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Appreciation for its Unique Message
vamsiprakash18 October 2006
Chiranjeevi's performance needs no description, he's Absolute. Personally i wish, should have taken care with his hefty appearance. Trisha is cute, though nothing much to contribute performance wise. Khushboo performed sentiment and seriousness well. Sarada acted vivaciously in mother's role.Prakashraj is good, so is sunil. Especially Murugadoss has to be appreciated for coming up with a nice script (with chiru).

Rather looking at the small errors in the screenplay or for impossible climax stunt or insufficient graphic work in 1-2 scenes or limited entertainment in the movie - I LIKED THE MOVIE FOR ITS SENSIBLE MESSAGE. Just felt like, something can be done to save or keep going the positivity left out in the society at least by following the method/message given in the movie. Afterall, this is what at least we can do for being born as humans and try leave a better world or society for our fellow juniors who are yet to born. It takes a sentence/line to turn-down the impressions altogether, but needs a heart or at least humanity to spread such messages. I consider this movie a worth watch for every citizen for its unique message. But unfortunately i fear, 'poison works faster than medicine'. Lets C.
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do they watch what they make?
MSSP22 September 2006
The movie turned out to be a waste of time, money and media resources. Chiru could not capitalize on his crowd pulling capacity (which he did anyway) to deliver a great movie that will not be forgotten. Unfortunately it will be remembered only as a movie that did not live up to the expectations of the audience in USA after a record-breaking number of prints and the biggest release of a Desi movie here. True there was a social message in the movie that we need to help each other, but there was so much of b*ll-s**t that one had to endure for three hours that the idea is hardly driven home.

Even fanatic Chiru supporters had to think and search hard for the positive aspects in the movie to feel better, especially after the hype we created for ourselves, and that was the saddest part. Would strongly advise you rather watch Bommarillu or Munna Bhai a few more times if you are bored in life.
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liked it...but could've been better technically....
slifer999923 August 2007
This movie was fairly good but i personally felt that A.R. Murugadoss could have come up with a better story (the basic plot was lifted from Pay It Forward) or something more original. like what he did for Tagore.

Positive aspects:

-Chiranjeevi's performance

-decent message for audience

-Sunil's performance at climax

-The way Chiranjeevi killed bad guys when they kidnap his nephew

Negative aspects:

-Music (was very average)

-Trisha (she looks like his daughter or something)

-basic plot being lifted from Hollywood film

-the last fight (looked very corny and illogical)

-uneccessary usage of weird camera angles

-Choreography (nothing we expect from a great dancer like Chiranjeevi)

-some dialogues (sound hackneyed and old-fashioned)

-Chiranjeevi's costumes/wardrobe (look like the ones from Tagore)

On a whole, its a decent flick but watch it without any expectations!
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worth watching
satishdob198324 September 2006
the movie is not bad, the subject and the message is awesome. Though murugadass is an excellent director but for this movie he has been below average. there is no much specialty in any of the field direction, acting, music nothing. but anyhow the movie is okay and worth watching ones. i being a big fan of chiru am not satisfied. main cause for the film to not run well is the music, mani sharma has been very bad and music is the main draw back. but any how the message of helping any three members and asking them to help three more is an excellent idea and i think that should be accepted by all. that message is the best in movie. this is not the best of chiru but is one in the average.
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Poor execution
bootlegger-36 May 2008
This movie could have been made better!!! Stalin was released with great expectations,but could not live up to the mark. The reason is simple. No planned execution. I would definitely appreciate Chiranjeevi for taking up this role,no mistake from Chiru at all but from MurugaDas. This movie has a lot of wasteful characters like Trisha, Sunil etc. They make the story lose pace quite often. Chiranjeevi's performance is good. He fits the storyline. He could have opted for a better director.

When I saw this movie's posters. Chiranjeevi looked amazingly good. But he seemed to have put on lot of weight on screen. He should do something about it. Either He should take care of himself or stop acting in younger roles.
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'Stalin' is a worth to watch
A R11 October 2006
We saw it in London.

Usually if any Chiranjeevi's movie is released, there is a festival period for online and print media. This kind of situation was at sky high for 'Stalin' as well. I will write on 'Stalin' in next paragraph after some general observations. I find Chiranjeevi is a versatile mass hero in India like Amitabh Bachan. Like Chiru, Amitabh is also acted in both classical and pure mass masala movies. I participate in discussions with friends and family members about telugu movies, because we watch movies not only of Chiru but other telugu movies acted by other popular hero's. Overall, I personally believe Nagarjuna and Chiranjeevi have been successfully able to reach masses in Andhra Pradesh by their good off-screen communication skills. In fact both of them are choosing their movies (in the recent period) which have either devotional framework or society concern. I deny that Chiranjeevi ignored message oriented movies in his earlier days. He did extraordinary youth message movies like Challenge (direction: Kodanda Rami Reddy) etc, but that time he didn't had such following which he enjoys today. For me 'Stalin' climax fights resemble that of his movie 'Challenge'. Sri Ramadasu by Nagarjuna is truly thought provoking movie by any standards.

Some of the reviews have suggested direction of Murugadoss in stalin was not up to the standard of his previous movies. But, I think Murugadoss did a very good job and he is very successful to live up to the image of our megastar. The message in the movie is clear. Such messages can be entered into public minds and possible social change only if a stature of Chiranjeevi shows them on screen. In this aspect the movie is a great attempt. Roughly Chiru might have fan following anywhere between 3.6 and 5.4 crores in Andhra Pradesh alone. I am not biased for him, because I watch movies by all major hero's and appreciate good movies. Next best fan following in Andhra Pradesh might be somewhere between 1 and 2 crores for any other hero (excluding Sr NTR and ANR). It is worth to watch 'Stalin' with all the family members. We all came out of the movie with a very positive mind. Songs are not very catchy, but this I believe helped a lot on concentrating on the movie and its theme. Stunts and picturisation is super! Overall, 'Stalin' sets a trend in recent Indian cinema.

In Hollywood movies, if mass heros like Arnold or Bruce Willie does super stunts people accept, but heros like Kevin Costner or Tom Hanks do super stunts then people do not accept. Similarly, some stunts in 'Stalin' although might sound impossible, but is fine to have such for a hero who enjoy huge mass support.
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Stalin Review
telugutunes30 September 2006
Mega Star and Padmabhushan Chiranjeevi, who gave sensational message-oriented hit films like 'Indra' and 'Tagore' has again set another new record with his latest flick 'Stalin' directed by Murugadoss and produced by K Nagendrababu. The film was released across the world with 400 prints and is being screened in over 550 theatres world-over from September 20. The film is creating new records in terms of collections. 'Stalin' had collected over Rs 6 crore share on the first day itself, which is a record in the history of Indian film industry. The film had collected Rs 17 crores in total as the share for the first one week, which is a new record in the south Indian film industry. The details of shares area-wise is as follows:

Share in Rs: Nizam – 4,77,58,538, Ceded – 3,01,72,331, north Andhra – 1,70,36,726, East –1,03,12,910, West – 80,87,091, Krishna – 1,02,68,710, Guntur – 1,16,22,106, Karnataka – 1,42,54,267, Overseas – 1,51,02,628, Tamil Nadu – 26,02,124, North India –32,67,801. All put together the total share is 17,66,91,156.


Stalin (Chiranjeevi) is an ex-military man who spends his time in helping people. He usually gets peeved that the apathy in the society and how it affects in turn. He wants to bring change in the society by implementing a simple formula of extending unconditional help to those are in need. The rest of the story is all about how he transforms the society with that simple formula.

Artists Performance


Story of this nature needs an actor with lot of off screen influence. Chiranjeevi's reputation as man of social service helps the credibility of the character. Chiranjeevi did extremely well in emotional scenes. His dances in Parare and Tauba songs are very good. There is a good comedy episode with heroine in the beginning of second half.


Trisha is lovable in a small role and her comedy timing is good, as usual. But her role is not a part of the main story. Prakash Raj acted as a senior politician and he is good with Nellore dialect. Sunil steals the show with an emotional performance in climax. You will see different Sunil in that scene. Kushboo is neat as sister of hero. Mukesh Rushi and Pradeep Rawat are good in their roles. Sarada and Paruchuri Venkateswara Rao are adequate. Anushka did an item song.

Technical Departments:

Story - screenplay - Direction: The basic thread of one helping three people is inspired by the Hollywood film 'Pay It Forward'. The director added a conflict thread in the form of Prakash Raj and made it sure that the 'pay it forward' concept converges with the villain thread in climax. The director Muruga Doss exploited the humanitarian angle very well. But he could not fuse other threads (sentiment and action) of the film in a convincing manner. The screenplay should have been better. There are certain episodes in the film that touches your hearts like the race of physically challenged people. At the same time there is a brainy action episode (well - oil tanker).

Other departments:

Music by Mani Sharma is average. It sounds good on screen with visuals. I personally liked 'Siggutho Chichi' and 'Suryude' songs. The crowds liked 'Parare Parare' and 'Tauba Tauba'. Dialogues by Paruchuri brothers are adequate. Cinematography by Chota K Naidu is good except for a couple of scenes in fight sequences. Fights by Kanal Kannan are superficial with lot of thread work. Producers Nagababu and B Madhu should be commended for coming up with a film that has social relevance and humanity aspect.


First half of the film is pretty mediocre as there is no conflict thread in terms of villain. Second half is better from the moment villain enters the scene. The last 20 minutes of the film stands out with very good emotions. There are ups and downs in the film with logic missing in some scenes. The human element of altruism deserves an appreciation. Stalin stands as an example of how a good climax can change the fortune of a film. Stalin is worth a watch for humanitarian aspect and an emotional climax.
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Excellent Movie.
Tagore Gr810 October 2006
High-Voltage movie with Chiru's gr8 performance. Gr8 message to the people and to the fans of Chiru. Ifs full of Chiru show and he did it perfect. Trisha done well with her character. Movie is going to be biggest hit of South India. Murugadoss proved his talent by this movie again. Songs and fights are excellent by Chiru. The movie will collect more than 50 crore. The music by Manisarma is very good. All characters in the movie performed very nice in their parts. Sunil done well at the climax scenes and in comedy scenes. Prakash raj acted as the senior politician and showed a greatest performance as an 80 year old man. Finally one will feel by saying a good movie. Stalin rocks.
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message is very good
raj chaitu21 September 2006
Message given by the mega star is to be implemented.Each one who r watching this film say about this film. to three people and tell them that each one of three do the same thing. This is the story line of Stalin.Cheri action is superb.Trisha is apt.Cheri entrance scene is good.Parrish raj do well.After reaching a pinnacle of success with Indra and Tagore, Chiranjeevi fans were hugely disappointed with a dismal Andarivaadu and the much awaited Jai Chiranjeeva. Now with Stalin, Chiru fans can breathe easy. It might not aim to be a Tagore, but nevertheless, Stalin lives up to people's expectations and takes their hero to a new heroic high. The concept and the thread of 'Each person helping three others and the three others helping three others and so on' to form a huge humanitarian chain is wonderful, much like Amway and other financial companies that bank on such chains for the purpose of profit. The lack of a proper plot and the feeling that it is just a series of events is a loophole. Apart from that, Stalin is enjoyable and is clean-viewing, and has the mandatory message of a Chiru flick, bashing up hundreds of people along the way not withstanding Bulls-eye! Need we say more? Chiru makes his point loud and clear-help one another, emphasizing it with his regular social services. All this seems to point in one single direction-to rule or to reign accentuated by duologue's like MA Anna politics Loki vasts Anni palatial Adana VIP. Movie-wise, Stalin is watchable and has a crystal clear social message, which is sadly lacking in most of the present day movies, as it is difficult to make a commercial success with a social message without appearing preachy. Chiru and Doss succeed and the point is noted.
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