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Grey Griffin: Samantha 'Sam' Manson, Samantha "Sam" Manson, Sam Manson, Samantha Manson, Cheerleader, Elastica, Fran, Geek Boy, Ghost Gabber, Ghost Girl...



  • Samantha "Sam" Manson : [not realizing yet that Danny's under a love spell]  Wait, I know that look. That's that same, longing, puppy-dog stare you give Paulina.

    Danny Fenton : Who's Paulina?

    Samantha "Sam" Manson : Well, that's a pleasant side effect.

  • Tucker Foley : [Danny and Dragon Sam have destroyed the school dance]  Man, I can't believe your date ditched you.

    Danny Fenton : Where is Paulina anyway?

    Samantha "Sam" Manson : [sees Paulina talking to Dash]  Who cares? Look, the DJ is still playing and I think there's still time for one more dance.

    [smiles at Danny] 

    Danny Fenton : [smiles at Sam]  Sure, I'd love to.

    [hands Tucker the amulet] 

    Danny Fenton : Hold on to this, will ya?

    Samantha "Sam" Manson : [dancing with Danny]  Promise me you'll keep your pants on?

    Danny Fenton : I'll do my best.

    Tucker Foley : Man, I'm dateless again! Man, what does a guy have to do to get hooked up around here?

    Ghost Girl : I want to go to the ball!

    Tucker Foley : On second thought, I'm not that desprete. Hey guys, can I cut in?

  • [Danny, Sam, and Tucker are at Nasty Burger] 

    Danny Fenton : Ahhh, Nasty Burger, our safe haven. Away from the worries of...

    [Jazz bursts through the door] 

    Jazz Fenton : Danny, run!

    Danny Fenton : Run? Why should I...

    [everyone stares at the door, and soon after Jack and Maddie come in here in 80's clothes, with Jack looking like Flavor Flav and Maddie looking like 80's Madonna] 

    Jack Fenton , Maddie Fenton : Dude!

    [everyone in the Nasty Burger gasps and starts laughing; Jazz and Sam are hiding, embarrassed] 

    Jazz Fenton : If anyone asks, I'm related to you.

    Samantha "Sam" Manson : Okay, but you're gonna have to be a lot less cheery.

  • [Danny and Tucker are drooling over Paulina] 

    Samantha "Sam" Manson : Paulina? Please, girls like that are a dime a dozen.

    Danny Fenton : [to Tucker]  How much change you got?

    Samantha "Sam" Manson : Very funny.

  • [Sam is trying to distract Technus] 

    Samantha "Sam" Manson : Hi. I'm Sam. I don't believe I caught your name. I suggest you shout it out loud, along with your motive.

    Technus : I am technus! Master of all things mechanical! Wizard of integrated soicuittry! And destroyer of woilds!

  • [the poem is closing with its last lines] 

    Danny Fenton : [narrating]  And then I thought, maybe this is the moral. / In the same way my folks loved their old Christmas quarrel. / Everyone celebrates in the way of their choosing. / I was so busy whining, I started abusing / The ones I loved most and I ruined their cheer. /


    Danny Fenton : I'll try to be better, come Christmas next year.

    [thus ends the poem; Danny, Sam, Jazz and Tucker gather together at the last page which says "The End."] 

    Samantha "Sam" Manson : Um, nice sentiment, but what are you, a greeting card?

    Tucker Foley : Yeah, why are you talking in rhyme?

    Jazz Fenton : Such a dork.

    Danny Fenton : [realizing]  We're not talking in rhyme?

    [starts getting jubliant] 

    Danny Fenton : We're not talking in rhyme!

    [the book closes, and Ghost Writer is glad his new poem is finished. A cell mate inches close to him as he wants to look at the new book he has completed, but Ghost Writer turns away from him] 

    Walker : [greets him]  Orange?

    Ghost Writer : [scared]  Aahh! Get that thing away from me!

  • Danny Fenton : [over cell phone]  Are you okay? We can stop by later if you want us too.

    Samantha "Sam" Manson : [home sick in bed]  No, that's okay. I'll be fine. Bye.

    [She hangs up, then glares at the doctor, nurse and ambulance attendent standing at her bedside] 

    Samantha "Sam" Manson : You guys, it's just a cold!

    Ambulance Attendent : [shocking himself with the pads]  Clear!

  • Tucker Foley : [as Sam's staring daggers at Danny and Paulina, who are now a couple]  You okay?

    Samantha "Sam" Manson : Of course I am! Why would I not be okay? LOOK how HAPPY he is!

    [punches a hole in a locker] 

  • [Danny flies to the Jewish Manson home, hoping Sam won't put the blame on him for attacking Christmas] 

    Danny Fenton : [in joy]  Sam!

    Ghost Writer : Danny said.

    Danny Fenton : [to Ghost Writer]  Oh, for crying out loud!

    Samantha "Sam" Manson : I know. Can't you see we're all under a cloud? / Every present we had, in the chimney up through it! / That might work for you, but that's not how we do it!

    Ghost Writer : And Sam saw sad faces on Mom, Dad, and Granny, / So I typed on my keyboard that the blame was on Danny!

    [Ghost Writer conrtols Sam by her anger] 

    Samantha "Sam" Manson : [angrily]  You! You did this?

    Danny Fenton : [shouts]  Are you out of your mind?

    Samantha "Sam" Manson : [shouts]  You're the holiday scrooge! Do you think that I'm blind?

    Ghost Writer : And Danny and Sam found themselves in a spat. / But before Dan could calm her, I soon realized that / A new threat was needed to cut through the noise; / And what better way than attack of the toys?

    [Ghost Writer brings all the toys from each building to attack the town, then starts forming them together. Danny and Sam stop and go outside to look at this scenery; Danny turns into Danny Phantom to find out what's going on] 

    Ghost Writer : From all over the town, the toys started to merge! / I'm really quite weakened when I get the urge! / On this night before Christmas, a brand new attacker! / And now, face the wrath of my monster nutcracker!

    [the controlled toys form a giant Nutcracker, which comes to life and attacks] 

    Danny Phantom : [surprised]  Aw, nuts!

    [he starts running away from the monster] 

    Ghost Writer : Danny cried, as he started to run. /


    Ghost Writer : Must we end every scene with a terrible pun?

  • [Danny and Tucker are at his house, talking to Sam over the computer] 

    Samantha "Sam" Manson : I'm sure you boys will have a wonderful time.

    [logs off the computer] 

    Danny Fenton : She really wants to go to the dance.

    Tucker Foley : She said she didn't want to!

  • Tucker Foley : Wait, you guys kissed?

    Danny Fenton , Samantha "Sam" Manson : No! It was a fake-out make-out!

  • Skulker : [to Danny]  I planned on simply capturing you and letting you live the rest of your life in a cage, but now, I will rest your pelt at the foot of my bed.

    Samantha "Sam" Manson : Okay, that's just gross.

  • Tucker Foley : [notices the haunted TV remote bought at Danny's garage sale is floating]  I'm not schooled in the ways of the rich, but do all your remotes do that?

    Samantha "Sam" Manson : No. Well, my toaster does, but it's from Denmark.

  • Samantha "Sam" Manson : Sorry about that stupid fight. Can we forget it ever happened?

    Danny Fenton : [quoting Desiree's catchphrase]  So you wish it, so shall it be.

    [they both blush] 

    Tucker Foley : Hey, I'm right here.

  • Samantha "Sam" Manson : [to Danny]  You don't feel that way about me and I don't feel that way about you.

    Danny Fenton : So why are you still holding my hands?

  • Samantha "Sam" Manson : [trying to stop Danny's parents from cheaking on him while he's fighting a ghost upstairs]  Danny's upstairs.

    [crash is heard upstairs] 

    Samantha "Sam" Manson : Uh, lifting weights?

    Maddie Fenton : [after hearing another crash]  He doesn't have exercise equipment up there.

    Danny Fenton : [another crash]  My computer! Oh, wait that's Jazz's.

  • Samantha "Sam" Manson : [while Tucker's using his PDA to goof around with Skulker's technology]  Stop fooling around, Tucker!

    Danny Fenton : Power him down, already! Now!

    Tucker Foley : Relax. Everything's totally under

    [Skulker destroys his PDA with an arrow] 

    Tucker Foley : control... Oh, man! I had four more payments on this one.

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