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  • A woman must protect an ancient manuscript from renegade angels.

  • There exists an ancient manuscript still writing itself called the Lexicon. It supposedly tells of the coming of the Anti-Christ and happens to fall into the hands of an unsuspecting woman. Now, she is being pursued by angels intent on obtaining the information from the book.

  • In Bucharest, tormented detective Dani Simionescu partners up with Interpol agent John Riegert to investigate several bizarre deaths where the hearts of victims were torn out. As they search, church clerk Allison finds her priest dead and his mysterious bible - "The Prophet Lexicon" - where the last unfinished chapter about the apocalypse, called Revelations, continually writes itself. The voice of an angel, called Simon, advises her to protect this bible from a demon named Belial who wants to read its final chapter and gain advantages in the war of angels.


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  • In this fourth Prophecy film, a young woman named Allison (Kari Wührer), an American living in Bucharest, Romania, has just come into possession of The Lexicon, a mysterious book of prophecies that writes itself. This book contains a 23rd chapter of the book of Revelations, which is still not complete. The last chapter depicts the end of the war of angels. One of the angels who fell with Satan, Belial (now a demon), wants this book.

    Allison finds the mysterious book from a priest who died reading it. Listening to the voices in her head that guide her actions throughout the movie, she takes the book for safe keeping. While searching for Allison and the book, and to avoid detection, Belial murders people and takes their form.

    Satan (John Light) seeks the help of a cop who had provided information to secret police about his parents. His parents and baby sister were brought to one of the secret police headquarters and tortured. His baby sister gets hurt and is given up for adoption. It is revealed that she is Allison. Satan brings the cop to the house which was the site of the inhumane tortures, making it his domain. Allison, with guidance of the voices in her head, reaches the same place, followed by Belial. It is the only place where Belial cannot hurt Allison. It is a place of evil, which makes it Satan's area, and he offers Allison and her brother protection.

    Here, the cop confesses for his sins and seeks forgiveness but is rebuked by his sister. It is here that real motives are revealed. Belial, who was loyal to Satan, now wants to get some advantage from war of angels. He is frustrated by the inertness of Satan and now wants an aggressive hell. Satan, who had initially opposed God for his love for humans, helps humans to fight Belial. He does not want another hell. As per him, only one hell is enough for the world. He helps the cop and Allison to kill Belial and then he absorbs Belial's soul.

    The movie concludes at dawn, when Satan tells Allison that for the present the war of angels is over, but will not be for long. Showing her glimpses of her future, he advises her to keep the book safe.

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