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MPAA Rated PG for some mild peril and rude humor

Sex & Nudity

  • During the scene were Mumble and Gloria are singing and dancing to their song, there is a brief moment in which they are grinding.
  • While slipping and sliding along, Mumble accidentally lands on Gloria in what some may see as the rear-entry sex position, and then ends up in what some may view as the missionary position on top of her, with him being embarrassed and saying, "Sorry".
  • Some of the songs are sung suggestively as well. The first song has lyrics that go like this: "You don't have to be beautiful to turn me on". In another song, some male penguins sing, "I'll make love to you like you want me to, then I'll hold you tight..."
  • There's some talk among Ramon and his pals collecting love stones to entice the "chicas" and there's some comment about "chica chica boom-boom". Ramon and his friends flirt with some females, who say, "Not tonight, baby."
  • We also learn that Lovelace charges one pebble for one answer, thus meaning he's collecting the pebbles/stones to entice the ladies.
  • We hear Lovelace state, "Ladies, avert your eyes, because I've been known to hypnotize." He then says about another male character, "Tell him to go forth* and multiply." He then says, "Come to think of it let's all go forth and multiply." We then hear someone comment on it being the mating season and we then see Lovelace go off with a number of female penguins. He says he's going to his couch of "perpetual indulgence". The following is heard but it is quiet and hard to notice: A female penguin makes a very sexual sounding moan, and Lovelace says, "Make that sound, again, girl!"
  • * He doesn't just say "...go forth and multiply", he starts off as "...go ff...orth and multiply" as if he was about to swear.

Violence & Gore

  • Some large birds surround young Mumble, with the obvious intent of eating him. The leader pins Mumble to the ground with his foot, but Mumble manages to distract him (by making the bird tell a story) and then back away (with the leader whacking his minions with his wings). Mumble then falls backwards and lands in a hole or small cave, just out of the reach of the birds' sharp beaks that they thrust down into the hole at him. They then fly off.
  • Mumble ends up on a tiny chunk of ice that moves from beneath, and then does so again. We then see an underwater view where a leopard seal swims by in the foreground, followed by it trying to catch and eat Mumble (with its open mouth and very sharp teeth coming right at him). A chase ensues underwater through an icy structure, with the seal getting Mumble by his tail feathers, but the smaller penguin manages to escape, popping up to the surface where he now has the mobility advantage over the lumbering seal. Nevertheless, the seal slowly comes at him, occasionally lunging, but Mumble (who's joined by Ramon and his pals) simply move out of the way while repeatedly taunting the seal.
  • Rather than eat the penguins right away, two killer whales decide to play with them, thus tossing or flipping them back out of the water. One then swallows Lovelace, but spits him back out as they continue to "play" with them in a rough fashion. They continue doing that and chasing them, but then swim off when the penguins end up back on solid ice.


  • 3 uses of 'Gosh'.
  • 1 use of 'heck'.
  • Not necessarily profanity, but some insults ("idiot," "stupid," "fatty", "cummybutt").

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • While searching for his friends, a Leopard Seal jump scares Mumble and chases him through the ocean.
  • While sliding down an icy slope, Mumble, Ramon and the others accidentally slam into each other, icy structures and such (all for fun), but they end up causing an avalanche of sorts that they must avoid after falling into a body of water. A large tractor sinks toward Mumble and he must avoid it, just like two large pieces of ice that slam together quite close to him.
  • As Mumble holds onto a closed fishing net pulling up a catch to its ship, a hook grabs and yanks Mumble off it, with him falling back into the sea where he barely avoids being pulled into the ship's huge propeller. Mumble then continues to pursue the ship, but we later see him washed up on a shore (younger kids may think he's dead, but he's just unconscious).


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Memphis accidentally lets his un-hatched egg roll off into the snow. He panics and scrambles to get it, scooping it back up on his feet and under his belly. The narrator says "never drop your egg". Later, it is revealed that is how Mumble can't sing but instead dance.

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