ratner is just trying to use his friends in the industry and show the world that he has some power as well. I say this because I saw no true direction or moment of impressiveness where he defines himself as a director. He reuses the same ideas throughout the entire film, he doesn't give anything strong to his players, and nothing stood out in this movie. Sure, it was a beautiful location, but am I to believe that Salma spend a majority of the film building a deck for them to sit on? Am I to believe that Pierce is still a sex symbol even with a HUGE gut sticking out? Am I to believe that Cheadle is a bad guy/imported American who is at the top of the community? Finally, am I to believe that Pierce could still move as quickly as Ratner defined? I swear that in the final unclimactic moments of this film, I could hear Pierce doing some heavy breathing to get from point A to point B. Maybe he isn't ready for the next Bond role.

So, without a good story, or decent characters, maybe there was some humor in it that could pull us away from the sour sensation cultivating in your mouth. Well, guess who is placed in to do the humor element? Woody Harrelson. Now, I don't mind Woody, but in this role, he just wasn't believable and his humor was so cliché that I had trouble believing that he brought anything to this character. He literally plagiarized his entire role. Teachers, and film viewers of the world, should be very upset with him. Instead of bringing a new twist to his character, he resorted to weird sex humor, skimpy bully humor, and that ever-popular drunken humor while fishing that is sure to make that senile woman in the front burst out with laughter. To me it was pathetic and a worthless attempt to make a joke out of already dead film.

Overall, this was a massive disappointment. Here you had a decent director, some strong players, but the worst story ever written by a man who wrote for a game show. Which piece does not fit? There was this huge sense of apathy throughout this entire film and clichés riddled it that I just couldn't get past. Brosnan had trouble with this film, and I couldn't tell if it was because he just didn't care, or because he was working with such low-talent that his heart just wasn't in it. The ending hurt as well. There was no excitement or intensity, just plain … "here it is … like it or not". I personally couldn't digest this film with its poor acting and below-par story. This may be a good film for some that are not familiar with the caper genre, but for me it was just hogwash.

Grade: * out of *****
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